The SAD Stories about Black Disney Girls : (Raven, Coco Jones, Skai, Zendaya, China, Keke, etc.)

28-Fev, 2021
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  • Wow!!! thats impressive, Empressive.

    Cabonia DawnCabonia Dawn4 soat oldin
  • It is not about black nothing in entertainment. it is about money. Blacks are 12% of box office receipts therefore really do not count. tat is bc nobody wants to see reality nothing. tat is not what entertainment is about. Equality of representation. The golden rule applies and Hollywood has deep pockets/ In fact, the Industry has to go by its own by-laws that do not restrict Producers from being black. The way to go is for blacks to come up with some good storylines and have white leads. That is the key to wealth in Hollywood. If you are not coming to get wealthy then keep moving. America is racist. BC no one wants to see controversial BS! But it is too late the end is near

    meechie Bmeechie B4 soat oldin
  • This was a great video thanks for hilighting how important it was to see these women growing up

    Poindexter AuttumnPoindexter Auttumn8 soat oldin
  • Impressive channel❤️❤️❤️🇿🇦

    LyzMua MoekoLyzMua Moeko10 soat oldin
  • look at Disney channel now nobody watch it😂

    Fatmata DukurayFatmata Dukuray12 soat oldin
  • Powerful and very professionally put together! Great work

    Meredith HallMeredith Hall12 soat oldin
  • The ubiquitous lunchroom tribally seal because frame bizarrely shock midst a condemned dictionary. sweet, tart chronometer

    Ngo Xuan LoanNgo Xuan Loan14 soat oldin
  • Really great work Empressive!

    Whirlwind SWhirlwind S15 soat oldin
  • Do you ever see celebrities say blacks are ugly 👺🤡😾

    Kelly DaviesKelly Davies19 soat oldin
  • Some white people are so mean I’m a black all people black and white are beautiful and handsome only people like celebrities are so kind to blacks no some of you you call us ugly which means your ugly too we are all human big or small white or black it doesn’t matter

    Kelly DaviesKelly Davies19 soat oldin
    • Again omg just when you go to America

      Kelly DaviesKelly Davies18 soat oldin
    • I heard this story of a black girl that thinks she’s white because she is pretty every time some black celebrities like mike Tyson and Kevin Hart has been saying that there back ground is dirty you always try to start wars again between the white and black

      Kelly DaviesKelly Davies18 soat oldin
  • Yes Coco, keep on standing firm

    Kimberly CampbellKimberly Campbell19 soat oldin
  • China, I totally agreed with you. All this is not important. We need the spirit, the Holy Spirit.

    Kimberly CampbellKimberly Campbell20 soat oldin
  • These girls really give me hope that girls like me who have dark skin, can reach for the stars.

    Ketsia UwaseKetsia Uwase22 soat oldin
  • Yes I agree with this video but it's not just black women. Growing up I didn't see a lot of Hispanics on Disney channel. The only one that I remember was Esteban from The suite Life of Zack and Cody. If I can remember correctly I think that was his name. But yeah that was the only Latino that I saw growing up on Disney channel unless I miss something but they didn't have a lot of Mexicans in the industry

    Briana GarciaBriana Garcia22 soat oldin
  • "class" skai jackson doxes children

    Nal DeryogaNal Deryoga23 soat oldin
  • Hallie Berry and Zendaya need to make a movie together as mother and daughter

    Kaleah CollinsKaleah Collins23 soat oldin
  • Actually they didn't offer it to her she was going to leave she didn't want to renew her contract with Disney so in order for her to renew her contract they allowed her to bring in the concept of Casey Undercover with full creative control

    Kaleah CollinsKaleah Collins23 soat oldin
  • When my daughter tried out for Disney 10 years ago they wanted her to be the new Zendaya because she is actually lighter than Zendaya and have a more ambiguous features they specifically told me if Jennifer Lopez can play at Italian your daughter can play anything I had my daughter's hair in braids they asked me to take it out because it looks too ethnic that was like strike one and two to me she was able to read her own lines at a young age so they didn't have to worry about that strike three was them trying to let's just say think that if they work with her that I was going to be around that wasn't going to happen they already Peg me as a momager

    Kaleah CollinsKaleah Collins23 soat oldin
  • Im so glad I didn't allow my daughter to work with Disney

    Kaleah CollinsKaleah Collins23 soat oldin
  • Excuse me Chloe and Halle was on a Disney Channel as kids Halle was also in the movie Daddy Day Care with Eddie Murphy so this is not new for them

    Kaleah CollinsKaleah CollinsKun oldin

    Kaleah CollinsKaleah CollinsKun oldin
  • Monique Coleman was actually the OLDEST ACTRESS ON HSM SHE WAS ALREADY IN HER 20'S

    Kaleah CollinsKaleah CollinsKun oldin
  • Yet zendaya has stock in Disney and had all creative control of KC undercover

    Kaleah CollinsKaleah CollinsKun oldin
  • Lets not forget the first black Female actress on the Mickey Mouse club( Rhona Bennett) along with such stars Jc chaz Justin timberlake Brittney spears Christina Aguilera ryan Gossling and the chick from Felicity. She ended up on the jamie fox show for a season or 2 but she was More talented then the rest of them but never got real play

    Kaleah CollinsKaleah CollinsKun oldin
  • So sad Skai needs to get her life .

