Saweetie DUMPS Quavo after he cheated on her | Quavo mad that Saweetie spoke to her EX Justin Combs?

19-Mar, 2021
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  • That girl talking about no one wants quavo girl you know you and your friends would date him...if not just for the fame/ mean he don’t really want YOU 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Tiara MarieTiara Marie20 soat oldin
  • I like the way these women these guy's cheat with like to go to social media and diss these women cuz as far as I'm concerned she still benefited and the stripper still stripping

    sharleny rodriguezsharleny rodriguezKun oldin
  • u mean she stayed on for the profit ICEEEE

    Taef_TTV TTV BTWTaef_TTV TTV BTW4 kun oldin
  • Aren’t they engaged

    Showtime EntertainmentShowtime Entertainment4 kun oldin
  • Shows how corny she is fr. Like 1 day prior she was gloating “he does everything right. So I let him pick the dude, ect.” So she a corny clout chaser fr

    BadasshleyBadasshley4 kun oldin
  • Let's stop glorifying men with money. Really you are so right. I always thought that never heard anyone say it. Love you

    purp distpurp dist4 kun oldin
  • No shade sweetie can’t be the icy girl summer because her music isn’t um. Yeah. But she really should be a model. And jhene and sean the only ones left😔

    Synclaire XxxSynclaire Xxx5 kun oldin
  • The sore humor multivariably laugh because fang socially load notwithstanding a delightful llama. productive, imported lyre

    Carmon HarringtonCarmon Harrington6 kun oldin
  • Did he really tell her she’s not the woman he thought she was, as if that makes it ok to cheat? What did he think she was gonna be like cardi b and stick by him if he cheats? Niggas I swear 🙄

    camille espycamille espy7 kun oldin
  • You a groupie slinging pussy who cares next. The way you got him is the way you keep him is the way you lose him...over it

    Chantel JamesChantel James7 kun oldin
  • LEAVE.......

    RUE L.E.I.RUE L.E.I.7 kun oldin
  • PREACH 🙌🏼 High character talks louder than any cash bag 💰💰💰💰 that's me!!!

    sexycielasexyciela7 kun oldin
  • man will never grow

    Amohelang NgomaneAmohelang Ngomane7 kun oldin
  • Whoever narrating is the goat when she says 'don't glorify rich men who don't have good character' 3:31

    Eres CandlesEres Candles7 kun oldin
  • Stay for a minute stack ya bread up , then leave that no good nigga alone

    Anetra DowlingAnetra Dowling7 kun oldin
  • She used that man

    Deshosur RobinsoninDeshosur Robinsonin7 kun oldin
  • the girl in that video... ma’am she can’t rap???!!! i BET she sings her songs

    moraswrldmoraswrld7 kun oldin
  • Saweetie knows her worth. You go girl I'm here for it!

    Ernestine SmithErnestine Smith7 kun oldin
  • That's not love, problem still there,eventually they'll treat you like a older pair shoes,put your ass on a shelf,until then eventually you'll leave from bad treatment... Just pray and pray for them. And forgive yourself and them...Hurt is deep.

    Tracy GlennTracy Glenn7 kun oldin
  • Why he do that "redbone" like that🤭

    Audeo LavAudeo Lav8 kun oldin
  • Idgaf men talk about threesome all daaaay long but if it be two strong back men and his woman , they don't wanna share .. ok! 🤡

    Ky B.BlessedKy B.Blessed8 kun oldin
  • U all BDBDBS As Uh^^_^^^^^&^^^^^______^^^^^^¥!₩+/% $

    Zimkhitha BikitshaZimkhitha Bikitsha8 kun oldin
  • Girl I love how you deliver gossip news 🗞 with class morally correct and the best way you can deliver any gossip column . Good for you love ❤️

    Maggie YoshiraMaggie Yoshira8 kun oldin
  • Ooooo I’m sipping on some good tea👀

    Edit CloudsEdit Clouds8 kun oldin
  • Who cheats on Saweetie he lost a bhaddie

    kadiza diallokadiza diallo8 kun oldin
  • Nah Quavo YOU get the bag and fumble it. Saweetie Intercepts it and flip it.

