Vanessa Bryant's greedy mother sues Kobe's estate | Cupcakke disses Cardi, Megan, City Girls, etc.

17-Dek, 2020
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  • Shady family members exist in every race. Any human being can be shady, family or not. It's not specific to any one group.

    NoMore BullyingNoMore Bullying2 kun oldin
  • did the mother say how she threatened Kobe that he better marry Vanessa or be accused of statutory rape?.....momma is a gold digger

    K MK M12 kun oldin
  • @yungbabytate song “bob” 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    Zipporah AanaelZipporah Aanael13 kun oldin
  • Cupcake bout to end her career dissing Meg and Cardi....notice she didn't come for Nicki‼

    Demetria McClendonDemetria McClendon20 kun oldin
  • I say everybody mentioned in 🧁s song do a rap battle cipher on verzuz!!! I’d tune in!! Prove your skills!!! 😂

    T ThomT Thom20 kun oldin
  • Does Bobby have cheek implants??? 🤔

    T ThomT Thom20 kun oldin
  • Man please that girl got bars. Hol’ up-she stole a Afro man line. I don’t think this was right approach to be relevant and can hurt her career before getting started. On another note, you being messy UZworldr and defending this. That chic had reason to respond you are doing the same thing.......commenting. Why didn’t she come for Nicki......cause she knew better

    Janea MabreyJanea Mabrey20 kun oldin
  • I'm disgusted at the treatment of Kobe's parents then and at the funeral, to not be acknowledged or able to speak at your one and only son's funeral is beyond shameful. Vanessa attitude & actions is similar to her mammy not falling to far from the tree. He clearly turned his entire back on his family and catered to her & her family, so for that I have zero sympathy for Vanessa. My heart goes out to Kobe's parents, sisters & kids for their loss.

    caligirl LAcaligirl LA24 kun oldin
  • The Love of money is the root of all evil; would make a mother turn on her own daughter...🤷🏾‍♀️🤭 Lord have mercy.

    clara adeyeyeclara adeyeye24 kun oldin
  • Don’t act like you never spoke about something that didn’t involve you if it’s offensive it’s offensive

    Keisha CarliesKeisha Carlies26 kun oldin
  • Cupcake just wants fam this girl just want fam like talking about meg getting shot

    Nicole ElliottNicole ElliottOy oldin
  • Vanessa is a good digger and we all know that and she learned that from her mother. Her mother was a gold digger, as well. So, it should be surprising that her mother did this. It doesn’t make Vanessa special because she’s her daughter. If you do it others, they’ll do it to you. But it is messed up because of the timing:

    MitoTVMitoTVOy oldin
  • I’m not tryna hear Bobby call nobody desperate when he stay mentioning Nicki cause L&HH is boring and his career isn’t going anywhere like your famous because of Trina and being upset cause Prince is straight and don’t like you

    Jordan's GangJordan's GangOy oldin
  • They not gon respond to Cupcakke because they will get ate TF UP!!!!!

    Cierra RCierra ROy oldin
  • Thought that was a latin Hilary Clinton in the thumbnail

    Hello HartHello HartOy oldin
  • I first heard of cupcakke from this video then found her and Sukihanas diss tracks 🤣

    Dwaine BDwaine BOy oldin
  • Regardless of what is said, putting your mother out in the street is the lowest thing anyone can do. If you call that a loving family then that’s your opinion. My highest respect goes to Kobe’s parents. Where have you seen or heard any derogatory statements coming from them. They to have lost their only loving son.’ And grand daughter . Their suffering has been done in a very private manner. Everyone cries out for Vanessa but I cry out for the Bryant’s as I know millions of others do to.

    Gloria UrriegoGloria UrriegoOy oldin
  • I LOVEEE CUPCAKEEE, what she said was true lyrical talent lmao. She said it’s all love in the beginning and she’s friends with Doja and Dreamdoll! I agree that the Megan line was very too soon but...damn was that diss track good

    Norman FreemanNorman FreemanOy oldin
  • WOWW why vanessa's mother is doing this to vanessa during her time of lost is just SICK!!!!

    yvonne gillyvonne gillOy oldin
  • Her mom too old to be playing with hell fire

    Renew YourselfRenew YourselfOy oldin
  • That's crazy hope the judge sizes with Vanessa her mom doesn't deserve shit at all. Point black period

    lisalisaOy oldin
  • Wow that's crazy.... Sometimes family ain't shit

    lisalisaOy oldin
  • Daughter n mom in law both lost Kobe n giani. Both grieving. Vanessa hurt moms hurt. Mom ask Vanessa for more.. she sd no. Mom did interview. Vanessa ss get out n give me my car keys. Outta hurt. IMO This a family issue that didn’t hv to go this far