    Kaleah CollinsKaleah CollinsKun oldin
  • Halle literally looks like a black Ariel

    AyAyKun oldin
  • You forgot that they made Zendaya have 2 black parents when in reality she biracial. Evan though she's amazing they clearly wanted to do some erasure with black teens

    had better dayshad better daysKun oldin
  • I love my people, I feel kind of sad for those who don't see how beautiful black really is. If I'm keeping it 100 the darker the better. I love black skin. It's foolish to try to keep anyone down for the color of there skin, one of the dumbest things ever to me. Don't fried chicken look good? Not so appetizing when raw though right? Throw some barbecue on that bad boy, even better. Black people keep looking up, no matter what. Put God first and keep going on being your beautiful self in all the wonderful shades.

    P.Wiesta SeekingGodsWayP.Wiesta SeekingGodsWayKun oldin
  • 😭💖💯

    FiveStar MFiveStar MKun oldin
  • Dang, seeing Kiki Palmer talk about her journal... I do not understand how anyone can ignore her beauty? It's flooring that this is the reality in 2021 somehow.

    Sophia NílssonSophia NílssonKun oldin
  • I am whit. And I don't know why most whit people still don't alow black people do staf that whit people can. It is just un fere

    Justin BrooksJustin BrooksKun oldin
  • Thank you for sharing this.

    Samantha SlaughterSamantha SlaughterKun oldin
  • I find it hilarious that people felt offended that Ariel was portrayed by an African American woman. Sebastian is clearly a Caribbean crab. Did people miss his soca song in the movie? The cartoon characters weren’t a realistic portrayal to begin with of the people for where it was taking place. Caucasian is not the predominant race in the Caribbean.

    AllieC TVAllieC TVKun oldin
  • Coco is so beautiful

    Steadydropn_ EmSteadydropn_ EmKun oldin
  • All of those black girls made my early childhood special ❤

    Alpheus JohnsonAlpheus JohnsonKun oldin
  • So why didn't they hire a black hair stylist ?

    BreakingCycles DrWestBreakingCycles DrWestKun oldin
  • Excellent job hun! Love your videos xo

    For Love and SoulFor Love and SoulKun oldin
  • I feel like Coco was treated badly. The rest you know got the fame. But coco is still working her way up even from let it shine, i feel like we let her down

    Queen SzaQueen SzaKun oldin
  • She still got Ravens home

    Shashara SimsShashara SimsKun oldin
  • How they gonna tell a 7 year old she getting fat?

    Shashara SimsShashara SimsKun oldin
  • okay dont sleep on replay that song slaps but i love zendaya so i might be biased

    beanlefiendbeanlefiendKun oldin
  • my heart when i saw zendaya omg 😍❤️😩

    beanlefiendbeanlefiendKun oldin
  • Wow I didn't even know most of these women started on Disney. Black women in lead roles must be normalized in the industry to bring forth balance or black hatred will never end.

    Japter DarkJapter DarkKun oldin
  • the proud family reboot better have solange and DC singing the intro, or im not watching it.

    beanlefiendbeanlefiendKun oldin
  • imagine if you woke up and were as beautiful as keke palmer.

    beanlefiendbeanlefiendKun oldin
  • keke is a knockout just a beautiful young woman inside and out. i looked up to her so much as a kid

    beanlefiendbeanlefiendKun oldin
  • keke palmer is gorgeous shes just wow

    beanlefiendbeanlefiendKun oldin
  • keke palmer is so pretty.

    beanlefiendbeanlefiendKun oldin
  • disney ruined raven.

    beanlefiendbeanlefiendKun oldin
  • The chivalrous vest mostly mix because watchmaker intriguingly double worth a needy shade. many, normal soybean

    KeithGomez GomezKeithGomez GomezKun oldin
  • Thank you so much for this video essay and brining more visibility to Disney, and racism/ colorism in the industry!

