Truth behind Tiffany Evans career: Label issues, Beef with Rihanna, exposing the industry, etc.

4-Yan, 2021
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  • Happy New Year and thank you for watching this video on the talented and underrated singer Tiffany Evans. Help stream JawanxTiffany song “Finally”

    EmpressiveEmpressiveOy oldin
    • Cinderella death

      Sharon ScottSharon ScottOy oldin
    • Great journalism!

      Island Rose122Island Rose122Oy oldin
    • Do a video about Dondria please 🥰

      RichGirlRichGirlOy oldin
    • You love using people for click bait. Like they face doesn’t come up when you see the topic. That’s why homegirl got canceled! You don’t go out and not have one hit and talk shit about other artists because they are larger than you. That’s like me saying I have a good voice so put me on top. Y’all don’t even listen to Rihanna like that to be judging her. This girl is doing okay. Tyler perry tried to get her in acting but she didn’t want to do that. He knew she would be more successful in acting

      Geno HollandGeno HollandOy oldin
    • Bruh she ain’t even underrated! She on that madea movie. Trust it is because of that gap she didn’t mKe it. They want looks not talent!! If your look is shitty people will go on to the next. I hate to be mean but that’s just how it is

      Geno HollandGeno HollandOy oldin
  • Omg I remember watching that Apollo episode. I didn’t even know that was the same girl.

    The Melrose ShowThe Melrose Show4 kun oldin
  • I feel like y’all can’t blame Rihanna for making it big saying that she sold her soul like I don’t think so. It’s all about who you sign wit and networking it’s like any other business you have to connect and join with people to make it big. Yes the music industry is dark but u can’t use “sold soul” as an excuse as why someone else made it big and ur fav didn’t. Yes Rihanna did use a little sex appeal and that island girl image to get working but y’all can’t discredit Rihanna for not having any talent many artist in the industry done chanted there image to try something new and try new genres. It’s also about THE AUDIENCE!! If y’all would’ve bought and supported her career she would have made it big! Plus she signed wit Beyoncé’s dad he def has done some sketchy things in the past wit different ppl he’s worked wit 🤷🏾‍♂️‼️

  • She has a strong powerful voice. I 💕 to hear her sing

    Jannese L.Jannese L.6 kun oldin
  • I had to watch this video twice may the Lord Bless u 4 showing ur viewers such “GREAT” talent Tiffany’s voice is Heaven sent OMG and to hv a soul mate who sounds just as Amazing IM LOVING IT✨🙏🏽❤️

    Tina ETina E7 kun oldin
  • I miss this intro.

    W b.W b.8 kun oldin
  • How is that she could see the devil worshipers in the industry but couldn’t see she was married/dating Down Low men?

    Tough FlowersTough Flowers8 kun oldin
  • Tiffany mouth got her in big trouble from that moment her career haven’t been the same. End of story!!!

    Always A Beautiful DayAlways A Beautiful Day8 kun oldin
  • Wow never knew she had kids! God bless her

    Zanashia ZezeZanashia Zeze9 kun oldin
  • That's a damn lie that they could not market her. What about JoJo? Tiffany and JoJo were the same age and JoJo's career took off with get out when she was like 12/13 .I'm gonna have to use the race card on this one.

    Judnie Gedeon :pJudnie Gedeon :p9 kun oldin
  • T.M.I is my favorite Tiffany Evans song. 🤗🤗🤗

    Manifested By The AtenManifested By The Aten10 kun oldin
  • Wasn’t Jawan on Making The Band?

    Bili MayoBili Mayo12 kun oldin
  • Not turn Tiffany off...... lmao

    Cece LewisCece Lewis12 kun oldin
  • They always want to jump to crazy the moment you start speaking out!

    Host Mo BerryHost Mo Berry13 kun oldin
  • I remember her from her debut on Diary of a mad black woman.

    Host Mo BerryHost Mo Berry13 kun oldin
  • Another amazing singer that is so so so so underrated. Her voice is sooooooo amazing!!! And Jowan sounds amazing as well. We need go back to the time when real vocalist were appreciated.

    Tylera McIntearTylera McIntear14 kun oldin
  • Matthew 4:8-10 [8]Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; [9]And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. [10]Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

    ThankYouBlackIceThankYouBlackIce14 kun oldin
  • That’s sad, they were greedy. Didn’t want anyone to have her yet didn’t have a plan for her. But that’s what her parents should have researched before signing. She should have been on kidz bop or Disney probably have her own show like Raven

    meur urmemeur urme14 kun oldin
  • Wow this girl got some pipes!!!!

