Sharon Osbourne called Holly Robinson Peete "GHETTO"? | Sharon disrespects Sheryl Underwood

16-Mar, 2021
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  • You guys in the comments wondering why Racist is being bleeped out...CENSORSHIP. Period.

    mrpostman730mrpostman73031 daqiqa oldin
  • I Love Sharon and Piers . That does NOT make me racist though.

    Mony TorrisMony Torris17 soat oldin
  • She is so disgusting that I almost did not listen to your UZworld. That's just how much I don't like Sharon Osbourne never have. why is she there ? Shet is the reason why I don't watch the talk show. haven't watched it for years. Keep doing what you were doing smile

    Brenda L.Brenda L.21 soat oldin
  • Also to mention, her daughter also said something racist in the view I believe years back. She thought she was doing something but turned out bad.

    giftedgiftedKun oldin
  • Sharon has ruined the talk Piers ruined Goodmoring Britian over some racist words and rasicist attitudes , race is eating them up now Pierce and Sharon have lost their jobs. Is hating someone from another race worth all that. This is a dumb ass attitude when will racist pple realize this hate is harming them. They need to pray this racist demon out of their life a d their mind racism is wrong and when pple find out , you are racist you can get cancelled, the problem is they just cannot keep it hidden .

    Stephanie JonesStephanie Jones2 kun oldin
  • No offense lol but i watch the view a couple times and they're view on black people are questionable rs

    PUDA PUDA!PUDA PUDA!4 kun oldin
  • He said she said it’s all garbage I don’t give a f&!: about these rich people. It’s all cheap show business.

    Armileo Isaac De MecanoArmileo Isaac De Mecano4 kun oldin
  • This is really disappointing... I used to love the Osbournes on MTV growing up. To see that she clearly separates white and black is sad. She definitely is not a real friend to particular people.

    Jae MeJae Me5 kun oldin
  • Most white people that I've met very few btw I'm from England and black are just generally judgmental about my faith and beliefs and that's the main thing people that whites bout think black people generally their not straight up verbally abusive or racist they kinda do it in a sneaky way me myself have been compared to shamima begun however in my area there are not that much whites especially in schools mostly African and Asians

    QubixQubix5 kun oldin
  • Love how you show receipts for Sharon's ghettoness 🧾

    Dead MemeDead Meme7 kun oldin
  • I never liked her we know how Meghan got the View job. How did sharon get her job?

    Joyce HolmanJoyce Holman7 kun oldin
  • Ohh no

    Ze-LuJZe-LuJ7 kun oldin
  • Sharon's overt demeaner showed itself no matter how she tried hide it , that old bag

    Charles RiversCharles Rivers8 kun oldin
  • Trailer Trash Sharon

    Kimwood411Kimwood4118 kun oldin
  • Wow!!

    S ChapmanS Chapman8 kun oldin
  • Theyll knock Meghan off. I hope not. I have so much respect for Harry for standing against the monarchs staunch ways that just need to go. Harry is returning his mother's karma through his wife. All respect for him.

    Anenka OrinAnenka Orin8 kun oldin
  • Why block out the word racist tho 🤔

    Teresa McMillanTeresa McMillan9 kun oldin
  • Wasn't her daughter saying something about Puerto Ricans are Mexicans cleaning Trump's toilets racist and ignorance aren't the same thing but they go hand-in-hand

    Degartria Jackson IIIDegartria Jackson III9 kun oldin
  • Idk why Megan didn’t expect those ppl to think less of her bc she has a black mom. She had to know those ppl have a history of racism. They want that blood line pure!

    Casandra DaringCasandra Daring9 kun oldin
  • She isn’t ghetto but so what if she was called that - not a big deal bc ppl are entitled to their own opinions or at least they used to be...

    sadent66sadent669 kun oldin
  • First of all Sharon, who the hell you talkin to???

