Raz B vs. Chris Stokes & Marques Houston (Justice 4 Raz!) | O'Ryan, Omarion, & Moniece support Raz B

1-Fev, 2021
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  • Did Mo get lighter?

    Becca MakelaBecca Makela4 soat oldin
  • I believe him to

    Kim thomasKim thomas8 soat oldin
  • Ricky abused him too, lets not forget that...

    Kandy KaneKandy Kane11 soat oldin
  • It’s more adult victims some men keep it a secret really wen there not gay have a wife

    Rosalyn LeeRosalyn LeeKun oldin
  • If ppl ban together in mighty number he will be charged like rkelly They not doin nothin bc money but when ban and slow down all that money comin in they not gonna support

    A New Life ConsultingA New Life ConsultingKun oldin
  • Why are people outraged with R Kelly for what he did to Aaliyah and all those other girls, but don’t want to hear about what Chris Stokes did with these boys? People always talk about protecting our children, but that doesn’t just mean the little girls. Our sons need to be protected as well. You’d be surprised how many pedophiles only go after young boys. It’s sad. It’s hard for a child of ANY sex to deal with the trauma associated with child rape and molestation. Imagine how much harder it must be with people blaming you for the abuse, saying they don’t believe you, or simply not caring at all. My heart really goes out for these young men. The sad part is you KNOW there are more of them, but they’re probably too frightened to speak out about it. 😢😔

    Aniia LoweAniia LoweKun oldin
  • I believe Raz b. Too often do celebs get away with pedophilia and domestic violence because they have the money, clout and js pull to silence their victims! Speak up and speak loud !

    Nolandra WhiteNolandra WhiteKun oldin

    Alicia BanksAlicia BanksKun oldin
  • I fucking believe him through and through and I pray his strength to continue to strive and overcome all

    Rashawn MatthewsRashawn MatthewsKun oldin
  • As someone who does direct work with children who have been sexually abused and work with adults who have experienced sexual abuse as children, now experiencing mental health issues as a result. I believe these young men! They have been sexually abused as children!!

    Caroliine BinnsCaroliine Binns2 kun oldin
  • According to another youtuber, when Chris Stokes says "I don't do that anymore", he is responding to Ricky saying" If you were gay, you could have had any man in the world. Why did you mess with us". I cant find an unedited version of the video anywhere.

    nayfulnayful2 kun oldin
  • I am not watching anything associated with Chris Stokes. BET, you’ve been cancelled. I don’t even want BET on my Sling. Black men matter! As a community, we should be livid. We should be livid until a serious investigation is performed on Stokes and he is proven innocent. Marquez might have been groomed and was a child himself initially; it’s sad that he might face the consequences, too. Whatever is done in the dark will come to the light. If you are innocent, submit yourself to a full investigation.

    C.M. ColeC.M. Cole3 kun oldin
  • Chris Stokes like them light skin boys. Wonder what lil fiz got to say about this.

    Gerry AimeGerry Aime3 kun oldin
  • BET should be ashamed of themselves for having a working relationship with these damn demons. This guy needs to Pay NOW!

    Rinalovesbags !Rinalovesbags !3 kun oldin
  • This is this mans uncle!!!! How dare you take a broken child, take them in to take care of the child Is disgusting and horrible... I hate how they made him seem crazy.

    Jahmila DanielsJahmila Daniels4 kun oldin
  • I think it’s going to take tons of pressure and a bunch of victims to come forth just like with R Kelly for him to be held accountable but I do think Raz should file charges. In Cali he has until his 40th bday to do so, and he should because there could till this day be more victimizing occurring.

    P. EverleighP. Everleigh4 kun oldin
  • I'm checking for U Impressive👍! You STAY working.

    Relax Music Sleep TimeRelax Music Sleep Time4 kun oldin
  • Jesus Christ this is disgusting an sad 😞

    Ife CollinsIfe Collins4 kun oldin
  • If he was victimized it’s a very unfortunate situation and he deserves his justice/peace. My only issue is why has he STILL not moved on? Why has he not put in the work to get into therapy and make peace with this situation. ALOT of people have been victimized,are able to move past it and move on with their life. It’s starting to come across as attention seeking. On top of that what are the statue of limitations,when it comes to this particular case? Another thing Chris and Marques aren’t that powerful in the industry. When was the last time they were relevant?

    Leo SLLeo SL4 kun oldin
    • I’m annoyed that he even cares,that people are saying he’s gay. Those people are assholes and as of it matters anyway! He was raped...

      Leo SLLeo SL4 kun oldin
  • Marquez Houston and Raz B's brother Ricky was also a victim like Quinton Tarver. Why is Chris Stokes not getting arrested?

    •Kind Soul••Kind Soul•4 kun oldin
  • Heartbreaking 😪

    agnes14ishagnes14ish5 kun oldin
  • So sad!!