    EJ PlayzzEJ PlayzzOy oldin
  • 😒 Over there looking like Yolanda Saldivar.👀 Her mother is just a greedy, raggedy old hag.🙄

    Ms. ChOkSoNdIkMs. ChOkSoNdIkOy oldin
  • A grandmother shouldn’t get paid for watching their own grandkids. And Vanessa doesn’t owe her anything

    GS PamaGS PamaOy oldin
  • If you ask me they all greedy and that's why the cards are being dealt like this...koby shtted on his parents if im not mistaken...

    Sergio BrooksSergio BrooksOy oldin
  • Karma bitch you're paying for what you and your mother did to Kobe's parents

    Kelly GwaraKelly GwaraOy oldin
  • Nobody care about ppl rapping about black men getting shot and killed in songs. How u gone say its not funny to rap about a black woman being shot.

    bmddkr33bmddkr33Oy oldin
  • If greedy had a face it would be vanessa mother she a greedy old witch..

    Shivon RamittShivon RamittOy oldin
  • If greedy had a face it would be vanessa mother she a greedy old witch..

    Shivon RamittShivon RamittOy oldin
  • Like mother like daughter . Vanessa learned alla dis from her gold-digging mama Kobe's mom is greiving as well but nessa dont care!

    BookLoverBookLoverOy oldin
  • Tbh the whope cupcakke diss was a wack af

    Bilal Al FaresBilal Al FaresOy oldin
  • Her mom might be a Narcissist

  • Why did Vanessa take everything there has to be a good reason behind Vanessa s actions she’s a classy woman

    jacqueline walshjacqueline walshOy oldin
  • vanessa you live good let greedy mom live good

    junior ortizjunior ortizOy oldin
  • Venesa mom is suing for Kobe hard earn money, but Kobe parents who suffer to bring him up!!?gets nothing!! And can't even sue to get any thing!! And I still say his mom and dad not getting any of his estate is all because these two witches put him up against his parents!! The both of them will distroy themself over Kobe money that is rightfully should share between his kids, wife and parents !! Greedy witches!! Kobe parents are class, these two are crops!!

    Totsy SmithTotsy SmithOy oldin
  • sending Venessa and the girls all my love keep your head high luv! your such a strong women and never forget that just focus on your babies and you take time to clean house in a way that best helps you emotionally and physically build your foundation even stronger then before and the rest will slot together naturally big cuddles and kisses stay strong arohanui

    Raelene BakerRaelene BakerOy oldin
  • I’m late but I don’t give a damn this shit is weird. He married her and was messing with her as a teen I’m sure if THAT was a setup or the marriage was. Something ain’t right. I’m not going to say the mother is greedy and I’m not gone say he ain’t make that promise to the mother. We ain’t heard the whole story example savongh wade we don’t know that whole story and really makes you wonder 💭

    Queen M TarotQueen M TarotOy oldin
  • This is deffinately karma

    blessed loveblessed loveOy oldin
  • I ♡ Cupcake 🧁 🧁 🧁

    PJ_MARS9PJ_MARS9Oy oldin
  • Now we see who are the real gold diggers... if vanessa supported Kobe when he did not allow his parents any extra money ...well what goes around comes back around... look who is suing who now ...Vanessa's mother got a lot when Kobe's mother got nothing.. now her mother wants it All!!.l

    Audrey JenkinsAudrey JenkinsOy oldin
  • She is being influenced by money hungry people! You will never win! Been free for a long time, food, shelter, etc!

    Amy FalconAmy FalconOy oldin
  • Her mother engineered the whole marriage.She was behind Vanessa being a video vixen in high school. She made sure there was no prenup between them. She deserves some royalties 😄😄

    Grammar Police -Grammar Police -Oy oldin
  • Who tf is cupcakke🤣

    Ashlee JohnAshlee JohnOy oldin
  • Vanessa's mother is a gold digger and only cares for her self. And yes exactly she act like she was married to Kobe anyway her lawsuit ain't going to she's not going to win this is crazy.