    GG9 kun oldin
  • It speaks volumes if you listen to one side and go with that

    AaronAaron9 kun oldin
  • Am.just disappointed in Sharon shes been potraying a real understanding of world issues ive always loved hearing what she had to say but this shit right here??!!!...just straight up bonkers

    theresa Odawatheresa Odawa9 kun oldin
  • U know its just funny to me how now tv networks are so worried so concerned about racial issues where hv they been all this while???? Smh

    theresa Odawatheresa Odawa9 kun oldin
  • Sharon is a racist just like her freaking friend, Piers!

    denise mitchelldenise mitchell9 kun oldin
  • still searching for the rascist comments made by piers morgan and sheryl would have just said what comments piers morgan made that was rascist i think it was planned to destroy sharon osborne career

    Brain QuizBrain Quiz9 kun oldin
  • If you just wait, a person will always reveal their true self. Once it's revealed, then it's up to you to decide what's best for you.

    ThePsychNurseThePsychNurse10 kun oldin
  • She made her money, so now she can go back home, and she and her "friend" can open "up" their show. Bye Bye the UK needs you!

    Vilma SmithVilma Smith10 kun oldin
  • Sheryl definitely kept her composure Which is what MOST of us as black women have done an have to continue to do In order to keep her job her livelihood even just to keep the peace, When we are often attack FOR JUST SIMPLY HAVING FEELINGS OR A DAMN OPINION ITS SO SAD How we are basically Held Back an Shunned NOT ALLOWED TO EVEN EXPRESS EMOTIONS

    LadyStrawberry *LadyStrawberry *10 kun oldin
  • Sharon’s Definitely a damn Coward She was also the most defensive from the beginning

    LadyStrawberry *LadyStrawberry *10 kun oldin
  • Sharon gets a 10 million pay out and more

    Nina BeeNina Bee10 kun oldin
  • Whew!!!! Sharon Osborne really tried it. Do y’all see how black women have to contain themselves while THEY ARE being yelled at, disrespected and attacked. WOW.

    TraenkOceanTraenkOcean10 kun oldin
  • the whole lot of those women called Leah Remini and another host who i can't remember off hand Ghetto after the 1st season. Too rough around the edges. Those 2 who they criticized were white so it was acceptable. But NOW!!! Oh my God a black woman was called "Ghetto" by a white woman. something must be done!!!! how offensive!!! Get a life. Words shouldn't send adults over the deep end. they're words and nothing more. having yourself and/or your family in imminent danger is something to get concerned about, not junior high name calling.

    bindlepig80bindlepig8010 kun oldin
  • Sharon was down right rude to Cheryl and getto withe profanity and aggressive behavir👺😡

    drtgross10drtgross1010 kun oldin
    • well her friend was called a racist then she was after a tweet defending Piers Morgan and all she wanted to know was what was said or done that was racist from him. Sheryl Underwood had no answer after being asked 3 times. and Sharon was condemned being called racist by association from the other co-hosts which she called them on and they all started reeling back on it. "The Talk" means agree with everything we talk about or else you're black balled by the hosts.

      bindlepig80bindlepig8010 kun oldin
  • The Royal family has been the same way the royal family are not Megan try to get his all her own way but you don't need me to tell you are American you know what she

    Margaret PeroneMargaret Perone10 kun oldin
  • Meghgan shouldn't be surprised regarding reactions from the Royal family. I would have been more surprised that they treated her with open arms. Racism it is finest..sad

    Highly FavoredHighly Favored11 kun oldin
    • they did treat her with open arms. How much do you suppose the Royal family pushed for their wedding? the media loved her in the beginning, all good things to say about her. Anyone who becomes part of the royal family knows what they're getting into long before the marriage. the cost of her and Harry's wedding was in the millions by the way. Racism at it's finest right?

      bindlepig80bindlepig8010 kun oldin
  • Sharon and her family just don't like Black people in general! Glad her ass got fire and they should just cancel the show it lost it's touch since the original ladies r gone it ain't the same.

