Meghan Markle UPSETS the Royals | Beyonce & Serena support Meg | Amanda Seales critiques Meghan, etc

10-Mar, 2021
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Topics: (REVIEW) Meghan and Harry's interview with Oprah; The Queen responds to interview; Beyonce and Serena Williams support Meghan; Piers Morgan quits GMB; Amanda Seales critiques Meghan's dating choices ; Doja and SZA music video (review)
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  • I wonder if they still feel the same way after there are 17 actual receipts of lies from that Oprah embarrassment of an interview 🤮🤮🤮

    Rose PetalRose Petal2 kun oldin
  • This sounds like a twisted Disney movie I’ve already seen

    BuMpA NiCkLeBuMpA NiCkLe3 kun oldin
  • Why not just cancel the royals I really don’t care for them idc abt their history either.. just call her pruny ass the prime minister or something.. she’s nobody’s queen over here.

    Aaliyah FordAaliyah Ford4 kun oldin
  • NOT ON MY WATCH got me rolling 😂

    Riah LRiah L6 kun oldin
  • I love Harry And Meghan God will protect Harry and Meghan

    www.totallifechangeswww.totallifechanges8 kun oldin
  • May God protect Harry

    Laurina G. HonoreLaurina G. Honore8 kun oldin
  • Maybe it wasnt the queen maybe it was Kate and the rest of them🤷🏾‍♀️what if later down something happened to William and harry was next in line what would they say then🤷🏾‍♀️not wishing bad from them but still

    Ny'Jai TvNy'Jai Tv8 kun oldin
  • Archie isn’t the grandson of a king, his father is. When or if Prince Charles becomes king, that’s when Archie would become a prince. George III (I believe made that the rule) I agree there was racism. By right Archie will not be a prince until his grandfather is King.

    Rianna VelasquezRianna Velasquez9 kun oldin
  • I will not deny the fact that England has a racist past and aquestionable present-much like America. However, Harry demonstrated racist acts also when he decided to dress up as a Nazi for one Halloween. Megan also has a past history of broken and distorted relationships with family and friends. Therefore, she and her husband are not absolved from any part they played in the breakdown of their relationship with Harry's family. Minus the cussing-Amanda had some good insights on taking things very slowly with a romantic relationship. Women, you are NOT just marrying him, but his ENTIRE family. Take good notes and be willing to discuss them during your courtship. The End😂

    Charmayne MCharmayne M10 kun oldin
  • Can we talk about how gorgeous Meghan looks like she is glowing

    Esperance MinaniEsperance Minani11 kun oldin
  • She made some Good Points!! I agree ☝️ But I am just Grateful and Thankful that God Not only Pull Meghan out but he pull Harry and Archie Out of that Toxic Mess. So She is Out and has A beautiful Son and a husband who loves her very much. So Good bye 👋 to them . And So Glad her and her husband moved on. Prayers for Meghan and her family.

    Gwen MarieGwen Marie11 kun oldin
  • You can do all mghan you king

    Nurin Ara Mat AliNurin Ara Mat Ali12 kun oldin
  • Meghan move on go fmly king..

    Nurin Ara Mat AliNurin Ara Mat Ali12 kun oldin
  • Pierce Morgan < Prince Harry. Bitter old man.

    Duane Kirby BarrezaDuane Kirby Barreza12 kun oldin
  • Keep praying for your heaters and forgive them god is with you

    Awa NjieAwa Njie12 kun oldin
  • Honestly, as terrible as it is, I'm not at all surprised about what happened to Meghan and she shouldn't have been either.

    DarkLadyJadeDarkLadyJade12 kun oldin
  • Idk anything about how the royal family works but I’m glad Harry was there for his wife and family to protect them, seems like a good man

    Valerie EsparzaValerie Esparza14 kun oldin
  • In every picture Megan is in she just steals all the attention 😍 she is stunning and so classy and elegant 💖

    priscilla perezpriscilla perez15 kun oldin
    • I have a huge girl crush on her 😳😍 Prince Harry knew wtf he was doin 👏🏼👏🏼 and BIG props to him for having some BIG balls 👏🏼👏🏼 that’s a real man right there standing up for his LADY 😍 PERIOD!!

      priscilla perezpriscilla perez15 kun oldin
  • I know her mama warned her!!! But when your in love ......I hope their marriage lasts forever

    nurse forlifenurse forlife15 kun oldin
  • Well said dear👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

    sarah ogbgusarah ogbgu15 kun oldin
  • Hehehehe, yeah, google is your friend. I loved that part.

