T.I. and Tiny's dark secrets EXPOSED! | Tiny's BFF Shekinah goes off on Sabrina Peterson

29-Yan, 2021
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  • This is a distraction...Wake up people and stay focused..........

    Tranquil Shores Travel agency LLCTranquil Shores Travel agency LLC2 soat oldin
  • I believe shekinah

    Lanesha PattonLanesha Patton10 soat oldin
  • Yall dumb birds always wanna blame the female like the guy aint a DOG

    Amani ConnerAmani ConnerKun oldin
  • Wow that's deep!

    Lara JacksonLara JacksonKun oldin
  • I'm so tired of people coming out after incidents? Tell it in real time.

    J MackeyJ MackeyKun oldin
  • For some strong reason I feel like that woman telling the truth

    money birdmoney birdKun oldin
  • I honestly think that girl was messing with them to.When I first heard this,that's the first thought came to mind.I smell bs with this lady.I pray these people get they're lives together.Rich people got plenty stuff going on...and people rarely say no to them...but this lady...I think she mad cause they don't fool with her like that anymore.

    Julia WatsonJulia WatsonKun oldin
  • Sabrina need to be on Lifetime

    Laura VictorLaura VictorKun oldin
  • Yeah u was dumb..& if u had any since..U would leave them people alone...its sad how many caught up in other peoples business..if they like it, I love it...leave people da fuck alone....

    Antwyne GloverAntwyne GloverKun oldin
  • 96 damn thats a lifetime compared to most people

    big fellabig fellaKun oldin
  • Don’t care about any of those scrubs

    Cherlyn GibbsCherlyn GibbsKun oldin
  • How did this start? BabyGirl started talking...because...?

    Patrice HarrisPatrice HarrisKun oldin
  • This shit happens in Hollywood all the time. These are some sick ass people. Worse is some of you all worship and praise these sickos

    Frank VerdeFrank VerdeKun oldin
  • You gotta the best celebrity informer this was great!! I really enjoyed your editing and commentary 👍

    javy stojavy stoKun oldin
  • 😭

    Baebay BrownBaebay Brown2 kun oldin
  • Ti and tiny im not surprised, i heard this sabrina story years ago

    Chef J.CChef J.C2 kun oldin
  • All lies I swear

    Only1 TreasureeOnly1 Treasuree2 kun oldin
  • Sabrina speaks truth

    Dee CarrollDee Carroll2 kun oldin
  • Wow smh

    Dennisha ForneyDennisha Forney2 kun oldin
  • She got all this tea . Why not take it to the police .Ti is one of the biggest well known felons in the black community. The police have investigated him for less and with everything going on with sex trafficking the Police would do investigations. It just bothers me nobody goes to the police nobody takes a pic video on the low nothing no evidence these people video everything else But the one thing to validate you back you and prosecute your abuser oh no proof...... I’m not getting on that wagon sorry I’m not sorry for not judging believing and destroying someone’s life over he say she said 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Kita PKita P2 kun oldin
  • Shekinah just messed them up....talk too much!!!!

    Darlene AndersonDarlene Anderson2 kun oldin
  • It's a crazy world.

    Constoncea MaxwellConstoncea Maxwell2 kun oldin
  • TI and Tiny are regular folk living their lives. Ppl need to to find them some business and stop tryna creep in otha folks backyards!!!! Fuck Sabrina!! and Shekinah STFU!!!!! either u know or u dnt but either way....STFU!!!!! If Tiny yo girl...STFU!!!!

    Tk RichardsonTk Richardson3 kun oldin
  • Cant Get Right ...smh...sad to hear...I thought T.I. was trying to be a leader in the community...

    Theresa Bowler-ShopeyinTheresa Bowler-Shopeyin3 kun oldin
  • Well considering that the industry is so satanic I beleive her . I mean after doing those rituals people change and it becomes a part of their life so maybe thats how they get down its all sick and twisted to me but if any of it is true then thay need to be held accountable this remains to be proven so until then my prayers are with the victims god help them all

    Arlene DouglasArlene Douglas3 kun oldin
  • She was the bestie on the show but don’t know what they be doing really come on!

