The truth behind Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey's "feud" and how they ended it...

9-Dek, 2020
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  • Love them both, glad the fighting is over. Was a little shady when Ariana said none of her favorites have #1s when Mariah literally has the most #1s. You can't not see the Mariah influence in Ariana, and honestly most pop/r&b artists (Beyoncé being the big one coming to my mind). I think this can also be blamed on Arianas record label, not sure if she has more control over what she releases now but at first her track was very Mariah-esque. (great pop vocalist turns sexy R&B pop mix) I think they wanted the next Mariah more then anyone... and remember guys when Mariah came out they were looking for the next Whitney. But Mariah is so much more than a whistle tone or 5 octave range. She writes every song she sings, she produces as well. Ariana is definitely moving in the right direction and she seems really happy where she is in her career, can't wait to see where she goes and how big she gets.

    Major ShipperMajor Shipper2 soat oldin
  • Lol I'm sorry ...I will never look at Ariana Grande as the next Mariah Carey way

    Melanie MMelanie M3 soat oldin
  • I don’t think it was shade on Mariah’s part at all! Arianna is a kid to Mariah. And musically she is not yet where Mariah has reached! I don’t think there is any disrespect though. It’s just like you have younger people that you know, like niece or children and how you will never be on the level of those that came before you! Doesn’t mean Arianna doesn’t have value in her career. Just they are on two different wave lengths. It’s that simple!

    Eri PEri P3 kun oldin
  • I was always so confused about this “beef”

  • Your truly was the only “Mariah” thing other albums was a reach stop comparing it

    Nacho CheetosNacho Cheetos6 kun oldin
  • I love this video so much

    Giulio GalloGiulio Gallo6 kun oldin
  • Mariah a legend❤️❤️ Ariana is a star❤️❤️ Jenifer Hudson doesn't scream😂 She has a strong voice ❤️ And I love how Tamar said there's only one Mariah❤️

    Abigail SaizongaAbigail Saizonga8 kun oldin
  • Mariah was the new Whitney let me get that straight 🤣

    Gary TaurinoGary Taurino9 kun oldin
  • Yeah but Jennifer can’t sing Emotions like Ari hence not included in whistle sync

    Gary TaurinoGary Taurino9 kun oldin
    • W4ka well obviously Mariah didn’t think so enough to exclude her from the harmonised whistle register that is all

      Gary TaurinoGary Taurino9 kun oldin
    • yes she can.. arianas emotions was emotionless

      W4kaW4ka9 kun oldin
  • It think MiMi has some trauma with the industry trying to write her off. She JUST survived the glitter era, had her emancipation and was successful. Then the media once again started trying to dispose her and prop up new artists. That would make me upset and petty too. “How many comebacks do I have to have?” in the words of Mariah.

    SweetInterludeSweetInterlude11 kun oldin
    • this...

      W4kaW4ka9 kun oldin
  • It was never a damn feud! It's the media and these lil blogs and let's not forget the stans that stay being messy

    Veronica CooperVeronica Cooper12 kun oldin
  • As harsh as it is, Mariah's "i don't know her" is ICONIC and hilarious. I'm glad her and Ari are on good terms though, Ari clearly never meant any harm

    noble onoble o14 kun oldin
  • I give Ariana Grande credit for her vocals but as stated there's a Black Woman out there that hits those same notes whereas Mariah Carey took credit for her vocals for predominantly being white and not for the black side of her which tends to get overlooked often.

    Nique BNique B14 kun oldin
  • Ariana needs to get her own style. She bit too much off Mariah. She could neva

    1OfdaKoldest1OfdaKoldest16 kun oldin
    • I mean it’s so obvious to us who grew up with Mariah but the young generation is ignorant to how influential Mariah is.

      de nde n16 kun oldin
  • Jennifer Hudson doesnt scream,and she didnt whistle in that clip,I mean she did an actual whistle with her lips,she confirmed it

    Sunsun DKSSunsun DKS17 kun oldin
  • I don't like it when people compare artist

    Ian vincent AbejuelaIan vincent Abejuela17 kun oldin
  • I think Ariana went along with and was fully aware that she was to be a sort of new Mariah. Because she is a HUGE Mariah fan and also due to her youth, she naively thought it would be perceived as a homage. When Mariah's indifference to Ariana was known, I think Ariana decided to not mention Mariah as a desperate way to withdraw that whole move to not only compare her to Mariah but to basically imitate her visually and vocally. I have seen very few videos where Ariana speaks about Mariah but the little I've seen you could tell she absolutely adores Mariah and it was very painful to her when Mariah was indifferent about her. So glad they had a chance to establish their own friendship without the meddling and toxicity of the media. Mariah also recently embraced Jojo and she too seemed so elated to be accepted by the Queen. Out of all the singers out there, Jojo and Arianna are deserving of Mariah's love because they are sweet girls and massively talented!

