Saweetie and Doja Cat accused of stealing song | Jeffree & Kanye slam rumors | Kim wants custody!

8-Yan, 2021
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  • Empressive must be really naive to think that a man that is married/engaged to beautiful women could not possibly be attracted to a man like Jeffree Star. Gurllll you must live under a rock, get out there and see the world we live in kkkkkkkkkk

    Ines FerreiraInes Ferreira5 kun oldin
  • We can't deny that she uses our culture when it's convenient 🤣

    Inga BrownInga Brown9 kun oldin
  • Um very close beat

    Te Ahomiro EmeryTe Ahomiro Emery13 kun oldin
  • Do y’all remember Kim From RHOA song “Tardy For The Party”. And remember how Kandi took the original version and made a hit from it??? I would say that’s what happened to Cerridi’s song.. I DEFINITELY think Saweetie’s song was inspired from their song.. Some of the lyrics are similar but just said another way (if that makes sense). I actually do like the song though and I agree, Doja shined!

    Aishia' CAishia' C18 kun oldin
  • Ceraadi???? They unknown

    Music ChannelMusic Channel19 kun oldin
  • Listening back at this even though I know it was a lie it's a lot of straight passing black men finding all who wouldn't mind f****** Jeffree Star

    DeAnthony WashingtonDeAnthony Washington21 kun oldin
  • She was paid. You can a female anything to be messy. It can be a cheeseburger

    Paint By CocoPaint By Coco21 kun oldin
  • nah bro, be honest. Saweetie and Doja stole the song, video and concept. its not hate, its just the truth.

    Nikita BairdNikita Baird21 kun oldin
  • It honestly doesnt matter how good their wives look. When a man is DL they're just trying to fulfill their fetish, it's not about looks.

    t briggst briggs22 kun oldin
  • Wow your such LGBT hater! SMH your a sad pitiful individual

    Zasha LugoZasha Lugo22 kun oldin
  • That ceraadi group wilding cause when I first watched the Saweetie song, I already knew I had seen this same concept a hundred times before In movies, series, and songs. Like my gosh! This group acting like they created this concept lol.😂😂

    Ela FilaEla Fila23 kun oldin
  • I gasped at Kenya Moore I didn't know wow

    HopHip 2HopHip 225 kun oldin
  • The girl from ceraadi with the short hair actually just did a hair style similar to Saweetie’s in the line up scene. Lol who’s stealing now?

    daeynochesdaeynoches25 kun oldin
  • I love Dreezy & Kash song! Both women are slept on fr.

    Jordan PaulJordan Paul26 kun oldin
  • Please post about TI and Tiny.

    Raven DesdemonaRaven Desdemona27 kun oldin
  • WHAT THE FUCK DOES KASH DOLL HAS TO DO WITH THIS? WTF girl i think you have against lighskin girls- fr

    Sofia LorenSofia Loren27 kun oldin
  • They all stole the concept from Thelma and Louise 😂😂😂 lady gaga and beyonce did the same thing

    Jessica RossJessica Ross27 kun oldin
  • Not a fair of either of them, but they doing their thing. Asian Da Brat be fire though ❤️

    CoexistingReality CorECoexistingReality CorE27 kun oldin
  • Yeah. I could never listen to the song on its own. But I can watch the video.

    Patricia WilliamsPatricia Williams28 kun oldin
  • Good for them famous black men who always pick white women...

    Triza paganTriza pagan28 kun oldin
  • Not “Sawedtie stoled their concept” 🤭😂😂😂

    Aeunax123Aeunax12329 kun oldin
  • You come across really homophobic sometimes ..

    Aeunax123Aeunax12329 kun oldin
  • It cracked me up when she said a Jeffree stars

    [haxzel][haxzel]Oy oldin
  • Kash Doll and Dreezy def snapped!!! But you know dark skin gets no play. Just sayin.

    BlackQueen0109BlackQueen0109Oy oldin
  • Oh well thats Kanye fault lol he should've never went out his race🤣 he has been unhappy for years since he been with Kim.. lol it ain't no secret 🤣

    Queen Caramel BQueen Caramel BOy oldin
    • Lmaoo ahlie.