    Mark NjeriMark Njeri16 kun oldin
  • Amanda Seals is annoying asf!

    Sonia PerezSonia Perez16 kun oldin
  • I don't understand how Meghan is so naive. What did she expect?

    Qhawe NxeleQhawe Nxele16 kun oldin
  • Lmao Meghan markle 🤣 ain't shit

    SunlightSunlight17 kun oldin
  • I find it hard to get caught up with the fact that a woman of color got in this crap with the royals and left feeling defeated because she simple didn’t do her reach. My question to Megan is do you actually identify as black? If you did there had to be something in your genetics that must have pushed/promoted you to dig a little. Unless of course you are smart and you thought about this and how you could use it to your advantage. I am guessing you are being tracked by major publicist and production companies because publicity like this can not be bought. I hope your eyes are open because this is power. Wise up.., on 🥚 🐚

    Charma winging it LewisCharma winging it Lewis17 kun oldin
  • Research has its place and purpose, but if you buy into the fakeness to save face or get in good with your in-laws and your mate's family. Personal experiences in real time, are the truth no matter how disillusioned you may be. Reality is a mother******. And people can't fake prejudice because your horns are bound to stick out from underneath your crown. The tilt, is a dead giveaway;along with the photoshopped smiles.

    Deborah SmithDeborah Smith17 kun oldin
  • This video is full of lies, Markle is egomaniac Narcissistic manipulator and liar! She is a bully!

    EvangJJKEvangJJK17 kun oldin
  • They are the UK the founder to the racist system

    Heather StevensHeather Stevens17 kun oldin
  • Yes sis, I also believe what Meghan and Harry said 💯

    Anthea Du plessisAnthea Du plessis17 kun oldin
  • I'm from the UK and I find the US reactions to this interview to be really interesting on the whole. Just remember we have only heard one side of the story, and whilst I am not taking away from their reality of what happened, keep in mind that they have only told us half a story, and most of which was implied by Meg and Harry rather than substantiated.

    Emily WheeldonEmily Wheeldon17 kun oldin
  • Megan knew what she was marrying into and she’s the whitest black woman I’ve seen in my life, if nobody had told me she was part black I would’ve thought she was white

    Addie HansenAddie Hansen18 kun oldin
    • And so is her baby!

      Addie HansenAddie Hansen18 kun oldin
  • Amanda Seales was keeping it real. and Meghan should have did her research. But at the same time she had no idea that these people were the way they were but LOVE IS BLIND and one thing for sure everybody's true color comes out eventually. Fortunately she has a man that has her back and she has his back. Harry Liked what he saw and so did she. Haters will be haters Just saying.

    amatulla rahmanamatulla rahman18 kun oldin
  • I had an inter-racial marriage. If I had a nickel for every intriguing question about my new born. I will be a millionaire. For all those think every intriguing question is a racist remark, You are the true in-closet racist.

    l HFl HF18 kun oldin
  • Meghan is NOT a black woman... she isnt fighting g for black rights nothing she is powerless. She is biracial NOT BLACK. She doesnt represent me. A black woman would of sat back and ate crumpets with the queen. And been QUIET!!!!

    Sherice JamesSherice James18 kun oldin
  • Even before all of this, the Royal family was obviously racist. The monarchy itself is a racist concept.

    Mikeys MamaMikeys Mama18 kun oldin
  • You should do a documentary on Princess Diana though. Cause I don’t think everyone understands how the institution really operates.

    Breanna KnottBreanna Knott18 kun oldin
  • I think its a Narcissistic family, and thank God Harry decided to leave

    LMCTravelzLMCTravelz18 kun oldin
  • They aren't even responsive for the video concepts, they are just told what they are gonna do...