    April ChavezApril ChavezOy oldin
  • like bobby lytes said in this video, cupcakke is clout-chasing but she's doing it the right way though because everyone is talking about her now so it actually is good marketing.

    vulcan2050fulvulcan2050fulOy oldin
  • So much money , so much problem there is no contentment if someone you love becomes greedy I hope they can fix their relationship ,when someone you love gave you something a house a car be contented with it money comes and go but family sticks to you no matter what , I'm also a Virgo I understand him why he is staying away from his pops and mom because we are not confrontational when we are hurt we tend to avoid stay way specially when it's our loved ones , so what Kobe did is to just take care of his family so he can take his mind off and not stressing out to his mom and pops , we are misunderstood when it comes to this situation we are grateful but something bothered Kobe that's why he did not talk to his mom or pop , it's not the memorabilia okay so just leave it be there is something deep but he ain't here I love love he inspired me a lot

    makavelli pac Shakurmakavelli pac ShakurOy oldin
  • This is not black women fight,

    ten pinten pinOy oldin
  • I couldn’t IMAGINE, my child growing up; marrying an NBA player; a successful legend at that; and for my daughter to lose her husband and daughter together at once & for me to turn around and sue her!!!! 😭

    Melanie V.Melanie V.Oy oldin
    • It's karma for how they treated nba star's own parents.

      Cassie MaryCassie MaryOy oldin
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    bclaude87bclaude87Oy oldin
  • Come on guys it's none of our business but I think tho why Kobe did not have speaking terms with his parents it's not because of the memorabilias it is deep man, I think one of it besides they did not support his love for Vanessa is the case that Kobe went through , I did not see them beside him supporting him when he needed them most I'm also a Virgo just like Kobe we have the same mind set also we are perfectionist and intelligent but when we are hurt by our loved ones we just stay away from them , we are not confrontational remember that that's why I understand Kobe . So let's not judge the guy he had his reasons but for me those are some reasons why they have a fall out

    makavelli pac Shakurmakavelli pac ShakurOy oldin
  • I feel u are so right the media talking about Kobe parents all along my understanding his wife and her family didn’t have money he met her in a strip club that’s way Kobe mother was telling the truth along but that’s terrible how her an her mother going at each other that way in front the world guess Kobe was the one doing for her family an not his as much so now I believe shoot she don’t want to do what Kobe was cause she got control of the money now she greedy sorry that’s how I feel cause the mother wasn’t doing all that tell now so she not doing the same thing an how she been taking care of her mother for 18 years bull crap that wasn’t her money Kobe felt fit to do it an he had his reasons to be doing for her mom then his own so I feel every one she in control now an she don’t want to do the same as Kobe was

    Teresa EllisonTeresa EllisonOy oldin
  • Cupcake isn't the whole slice so she'll be gone soon!

    crystal Clear 01crystal Clear 01Oy oldin
  • Sofie is greedy & selfish

    Latoya FoxLatoya FoxOy oldin
  • I disagree with mom's suing their own children but Vanessa what is money if you can't lavish your own mom with a roof over her head and a nice car to drive. Even cardi-B who is not worth 10% of your worth bought a beautiful house for her mom. Vanessa mom, where were u when Vanessa allowed Kobe to sued his own parents for penny's. This is the greediness Kobe parents saw in vanessa from the beginning, that's why they didn't like her. Vanessa no matter what your behavior is a disgrace. I was thinking if you will move your mom at all, maybe to live with you but you send her to apartment paid for a year, shame on you vanessa. If you can do your own mom like that, then what can't you do?

    achiaaobeng100achiaaobeng100Oy oldin
  • My opinion: kobe's parents didn't want him to marry Vanessa because of her family. Vanessa's mother is evil and has always been. Vanessa's family separated kobe from his family to keep his money for themselves. Right now Vanessa's mom is suing her for money and cars. Vanessa's mom claims kobe was suppose to take care of her until she dies 🤔. Kobe's parents saw this all along while the media was trying to paint them as greedy and racist. Now we see who was the real issue all along. I don't see kobe's family suing Vanessa since his you?

    juicy maejuicy maeOy oldin
    • Major facts 💯

      Latoya FoxLatoya FoxOy oldin
  • Click here to learn the truth about Vanessa

    Dee RomanDee RomanOy oldin
  • Was tupac a bully when he attack rappers, this young lady who made the comment shouldn't get into their feelings, child please ...