      Serenity CSerenity COy oldin
  • out of all information i got from this video the only thing i could think of is what this would do to Kanye after everything is said and done. All mess aside i just hope hes okay and get to see his kids any time he wants. honestly idk ive always had a soft spot for Kanye. The things hes seen, the things hes been through. And being from Chicago like myself. could have been me, it really could have.

    darlyn jonesdarlyn jonesOy oldin
  • Saweetie need to take care of that skin

    Brianna KingBrianna KingOy oldin
  • Saweetie sucks .. she jus super pretty!

    Female EnergyFemale EnergyOy oldin
  • Who TF even listens to Ceraadi's music bro😂😭

    Maia JMaia JOy oldin
  • They weren’t reaching at all

    CH3AP K1LLSCH3AP K1LLSOy oldin
  • Duh they gonna say that ...he probably was about to sue him

    CH3AP K1LLSCH3AP K1LLSOy oldin
  • I'm not a fan of Saweetie, she's wack.

    Marsha AnnMarsha AnnOy oldin
  • Sorrynotsorry....but when he married her he knew what kind of person she was so her using his mental issues to get full custody isn't a shocker. Kim is the type of person to monopolized personal drama. This divorce is gonna give her the publicity she wants and so will get full custody. I say this because regardless of the divorce neither one should have full custody when they both will hire a nanny...What is the difference?

    Kelsey StaplesKelsey StaplesOy oldin
  • Sheesh 😒 it’s very unfortunate if they’re getting divorce. I think the Kardashian’s in general have messy tendencies. Hopefully they put their children needs ahead of themselves. I’ve been seeing video like best friends for years. If they want to go there Beyoncé and Gaga had simple video styles. It’s like clueless... I don’t like this songs.....they look pretty.

    Neka JonesNeka JonesOy oldin
  • See prime example of dumb shit in tik tok that go viral over actual talent it’s sad the world we live in and tbh Kanye should take that girl to court tbh

    Jordan's GangJordan's GangOy oldin
  • Jeffrey Star is so funny lololol

    DakostaDakostaOy oldin
  • the “look at jeffree” got me DEADTTTT😂😂😂😂😂

    BreJanay CobbBreJanay CobbOy oldin
  • Wth Kanye was with Kenya 😳

    OnlyonemiceyOnlyonemiceyOy oldin
  • If u don’t know these ppl personally don’t say what they will never do 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ y’all be super fans 🤣

    DJ Casper Da 1 ****DJ Casper Da 1 ****Oy oldin
  • But if Kanye doesn't want help for his condition then he would be an unfit parent. It doesn't mean everyone with mental illnesses can't be parent, but he doesn't want help and it would be dangerous for his kids if he gets an episode while taking care of them

    Constanza AngelicaConstanza AngelicaOy oldin
  • Chanel Slides is a BANGER

    AwkwardBlackGalAwkwardBlackGalOy oldin
  • Well its not the 1st thing saweetie was inspired bu

    Juliana-Taylor CabreraJuliana-Taylor CabreraOy oldin
  • Ya'll out here jus badmouthing jeffree like..he out here moving on. smh

    PJ ReactsPJ ReactsOy oldin
    • PJ Reacts- And Jeffree Star Bad Mouthing Everybody Everyday

      Humble SoulHumble Soul2 kun oldin
  • Kanye Definitely Ain't Interested In Jeffree RACIST Starr I Will Leave It At That

  • Jesus is coming, get your house in order, repent!!!

    foxxkarenfoxxkarenOy oldin
  • Make that make sense 😂

    Kenny KingsKenny KingsOy oldin
  • Doja and Saweetie were in a car? And so were ceraadi were in a car two? Yep they definitely copied them.

    Pélé SyncPélé SyncOy oldin
  • They was both good so don't say that doja cat out did saweetie so don't do it plzz cause I'll unsubsricbe real quick 😒😐

    Tu-blue34Tu-blue34Oy oldin
  • Look up one of Nicki Minaj Massive Attack...then talk

    Izsha’s WorldIzsha’s WorldOy oldin
  • I’m SO GLAD this SISTA keep saying, “HE!” And “HIM” when referring to Jeffery Star! 😂😂😂😂😭😭🤣🤣😭🤎🤎🤎

    Westend KCWestend KCOy oldin
  • Beyonce, Tokyo vanity, 50 cent.....and the list goes on. Go best friend..... Thats my best friend...if i was your best friend...ima be my own best friend😝

    Ashley NilesAshley NilesOy oldin
  • I support saweetie but to me her music and aestetic is so basic for me lol she doesn't really stand out as superstar but glad to see she's making it lol! I kinda see her as someone who had the looks/style and just got lucky in the industry, musically speaking


    BGM TarotBGM TarotOy oldin
  • Saweetie song made me cry ceradis didn’t soooo

    Essey MamaEssey MamaOy oldin
  • Cerradi not even that big they UZworld rappers I doubt Saweetie ever seen they video I think they want clout trying to saw Saweetie stole they song. They not the first to make a best friend song I can name 5 off top.