    RobinRobinKun oldin
  • It's funny that all the black girls from Disney turned out well. None of them ended up drug addicts or hollywood brats

    Kat AraKat AraKun oldin
  • Fuck BLM

    Nightmare 01Nightmare 01Kun oldin
  • Cancel colorism! There is a lot of racism within the black community that no one wants to admit.

    lmishelle2005lmishelle2005Kun oldin
  • You said sad stories and I felt like this was all glow 🆙 .

    Laneisha FrancisLaneisha FrancisKun oldin
  • I only knew Meg as a black person tbh

    Zamir ParrishZamir ParrishKun oldin
  • I'm so proud of china, the way she's allowing God to use her! ♡

    LetiahLetiahKun oldin
  • hate how disney treated them but cocos story was especially hard to hear ;/

    andre ღandre ღKun oldin
  • I feel all of you

    Jordan AlbertoJordan Alberto2 kun oldin
  • I can’t believe that you guys went through so much trouble and I love you guys so much when I was small and I still do🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍😍🥰🥰🥰😘🥰😍🥰😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Jordan AlbertoJordan Alberto2 kun oldin
  • ^ blk male w/locs. Please stop telling me “you need to cut your hair” cause you don’t approve. 🖕🏾You crayons. My body, my hair. I don’t breathe to please you!

    AR Cowboys88AR Cowboys882 kun oldin
  • As a black girl who grew up watching the Little Mermaid, I'm actually disappointed that Halle Bailey will be playing the role of Ariel. I get where the frustration is coming from (though that doesn't excuse the racist remarks) but the answer to our issues isn't to take away another group's representation; especially to those little girls with fair skin and red hair who saw themselves in Ariel along with the community where this beautiful fairytale originated from (this whole situation must've been a slap to face for them). There are so many black myths and legends out there originating from Africa to the Carribean Islands (like Queen Anacoana for example, who was known as the Golden Flower of Haiti, 1490), along with so many creative Black writers who deserves a chance. I'd rather us leave white people stories for the white community and allow Black writers with the opportunity and creative freedom to write OUR stories, one where we're not a frog for half of the movie. Halle playing the role of the Little Princess was definitely Disney's attempt of shutting us up in my opinion, and it's about time we stop taking the bare minimum from these industries.

    CreamCheeseLoverCreamCheeseLover2 kun oldin
  • Who are these people making these crap decisions? My kids LOVED all the shows and actresses listed here, and then all of a sudden, the shows got boring and stupid. So, we cut off cable and didn’t pay for Disney or anything anymore, and just bought and rewatched the shows we liked off of iTunes. Now that I know what was going on, I’m disgusted. I know that other moms had cut cable too, so who the heck do these producers/etc think they are making those decisions about ‘marketability’. I think, judging by what happened to Spears, and all the disgusting stuff with Harvey Weinstein, marketability was being decided by certain faction that really didn’t care what the public wanted, they had their own objectives.

    Adrienne WrnAdrienne Wrn2 kun oldin
  • The Color Of Your Skin Shouldn’t Matter 🚫 They’re Some Really Talented DARK Skinned Females Out In The World But Was Turned Down Because They Didn’t Have “The Look” Or “Wouldn’t Sell” But Black Is Beautiful && Personally I Think It Wasn’t About Having “The Look” Or “Wouldn’t Sell” I Think They Would’ve Blown Up The Charts !! And It Would’ve Been A Person Of Color Doing It 💯

    iiam. chubbsiiam. chubbs2 kun oldin
  • Skai Jackson is so annoying and problematic.

    Analytical Vocal coachAnalytical Vocal coach2 kun oldin
  • Disney stupid

    Shaquana CruteShaquana Crute2 kun oldin
  • This video is amazing..

    a cja cj2 kun oldin
  • No one on my Facebook said anything bad about the little mermaid and I can honestly say I’m glad I didn’t have to block anyone on my friends and I’m friends with the right people.

    Miranda Sant3Miranda Sant32 kun oldin
  • coco jones can definitely play jennifer hudson whenever they decide to do a biopic on her lol

    Ashia SmithAshia Smith2 kun oldin
  • Show called My 600 Pound life many of the people that weighed over 600 pounds on that show are already dead. Being obese shortens life expectancy. So having a healthy natural diet and exercise will help to live longer.

    hydrolitohydrolito2 kun oldin
    • Ok what’s your point? No one on this video is obese

      Y E L EY E L EKun oldin
  • I had heard one of your voiceovers on world star Snapchat

    AneissaAneissa2 kun oldin
  • Disney is full of it. Why did Skai have to wait until the fourth season of "Jessie" to finally have someone that knew how to style Black hair? There are literally Black hairstylists everywhere in Black neighborhoods. There are Black hairstylists online, by word of mouth, etc. There is no excuse for not being able to find a talented Black hairstylist. PERIOD!

    valerie crawfordvalerie crawford2 kun oldin
  • "you wonder why all these child stars have these issues" DIsney hurt all of those poor people.