    Rick RamosRick Ramos19 kun oldin
  • I say Whitney and Mariah best together 💕👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    LunaOverEdenLunaOverEden19 kun oldin
  • It's one thing to steal a pack of bubble gum but a whole throat!?! 👀 Nah... I'm not here for it. She need to sit here 2 inch butt down!!!!

    Ari BebeAri Bebe19 kun oldin
  • I hate that everyone's being mean and talks shit about Mariah! I hate that people try to replace her as if her career has ended or worse she has died! I hate how the music industry has treated her! I hate that most of the haters have zero knowledge about her accomplishments and her legacy! I hate that everyone accuses her for being a diva or shading people, while the others always start the feud and the controversies! I hate that the media lurks in the dark waiting for Mariah to "get embarrassed" so reporters can talk about the decline of her voice and the ending of her career once again! I hate that the new generation and even mine (early 90s) can't at least respect her! I hate that everyone compares her to Whitney (whom I love), while they both have distinct singing styles! It's just a shame, a disrespect to a legend! When she passes away suddenly everyone will be praising her and that thought really gets on my nerves! I love Mariah Carey and I will always do! ❤️

    Γιώργος_George_JorgeΓιώργος_George_Jorge20 kun oldin
  • and i agree with demi!!

    JKJK22 kun oldin
  • idc Mariah is rude and shady asf

    JKJK22 kun oldin
    • @JK Okay but your bias against Mariah because you like Ariana.

      Samuel KingSamuel King11 kun oldin
    • @Samuel King I’m here to watch because it’s about ari too, I could care less about Mariah also I can do and say whatever tf I want

      JKJK11 kun oldin
    • If you don't care, Why are you hating???? You don't know anything at all but yet you still are here.

      Samuel KingSamuel King17 kun oldin
  • I think Solange was talking about ariana grande being a great immresionest of other celebrities like she does an amazing job doing an impression of celine dion

    Anaya SpencerAnaya Spencer22 kun oldin
  • First off when were they even feuding

    Anaya SpencerAnaya Spencer22 kun oldin
  • I think the comparisons just got tiring for both women. Demi was wrong to speak on it. Don't fuel MC or be prepared for possible backlash ie: the never ending Eminem mess, the JLo mess. Things will always work out in due time!!

    Mahala EdwardsMahala Edwards22 kun oldin
  • Love the new intro ❤️

    AMONTE TVAMONTE TV22 kun oldin
  • and the same thing is now happening with Madison Beer

    Kitty LipsKitty Lips22 kun oldin
  • I like both. n mariah Carey is funny lol n shades low key

    African GirlAfrican Girl22 kun oldin
  • Let's see a collab with jlo

    MrsRuthie JMrsRuthie J23 kun oldin
  • Ariana voice just sounds similar she do give me MC vibes but I like their music for different reasons

    Adrianna RamseyAdrianna Ramsey24 kun oldin
    • @Samuel King ig, but from a singer I don't hear the similarities.

      MunaMuna17 kun oldin
    • @Muna Well, I mean I agree tho. Whitney and Mariah were compared because they technically had the same tones and inflections. But Ariana does sound like Mariah on occasion but not all the time. And the only reason they compared her was because Ariana's team pushed the whole 'New Mariah' and she did the whole Emotions cover. That's why people say they sound the same.

      Samuel KingSamuel King17 kun oldin
    • @Samuel King lmao not tones.. mariah is known to have the best female tone.. yes there’s some runs that are similar but that’s because they’re RUNS, that’s different

      MunaMuna17 kun oldin
    • Agree, you can tell Mariah has had a huge impact on her voice because they have some of the same tones and vocal runs/ riffs. But their music styles are completely different.

      Samuel KingSamuel King17 kun oldin
    • ari will never sound Mariah to me... Mariahs voice is one of a kind

      MunaMuna23 kun oldin
  • No I don’t know Ariana GIRL NOW IN 2021 PEOPLE BE TO RANDOM PEOPLE do you know Mariah Uh no I don’t remember her I don’t think I know her

    Vintge RobloxVintge Roblox25 kun oldin
  • Demi's fault again

    We Are LambilyWe Are Lambily26 kun oldin
  • I think it's funny how celebrities are constantly fueding with each other, yet the ONLY ONES who are throwing shade and saying anything bad are their crazy obsessed fans.