    Chy S.MillsChy S.MillsOy oldin
  • I gagged when u was reading cupcake lyrics 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣😂😂

    Akacii MooreAkacii MooreOy oldin
  • It’s still your mama girl!!!!. Money is not worth it!!!. True quote from The Bible “ money is roots of all evil” Shame!!!!!!!.

    joyceanna kjoyceanna kOy oldin
    • As much as Vanessa's mother is in the wrong she didn't have to do her mother . She's not strapped for cash. Vanessa witnessed first hand what Kobe and his parents went through for whatever reason. His parents maybe are not too involved in the grandchildren's life.

      nikelnicolenikelnicoleOy oldin
  • Greed destroys a family Vanessa has been through a lot her mother is selfish and greedy

    Phyllis MorrisPhyllis MorrisOy oldin
  • My mother is like Vanessa's-- all about money no matter what you're going through. I had to cut her off.

    t jt jOy oldin
  • Her mother should be ashamed her herself! Smh

    A87A87Oy oldin
  • This is sad. You are selfish if you are going to sue your own blood because she downsized your free ride!

    CaseyCaseyOy oldin
  • I heard the buzz about cupcakke and was ready to hate but after listening to it's funny! People need to chill?!

    Ms. CoryseMs. CoryseOy oldin
  • This is so sad. I’m a grandmother and would give my last for them to have what they need and have done it for what they want. This is so sad. For years they’ve been painting Kobe’s mother as a gold digger and it’s apparent this woman is the true culprit. Money brings out the worse in people. Especially money that doesn’t belong to them and they didn’t earn. A true abomination. All I know is GOD bless the child that has his/her own. Stop counting other peoples coins.😡

    Alease MontgomeryAlease MontgomeryOy oldin
  • This is so sad, why? I'm so saddened that people still try take the most. Why does greed take us over?

    Samantha TurnerSamantha TurnerOy oldin
  • Taking money from her own grand children's legacy Kobe left his family 🤔 #GrandmotherOfTheYear

    NOxIemBatZzNOxIemBatZzOy oldin
  • I think anyone can respond to anything since nobody asked cupcake she just came for ppl.. and this is the internet .. everyone can and will respond

    Kayli StonKayli StonOy oldin
  • no she said that about flo milli not dream doll she said last part about dream doll you got that right.

    Black tea RoomBlack tea RoomOy oldin
  • Vanessa fell just short of saying Kobe didn't even support his own mom why would he promise my mom money. Both Vanessa and her mom need to go into oblivion. Lala Anthony needs to focus on her family ie Carmelo's daughter

    Grammar Police -Grammar Police -Oy oldin
  • If you really pay attention her mom always has this look on her face very weird one .

    Beautiful BrandyBeautiful Brandy2 oy oldin
  • She now knows how her in laws feel.

    P JenksP Jenks2 oy oldin
  • They're all weirdos...they knew Kobe and G would be sacrificed and this is not surprising in Hollyweird😈

    Michelle LeeMichelle Lee2 oy oldin
  • I was starting to love Kobe, but when I realized how he treated his black parents I have no respect for him. May he Rest In Peace.

    MM2 oy oldin
  • Kobes parents didnt like vanessa and having all that money and dogging out her own mother I see why! I hate what happed to kobe but vanessa is dirty!!

    Antoinette StewartAntoinette Stewart2 oy oldin
  • How can a mother do this to her child!!? That’s wicked

    isang idaraisang idara2 oy oldin
  • Cupcakke looking for a fight she might need a bodyguard that's not a diss track them fighting words only thing she didn't say was your mama😭🤣🤣😭🤣🤣-Vanessa mama feel 600 million and another 300 million in assets is to much money for her 37 year old daughter to have.At the end of the day all of that money was kobe's vanessa mama has no right to ask for anything family or not kobe is a good person that's why he chose to help her out. I feel like there is more to the story then what's out to the public but the mom has some nerve coming for her grieving daughter.

    Peewee MathisPeewee Mathis2 oy oldin
  • Wow smh she now loose her grand daughter and son in law. Her daughter is hurting and instead she help her daughter she want to sue her daughter

    Keisha SemperKeisha Semper2 oy oldin
  • The only genre of music that except the Megan line is drill music

    georjette jeanlouisgeorjette jeanlouis2 oy oldin
  • She gotta handle that..her bread is long..they'll be time to sweat this

    John DavisJohn Davis2 oy oldin
  • Ok I get that informing us of all drama etc happening in whateva is like your “brand”, but Kobe situation was not necessary to talk about, he is more than a messy celebrity, I’m not saying that you are doing what I’m about to say, but this reminds me of people getting clout off Kobe’s death on tiktok, but do what you do....