    D BLACCD BLACC14 kun oldin
  • Russian roulette has opened the door to darkness in my life... She was right👍🏾 It introduced me to suicide

    Yasmine JohnsonYasmine Johnson15 kun oldin
  • She is and always has been a true talent.❤️❤️❤️

    Lynnee MagruderLynnee Magruder16 kun oldin
  • They pretty much always wanna sexualize women so that's why they couldn't do anything for her, but it's funny that people could easily promote Justin bieber at a young age

    ArtBy MareeArtBy Maree16 kun oldin
  • She had Matthew Knowles as a manager(there's your answear)

    Pamela SmithPamela Smith17 kun oldin
  • I love her tiffany evans

    Robert ClayRobert Clay17 kun oldin
  • If the music industry is so evil why is she trying so hard to be apart of it and do the same music everyone else is doing? Why not switch to gospel or sing in your local church if you just want to sing? Make it make sense.

    StarLove00StarLove0018 kun oldin
  • I'm glad Tiffany opened her eyes 👀 to see how cruel the music 🎵 industry is before it got a hold of her 🙄. I hope 🤞 she sings for God because he will always be there in the good and bad. Smooches 🥰

    Just Fee With The TeaJust Fee With The Tea18 kun oldin
  • Rihanna needs to stop. She knew she worshiped the devil. It was a lot of devil worship in her music videos

    Echo RockmoreEcho Rockmore18 kun oldin
  • She spoke out and didn’t conform she exposed the industry and illuminati. She’s lucky she’s still alive

    camille espycamille espy19 kun oldin
  • Wait she worked with Beyoncé’s dad and he did nothing for her?

    camille espycamille espy19 kun oldin
  • Just keeping it real she didn’t have “it”

    Yeaits MeYeaits Me19 kun oldin
  • Please do Pricsilla Renea AKA MuniLong

    OCEAN WOLFOCEAN WOLF19 kun oldin
  • God wants her to use her voice for him. I do believe that she has seen what the industry is like and if you are a Christian you would know better not to do one eye symbolism and wear devil horns. You can’t serve two masters. Tiffany if you go fully Gospel we will be with you 110% don’t mind them.

    Nkechi NdukweNkechi Ndukwe19 kun oldin
  • Can we get one on Sammie, Jesse Powell, Jahiem, or Tank?

    ThompMillsThompMills19 kun oldin
  • It's definitely some truth to the rumors in the industry why you all of these artists that leave the industry run to the church , god and spirituality, mase, justin bieber, peebles , and alot more

    shenikashenika19 kun oldin
  • They completed removed Tiffany evans music video - On sight with Fetty Wap. And what the hell happened to her face! For some reason she looks hella different

    Prince EchoPrince Echo20 kun oldin
  • I actually remember watching her on star search... she was going against another girl... she was blowing kisses to the judges for the compliments they were giving her 💜

    Darren ShannonDarren Shannon21 kun oldin
  • She's pretty AF grown up, especially with the orange hair

    Marlon EricMarlon Eric21 kun oldin
  • I agree with Tiffany, these stars get so high they start believing they can get away with singing ANYTHING! #puppetmasters #piedPiper

    Shelia WShelia W21 kun oldin
  • I never knew Tiffany had anything after “Promise Ring”. That was my song. Crazy she is an adult now. Time moves so fast.

    Creative LifeCreative Life22 kun oldin
  • Loved Tiffany since I first seen her on star search as a kid. So talented smh

    Dynasty JDynasty J22 kun oldin
  • I love Tiffany Evans hands down she grew up to be very beautiful

    KK WillisKK Willis22 kun oldin

    Cardora HoytCardora Hoyt22 kun oldin
  • Only God knows

    Cardora HoytCardora Hoyt22 kun oldin
  • This is true tho Let us pray Father can you hear me we need your love today 🙏🏽😇🙏🏽

    Cardora HoytCardora Hoyt22 kun oldin
  • Love the story. Just an encredable voice ❤

    Lynn BlandLynn Bland22 kun oldin
  • Baby girl lies lies look at how young usher was....oh yeah he was sleeping in the bed with Diddy so glad you didn't sell your soul

    Kym CeeKym Cee22 kun oldin
  • Almost didn’t recognize Tiffany, she’s so grown up!