    Essey MamaEssey MamaOy oldin
  • No one needs to follow two chicken heads

    Truth HurtsTruth HurtsOy oldin
  • I get this is a drama channel n stuff but I’m so sure calling Jeffery ugly, that isn’t cute

    Irene GuajardoIrene GuajardoOy oldin
  • Jeffree Star is so discussing

    KKOy oldin
  • To be honest, they all copy pieces of other song, just one of them things.

    Megan MyersMegan MyersOy oldin
  • Stoled💀💀💀

    NanaNanaOy oldin
  • Ur disprectful and cruel. Jeffery is beautiful. Probably having cause he looks better than you. All you had to do was be respectful or don't speak on the matter. Its transphobic people like you that make this world suck.

    Rosie SerranoRosie SerranoOy oldin
  • Saweetie literally only makes songs with other ppls music so I’m not even surprised 😂 they do sound alike tho

    Hello MotoHello MotoOy oldin
  • I love both Doja and Saweetie the song is super cute... how comes Saweetie doesn’t have a song with cardi b seeing she is migos family?

    Yourfavoritegirl CYourfavoritegirl COy oldin
  • Ur channel is beginning to be kinda wendy williams bully like... First u adress how jefree star is ugly, but putting it in a nice "way", mocking the idea that kayne west could be sleeping with him, and im not saying i find jefree stars actions okay.... But to downgrade his looks is kinda rude... And after u talk about how saweetie is not shining in her own song which is by the way a lie... saying the song aint rly that good... i guess people disagree with ur statement since the song has more likes than u have wiews on your shit channel. I used to like ur videos, but now not so much.

    Mathilde KnudsenMathilde KnudsenOy oldin
    • @Serenity C I agree. Im just tired of all the bullying online. Just tired of the all the drama, just be neutral that's all i ask? Why do we have to talk about if people are ugly or not, it doesn't even matter anymore. It's not all about beauty and succes-.-

      Mathilde KnudsenMathilde KnudsenOy oldin
    • Yeah she used to be super neutral about stuff and now shes bias picking sides! Just like lori harvey and her new man. She said its just for publicity which isnt true.

      Serenity CSerenity COy oldin
  • He doesn't need to pay child support she has more than enough money to afford her childrens needs she has a billion dollar company

    •ᴄ ᴏ ᴄ ᴏ ᴘ ᴜ ғ ғ••ᴄ ᴏ ᴄ ᴏ ᴘ ᴜ ғ ғ•Oy oldin
  • Dang i didn’t want the video to end

  • bummer bout the custody battle, what about just 50/50. their kids need their father. theres so much female energy in that family . all the fame, attention, glamourization that contribute to wrong decisions. you really need a man / present father to ground all that. the hole that is left with no present father will be deeper than the hole left than a father who is as present as possible, with mental disabilities. considering the history of men the kardashian dates being as emotionally unavailable or so submissive they let the girls run the show .. maybe thats why they didn't keep kanye. he's too much of a force. hes not perfect but a hyper feminine family like the kardashians, and their children really need to see strong men thriving. not saying its not good to be a strong woman but too much of anything can be a bad thiing too.

    Perla DiazPerla DiazOy oldin
  • All these songs sound alike

    N PN POy oldin
  • Kanye is definitely gay

    Cheeks KissesCheeks KissesOy oldin
  • “Look at Jeffre”🤣🤣🤣💀 the shadeeeeeee lol, I love it!

    jay dvsjay dvsOy oldin
  • TBh there’s no need to bring down Jeffree star because he’s not physically appealing to you it’s wrong 💁🏽it’s mean

    Kaone Mosadi TeishoKaone Mosadi TeishoOy oldin
    • He is racist, so no one cares about an alien's "feelings"

      Any Ko AnikoAny Ko AnikoOy oldin
  • Yeah Kanye wouldn’t do that I’m sorry😂

    Dani MDani MOy oldin
  • Girl I love u

    Dionne PhillipDionne PhillipOy oldin
  • I don't trust anything coming out the mouth of a Tik Tok "performer" who is know for licking a toilet.