    Naomi KingNaomi King11 kun oldin
    • Leah Remini was an original host and the other co-hosts called her "Too Ghetto" and "Rough around the edges" after the first season. She's white so those claims were ok. Sheryl Underwood couldn't answer what was said/ done by Piers Morgan that was racist. Sharon asked her 3 times, (on air, probably more off air)and Sheryl had no legitimate answer. after 11 years on the show and praised by her co-hosts, one tweet defending her friend and she's a racist by association from a bunch of "victimized" shallow bitches.

      bindlepig80bindlepig8010 kun oldin
  • Sharon seems intoxicated!😳 she slurs her words a little bit

    Ty HouseTy House11 kun oldin

      Janice HamiltonJanice Hamilton10 kun oldin
  • Sharon is being who she always been. Idk why Harry & Meghan thought royal family would accept her knowing she has black in her genes. I do believe there was a time Princess Diana was crushing on a black man. So maybe Harry got it honest. IJS...🤷

    Ty HouseTy House11 kun oldin
  • Sharon needs to a step back, and look at her own ghetto ass family and weird too

    Greg BurkeGreg Burke11 kun oldin
  • I’m so confused with the royal family. This was such a great opportunity to spread love and equality, and give the monarchy a more modern and inclusive image. Their racism was stronger than their obsession with optics.

    Natalie AlvarezNatalie Alvarez11 kun oldin
  • Why was Sharon really on the talk shes not that sharp or intelligent shes just loud and outspoken but you cant understand some of what she says bc shes from another country im not knocking it just saying her view points are not always clear. She really does a good Job being a judge or maybe doing a pod cast where she can have a more scripted type of dialogue she would do better with that. Best she keep calm bc going off is not good for her bc the true stuff comes out.

    Stephanie JonesStephanie Jones11 kun oldin
  • My question is are there many other Brits who are snooty and hold these racist attitudes and Airs like Sharon and Morgan bc Piers is the biggest arrogant, snooty man . I have seen for a long time he was like this on the Celebrity apprentice when he harrassed Omarosa and she can tell you about Piers.

    Stephanie JonesStephanie Jones11 kun oldin
  • Holly Robinson sounded professioal and intelligent more than Sharon, she never sounded ghetto but was referred to as ghetto bc she was black that was so wrong Sharon prolly was jealous of her.

    Stephanie JonesStephanie Jones11 kun oldin
  • CBS will investigate. Sharon will be found not guilty and now she can come off her paid leave. As for her comments about white males, haven’t they been the biggest “bad boys.” Literally an entire nation that has bought hatred amongst the world. Why is all white behavior ignored or minimized? I already know, just saying...

    Christina ChristopherChristina Christopher11 kun oldin
  • This is why I literally hate America because it hates black people. Anyone can lie on black women, take our job, smear out names and people will know it’s a lie, but because it was said you’re jobless! This doesn’t happen to other groups of people. White supremacy loves to play psychological games with black people hoping we don’t get it and think it is us that aren’t capable. Black people are always under attack. What this says is Holly was very classy and Sharon saw Holly as a threat. This is what they do. Always trying to change your narrative and other black people always selling out for a check who didn’t come to Holly’s defense.

    Christina ChristopherChristina Christopher11 kun oldin
  • Holly is actually classy. At least in appearances since I don’t know her, but Sharon and her family has been forever looking trashy. Anybody who likes Pierce is racist. No black person likes him. I think I can speak for all black people on that one, unless they have identity issues. These white supremacist men are always mad when women of color don’t want them. They feel entitled to everything, even a woman’s body. This isn’t shocking. They will think nothing of destroying a woman of color because she is just an object. Sharon is racist, classic cognitive dissonance and feeling ok to have outbursts in public, at work at that is white supremacy. All black people know they cannot act out at work like that. Ten years of service will be gone for a perceived eye roll. It’s really about time white people have been being somewhat held accountable for their behavior because white supremacy is riddled with childlike temper tantrums.

    Christina ChristopherChristina Christopher11 kun oldin
  • I mean way back in the past years Sharon’s husband Ozzie came up big in the media as racist 🍵

    SnowyIce ShadowClawSnowyIce ShadowClaw11 kun oldin

      Janice HamiltonJanice Hamilton10 kun oldin
  • The whole show is trash, it's contrived gossip by a bunch of overpaid cackling idiots.

    William ThomasWilliam Thomas11 kun oldin
  • Who cares if she likes black people or not get a life yall

    Bob RobBob Rob11 kun oldin
  • A lot of pilgrims think and feel like Sharon Osborne. I just wish my people would understand this and stop associating them with being "good" and us with being "bad" they're very race loyal and race first people. We need to "stop inviting them to cookout" or giving them a free pass into our culture communities etc. It has always backfired.