    MrDavidKen77MrDavidKen7727 kun oldin
  • “I don’t know her.” 😂

    Sarah GrimesSarah Grimes29 kun oldin
  • Mariah is a true diva. She is poppin, have always been poppin, and will always be poppin. And she handles sh*t, like a true diva. #lambily

    MLunaMLunaOy oldin
  • Fucking nobody. Mariah ##1

    Drucela CastilloDrucela CastilloOy oldin
  • Y'all be reaching it was never a feud. It's the fans.

  • Media pitting women against each other once again and they fell for it. One of them was seasoned enough to know better than to fall for it but ego and insecurity always gets in the way.

    rohlehrrohlehrOy oldin
  • There was never a feud. The media made something out of nothing or tried to. Mariah never shaded her in anyway

    Shawn RobertsShawn RobertsOy oldin
  • Very well said!!!! I love how you explained the feud and end it with a great story!

    Kristoff Penas - Online EntrepreneurKristoff Penas - Online EntrepreneurOy oldin
  • I don’t think Mariah was trying to be petty when she said “IDK her” when speaking of Ari, I truly think that because media is so messy, Mariah had to keep everything short with that topic. You can see on her face she wants to avoid it. She wasn’t throwing shade. She’s grown and doesn’t gaf about the drama.

    Bree MooreBree MooreOy oldin
  • it was the "idk her either" 😅😭

    Nyshae JohnsonNyshae JohnsonOy oldin
  • Demi is such a Btch here , like who told her to say her opinion to a meme

    habiba elashkarhabiba elashkarOy oldin
  • And this is why Demi Lavato will never have a hit🤣🤣

    Yo MamaYo MamaOy oldin
  • Ariana Grande has some good songs....but I cannot understand 1 word she says in them

    Erin MooreErin MooreOy oldin
  • Them 2 on a song was something I’ve dreamed of since I was a child. (Btw I’m 16)

    Christelle IlmetChristelle IlmetOy oldin
  • Classy,Absolutely mint happy Wow there is only one is anyone Mariah Carey absolutely no other. Ari is Prefect young happy content.

    Evelyn TarawaEvelyn TarawaOy oldin
  • It's understandable that neither of them were here for the comparisons. (1) In Ariana's defense, she IS her own vocalist and entertainer and even though she's a Mariah fan, to be constantly compared to her can be discouraging. (2) In Mariah's defense, trying to say she's done and needs to be replaced is SOOOO dismissive of her, her legacy, and career. She's still the voice, the legend, the diva, and is not one to be tossed aside like garbage. They are both bosses that deserve respect and all the haters need to SAT IT DOWN!

    OldKitten85OldKitten85Oy oldin
  • Jennifer was completly ghosted and looked like a token in that video .Just saying 🚶🚶🚶

    Andreia RamosAndreia RamosOy oldin
  • The whistle harmony could bring about world peace

    Duane Richards IIDuane Richards IIOy oldin
  • E. good story about AG and MC ..yes l agree with MC she is in her own class.. however MC should tone it down towards a child

    Polores AndersonPolores AndersonOy oldin
    • But Ariana wasn't a child

      Samuel KingSamuel King17 kun oldin
  • Will always love Mariah she’s a legend. Ariana is making her own way and will hopefully be a legend as well. Plus, let’s be real everyone wants to be recognized in their own right, famous or not, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    J MarJ MarOy oldin
  • Ariana's team used Mariah's name to advertising. Not by industry or tabloids. That's the reason that Mariah "don't know" Ariana for a long time.

    Dante LiuDante LiuOy oldin
  • I’m a long time Arianator, and a huge Mariah Carey fan too, but I just want people to know when Mariah says “I don’t know her” to Demi & Ariana, it isn’t shade. She’s saying she doesn’t know them on a personal level to talk about them.

    RenzuRenzuOy oldin
  • Ari voice is amazing

    Kimmy CakesKimmy CakesOy oldin
  • best video ever

    Aline CândidaAline CândidaOy oldin
  • Demi has some nerve !!!!! Wow what a dumb ass comment for her to make. P.s. Ariana steals looks and designs from drag queens and never gets called on it ! She constantly rips off my community and i'm sick of it.