    Candace JoyCandace Joy5 kun oldin
  • Look at how he used to have them dress on some of Immatures photos.

    David AtkinsDavid Atkins5 kun oldin
  • Love the new intro

    Yasss KweenYasss Kween6 kun oldin
  • RAZ is the REAL MAN in THIS!!!

    ieattofu68ieattofu686 kun oldin

    ieattofu68ieattofu686 kun oldin
  • Why aren't they investigating those 2? Such a disappointment was a huge MH & Immature fan

    Tlb0082Tlb00827 kun oldin
  • I definitely believe him. I hope he gets justice too.

    shonla2000shonla20007 kun oldin
  • Wtf does he mean anymore🙄 he stupid♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ that's wrong

    ADORNADORN7 kun oldin
  • Do you know how HARD it is for a black man to come out and say he was RAPED and molested / these men need justice

    MiSBUBBZMiSBUBBZ7 kun oldin
  • please keep on covering this story.

    Shilongi MShilongi M7 kun oldin
  • I have always believed him. So f'd up. Smh

    Sonik BoomSonik Boom8 kun oldin
  • I don't support Chris stokes, marque, bet, urban flicks, b2k, Taz, jhene, etc anyone that aided these activities.

    LiLi8 kun oldin
  • Sad situation I believe it back than, I think I was a teenager when this came out! Stop listening to MH, I was huge fan.

    Rickaa RozzayRickaa Rozzay8 kun oldin
  • Im in tearssss😢😢😢😢

    Fern GullyFern Gully8 kun oldin
  • Raz B has been consistent with his story since day one. I believe him. It's such a shame that He got black balled from the industry because he exposed his alleged sexual abusers. And what Raz B is saying is true with the double standards in this metoo movement that is out. For example if the victim is a female they get all of this media attention and everyone automatically believes them if they were accusing a black man for sexual harassment allegations and the victim's are women or girls the mainstream media believes them and gives them the benefit of the doubt. But on the other hand if it's a male sexual assault victim it's a whole other story. They just pretend that it never happened or that the male victim is gay or crazy or something like that and they are victim shamed and made to feel embarrassed by the media and they blogs clown them. Like how Tasha K Clowned and victim shamed Raz B and she questioned his sexuality. Wtf the double standards with this me too movement are wack especially if it's a young black man or boy. If their alleged abusers are men they get called gay and are made fun of. It's so sad. I truly believe that Raz B is telling the truth. I don't think that a grown man would lie about something like that. And Chris Stokes & Marques Houston should be ashamed of themselves because what's in the dark always comes to light. And did anyone else notice that Marques Houston and Chris Stokes used to make Raz B dress up really fruity? That's why Raz B was always shirtless and licking his lips acting all extra in their B2K music Video's. And I believe that Chris Stokes used Marques Houston to try and trun out Raz B and other younger victims. My prayers 🙏🏽 go out to Raz B I think that it's a great thing what he is doing for the black community, when he created his own organization for victims of sexual abuse and sexual harassment for Young Black Men and Boys.

    Payton EchumPayton Echum8 kun oldin
  • Lord please heal Ras B. He's such a precious soul. That child (when he was one) said he was violated by his cousin incest to add to the molest. So 😥 sad.

    Renette GordleyRenette Gordley9 kun oldin
  • I can relate to sexual assault because I too was a victim by a family member #Justice4victims#Brave #justice4RAZ

    Quarese PegramQuarese Pegram9 kun oldin
  • Justice for our black men 🤴🏿✊🏿

    Raven BrownRaven Brown9 kun oldin
  • My heart really hurts for Raz

    adi Akanbiadi Akanbi9 kun oldin
  • I believe Raz. My heart goes out to him❤️. So sad 😞

    adi Akanbiadi Akanbi9 kun oldin
  • I believed Raz from the beginning. Look how Chris handled Immature/IMX and that questionable pic with them all in their underwear on the bed. What normal human being would encourage/ promote children that way. He needs to go to jail for what he did. Right alongside R. Kelly.🎯💯

    Tru QueenTru Queen9 kun oldin

    Paul KrettPaul Krett10 kun oldin
  • How is chris stokes still walkin the streets

    Talia JanetteTalia Janette10 kun oldin
  • Justice for Raz B !!!

    Cydnee BlackCydnee Black10 kun oldin
  • is the news about nicki's father true

    Patricia SelbyPatricia Selby10 kun oldin
    • Yep. She blood sacrificed him.

      Targeted by the Psych World BackupTargeted by the Psych World Backup9 kun oldin
  • GOD BLESS whoever reads this and applies it; GOD LOVES YOU ENTIRELY. He's is the answer to ALL issues we face and ALL blessings we receive. God so loved the world that he gave his only son that who believes him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his son in the world to condemn but in order for the world to be saved by him. If you confess ALL your sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive you for all your sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. Ambitiously seek him NOW!

