Truth about R&B singer Olivia: (Fall out with 50 Cent/G-Unit, beef with Drake, Missy rumors, etc.)

23-Iyn, 2020
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  • Thank you all so much for watching this video. I forgot to add that Olivia’s follow up single to “Bizounce” was “Are U Capable” (but the single was less popular and Olivia left the label after releasing it).

    EmpressiveEmpressive9 oy oldin
    • Fuck fuck fuck utube...where my video

      Omari MurphyOmari Murphy9 kun oldin
    • No mi hh hmm my h gummed

      Mary BrownMary Brown16 kun oldin
    • Please do Teairra Mari

      Suki YoungqueenSuki Youngqueen5 oy oldin
    • @Rosedanna Joseph porn 👀

      Mitchell ParisMitchell Paris8 oy oldin
    • Empressive you should do a documentary on Tweet and what she’s up to now! 🙏🏿🙏🏾

      The APXThe APX8 oy oldin
  • So beautiful, when Candyshop dropped I wanted to rock with that, and still wanna show her I'm capable 😜 and she deserves to be bigger than she was or is, voice of an angel who ain't afraid to get dirty if need be.

    King MasadaKing MasadaKun oldin
  • So the game been corny? I shouldn’t even be surprised

    Vj NastyVj Nasty2 kun oldin
  • Olivia failed to get over on g-unit, and then she Missy tried to put her over and failed too, 50 and Missy both lost alot of money on Olivia...

    Joe ManJoe Man3 kun oldin
  • I’m glad Keyshia got Let it Go.

    I.C.E.I.C.E.4 kun oldin
  • 50cent and the game are ridiculous. I’m thinking they are gays. 50 have many problems with the gay community. All days he have to say many petty things concerning transsexual women or gay community. He hide a thing

    Giva NillaGiva Nilla10 kun oldin
  • Olivia was a man😂😂🔥🔥

    CHARMIT SinghCHARMIT Singh10 kun oldin
  • She's not nice at all so I really don't care.

    allmeallmeallmeallmeallmeallmeallmeallme11 kun oldin
  • If she ever dropped that song "Cloud 9" she would've been a big star... Idk what 50 was thinking to put a quality track like that on a mixtape

    Joe StuehmerJoe Stuehmer11 kun oldin
  • ALL THOSE SONGS??? I have only heard this woman sing "Candy Shop". That's it. I've been wondering what happened to her and now I know. Also didn't know about the fake beef between her and Ashanti. I feel like if she took a much more active role in the behind-the-scenes aspect of her career she would've known early on about Rich Dollaz. I am curious how he became someone in the music industry no one wants to mess with. How is it HE didn't realize he was NEVER going to be able to help Olivia?

    CandisCandis12 kun oldin
  • Child hood crush😭

    Alex CabreraAlex Cabrera14 kun oldin
  • you mean besides the fact that she wasn't good?

    Kevin TrudellKevin Trudell15 kun oldin
    • She was good wym

      Jade BrownJade Brown12 kun oldin
  • This is what happens when you have the wrong management. Rich is an absolute clown. Such a waste of talent. I always liked Olivia and her voice.

    G BG B18 kun oldin
  • Olivia looks like my supervisor Latoya.

    Natasha DelacruzNatasha Delacruz25 kun oldin
  • she really worked hard..luck wasnt on her side...she and Keri Hilson are so gorgeous they should be queens of their own zamunda and wakanda kingdoms...married to a million dollar kings..and getting their feet aint fair

    Umo UmohUmo Umoh27 kun oldin

      Hiphopdied SquadHiphopdied Squad27 kun oldin
  • Wrong Olivia first appeared on the song Smile - G Unit.

    Peter ThomsonPeter Thomson28 kun oldin

      Hiphopdied SquadHiphopdied Squad27 kun oldin
  • She can sing yes, but she does not have that it factor! That’s why she never made it big. you need a lot more than just a nice voice and a semi-pretty face. Her personality sucks… Look how poorly she treated Samaya.

    F RosF Ros28 kun oldin
    • What did she do to samaya

      Jade BrownJade Brown12 kun oldin

      Hiphopdied SquadHiphopdied Squad27 kun oldin
  • She also had international success with Fally Ipupa. Sheesh....Game and 50 are some clowns though.