    Maranda AdamsMaranda Adams23 kun oldin
  • Tiffany is so underrated! Her vocals are Amazing

    Jocelyn GipsonJocelyn Gipson23 kun oldin
  • She is so pretty!! She looks like she could be related to Nicki Minaj (probably those chiclet teeth).

    Lakacia LloydLakacia Lloyd23 kun oldin
  • I love her!!! She has a good heart.

    Better ThingsBetter Things23 kun oldin
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐👀😎dig it......great watch...gotta come back to it

    Darrein RobinsonDarrein Robinson23 kun oldin
  • 23:14🔥🔥🔥23:05

    Charles JacksonCharles Jackson23 kun oldin
  • I hope Tiffany & Jawan make a GREAT comeback. What they NEED is one big dope hit. Hopefully some of the top songwriters (Ne-Yo, the Dream, Missy, Candy, etc..) will provide them with one. They also need a great producer (Timberland, the Dream, Swizz Beatz etc...) to fit their voices to the music in a way that captures public attention.

    R F Glover GLOSEEKERR F Glover GLOSEEKER23 kun oldin
  • I wish she would redo her father can you hear me part. Would be awesome.

    Capitol RCapitol R24 kun oldin
  • When I tell you!!!! I loved her back in the day. And I'm older than her lol. Loved her song Promise Ring and still listen to it regularly

    Natalie JamesNatalie James24 kun oldin
  • Rihanna knows she's chosen the dark side, the video umbrella is her initiation.

    Shareef NelsonShareef Nelson24 kun oldin
  • This young lady was speaking facts. She knew they were on demon time before they were on demon time. God bless her.

    Shareef NelsonShareef Nelson24 kun oldin
  • Fix your title before we report you are you the judge no so what secrets

    Bigos Top NewsBigos Top News24 kun oldin
  • I love all her music

    Kim EstisKim Estis24 kun oldin
  • I still follow Tiffany on IG. She’s doing great.

    Jasmine GreeneJasmine Greene25 kun oldin
  • Download all right there that date the other girl used to creep girls workout play I'm going to show you some of our most popular

    Virginia ThomasVirginia Thomas25 kun oldin
  • *6:15** - **7:25** That Letter Literally Describes Todays: Nck- Minajs and Cards and Cit Gir , the Bhives and M - Stallions (That Tiff smh WAY DEEP)*

    AhoritaBrownEsBrownAhoritaBrownEsBrown25 kun oldin
  • Another amazing video 🤩 Thanks for enlightening us💕

    Free Spirit1980Free Spirit198025 kun oldin
  • Yesss Tiffany.. I see you 👀

    mia Smia S25 kun oldin
  • I love Tiffany. I use to talk with her frequently on Twitter back in the day . She is super laid back and cool.! Wish she got the recognition she deserve 💜

    Confessions of a Nursing StudentConfessions of a Nursing Student26 kun oldin
  • But Rihanna is a devil worshipper soooo...

    Shi OneShi One26 kun oldin
  • A background dancer?! She don’t love herself!

    Party with the FlykingiParty with the Flykingi26 kun oldin
  • Dope story, definitely a lesson and message to be heard & seen from many angles. #perseverance

    HarrisMusicMgtHarrisMusicMgt27 kun oldin
  • Do a documentary on Keke Palmer and Faith Evans!

    Michael I-zayahMichael I-zayah27 kun oldin
  • i wish her all the success

    Alien ToonsAlien Toons28 kun oldin
  • Ciara’s career is dead.. how could she help Tiffany

    Alien ToonsAlien Toons28 kun oldin
  • Tiffany is speaking facts about the “entertainment” industry. They are demons. Listen to the John Todd interview.

    CinnematicCinnematic28 kun oldin
  • She should’ve been under whoever managed Monica and Brandy

    Shana GloverShana Glover28 kun oldin
  • It’s not too late... she’s still young.