    BlackWomen AwareBlackWomen Aware11 kun oldin
  • If you can't see how racist Sharon is and you're a black person, then you are trying to be excepted by racist people! Sharon is not in Holly's class! Not only is Sharon jealous of Holly, but she's threatened by Holly's beauty and intelligence! Sharon and her husband have always been trash!

    Sharieff khalifaSharieff khalifa12 kun oldin
  • I didn’t , whoa... Two of my faves Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Pete are not ghetto. Leah is from Bensonhurst Brooklyn and Holly Robinson Pete is from West Philly...I think, but she is from Philly. Both were well spoken and they were themselves. I’m from Philly and that shit offended me especially when you know how systemic racism works. In addition, Holly and Leah had formed a good friendship. Are should bring them both back.

    Gee LoveGee Love12 kun oldin
  • Whew chyle. The absolute ghetto. Her energy was wayyyy different with Cheryl than it was with “her friend” Pierce Morgan. I commend Cheryl, she held her composure elegantly and professionally. You already know they’re quick to throw the bully, aggressive or mad Black woman label around. Good for her. Bye Sharon! 👋🏽

    LaShanda Allen RedmonLaShanda Allen Redmon12 kun oldin
  • she needs to go.she is getting out of control.Sharon is racist.periooood.

    linnett campbellinnett campbel12 kun oldin

    Avril MillerAvril Miller12 kun oldin

    Avril MillerAvril Miller12 kun oldin
  • I would NEVER expose my family BUSINESS !!! People who do are uncoothed. That's what I think about Harry and Meghan....When his Grandfather dies, guess what? Meghan can't go to the funeral....That's a mess. If she's so BLACK, why haven't we seen no one except her mother? Ashamed? Are they too Ghetto? Give me a break. Halle Berry IS BLACK. I am too!!! I know when someone is PREJUDICE. There's a Difference between that and being a racist..... Sharon Osborne can like who she likes. Apples and Oranges. Ghetto? Tell me the entire sentence and the context of the conversation. If she didn't tell it then, TOO LATE. Oprah and Gail needs to stop causing misery in peoples lives. They're not Harry and Meghan's friend. All they leave behind is trails of tears.

    Carol Mc QuayCarol Mc Quay12 kun oldin
  • Sharon is not American! She don't understand real life .

    Smiley Merry Mertie B. The Happiness ChannelSmiley Merry Mertie B. The Happiness Channel12 kun oldin
  • When Holly and Leah was running through the audience one episode, having fun, you could see the hate in Sharon eyes‼️ I KNEW THEY WEREN’T COMING BACK AFTER THAT

    Nancy FischerNancy Fischer12 kun oldin
  • It was the “educate me for me” 🙄 like you know. Sharon became defensive because stress guilty. I been seen this in Sharon when Holly was fired‼️ She’s sneaky with it, but it finally back fired

    Nancy FischerNancy Fischer12 kun oldin
  • Sharon Osbourne was really "Crazed" that day and said what was in her evil heart all alone. Good Riddance!!! Go home and work on that horrible marriage of yours!!!!

    Brenda ThomasBrenda Thomas12 kun oldin
  • WOW! Look at how she use to look (Sharon), or look without make-up🤢🤮. The way she spoke to this woman is disgusting!

    MiMi TheRealestMiMi TheRealest12 kun oldin
  • I can't say it enough, I love the new intro, & I love your channel. One of my favorites.