    S.R. Productions SoundzS.R. Productions Soundz28 kun oldin
  • I think the name has to do with it...and the hair color...

    RebelleRebelleOy oldin
  • I gave that control song a go and that shit was trash. Granted it was 10 years ago a different sound at that time but her vocals won’t it. Embarrassing

    Tony STony SOy oldin
  • take a good damn look this is a man

    Daryle BensonDaryle BensonOy oldin
  • take a good damn look this is a man

    Daryle BensonDaryle BensonOy oldin
  • I really enjoyed this and would love to see more on other artists who faded away

    Joffery HollsworthJoffery HollsworthOy oldin
  • WOW she has a gorgeous voice!!!

    Joffery HollsworthJoffery HollsworthOy oldin
  • That’s a whole dude

    Green BuddGreen BuddOy oldin
  • Legend has it she's still at the candyshop

    yfyfOy oldin
  • Clive Davis is a Monster, just like Oprah! 👿

    PomegranatiniPomegranatiniOy oldin
  • Can you please do a mini docu on Teyana Taylor's career, please?

    Nicki_Minaj_is_the_queen_of_rapNicki_Minaj_is_the_queen_of_rapOy oldin
  • I Absolutely adore and have always supported Olivia! I fell in love after "Best Friend"

    E JE JOy oldin
  • that response omg, such a classy woman , candy shop and wild tonight are timeless hits ,haters cannot even top that

    Julio HernandezJulio HernandezOy oldin
  • Idk- I think she’s fine as hell...

    Edo BoiiEdo BoiiOy oldin
  • I really loved her when she came out.. That first album was in heavy rotations. I wondered what had happened to her and I hate that she didn't "pop" because she had crappy management and people doing her wrong. Glad she's at least still out here working..

    Latricia FinleyLatricia FinleyOy oldin
  • Olivia keep ya head up Mama Stay up Walk Good Rastafari Blessings ☝🏾💯

    Love is PowerLove is PowerOy oldin
  • Euuuh she made a featuring with Fally iPupa (Chaise électrique) which was a huge hit in Africa and Europe... Americans!!!

    Audrey MuadiamvitaAudrey MuadiamvitaOy oldin
  • She’s fine as hell. Naturally endowed, very talented, blessed by God. She was real, a real artiste, she made naive mistakes and it messed her career up. She was super young !!!.

    John Kennedy EkeneJohn Kennedy EkeneOy oldin

    Hiphopdied SquadHiphopdied SquadOy oldin
  • She's gorgeous and deserved so much more 😀

    Maryanne MuthoniMaryanne MuthoniOy oldin

      Hiphopdied SquadHiphopdied SquadOy oldin
  • Woulda been been nice if she made it in g unit but damn she really went thru it esp with her dickhead manager tf

    Hera BlancheHera BlancheOy oldin
  • She coulda made it far under different circumstances. It sucks cuz she's beautiful and has an amazing voice.

    J KJ KOy oldin

      Hiphopdied SquadHiphopdied SquadOy oldin
  • Not a fan but she just got shit management that's always trying to fuck her over! People like that get put in the back of the trunk "click, click P💥W" 👉🏿 remember the Beaumont send off in Jackie Brown? 🤔

    JabJabOy oldin

      Hiphopdied SquadHiphopdied SquadOy oldin
  • i've always thought she's so pretty

    Sylvia BurlSylvia BurlOy oldin

      Hiphopdied SquadHiphopdied SquadOy oldin
  • Manage by, directed by, have to listen to, take instructions from, sound familiar

    Danny AkensDanny AkensOy oldin
  • Why do we always feel we have to be apart of some organization to make it...Be your own avoid all the drama of somebody else dictating what you want to think about

    Danny AkensDanny AkensOy oldin
  • I respect rich dollars but hell nah I wouldn't let him be my manager

    Tiquoy GayleTiquoy GayleOy oldin

      Hiphopdied SquadHiphopdied SquadOy oldin
  • You mispelled “The end of Olivia’s career”

    LocustLocustOy oldin

      Hiphopdied SquadHiphopdied SquadOy oldin
  • Olivia always had great mixtapes and her singles “So Sexy” and “December” were so damn good. I have always loved the tone of her voice.

    RyanRyanOy oldin
  • I had a crush on her ❤😋

    MoneytrellofficialMoneytrellofficialOy oldin
  • She should’ve switched to gospel.