    Uniquely ShantayUniquely Shantay10 kun oldin
  • Chris stokes is a monster and BET is disgusting for keeping money in his pockets

    Womp WompWomp Womp10 kun oldin
  • They Should Go On Steve Wilkos💯 We All Know Raz B Being Honest💪🏼

    Haitian Creole MommieHaitian Creole Mommie10 kun oldin
  • Raz B and Quindon are two great examples of application of a positive and loving life. I'm proud of the positivity that they have. I also believe them. #justiceforRaz&Quindon

    Robert SaldivarRobert Saldivar11 kun oldin
  • The system pick chooses who to lock up ! They locked up R. Kelly and Bill Cosby! But did lock up Chris for what he clearly says he did this shite 🤔 on take those young boys back than babies man hood destroying their lives. He should be locked up and far as R.kelly the parents sold their children 😢. Where is justice ⚖

    Lillian StancielLillian Stanciel11 kun oldin
  • Why would someone lie about this? I feel so sad for them. Hope they find peace. Cant believe nothing is done with this. Society is disgusting sometimes.

    Christina TarquinChristina Tarquin11 kun oldin
  • Just plain disgusting... I hope he takes that situation to court gets justice and BET should cancel Chris and he ends up in jail and gets some of his own treatment there

    blayzejblayzej11 kun oldin
  • The fact that Raz B also has a heart for the other victims and is upset by their stories too, really speaks volumes about his character 💔

    Diamond SeraphinDiamond Seraphin11 kun oldin

    eastcoastminajeastcoastminaj12 kun oldin
  • I watch your content often and this by far was one of the best thanks

    Marcellus KingMarcellus King12 kun oldin
  • If they were women Chris and Marcus would be in jail period!!

    Am'erica AntionetteAm'erica Antionette12 kun oldin
  • I don’t like the fact that Chris Stokes continued to progress in the industry and make money while sabotaging the career of his victims. His victims are traumatized and blackballed in the industry while the perpetrator is living his best life! This is ridiculous and all that Chris Stokes earned needs to go to Raz and other victims.

    1Star3xs1Star3xs12 kun oldin
  • So heavy💔

    Nongcebo MchunuNongcebo Mchunu13 kun oldin
  • I believe Raz-B, always have. I think that’s why half-pint left immature. Because his parents wasn’t having that.

    Ladii KeiiLadii Keii13 kun oldin
  • This making me so fucking emotional man.. sending so much prayers

    Dime FineDime Fine13 kun oldin
  • This is what happens when men don't have an outlet. This is what happens when men don't have a platform or safeguards to talk about things like this and see results. If these were too women on the phone, Marques and Chris would be canceled and in jail with Cosby. Its crazy how hypocrisy works.

    Thaiquer WilliamsThaiquer Williams13 kun oldin
  • This is absolutely disgusting

    Ashana HowellAshana Howell13 kun oldin
  • But for real! How are these abusers not sitting in somebody's court room to be judged! 😠 Too much of this abuse is happening in the industry.

    Host Mo BerryHost Mo Berry13 kun oldin
  • Does anyone know if there’s already a petition to get Chris Stokes to face charges for his crimes or at least be dropped from all his business deals? Why can people be cancelled when there’s zero evidence or no actual crime but this guy admitted it on tape and he’s just free to keep living his life and making money? If no petition exits I might have to start one.

    Amelia OrantesAmelia Orantes13 kun oldin
  • Go on Steve wilkos dang....

    anita hodgesanita hodges13 kun oldin
  • Jesus!!😢😢😢🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    ttop bugattittop bugatti13 kun oldin
  • I pray this man gets his justice!!!!

    ATOMATOM14 kun oldin
  • The devils in Hollywood are all doing sex acts to young minor kids and they want get in trouble unless they go against the oath in serect society

    King RouseyKing Rousey14 kun oldin
  • I believe Jermaine Dupri touched kris kross and bow wow

    King RouseyKing Rousey14 kun oldin
    • Very true.

      Targeted by the Psych World BackupTargeted by the Psych World Backup9 kun oldin
  • Praying for Raz B I hope he gets justice 🙏🏽

    Just Stacie J.Just Stacie J.14 kun oldin
  • Coming Soon Surviving Chris Stokes

    Eric WhaleyEric Whaley14 kun oldin
  • Where is me too?

    Closet Ink OfficialCloset Ink Official14 kun oldin

    Brandon SmithBrandon Smith14 kun oldin
  • So sad man. He ruined their lives. I really hope there’s a special place in hell for him no matter how much he repent.