    Nette WrightNette Wright3 kun oldin
  • They did it periodt

    Nette WrightNette Wright3 kun oldin
  • Celebrities are weird af 💀

    amari bramari br3 kun oldin
  • Sicko lagit sickos

    pearl timokopearl timoko3 kun oldin
  • shekinah on coke periodt, and i've been knowing ti on it. he's always looked that way, and tbh, i can see it in his wife too.

    an opinionan opinion3 kun oldin
  • This is some sick shit....

    Chief 90Chief 903 kun oldin
  • bye!! sounds like somebody mad this is what ex scorned friends do create lies and try to run ti. and tiny names thru the mud get a life of your own weirdo

    Sharon GoodsonSharon Goodson3 kun oldin
  • I don't think she's lyin.....so

    Guillermo AlfaroGuillermo Alfaro3 kun oldin
  • Ti is a great father and he portrays a great family man... BUT... He isn't great TOO tiny

    Guillermo AlfaroGuillermo Alfaro3 kun oldin
  • SMH JUST B.S. so the TWO smallest people in the world just wildin out in Atlanta and everybody jump on the bandwagon and believe it y'all kill me. So what they have threesomes so what that's something they do and I believe every single one of those interludes was consensual by everybody there. Soon as you stop dealing with somebody soon as you stop sharing your dollars with somebody you this and you that it never fails. Somebody owe you money they say here you can have this stinky hundred dollars but it wasn't stanky when you gave it to him shaking my head

    kimberly goreekimberly goree3 kun oldin

    InaiInai4 kun oldin
  • I don't think there are any clean hands in the TI/Tiny/Sabrina situation. Sounds very messy

    Sindy JSindy J4 kun oldin
  • RIP Cicely such a beautiful women so sad&love so many of her roles over the years. She is such an icon and beauty I will miss her 💜🙏🏼

    Natassja GaleNatassja Gale4 kun oldin
  • Its common for couples too have 3somes....... WHO CARES. A lot of couples go out and look for someone too go back to their crib with them........

    nelly gabbynelly gabby4 kun oldin
  • People are reaching..... so alllllllll these things he's drugging up girls, husband being kidnapped and no one reported nothing to a police that's weird. It's just stupid ass people making up stories because Sabrina started the clout......

    nelly gabbynelly gabby4 kun oldin
  • Im sorry. But mannnne this is better than daytime drama (the stories) smh.. I PRAY this is not true, because my heart ponding now from just hearing this.. 🤦🏾‍♀️

    kelly hillkelly hill4 kun oldin
  • So why aren't they in jail?? Why is there no proof of any of this? Why are the women hiding? Why would Tip pull a gun on her instead of having her removed from the house.

    ImsoEZ SmithImsoEZ Smith4 kun oldin
  • Here we go with this BS

    Timiya McCormickTimiya McCormick4 kun oldin
  • U Crazy, leave the family alone, u must be the other woman, no longer. Thats these personal bedroom business.

    Wanda ThomasWanda Thomas4 kun oldin
  • Well Shakana (probably spelled that wrong) the Tiny friend with the dark hair, confirmed Sabrinas story. And it was my first thought that Sabrina was a lover of theirs at some point.

    DJ CDJ C4 kun oldin
  • Why youtubers hide behind camera like VLad using Black Folks life stories to make 💰💰 sounds like slavery never left.

    Louis G HollandLouis G Holland4 kun oldin
  • Sound like lies clout chasing

    OG Souljah Man Time TVOG Souljah Man Time TV4 kun oldin
  • This girl is doing whatever necessary to keep attention on herself. I do remember the whole situation with her and Shekina years ago, girl, u are no victim! She IS in fact, obsessed with Tiny

    Nina JohnsonNina Johnson4 kun oldin
  • ...So everybody gone pretend like TI don’t have a face fulla naps for facial hair 🧐😩🤭💀😂

    Tropix BabeTropix Babe4 kun oldin
  • Why do any of y'all even give a fuck why are y'all not minding y'all own damn business??? That's their marriage let them live their lives!!!

    Wy SmithWy Smith4 kun oldin
  • Send to TI to jail or he’ll, which is where he’s headed

    Selma VilleSelma Ville5 kun oldin
  • Dick Gregory said athletes and entertainers are the worst

    Dominique JohnsonDominique Johnson5 kun oldin
  • I feel like the friend just da wrong as them because she been knew but is just now saying something because they’re in a disagreement

    Queen SugarQueen Sugar5 kun oldin
  • Doris Jean Douglas from nasty stank coronavirus Peoria, Illinois beam me up Scotty to Atlanta Georgia please neice April Clark and family.