    Stephen HallStephen HallOy oldin
  • Black men always diss black women.. investissement is a lost or win. PERIODT, why complain?

  • So sad with all this so sad wish they all worked together

    Vernon DanielVernon DanielOy oldin
  • I heard they invested a lot of money into her career.

    Rod Dan LivesRod Dan LivesOy oldin
  • Always seemed like a nice person.

    007JNR007JNROy oldin
  • Olivia is a man

    hymen2hymen2Oy oldin
  • Shes Jim Jones sister .

    Eagle EyeEagle EyeOy oldin
  • she failed because she left the Lord and went to chase after the world instead

    Smalltronix IncSmalltronix IncOy oldin
  • Damn so she got every single opportunity and somehow it fell apart. Thats wild

    M MM MOy oldin
  • I’ve always liked her since bizounce I pray she gets a chance. If you are not willing to sell out for the entertainment industry then you are blacklisted. This is what it sounds like is happening. Industry people won’t say that though but everyone knows. If she start showing her ass, being seductive she will make it that’s the name of the game .. wishing her the best 🙏🏾

    TheRealMzBlueTheRealMzBlueOy oldin
  • She was so beautiful and talented

    Nat GenesisNat GenesisOy oldin
  • Olivia is a song bird

    RealtalkwithRee CeeRealtalkwithRee CeeOy oldin
  • Homegirl was not good at business, how to you go from Clive to G-unit to Rich dollars. Her career tanked further and further as she demoted in labels. She should have just stuck with Clive's plan of being a bad girl until she had enough pull to change for herself. Alicia and Rhianna totally changed up their image and sound after they were more established in the game.

    1dbhsa1dbhsaOy oldin
  • $$1150.'S.,.$$SLAMME.'S $$DAMNE.'S $$JAMME.'S $$ALLE.'S $$GAME.'S $$EVERYE.'S $$GAME.'S $$TRUTHE.'S $$ISE.'S $$JUMPEBALLE.'S $$FUMBLE.'S $$THANKE.'S.,.©©©®®®.

    • $$11.'S.,.$$SLAMME.'S $$DAMNE.'S $$JAMME.'S $$ALLE.'S $$GAME.'S $$EVERYE.'S $$GAME.'S $$TRUTHE.'S $$ISE.'S $$JUMPEBALLE.'S $$FUMBLE.'S $$THANKE.'S.,.©©©®®®.

  • Let me make a couple of points. #1. I loved that song best friend. G-Unit didn't capitalize on her buzz from that song. #2. Bad luck, poor management, poor decision making on her career path and future endeavors. #3 50 and her had a fling. I'm sure of it #4. Clive Davis and everyone else after him negatively pigeonholed her to be a one dimensional artist which limited her career prospects. #5. I would like to see her to make a crossover pop and r&b single something like Doja Cat did with say so. #6. Lastly, I wouldn't mind seeing her do modeling or have a talk show. That would be a good move for her.

    Dominic EneDominic EneOy oldin
  • its time for her to get back in the church

    GhostGhostOy oldin
  • 50 beefs with the entire world

    iliquifyiliquifyOy oldin
  • the game always came across as a gay rapper.. who would say that about a girl

    Rizwan AnwarRizwan AnwarOy oldin
  • Wow. I remember when “Love and Hip” was not so ratchet. Olivia was so classy. Crissy was the craziest but nothing compared to crazy Cardi.

    darth hideousdarth hideousOy oldin
  • Frizzle fake is a fake. He probably knew and lied. He lies about everything. #fony

    The DON CORLEONE don’t do it showThe DON CORLEONE don’t do it showOy oldin
  • I hear so many negative things about 50 cent. Karma came right back at him. He has no career and money anymore.

    Ahmed TawbiAhmed TawbiOy oldin
  • This wm is talented and beautiful. They used her (R.D) and that awful. I believe, she's genuine and i wish her all love and success. The dude she's w is one lucky man. I wish it was me. She got values and morals. He's got wife material. Shalom.

    Te' R S' KINGTe' R S' KINGOy oldin
  • I admire her resilience.