    KLKL28 kun oldin
  • imo Rihanna's label wanted her to sing those weird songs & act tough, after her & chris broke up for good & she was acting like a devil worshipper with those vids & songs, I didn't know what she was on🤷🏽‍♀️💯 btw rihanna has a Ratchet attitude, I'm still shocked that her fans are loyal to her smh..ewww! Tiffany Evans was marketable for her good girl image & afterwards they would've changed her's great that she didn't go that route, it's not worth it💯 she's still a beautiful young lady & I hope she stays true to herself as an artist❤️❤️❤️💯

    Chanel VersaceChanel Versace28 kun oldin
    • Girl shut up, she been through a lot and she express it in her music , it ain’t had nothing to do with the devil, y’all always trying to hate on someone y’all will ever get close to or achieve half of there success smh🤦🏾‍♀️

      Jonika LoristonJonika Loriston17 kun oldin
  • I’m mad you didn’t post her signing “I have nothing” 😩😩😩😩

    Tiffany SaloneTiffany Salone29 kun oldin
  • 19:55 they sound AMAZING

    The Jazmine RoseThe Jazmine RoseOy oldin
  • 2:18 That’s where I remembered her from! ICONIC‼️

    The Jazmine RoseThe Jazmine RoseOy oldin
  • Waiting for the mental gymnastics that people go to to blame Beyoncé for her downfall. That seems to be a common thing emptessive latches on your as the reason the artists didn’t blow up.

    S RS ROy oldin
  • Promise ring was my SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

    julianpowpowjulianpowpowOy oldin
  • But what artist or celeb that is 'loved' by the culture is going to come out and actually say they worship the devil though....come on now. At least right now in this day and time

    Live4 HIMLive4 HIMOy oldin
  • Wow. Rihanna spoke out because she knew Tiffany was right. And she had to do damage control.

    icecreamsandalsicecreamsandalsOy oldin
  • I remember I didn’t want to accept what Tiffany said back then, because I LOVED Rihanna and was such a huge fan of hers... fast forward 10 years later, found God, and every thing this little girl said then... absolute FACTS. The beast worship is infiltrated in everything though, entertainment industry, politics, education. YHVH is on the way not to unite, but with a sword. Stay blessed in his Son’s name.

    hottsteph1623hottsteph1623Oy oldin
  • Big Ups to Tiffany Evans she didn't sell her soul

    Kim ScottKim ScottOy oldin
  • So basically she didn’t’ get that far in the music industry is because she spoke out against a very high devil worshipper rhianna I mean like come on rhianna already said in a interview she loves satan or something like that and she didn’t get that far also is because she didn’t sell her soul good for her👏🏾❤️💯

    IsraelitessIsraelitessOy oldin
  • Thus young lady can really really sing! Very underated....

    Tanya LundyTanya LundyOy oldin
  • damn am i the only one who teared up hearing her sing? such a majorly, underrated, beautiful voice man.

    Elicia ChinElicia ChinOy oldin
  • I wonder what happened to Dondria.

    YouGlowGirlYouGlowGirlOy oldin
  • Rihanna can’t even sing 😂

    YouGlowGirlYouGlowGirlOy oldin
  • I love me some Tiffany #LoyalFan 💜💜💜

    Daizy Mone't / Kraizi Daizy LiveDaizy Mone't / Kraizi Daizy LiveOy oldin
  • Two words RAW TALENT Something the industry don’t care about

    Jacquanda LeeJacquanda LeeOy oldin
  • This was a great way to start off the year. You did a great job & the up day was nice to hear.

    Tunisia McFaddenTunisia McFaddenOy oldin
  • @Empressive please make a Normami documentary!!!

    M.J.M.J.Oy oldin
  • Tiffany sings better than your favorite so called Queen! Argue with ya dam self

    Natalie LaColeNatalie LaColeOy oldin
  • She can sang sang!!

    Sarida PickeringSarida PickeringOy oldin
  • Meanwhile chicks like Dani Leigh is successful and can't sing a lick😒..Her voice is 1000 times better than Beyonce, Ciara, Rhianna, and many many more!!!

    D1&onlee MekaD1&onlee MekaOy oldin
  • I mean Rihanna has idols straight up tattooed on her how is that Christian? 👀🙃🙃🙃 According to her so-called Christian faith, that makes her, by definition a “devil worshiper” 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ it is what it is

    JuiceBox4theKid LuvJuiceBox4theKid LuvOy oldin
  • To many Ads... I love your videos. You are so amazing 🤩.

    jaquaita simmsjaquaita simmsOy oldin
  • I love her debut album. I hope she can make a well deserved comeback!

    C SC SOy oldin
  • Does anyone know where to find the song she’s singing A cappella in the beginning

    ZaiahZaiahOy oldin