    Dominique MartinDominique MartinOy oldin
  • Be easy on jeffree 😂😂

    A u d r e yA u d r e yOy oldin
  • Didn’t Wendy Williams day they wouldn’t last 5 years..? How long has it been? So is Justin and hailey next

    Kiara WilliamsKiara WilliamsOy oldin
  • Those kids should be on the ranch with dad. Get them out of Hollywood!

    MySkinnydipMySkinnydipOy oldin
  • How is a song stolen yall all jealous of the 2 gorgeous lady

    thaneo barcathaneo barcaOy oldin

    Dai is DopeDai is DopeOy oldin
  • Doja Cat is such a STAR 🌟

    N SN SOy oldin
  • Kim made that rumor 😂😂🤣🤣

    N SN SOy oldin
  • I’m surprised you said that about someone... talkin bout “just look at Jeffre star” compared to these women. That was a very rude and disrespectful comment to say about someone even tho I don’t care for jeffre

    jonny135jonny135Oy oldin
  • I thought they stole it from bad bhabie lol

    Rachel MacdonaldRachel MacdonaldOy oldin
  • Kris has issued a cease and desist to the girl that started the 'rumour' apparently so why would she do that if there isn't truth to it

    lash brookslash brooksOy oldin
  • Get over yourself bhad bhabie had a "bestfriend" song too that sounds kinda similar. Aint nobody copying, just a cliche concept that everyone can use.

    Hannah RhodesHannah RhodesOy oldin
  • Kim doesn’t even take care of her own kids, how does she want full custody?! Black men stop getting with whyt women bcuz they end up taking your kids and your money. If it’s a black women; at least you know your kids will be taken care of by their actual mother and not some paid nanny also your money will go to your own.

    Zamby AgidoZamby AgidoOy oldin
  • I think it’s unfair that you are trashing jeffree stars beauty... your disgusting and I have unsubscribed. You shouldn’t be trashing anyone’s beauty , man , women or otherwise...

    Jami DouglasJami DouglasOy oldin
  • Isn’t that TikToker the girl from dr. Phil

    SailorSailorOy oldin
  • Here for Doja

    Maya NoctisMaya NoctisOy oldin
  • I’m not surprised. Saweetie is NOT ORIGINAL

    Mocha SMocha SOy oldin
  • Not a Jeffree stan or anything but bringing looks into discussion is just unasked for and im debating whether i should support this channel or not anymore.

    Camille The Steel ShadowCamille The Steel ShadowOy oldin
  • I don't believe the Jefree Kanye rumor but let's not act like men don't mess with the exact opposite woman or man when they're cheating or being sneaky. LMAO Looks mean nothing to men when it's about sex or fantasy.

    AAOy oldin
  • I don't think it's acceptable to talk about J Star's looks

    Jessica GirlJessica GirlOy oldin
  • I'm dead ctfu at you weren't buying that rumor for a second you're like look at Jeffery Star I was thinking the same thing like wtf I'm lmao

    Lady SeasonLady SeasonOy oldin

    Juan VasquezJuan VasquezOy oldin
  • Please don’t judge on jefree starr and say that he’s ugly there is no need to compare.

    Karen VeraKaren VeraOy oldin
  • Tokyo came out with best friend and even bad bhabi did a best friend song too, the concepts always been there people are just buggn

    sexycielasexycielaOy oldin
  • I thought the video was very well put together and it did save the song. But you do remember her saying she was still working on the song, and her label just dropped; so she didn’t really get true chance to critique it like she wanted to, and I understand it.

    Gigi’s GucciGigi’s GucciOy oldin
  • they need to fire whoever let saweetie wear that ugly ass mullet lmao

    ifyoudonttalktoyourcataboutcatnipwhowillifyoudonttalktoyourcataboutcatnipwhowillOy oldin
  • doja bodies everyoneee when she’s featured. it’s hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

    ifyoudonttalktoyourcataboutcatnipwhowillifyoudonttalktoyourcataboutcatnipwhowillOy oldin