    Doris DouglasDoris Douglas5 kun oldin
  • Ti use to be handsome he’s getting old or something

    33browncaramel33browncaramel5 kun oldin
  • Bitch

    Trap LifeTrap Life5 kun oldin
  • So because youre not friends anymore youre ready to talk shiht. Ig is going to be the death of most of yall !!!

    Trap LifeTrap Life5 kun oldin
  • Stay out of Married people Business Bring out bad news They still together and better than ever

    HelenaA ScottHelenaA Scott5 kun oldin
  • They haters coming out for what Everyone know he is a Raw character and only Tiny can handle him Go head with that BUllShity

    HelenaA ScottHelenaA Scott5 kun oldin
  • Could've got something better looking then her TIP

    Lavon CooperLavon Cooper6 kun oldin
  • One thing about a person that needs outside relations outside of their own relationship is that they can never be satisfied. Rule #1 if a threesome is needed in an already established relationship it ain’t one! Now Tiny fighting demons her husband made for them smh.

    Sadi M.Sadi M.6 kun oldin
  • Don’t put Cicely Tyson in this bs re-edit this video. Black women already get so much disrespect as it is, and here you go another black woman wanting respect but can’t even respect another black woman that deserves respect. Whew! Chile! Anything for some views and a coin I guess. You get what you put out at the end of the day so continue doing you.

    Sadi M.Sadi M.6 kun oldin
  • They do anything for clout in my Cardi b voice. Innocent until proven guilty not saying things don't happen in that crooked industry but some of this stuff is clout chasing I pray this is not true and that the truth will come out.

    Kemp Family TelevisionKemp Family Television6 kun oldin
  • She’s just obsessed over them cause she use to be with them all the time smdh!

    eli johnsoneli johnson6 kun oldin
  • Listening to her opens up our point. DIRTY HANDS NEED TO COME CLEAN🌹

    De De Lewis-OrtizDe De Lewis-Ortiz6 kun oldin
  • This is sad if any of this is true with under eight young ladies or young men who are very impressed sometime with who they are around the parents really need to be involved being there in that situation fault is all around the Lord is going to look at the 15 and 16-year-old because they should not have been there and they’re going to and the Lord is going to look at TI who should not have done what he did if this is true now this is what confuses me where were you two years ago and not telling this before I don’t think looking at your beautiful face that he is the only one that has put a gun in your face or being rude toward you you not calling the cops then but doing it now makes people wonder what is your vendetta what’s up?

    De De Lewis-OrtizDe De Lewis-Ortiz6 kun oldin
  • None of what these two have done is a surprise people in their circle know the 10 commandments Isn’t practice here n should be. People have always known that this is how they roll if you were at their house for dinner and they invited you you know to get ready 4 some fun if you did not wish to be there you leave. be careful when U get an invite to the table to have fun because you’re not the only one. Jesus will address all of our SINS against the 10 Commandments N THE WORDS IN THE BIBLE. WHY ARE U COIMG OUT NOW IF ITS BEEN 2 years? I’m sure a lot can be said about this poor behavior on every ones part. Coming out like this should be on you n once the cops ask u then you mention the 15 and 16-year-old girls because now🙏🏼 not only do you have their parents at fault you have them at fault because people are going to want to know who are they. This way the public know no one is paying you to house Tia and his family because he’s very vocal in the community let the world know you doing this because you don’t like him and you never half and you waited for the opportunity to get him back sounds a lot better when you’re honest🥴🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    De De Lewis-OrtizDe De Lewis-Ortiz6 kun oldin

    Vanessa EilandVanessa Eiland6 kun oldin
  • If mfs paid more attention to what the government doing instead of mf celebrities we as people would be prepare for the foolishness they doing our here

    Nathaniel L. RobinsonNathaniel L. Robinson6 kun oldin
  • Ms. Cicely Tyson was an amazing actress and will be missed by many including myself! RIP Ms. Cicely Tyson! If the rumors aren't true then they need to take Sabrina to court for defamation of character! It sounds like Sabrina is just jealous that she can't have Tiny!