    Dorcas GathoniDorcas GathoniOy oldin
  • I am so grateful to have produced her early J-Records songs. Her talent🔥💨💨💨‼️‼️

    MajikMuziqGroup_kutz GroupMajikMuziqGroup_kutz GroupOy oldin
  • How about we support our sister and her work cause clearly these so called brothers aren’t. If you wanna see her shine let’s support her, she’s very pretty and deserves a fair chance. We can comment on here all we want but let’s look out for her music, movies, etc. The industry did her wrong. 😎✊🏾💯

    lilfro auvaalilfro auvaaOy oldin
  • If she really said that ... "Im worth it, you should have spent 4M" that's that BS. Also how groups n friends fall out not understanding business. Just cause a person went diamond means they got 2M to spend on another person Who has no blood relation 😂 2M a person can gift they family. Wtf wrong with people. 😂

    Ahmolik UlickAhmolik UlickOy oldin
  • "Church girls" are undercover .... you know the rest lol

    Bam woodBam woodOy oldin
  • 11:00 Tony Yayo has big scary eyeballs

    Joe ManJoe ManOy oldin
  • WOMAN is soo fine. She can sing so good.

    KillersentraKillersentraOy oldin
  • Anyone else getting that 50 hates women!!! 50 always got a beef with women!

    Dee RoyDee RoyOy oldin
  • Your voice is annoying 🤣

    Migit6'4Migit6'4Oy oldin
  • Industry don't want artist to be themselves

    The Bronx North PhillyThe Bronx North PhillyOy oldin
  • “I’m about to Bizounce. I can’t take this shit no more.”

    MissteriousOneMissteriousOneOy oldin
  • I meeaannn 50 cent is an asshole 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Shyla GirlShyla GirlOy oldin
  • Game never struck me as a bitch nigga that would say something for clout or just to spread a rumour so that being said I don't think the man is lying about what he said.

    Cognac Beverage ConnoisseurCognac Beverage ConnoisseurOy oldin
  • No HIT Wonder! 🥱

    Marvin BrownMarvin BrownOy oldin
  • I remember when everyone thought she was a man then didn't hear from her until love and hip hop then felt she was better then somaya .. she has talent but lacks humility and I'm sure that's probably why she's a has been ..

    crystal vousecrystal vouseOy oldin
  • The game fucked her career up lmao

    Antoine SpellmanAntoine SpellmanOy oldin
    • He fucked up 50's career too. He was just resilient enough to survive.

      darrenraphaeldarrenraphaelOy oldin
  • Once they go on tv... its basically done. Shes very attractive tho.

    dru Vaderdru VaderOy oldin
  • Rich dolla always stealing money from his clients

    C h a r n c e H a u r a k iC h a r n c e H a u r a k iOy oldin
  • Damn best friend was my shii too. Sorry Olivia had to go through this.

    JxniorSZNJxniorSZNOy oldin
  • Ahh Olivia is a one hit wonder

    Jarin KnightJarin KnightOy oldin
  • I like Olivia but Ashanti had something different. She had a hit factor I would say

    Victoria KabeyaVictoria KabeyaOy oldin
  • All I can say she can really sing

    Victoria KabeyaVictoria KabeyaOy oldin
  • Phat rat ended her career 🤣😂🤣 if you know you know 🤣😅🤣😂🤣😂

    Juan ValenciaJuan ValenciaOy oldin
  • Rich is quick to jump@ these babes he get into their heads but that lil sissy hideaway gurl need his punk ass beat down!

    Leonidas CarrLeonidas CarrOy oldin
  • December is off the rack! They didn't push it... That a boss ass jam! Rich punk ass wanted to hull her out... His punk ass fool with babes butt he's the bit*ouch!!!

    Leonidas CarrLeonidas CarrOy oldin
  • Olivia is surely NO MAN The Game sound like a bottom butt N' "he been in the rest room with him!" ...sound like he like men!

    Leonidas CarrLeonidas CarrOy oldin
  • Yo fifty was a master troll back then. I can see why he befriended six nine lol

    anthony moanthony moOy oldin
  • Good that she doing well

    Shawnte DartyShawnte DartyOy oldin
  • 50th a businessman he invested and and it didn’t return you dont keep pouring good money after bad

    Enlighten The BelowEnlighten The BelowOy oldin

    JES FINE tmJES FINE tmOy oldin
  • Drake hated for sure. Fuck I need your permission for a mixtape song.

    Freddy AdamesFreddy AdamesOy oldin