    Rene 1111Rene 111114 kun oldin
  • My fucking heart bleeds for these men....like what in the entire fucking fuck

    Melissa MestasMelissa Mestas14 kun oldin
  • This is heartbreaking as a mother of two sons 😣💔 my channel Taboo Talks with Toni

    TabooTalks WithToniTabooTalks WithToni14 kun oldin
  • God bless raz

    Faylicia KennellFaylicia Kennell14 kun oldin
  • As a young minority man, I support and believe you my brother! GOD BLESS YOU!

    ThatGuy SonnyThatGuy Sonny14 kun oldin
  • Shit is sad....i feel bad for Raz.b! He needs to get them, period. I see know way around this shit. You touch mines, im gonna bury you. No way these men should be free. Gotta understand it be the ones you least expect! That be the pedophiles?!! Bet network, still letting this man work for them with years of all these allegations? Shish....these networks support these behaviors, so does Hollywood!

    James ThomasJames Thomas14 kun oldin
  • My poor Raz B. I hope he gets help, he is so traumatized😭😢

    Lena ChhinLena Chhin14 kun oldin
  • Where can your documentary be found?

    Cathy JacksonCathy Jackson14 kun oldin
  • That’s crazy

    Ciera WashingtonCiera Washington14 kun oldin
  • He’s telling the truth

    Denise LewisDenise Lewis15 kun oldin
  • Sad how he think he is above the law . The video was incriminating and he was not booked. Raz B has to do his polygraph test and keep pushing until they go to jail. And these guys has to keep pushing for him to get locked up and marques has to go with him. Marques was pull into it and brain wash into it but for him to stay silent and say that Raz B is a liar and crazy he should be sharing a cell with Chris Stokes. Evil bastards.

    Mystical PiscesMystical Pisces15 kun oldin
  • Now all them suspect ass posters of Immature lying in a bed, in only they draws make sense from back in the day! 🧐🤔 Im also getting the sense that Jerome & Kelton have nothing to do with Marques & Chris (hopefully 🤞🏾) after all these years, because of what they probably witnessed growing up. This is all bad. I stand with Raz B. I support Raz B. I BELIEVE Raz B. This is tragic on so many levels. 😞💔

    Cammie NelsonCammie Nelson15 kun oldin
  • This some sick shit!!! Where were the parents at??? I feel like the adults including the parents should all be charged!!!

    kia gkia g15 kun oldin
  • Woooow this is so sad and disgusting and now marquis wanna run and try to get baptized to be a Jehovah’s Witness thinking he fooling everyone , but Jehovah knows everything that happened and it’s being exposed.

    Mya NicoleMya Nicole15 kun oldin
  • Everybody should flood Tyler perry and Bet+ social media and question why they are still working with him honestly... There is power in numbers.

    Kenya CurryKenya Curry15 kun oldin
  • I believe him to they locked up bill cosby R.kelly shit a few more with the me too movement for women what about these boys and young men what makes chris stokes so special lock him up justice for Raz

    LakeyshaLakeysha15 kun oldin
  • Chris Stokes and Marques Houston guilty AF ... no question. Just like R. Kelly, the dark and disgusting pain they put those boys through will come to light. Trust and believe that.

    Jiané ArchibaldJiané Archibald15 kun oldin
  • Satanists culture

    Monique nameMonique name15 kun oldin

    theresa Odawatheresa Odawa15 kun oldin
  • May there be justice for Raz and others who have been abused in the industry! They will reap what they sow. IJN!

    Imagin3869Imagin386915 kun oldin
  • @empressive did you know they used your video in this “concert” video? uzworld.info/player/video/a3yte6R6qK3XX4w

    Marcella MiddletonMarcella Middleton15 kun oldin
  • I remember this was a big time rumor when I was a teenager!

    Aeon FlexAeon Flex15 kun oldin
  • I’m so happy you did a video on this !! Or anytime you speak on this !!! It’s disgusting to me how people are Marques and Chris are acting like the abuse didn’t happen . It’s even more disgusting to me (but not surprising) that Marques and Chris are trying to hide behind the Jehovah’s Witness organization to make themselves seem “holy”. Which is really no consolation considering the abuse allegations against people in the religion , and the perverted methods in which Jehovah’s witnesses handle abuse allegations. Smh I hope Raz gets justice !!!! ♥️

    Ms EssenseMs Essense15 kun oldin
  • Why is marquest Houston not considered a victim? He was just as young

    Taèlor SoXclusiveTaèlor SoXclusive15 kun oldin
    • He's now a perpetrator.

      Targeted by the Psych World BackupTargeted by the Psych World Backup9 kun oldin
  • Believed him from the very beginning!! Chris Stokes look more fruity that a fruit cake. This man does not keep lying about this story. So Quendon lying too. Yeah right! Sick

    Angie's FightAngie's Fight15 kun oldin
  • #justice4raz lets start now for someone who has been waiting for justice for over a decade.

    Dominique WaldronDominique Waldron16 kun oldin