    MiMi TheRealestMiMi TheRealest12 kun oldin
  • It's disgusting to hear the TONE Sharon uses(SMH), but to be 💯, I don't feel that someone who's almost 70 yrs of age can be ANYTHING other than that... It's the era they grew up in. I can count on 1-✋ how many ppl (in my 40÷ years of living) I've come across that actually were NOT in any way shape or form racist... I'm so proud of the professionalism Sheryl Underwood maintained during all this, kudos to her, because I'm not sure I would've been able to keep my composure with that 🗣TONE... I TRULY COMMEND SHERYL & GOOD RIDDANCE "STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE"... ENJOY YOUR RETIREMENT & THE HISTORIC LEGACY YOU CREATED FOR YOURSELF... In 20 years, THAT'S ALL PPL WILL TALK ABOUT WHEN YOUR NAME POPS UP❗

    Mimi MartinezMimi Martinez12 kun oldin
  • I think you right her words an actions prove it!

    lala C.lala C.13 kun oldin
  • I'm from England and. this is nothing knew that she acting this way she is the most getto person on the this TV show she is a common white woman who family are ruff white people who have a lot of family who have problem with drugs and alcohol and addition and the black women's she try to put down are a class act because of the white power she get rid of the black women she does not like, she is raceist,no one does anything because of her raced and the fact of her whiteness white woman have always been against black women from slavery,.

    arlene butlerarlene butler13 kun oldin
  • Nah.. What's ghetto is all that devil worship they do.. Or maybe the faded purple hair her daughter wears!!! Tuh

    Nicole DanielsNicole Daniels13 kun oldin
  • I think it is wrong and unfair to stop the talk TV show. Sharon Osbourne was wrong and what she did I looked over didn't care but Sharon Osbourne does not deserve the right to stop a great TV show with great ladies that's on it everyday. I kept waiting for Sharon Osbourne to say that she was sorry but she was wrong he didn't. All she had to do was say these two things and I would have been okay with seeing on TV the next day.

    letha bershellletha bershell13 kun oldin
  • You are not wrong. She is just as racist as Piers. I have never liked Sharon Osborne, she is a two faced liar. She and a lot of people of British decent hate the fact that they would have to BOW to a black or mixed race woman, period! Sharon and other racists pasted a false smile on their faces so the world would not know how much they hated to have black woman among the royals. How can she say she was defending her friend? A friend who thinks he knows what a black woman is feeling more than the person herself. How insulting! I equally hate Piers Morgan with his fat, double chinned toothless face, whose dishonesty got him sensationally FIRED from the Daily Mirror. He craves attention, just reminds me of Trump. He sung Trump's praises until he finds out he was not getting any big interview from him. He's just a glorified chancer. Sharon Osborne is a NASTY SNAKE! they make great bedfellows.

    Maybelle andersMaybelle anders13 kun oldin
  • Megan's barely black lol!

    CajunSweetTartCajunSweetTart13 kun oldin
  • Hey Sharon . You’re the one who’s ghetto. You’re just pissed off because you finally got called out for your ghetto ass

    Cathy BernardCathy Bernard13 kun oldin
  • I happened to see the original comment by Mrs. Peete that has suddently disappeared from tv screen. In it she said Sharon said to her "don't you know who you are?" which then Mrs. Peete said she translated into two comments in her own mind...which the first translation ended in "which means she was calling me "ghetto". Please find and play this piece again. It shows a suspicious twisting of the event as Holly Robinson Peete described it. Very curious.

    arlie picsarlie pics13 kun oldin
  • Sharon needs to be taken off the shop . Who the hell do she think she is and who ever can’t see it and here it coming from Sharon she uses words to cover up what she really means. So folks read. Enteren Sharon words . She’s slippery as a snake with words

    Evelyn BurrellEvelyn Burrell13 kun oldin
  • Load of shit.

    Glen SmithGlen Smith13 kun oldin
  • Hit dogs will holler, Sharon is definitely racist 😒

    Erica KaneErica Kane14 kun oldin
  • Sharon has been exposed and she's angry that everyone now can see who she really is. She's a racists. She needs to face it.Not use her friend Pies Morgan to excuse it.😔😔😔

    Marcia CarterMarcia Carter14 kun oldin
  • These people are the worst racists because they don’t even realize they are racists. I lost a friend of 20 years because another Facebook friend called her a racist. I never agreed. But my former friend lashed out at me and blocked me.

    Jessica Uyvette ThompsonJessica Uyvette Thompson14 kun oldin
  • This is what I never liked about people. How does one know if someone is lying if that person isn’t there to witness anything?!