    Friend MaliaFriend Malia2 oy oldin
  • Vanessa is greety and gold diger. Unforturful . she she does not loverher own mom

    Iris BonnerIris Bonner2 oy oldin
  • Vanessa is a horrible daughter. She's selfish. Hee mother deserves that...wait. Bs bs right you be disgusted ....she take care hos and her children whil

    Iris BonnerIris Bonner2 oy oldin
  • How can you ask for five million when you never threw this man an alley-oop?

    guts4264347guts42643472 oy oldin
  • Mrs. Laine you lived free in a tony neighborhood and had an expensive car. Tou don't think this was pay for just being a grandma

    Carmen MoranCarmen Moran2 oy oldin
    • Do you Sofia have the money to pay the taxes on such an expensive house or the money for ins on an expensive car? Think! Kids do not have thr responsibility of taking care of their parents!

      Carmen MoranCarmen Moran2 oy oldin
  • That’s foul.........

    Ej RolandEj Roland2 oy oldin
  • Cupcake the realest idgaf 🤪

    Alanna HydesAlanna Hydes2 oy oldin
  • Something about Vanessa is fishy! She didn't work for any of that money, Kobe did. She didn't even acknowledge Kobes family at the funeral. Kobe left that heifer enough money to give her mother a car, and a home or apartment. She's also wasting money on lawyers trying to sue the helicopter company & the pilot. Accidents happen, at least she wasn't left penniless. Kobe wasn't speaking to his parents 4 a long time because of sports memorabilia, now he's gone, & those things he didn't take with him. Vanessa needs to grow up & stop thinking it's all about her. Her kids needs to gave their grandparents in their lives, she can't be everything to them.

    Bernice CrossinBernice Crossin2 oy oldin
    • She's grown. She knows what she's doing. Why not stop supporting her mother when Kobe was alive. That's comes across as calculated and manipulative. Vanessa is just being greedy and spiteful. It's not like she needs the money. Her mother is no saint. She sat comfortably, shared the spotlight and Kobe's wealth with her daughter while Kobe's parents were in the background. I guess it's retribution.

      nikelnicolenikelnicoleOy oldin
  • Mom should be ashamed of herself because Kobe spoiled her, gave her everything that she could want. Mom, Kobe's gone, you looking real crazy out here and you are very Unappreciative of All that your Daughter has done and was continuing to do. We have always seen Vanessa with the girls, you were never a babysitter. If Kobe didn't leave you a home in his Will, you don't deserve one. What his Will says is what it is, that's the law. You're not thinking of your relationship with your grandchildren or your daughter behind such a tragic, traumatic event in their lives that's still fresh in thrir minds and hearts. Shame on you, who needs a mom like you? You're Nothing But A Gold Digger! Your daughter have to love you because you're always going to be her mom, but, she can forgive you and feed you with a long handled spoon. I don't use the word "Mother," because your actions are not as such! When God show you who people really are, believe it, no matter who the person is. Everybody Have A Merry Christmas!

    Jennifer RossJennifer Ross2 oy oldin
  • That's why she married Vanessa off at 17, it was her retirement plan.

    Simply ArreySimply Arrey2 oy oldin
  • Oh well, Vanessa knew how her mother was. I'm sure her mom convinced her to marry kobe for his money. Deal with it.😏😏😏

    Ms RMs R2 oy oldin
  • I thank God for my parents everyday

    Marie Watch meMarie Watch me2 oy oldin
  • Why her mom look like hilary Clinton in the thumbnail?

    D 3D 32 oy oldin
  • This group of people would do this to you and to each other lol They would even kill you for anything. It does not matter whether it's families or friends, if they find an empty place they'd do anything on their power to end your life as long there's money involved. Vennassa could have done anything in her power so viciously to get rid of Kobe Bryant's parents if she had her way just for the love of money. That's how Yolanda Saldivar Selena quintanilla the singer's assistant murdered her in Texas for the love of money. That's so sad.

    camp Richcamp Rich2 oy oldin
  • Vanessa ain't SHIT

    Debbie FergusonDebbie Ferguson2 oy oldin
  • Her mom is not greedy..Vanessa is facing KARMA..I HOPE HER MOM AND KOBES MOM TAKE EVERYTHING FROM THIS B..

    Debbie FergusonDebbie Ferguson2 oy oldin
  • This is Kobe's fault. His parents knew Vanessa and her telenovela villain mother were narcissistic golddiggers (I got a feeling Vanessa's momma wouldn't have even accepted Kobe if he was a regular...)

    Cren CottrellCren Cottrell2 oy oldin
  • Love of money

    marsha baummarsha baum2 oy oldin
  • It truly be ya own people sometimes!!

    Kayjay KayjayKayjay Kayjay2 oy oldin