    Product UpdateProduct Update8 kun oldin
  • Those kinda relationships never last as they are not build on a right foundation.

    Milena RMilena R8 kun oldin
  • She used him for fame and money.

    Product UpdateProduct Update8 kun oldin
  • Saweetie really took all his gifts then left😂😂. Serve him right tho

    Mich MichMich Mich8 kun oldin
  • Imagine going from Justin to Quavo LMAOO Saweetie baby that guy looks like a foot

    Is lemIs lem8 kun oldin
  • This broad is a gold digger...And Y'all females know that....But y'all also know how to stick together though 🥴😴🕊️

  • These celebs and their weird relationship troubles; reminds me of the kids at the chocolate factory, tasting and touching things they were clearly instructed not to without consequence. If my dude cheats, he can buy me an island, no amount of cash will replace the NEW way I look at him. It's done and dusted. Next!

    Rachelle S.Rachelle S.8 kun oldin
  • Well he did say my side bitch in the driveway waiting on you to leave bae.

    Maya WuMaya Wu8 kun oldin
  • I’m proud of her ❤️ good for her!

    CheyenergyCheyenergy8 kun oldin
  • Quavo heard "Take car" instead of "Take care" 😭😭😭

    Tiisetso Nyiko LebeseTiisetso Nyiko Lebese8 kun oldin
  • she used QUAVO just watch DJ akademiks he explains everything better

    AUWSAUWS8 kun oldin
  • This summer for her might be the worst her...this gives Quavo the time to make the bad ass tracks once more because for me he kind of fall off a bit with music

    Devin QuincyDevin Quincy8 kun oldin
  • Time can definitely be bought.. most people sell their time everyday, so I don’t understand why a man wouldn’t pay for your time wasted.

    Jedidja BJedidja B8 kun oldin
  • Quavo don't give a shit because I'm sure a bigger star wants him more than she does.....rumors is one thing,see to believe who is In fault before pointing fingers

    Devin QuincyDevin Quincy8 kun oldin
  • Do you see how she lookin at Justin? Or you blind!

    renee owenrenee owen8 kun oldin
  • I think SAWEETIE, just had her schedule and this interview happened to be one. Quevo, like some of these other social media people is mentally 12 years old in a mans body.

    Alexander BijouxAlexander Bijoux8 kun oldin
  • his net worth is under 5 million, he better save that

    NinaRedNinaRed9 kun oldin
  • Not sis coming at saweetie with the bags under 👀 😂🤣🤣🤣

    Lynette SheriffLynette Sheriff9 kun oldin
  • I respect her for leaving that relationship the same way she came in......child free 🙌🏾

    La OriginalLa Original9 kun oldin
    • yes right?! real boss move

      Elisabeth R.Elisabeth R.7 kun oldin
  • I can 🗣GUARANTEE that the female Quavo cheated with isnt as pretty as Saweetie.

    La OriginalLa Original9 kun oldin
  • You’re super bias I unsubscribed after this video you said she’s more relevant comparing Quavo relevance and her relevance is not even realistic

    Just LimitlessJust Limitless9 kun oldin
  • Well they’re young live and learn

    Monik PMonik P9 kun oldin
  • How you gonna judge quavo and not here his side of the story

    Donny 5000Donny 50009 kun oldin
  • essooo mamonaaa, alv los vatos que no la valoren.

    Nath RobNath Rob9 kun oldin
  • Like she didn't know he cheated. She is just as immoral as Quavo.

    Lost SoulLost Soul9 kun oldin
  • Girlllll Bye..... Quavo been cheating the entire time..... Quavo has taken her as far in her career that he can..... Sweetie used him until she no longer need him.... I am surprised it lasted this long.