    Jessica Uyvette ThompsonJessica Uyvette Thompson14 kun oldin
  • Racism is a disease of the white people - Albert Einstein

    Ab ZedAb Zed14 kun oldin
  • I don't care if you are married to them, dating them, have children with them, so-called friends with them. They are the seeds of Satan, and they are doomed anyway. Nothing they do nor say shocks me.

    ZebulonZebulon14 kun oldin
  • If i had not actually heard Sharon Osbourne actually say that she would get her kids to poop in boxes and then deliver those boxes to whomever, if that is not ghetto and disgusting i really dont know what is. That is just to darn dirty and totally ghetto and if you actually poop in your own garden and blame it on the poor dog, yes you are trashy and totally sick, Sharon.

    Thomas MolinaThomas Molina14 kun oldin
  • CLOSE THE TALK!!! Sharon is the brains in the group. They have used her to get ahead. What a bunch of hypocrites

    Open EyesOpen Eyes14 kun oldin
  • She should step down

    Cedric HamptonCedric Hampton14 kun oldin
  • Why some of y'all gon condemn Sharon for being racist? Ya she's stupid for sayin anything but y'all gon act like you ain't never said anything racial before at some point? 99.9% of ppl on here have! The only difference is, she is a celebrity and has a name to maintain. Imagine if the media picked up on everything y'all ever said in your lifetime.

    RSM 335RSM 33514 kun oldin
  • Sharon shouldn't never call names to anyone, she has all that on her family, again she forgot but we still remember

    Francelina CamiloFrancelina Camilo14 kun oldin
  • So sorry for Sheryl Underwood or anyone else who has to work with such a person. God bless you Sheryl. I use to attend the same church with Miss Underwood, she was always kind and has a beautiful smile and a sweet spirit. BLESSINGS AND MIRACLES TO YOU Ms. Underwood. Sharon needs a huge lesson in RESPECT!

    Patrice JamsePatrice Jamse14 kun oldin
  • Nasty nasty nasty 🤔🤧

    May BaileyMay Bailey14 kun oldin
  • Why is the word racist being beeped over. I don't get it, it makes no sense 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    Rogelio CuellarRogelio Cuellar14 kun oldin
  • Sharon Osbourne is a 68 yr old Privileged, ENGLISH (which comes with it's Own air of superiority), white woman. Of Course there are seeds of racist behavior and perspective. We're a product of our environment, education, and experiences. She can't erase 68 years of programming. And she'll never be able to fix it until she acknowledges it. Because you can't correct what doesn't exist.

    C CollinsC Collins14 kun oldin
  • I've worked with a cross the pound people an the people I've met is definitely racist they pretend their not racist against black americans but mentions indies people they flip out.

    Kelly BeresfordcoleKelly Beresfordcole14 kun oldin
  • People ARE UNTITLED TO THEIR OWN OPINION. That's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! Get over it!!!!!

    Tammy RittersonTammy Ritterson14 kun oldin
  • Yup trashy and drugged out husband lmfao! 😆

    Paulette PoolePaulette Poole14 kun oldin
  • There is nothing ghetto about Holly Robinson Pete her and her family are one of the most glamours and beautiful and we'll respective families I have had the pleasure of watching and I really enjoy watching her as an actress in her Holmark movies looking forward to what will appear next

    Ronni SteinwandRonni Steinwand14 kun oldin
  • If they don't remove boycott the show

    Earline GarnerEarline Garner15 kun oldin
  • A horse is a horse, call it like it is!! I never cared for her fake ass anyway!

    Alice TaylorAlice Taylor15 kun oldin
  • Fuck those Big Tooth racist🤓 🤬

    Sean BrownSean Brown15 kun oldin
  • What would one think when talking about British racism. Sharon Osbourne is british racism too. What talent does she have that qualifies her to be on ANY show?? Racism has no age.

    AliceAlice15 kun oldin
  • I mean we all know she’s prejudiced that’s why I don’t watch the show

    Edwina JenkinsEdwina Jenkins15 kun oldin
  • I didn't know she was like that. But also have seen give alot of comments about the royal family as if she is there friend's and maybe because she's from the same country. I heard through the grapevine that she was one of two people on talk show that got rid of Marie Osmond.

    Simone CarterSimone Carter15 kun oldin