    Saunsiaray BroussardSaunsiaray Broussard6 kun oldin
  • I was at the concert at Nike town in Denver.....smh

    Allen SmithAllen Smith6 kun oldin
  • Notice how Ti knew not to clap back at Rob let that sink in!

    Loreal JonesLoreal Jones6 kun oldin
  • JESUS help the you tube people

    Charlene VigneCharlene Vigne7 kun oldin
  • Sabrina favors a thicker Alexis Sky

    Cher0keeCher0kee7 kun oldin
  • That intro is everything!

    Cher0keeCher0kee7 kun oldin
  • SHE DID SOMETHING TOO! SHE WAS AROUND TOO LONG TO BE INNOCENT. I CAN SEE THROUGH HER. She participated in the kinky activities, kept their secrets and thought she were more important than she was. She felt entitled. Why are you all out fighting in some else's home? Aren't you an adult. Yeah he put a gun to her head cuz he told her too many times to cut it with the antics. HOW YOU VIOLENT AND A VICTIM: STOP PLAYING GAMES.

    Git MoneyGit Money7 kun oldin
  • I can see how BITTER Sabrina is... I dont see hurt from abuse. I can see through her story... she tells everything bad about T.I. but nothing about herself. He put a gun to her head and cut her off, from the celebrity parties, free food, drinks and drugs, being in the mix, meeting famous people. She admitted she was a nobody, they let her in and got tired of her antics. WHEN DID SHE KNOW THAT THEY WERE INTO KINKY STUFF? After they told her kick rocks? She knows waaaayyyy to many details to be innocent. STOP PLAYING!!!!!

    Git MoneyGit Money7 kun oldin
  • Don’t believe Sabrina she’s nuts

    Valerye RogersValerye Rogers7 kun oldin
  • Ti and tiny I think it of all the videos circulating about yall. This one have the most views. And when it hit a million. Them folks coming. .

    Cleaborn HomesCleaborn Homes7 kun oldin
  • This is disgusting and sick as hell. They obviously as boring as hell intimately together. Marriage is not a group effort. Smdh.

    Victoria LevyVictoria Levy7 kun oldin
  • I don't believe none of it and ain't nothin defiled in a married bed and that's they business goodness

    Dana ShoemakerDana Shoemaker7 kun oldin
  • damn look at you with this intro!!! okurrrrr ps. my photography client had a 3sum with ti and NOT tiny lol

    Perla DiazPerla Diaz7 kun oldin
  • Who cares.what they eat don't make me shit.

    Stacey HarrisStacey Harris7 kun oldin
  • Fools!!!

    Rochelle WilliamsonRochelle Williamson7 kun oldin
  • I feel like some of this shit has to be true. There’s too much. Something is gonna stick.

    RPM Tré VietnamRPM Tré Vietnam7 kun oldin
  • If all this stuff been happened y she ain’t been say anything also y is she going to the media instead of the police if she say all this stuff is so called “true”

    Rylee LeDuffRylee LeDuff7 kun oldin
  • Who gives a flying crap about Hollywood drama

    anthony milleranthony miller7 kun oldin
  • Not cool at all people,

    Sharon CarterSharon Carter7 kun oldin
  • I don't believe a word,

    Sharon CarterSharon Carter7 kun oldin
  • Someone said chance the rapper

    #E. live.love.laugh#E. live.love.laugh7 kun oldin
  • Mr & Mrs TAG TEAM Harris

    Adrianne BuxtonAdrianne Buxton7 kun oldin
  • They worse than bill Cosby..😂😂

    Bobo ComedyBobo Comedy7 kun oldin
  • 2 rich dopefiends... Gone coo coo

    Bobo ComedyBobo Comedy7 kun oldin
  • the victims comin out!!!

    Bobo ComedyBobo Comedy7 kun oldin

    Bobo ComedyBobo Comedy7 kun oldin
  • It sound like she tellin the truth Im just sayin...😂😂😂 creepy

    Bobo ComedyBobo Comedy7 kun oldin
  • Did you aee Tokyo toni live

    The BratThe Brat7 kun oldin
  • r.i.p. Ciecly Tyson🙏🏾🙏🏾

    vulcan2050fulvulcan2050ful7 kun oldin
  • I love Shekina 👊🏿👊🏿💖💖. She keeps it REAL!!!

    Jacqueline WoodardJacqueline Woodard7 kun oldin

    Ms TurnerMs Turner7 kun oldin