    Audrey JonesAudrey Jones9 kun oldin
    • It seems fair enough for her to use him

      Roslyn GordonRoslyn Gordon9 kun oldin
  • Y’all telling these people business like it’s yours 🤦🏽‍♀️

    VlogsByKeriana XoxoVlogsByKeriana Xoxo9 kun oldin
  • Saweetie is an abuser. He is good to be done with her.

    Onion PotatoOnion Potato9 kun oldin
  • but we have to think people with money money are business people. "money talks" is real for them

    Renzo BenzRenzo Benz9 kun oldin
  • Nothing like a cancer ♋️ women 😂🤣 love her

    April cuteApril cute9 kun oldin
  • Saweeetie is beautiful but she looks different every single time

    Mele HafokaMele Hafoka9 kun oldin
  • Get that bread, get that head, then leave. PERIOD POOH

    mikasa's hoemikasa's hoe9 kun oldin
  • The red line cheating for me even if I'm dead I'm walking away Cheater always cheater period

    BIgBanG VIPBIgBanG VIP9 kun oldin
  • I always wondered why she brought out back to the streets

    Alexus ThomasAlexus Thomas9 kun oldin
  • He fine

    Debbie SpiegelDebbie Spiegel9 kun oldin
  • Girl you are SPEAKING THE TRUTH about how our society glorifies men with money while simultaneously never holding them accountable or actually holding them to any kind of standard outside of their tax bracket...

    Artyssa MornayArtyssa Mornay9 kun oldin
  • But the take care was giving baddie energy

    KikogamesKikogames9 kun oldin
  • Sssssoooo glad, I'm independent. Don't need to be bothered🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Margaret HumphreyMargaret Humphrey10 kun oldin
  • She definitely better than Cardi Bird and has more standards. #teamgolddigging

    MilouDivyneMilouDivyne10 kun oldin
  • Sweetie is so,so. Fine .

    Shelton DixonShelton Dixon10 kun oldin
  • a woman wouldnt call a gold digger a gold digger, she'd never tell herself the truth about herself. the heifer is a gold digger. simple fact. its all about money, anyone who dont believe that is a damn fool.

    Reginald RoseReginald Rose10 kun oldin
  • She was gonna dump him anyway

    kuiana amoskuiana amos10 kun oldin
  • One side u deh pon here dat weh yah try say is the man fault kmft

  • Now we know he was also abusive

    Ms. GordonMs. Gordon10 kun oldin
  • I’m just saying y’all really just believing what she says but there isn’t any proof but regardless they both handle it maturely

    Jun MadlockJun Madlock10 kun oldin
  • Cardi B should have pulled her in.

    xiomana xoxoxoxiomana xoxoxo10 kun oldin
  • Quavo is relevant and has fans? like fr he is just ew, why he push her on that video that was leaked? He rude af and horrible man

  • Cuz they know these broads value money

    love pinknesssmileslove pinknesssmiles10 kun oldin

    Fabiola ArroyoFabiola Arroyo10 kun oldin
  • She beautiful but she sounds 😬😬😬

    KayKay10 kun oldin
  • Saweetee fight

    Sherrie WheelerSherrie Wheeler10 kun oldin
  • She was nobody

    Ann marie BrownAnn marie Brown10 kun oldin
  • She was not goin to walk away from all that money an good life she never usto

    Ann marie BrownAnn marie Brown10 kun oldin
    • You literally have no idea what your talking. It’s not like once saweetie got with Quavo, that’s when her career started. Sis been a boss and had a career wayyy before Quavo. And saweetie was very well off when she was child, and she has a lot of fame in her family, so sis been on her shit. You just a plain hater

      Briana JohnsonBriana Johnson10 kun oldin
  • That’s what I say it don’t matter how good of a women you are the kat can be good they still going to cheat that’s the way of life with these guys just don’t make since and women do to but women are nothing like these guys they just reckless

    Patricia HartPatricia Hart10 kun oldin
  • "aint nothing like a cancer woman" MONEY TALKS!!!