    Montana BananaMontana BananaOy oldin
  • Let's be Frank the music industry loves the younger entertainers

    Queen AlikaQueen AlikaOy oldin
  • Like Nicki and Lil Kim

    Queen AlikaQueen AlikaOy oldin
  • Put some respect on Jhud...she can sing baby

    Queen AlikaQueen AlikaOy oldin
  • 1st of all, I'd like to show my apologies if my upcoming words will hurt some of you from the Western. IMHO, it's better for the juniors in the industry to at least show their respect to the seniors, moreover to the seniors with great achievements like Mariah Carey. For us in East culture, showing respect and giving acknowledgment to seniors are something common. As return, the seniors will automatically give support and love to the juniors as they feel touched with their juniors' polite. This is also happens when finally Ariana Grande said something to Mariah on her social media. Mariah then began to open herself to Ariana. Then, as you can see next, they're finally doing a collaboration in music. Isn't that beautiful seeing artists from various generations love and support each other? So, to make seniors open to you, as a junior, it's better for you to show your respect first. I'm sure, if the senior is basically a good person, s/he will respond you with double love and support. #sendinglovetoyouall #letsavoidconfrontation #letsbepeacemakers

    Miss SulisMiss SulisOy oldin
  • Demi lovato is so embarrassing. Her PR team always let’s her say whatever she wants 💀

    stefstefOy oldin
  • I don't know how hard it would have been for the two of them to bypass the "middle man" (the media) and reach out to each other to clear the air. But, if they had done that way back then, maybe this would have stopped being a thing before it even started.

    SCN8IVESCN8IVEOy oldin
  • Wait so comments are on for this video but not the Lauryn hill video lol okay. But anyway, alot of people got whooped like that and we are okay and doing great. She needs to be quiet and stop being so sensitive

    LaRhonda HollidayLaRhonda HollidayOy oldin
  • omg i thought mariah was about to get up and leave during the interview

    yournotskinyyournotskinyOy oldin
  • with the whole daydreamin thing ari always names her album if a song

    yournotskinyyournotskinyOy oldin
  • Is like jay z saying nobody scared of 50 Cent

    DLlive RDLlive ROy oldin
  • They might as well had hit up Minnie Riperton for the whistle session too. loving you was the first song I heard the iconic whistle note on. Glad they cool now tho

    Talisa HieldTalisa HieldOy oldin
    • Minnie is dead.

      StephonStephonOy oldin
    • Is Minnie even still alive tho 🤔

      Talisa HieldTalisa HieldOy oldin
  • I hate when the media tries to turn two strong talented women against each other 🙄

    DinkysheepDinkysheepOy oldin
  • That girl can't sing as well as J. Hudson . And she's not the second Mariah. OAN: her perfume is trash! A waste of my $65.🤦🏾‍♀️

    M. DavisM. DavisOy oldin
    • M. Davis shut the fuck up

      Odell DixonOdell DixonOy oldin
  • I understand Mariah in 100%. Imitating anybody is nonsense.

    MałgorzataMałgorzataOy oldin
  • I can't stand that growing up everybody always compared me to my mother so I know for me personally it's a deep-rooted issue but I have never liked when people compare people to the person that was before them that they become just as big as that person for example Chris Brown supposed to be the new Michael Jackson LeBron James was supposed to be the new Michael Jordan and so forth and so forth I can't stand it I think that's one of my biggest pet peeves in the world I hate when people compare people because I get you're trying to give people an idea as to what to expect out of a person like when you hear Ariana Grande The Way when you hear that song you think of Mariah Carey you do but I also understand where Ariana's coming from like I want to be labeled as my own person why do I have to come in the gate pretty much being like someone else and that's very irritating I don't give a damn who you are and the fans need to stop doing that because then when these people get into beefs and then beef go too far and if somebody dies all of this comes full circle with the comparisons these feuds come from comparisons like Tupac and Biggie even though ironically Tupac is from the East Coast he is originally from Queens New York but he switched sides and he started repping the West Coast and when he got shot he was saying F bad boy because he thought they had something to do with it because everyone around them hyped it up and even till this day people still compare Biggie and Tupac against each other and they're both dead and gone so this comparing people needs to stop let everybody be their own individual person

    BettyBoop27BettyBoop27Oy oldin
  • both queens

    Jael EspinozaJael EspinozaOy oldin
  • I never saw a feud between them. The fandoms are mostly the problem starters. I didn't care for Ariana's music at first, but she really grew on me. Now as Demi is concerned, she should've sat there and ate her food. I was one of those ones dragging her for her dumbass comment.