    Alfaramz3Alfaramz32 kun oldin
  • 1st and foremost stop embraci g the victim mentality.. thats alkt of the problems that happen with people, often they use that as a excuse or entitlement

    Ricco RichRicco Rich2 kun oldin
  • I think it still a problem within the Black community especially when it comes to validation...sadly the Black community is often so race obsessed that it presents a bad look among other races and ethnicities...nothing is a given you have to work and earn it.. being a token is not earning it.. expecting the industry to do things just because its convenient for you is not earning it... at times you probably have to develop your own platform and develop a fan base.

    Ricco RichRicco Rich2 kun oldin
  • Keke Palmers speech has me ugly crying 🥺

    Melanin. BarbMelanin. Barb2 kun oldin
  • My issue is how Hallie will be white washed as Ariel. She won’t be allowed to act her true self, this is why it’s better to make a new Disney movie with a new black princess.

    octoberboiyoctoberboiy2 kun oldin
  • The best channel for 3:00 am boredom 😁

    Easssy EEasssy E3 kun oldin
  • I firmly believe Jump in never got a sequel cuz of the black cast. They were the highest viewed Disney move at the time and still don’t get the love they deserve

    Len WalkerLen Walker3 kun oldin
  • 23:54 I didn't hear people complain about Brandy playing Cinderella, so who are people so butt hurt now? smh

    Kandys TorresKandys Torres3 kun oldin
  • 18:50 It's not only about control, it's also a lack of trust in your intelligence in being able to trust you in knowing what you are doing. I've went through it, and it's demoralizing, and kills your self esteem, it makes you question everything about yourself.

    Kandys TorresKandys Torres3 kun oldin
  • Congratulations 👏to them and bless them all they always have my support and blessing keep up the good work

    Jose VenegasJose Venegas3 kun oldin
  • Bella Thorne is Cuban ..

    Martina RodriguezMartina Rodriguez3 kun oldin
  • thank you for putting this together. very important to talk about.

    Declan LawsonDeclan Lawson3 kun oldin
  • Eh I don’t see keke as a Disney star. To me she’s known for true Jackson therefore she’s a Nick star

    CallMeBlubberCallMeBlubber3 kun oldin
  • Is this supposed to be a play on the word empress, or did you just not know how to spell impress?

    Jesse CharlesJesse Charles3 kun oldin
  • We all have to answer to God, these crazy 🤪people are clueless to what's in store if you don't repeat. Crazy fools following the DEVIL OMG all the people coming out God is not happy get ready Jesus is coming soon and if your name is not found I'm the book of life He says depart from me I don't know you.

    Ronda JeffersonRonda Jefferson3 kun oldin
  • Good Video

    Keisha PolkKeisha Polk3 kun oldin
  • Amen China❤

    Veronica MejiaVeronica Mejia3 kun oldin
  • Also let's talk about it......Disney in the 90s is way different than the 00’s. Not just the actors but the subject matter, and the movies. When I was little I saw so much diversity, and the TV shows were about life....not just white people with big families and money or paper poverty. Movies and shows use ymto reflect what happened in RL. Even of I only saw a token black person they were positive, honest, and I identified with them.

    jasmine Mosbyjasmine Mosby3 kun oldin
  • Who do I go to to have them make a project together, like if all of them came together on sum like "for colored girls" but not that sad...unless that's the goal. I'd watch it, and I honestly believe it would be an updated view of the black woman.

    jasmine Mosbyjasmine Mosby3 kun oldin
  • Mhmm so sad. A 29 year old black man shooting a 5 year old white boy, now that’s SAD and an actual problem.

    MedinaMedina3 kun oldin
  • Great Content. Keep doing it!

    Favien LivelyFavien Lively3 kun oldin
  • Oh my god wait till mc claim finds out that she is truly God ! and no man died for us ! And how we created all nations and vodun is our birth right !! Oh my God that is gonna go viral 🙋🏾‍♀️

    Sky ElSky El4 kun oldin
  • Coco is so beautiful

    KEWKEW4 kun oldin
  • i have never heard of kiki palmer but she just made me cry 😭

    Cora ShayCora Shay4 kun oldin
  • China Anne McClain has grown to be such a beautiful young woman inside and out.

    Adriana RodriguezAdriana Rodriguez4 kun oldin
  • Kekes speech had me in chills omg

    periodperiod4 kun oldin
  • The data was incorrect.

    Shannon CaldwellShannon Caldwell4 kun oldin