    Katelin BrunsonKatelin Brunson10 kun oldin
  • young ladies! cheating has nothing to do with love when a man is wealthy and has options he will flex that muscle . she is not his wife the real bag is becoming a wife and securing the bag.

    Devony MaloneDevony Malone10 kun oldin
    • Um no. Some wealthy men cheat on their wives too... so becoming a wife to them aint it

      Just One TimeJust One Time7 kun oldin
  • You are so biased it’s not even funny. Do you hear yourself? You are tearing this man down and don’t know if he really cheated or who he cheated with?

    Greg PattersonGreg Patterson10 kun oldin
  • She said he cheated and that’s it? It’s face value? Like cmon mane. Let’s end the biased assumptions and get the FACTS

    Greg PattersonGreg Patterson10 kun oldin
    • @Briana Johnson shut up she is being biased. This one sided commentary. Paints the picture that the man is wrong with out proper FACTS. If you do not like what I comment why don’t you keep scrolling? It’s not that hard

      Greg PattersonGreg Patterson10 kun oldin
    • She’s not biased, when she’s just giving out her opinion, this is a COMMENTARY channel and if you don’t agree with what she’s saying then just click off and go it’s not that hard.

      Briana JohnsonBriana Johnson10 kun oldin
  • Umm tmz video we need u to post

    Starr YoungStarr Young10 kun oldin
  • I definitely wish they get off with all that behind coz of the negative publicity they are 1+1 I just think this will get over soon and get together for the best of it.. Big fam

  • You sounds just as dumb as girly in that interview 🥴

    Juan JonesJuan Jones10 kun oldin
    • What are you even talking about🤦🏾‍♀️

      Briana JohnsonBriana Johnson10 kun oldin
  • 6:42 it funny how bitches be fan and yet want to talk shi i hate it when girls think they can talk shi about the next person but she mad cause sweetie make her whole check in a year in a day ppl need to sit down cause that shi lame😡

    mayah reedmayah reed10 kun oldin
  • Their Relationship were built on BUSINESS... I Hope Nobody Surprised by Her Comments?🤔

    Monica CottmanMonica Cottman10 kun oldin
  • How are going to say that Quavo is playing the victim? I love Saweetie; she's a trip. It could have been both of them. We do not know behind the scenes.

    KemmiKilsonKemmiKilson10 kun oldin
  • Can't bw cheating on me and saying u love me

    Jessi DawkinsJessi Dawkins10 kun oldin
  • Exactly can't be loving me and cheating

    Jessi DawkinsJessi Dawkins10 kun oldin
  • What people is missing is that its a rumor he cheated on her ...... Yall picking what yall want to hear .....maybe he found out she was just there as a business partner

    General TannyGeneral Tanny11 kun oldin
  • I dont like how my heart and quality worth "enough money to buy a few properties" like how cheap AM I🤮🤮

    Elevate C.E.OElevate C.E.O11 kun oldin

    Elevate C.E.OElevate C.E.O11 kun oldin
  • Idk men without money act the exact same way at least these girls getting money out of it 😂

    emem11 kun oldin
  • After I first found out about the breakup, it made my day. 😊

    Isaiah AdamsIsaiah Adams11 kun oldin
  • That relationship was good for her and her x it was a blessing in disguise for both there careers

    Carlos TaylorCarlos Taylor11 kun oldin
  • i love saweeti she got that sje on that are bangers to me she is more then a female rapper she is a role model ❤🔥🔥🔥

    Carlos TaylorCarlos Taylor11 kun oldin
  • I don’t know why these men are weak over sex. It’s who the person is. I feel like this shows men just objectify women. People are out here ruining relationships for what, tail that comes a dime a dozen. Anytime a man tears you down and drags you into mind games the first time, leave!

    Christina ChristopherChristina Christopher11 kun oldin
  • Saweetie was really living what she rapped about now that's gangsta 😂😂😂💯

    Relax Your MindRelax Your Mind11 kun oldin