    Quisha AntyQuisha AntyOy oldin
  • I hate how the media always puts women against each other im so happy they squashed it

    berryberryOy oldin
  • the crazy thing is they used to make Victorias sing all the time as if Arianna wasn't the way better singer.... never ket anyone shadow your talent

    Sheena RehemaSheena RehemaOy oldin
  • I loved this song they were all good

    Iconic PostIconic PostOy oldin
  • Oh so that’s why Mariah said she did know Ariana lmao and Nick stfu

    Soul Up with KeSoul Up with KeOy oldin
  • Artists being compared is not a gender thing. It's not even just in music. People compare Lebron to MJ. Drake to Lil Wayne.

    Clueless Lawdamercy RuthlessClueless Lawdamercy RuthlessOy oldin
  • Love em both but Mariah is the goat and was my first celebrity crush 🥰

    Cory CrushCory CrushOy oldin
  • Honestly that's a load of bs. Ari is one of the best artists and has a lot of fans Mariah trying to be relevant again...

    Jer BearJer BearOy oldin
  • This song sucks, it sounds like a mess

    Rose SantanaRose SantanaOy oldin
  • Just comparing two artists is disrespectful for both the parties involved.

    Sana AllSana AllOy oldin
  • 3 queens saved Christmas in 2020.

    Giuliani AlvarengaGiuliani AlvarengaOy oldin
  • Its the labels always tryna make clones. They dont respect people as individuals they only want to manufacture artists for profit. It sucks for the actual artists.

    JVXJVXOy oldin
  • Media, fans comparing two diff. Artist.

    AMVentorAMVentorOy oldin
  • Unpopular Opinion: JHud was so dope on that song

    anne chrystelle eteme ngonoanne chrystelle eteme ngonoOy oldin
    • I don't think that's an unpopular opinion

      Samuel KingSamuel King17 kun oldin
  • the stans invented the feuds tbh

    Patit SananpanichPatit SananpanichOy oldin
  • Yes they did a collab..... so what doesn’t mean you gotta bringing up old stuff they ended 2 or 3 years ago🤦‍♀️

    Destini SingsDestini SingsOy oldin
  • I absolutely loved this video so much. Done so well. Mariah isn’t just a good singer. She’s an artist. She WRITES. PRODUCES. Music is all she is. Saying that someone is the “new Mariah” completely diminishes her and makes it seem as if she’s done and there’s no need for her anymore which is disrespectful because Mariah is still very active 30 years into her long rewarding career. I love that Ariana never let the media bullshit get in between her love for Mariah. But the sweetener interview where she says none of her favorite artists have #1’s is just pure cap. Girl can sing though

    Manny RodriguezManny RodriguezOy oldin
  • I don’t know if this is actually going to age well, but on cnn tonight on nye when asked about how Ariana looked up to her and mentioned her in her documentary, what Mariah said was that she loved working with her but then seemed to move the convo about the special

    C EC EOy oldin
  • Mariah Carey is so damn over hyped, and acts like a stuck up bitch

    First ChoiceFirst ChoiceOy oldin
  • Mariah and Ariana should collab more often they look so cute together and sound soooooo good

    Ur MomUr MomOy oldin
  • Mariah disappointed me by singing with Ariana. Celine would never collaborate with a poor version of hers. Because Dion has discipline and is not ready to do anything for the fame unlike Carey and that's why Motolla locked her ass up. He saw she was too attracted by the media attention than work

    Victoria KabeyaVictoria KabeyaOy oldin
    • Celine Dion has literally collab'd with young stars of today as well. What the fuck are you talking about?

      StephonStephonOy oldin
  • regeneration....embrace each other 👍

    nurhayati etynurhayati etyOy oldin
  • I think it was more than just the media though. Her record label pushed the narrative that she was the next Mariah. Wasn't a bunch of her song titles extremelyyy similar to Mariah Carey's song titles?

    vondonstrut218vondonstrut218Oy oldin
  • They’re always trying to pit women against each other and create unnecessary beef as if there’s not enough room for more than 1 talented female singer in each genre. There is only one Mariah Carey, she is a legend and Ariana is her own artist. She has a long way to go to even be considered a legend.

    Kasy MKasy MOy oldin
  • They ended the fued with a huge WHISTLE 😼🔥

    Ibrahem Al keratahIbrahem Al keratahOy oldin
  • I agree with Mimi, she’s the one and only . DONT compare her to any . Demi. Needs to mind her own business. Mariah is a LEGEND.

    HelenoftroyHelenoftroyOy oldin
  • That’s dope

    I Might Be ShaI Might Be ShaOy oldin