    Nicole HamptonNicole Hampton18 kun oldin
  • I agree that Meghan could have done more research, but I'm sure the "masked" friendly faces she saw in the beginning were leading her to believe she would be welcomed. Little did she know the "masks" would be taken off when she started to shine too much by winning the hearts of the common wealth and producing a baby with Prince Harry. It seems like they wanted to teach her a lesson on becoming a much loved princess, like Princes Diana. Maybe they thought they could control the narrative better than they did with Princess Diana. Meghan has shock the UK with her connections in the US and the love and support of her husband. I'm so glad they made a life in the US and pray they are protected as they want to continue their work. Without the love and support of her husband and mother, she probably would have taken her own life; especially, when her own family became haters and racist to their sad. :-(

    Cynthia CocroftCynthia Cocroft18 kun oldin
  • Megan is just like Serena just another big time drama queen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    David GeertzDavid Geertz18 kun oldin
  • Simple hint: the "royals" have the power for soooo many years...just about as many years that we have been starving and struggling and suffering. ;) So please start judging by facts not apparences

    Xuan PinXuan Pin18 kun oldin
  • Too dark of a skin tone?!?! WTF?!?!?!

    Xuan PinXuan Pin18 kun oldin
  • Thankfully Harry is a good man and chose his wife, because she could have had the same fate as Princess Diana. There are already so many comparisons. As for Prince Charles, you continue to disgust.

    Sarah RohrboughSarah Rohrbough18 kun oldin
  • How can ANY woke black Americans not know the history of the British Monarchy's involvement in slavery??????????????? They were the biggest benefactors of the money that was made off the back of African slavery in the Americas. And the British King at the time, who could have ended slavery with a proclamation fought against ending slavery because he was getting a lot of tax from the cotton and sugarcane the slaves were planting and harvesting. The only time he decided to do something to end slavery was when the American colonies rebelled and refused to pay their taxes and then the King stopped benefitting from the proceeds of slavery. How can any WOKE black American not have known this, especially Meghan Markle??????

    Inel's ClassicsInel's Classics19 kun oldin
  • This old man Pirse wish Meghan? What a foolish man.

    Lia SolLia Sol19 kun oldin
  • The institution is being led by prince Phillip!!!!! Let that sink in

    Isabelle OkereIsabelle Okere19 kun oldin
  • Thanks to royal connection she got the ticket to Hollywood A liste circle in a short period

    kate arakate ara19 kun oldin

    Pam JacksonPam Jackson19 kun oldin

    00S3V3N00S3V3N19 kun oldin
  • Y'all should look into The Great Reset being proposed by the World Economic Forum, it's also backed by Trudeau and the Royal Family. Stay safe and get informed. They claim that "You will own nothing and you will be happy." This shit is suspicious, especially since they tried calling it a conspiracy theory only for the Royal Family's official UZworld channel even posted a video of it. Australia is aware of this and they're being censored, both by FB, Google, and others.

    xxasdooxxasdoo20 kun oldin
  • Couldn't harry hire his own security?

    ACE 223ACE 22320 kun oldin
  • Not the photoshopped image of the queen sitting at the red table 😂😂😂

    Samisha FrayerSamisha Frayer20 kun oldin
  • Jealousy is a a bitch.

    chrishontá collier-pricechrishontá collier-price20 kun oldin
  • I just wanna say this... i love Amanda Seals but the narrative that she was trna paint at @19:54 isn’t necessarily true. If you watch the interview that Megan did with Oprah she did say that she didn’t really nothing about the royals history before meeting Harry. And once she started dating him she didn’t do any research cause she didn’t want to be in her head when she meets his family and all she wanted to Form her own opinion...

    Michaelah ChantéMichaelah Chanté20 kun oldin
    • And she already said she was being naive for thinking the royals were going to protect her. No need to make her even more bad

      Michaelah ChantéMichaelah Chanté20 kun oldin
  • oh piers is also married... why is he salty?????

    Lauren Jackson-SanchezLauren Jackson-Sanchez20 kun oldin
  • the queen is literally married to her cousin 🤮 the inbreeding caused hella people to have messed up genetic: the habsburg jaw

    Lauren Jackson-SanchezLauren Jackson-Sanchez20 kun oldin
  • Amanda literally said what I was thinking ✊🏾

    Ubah MohyadinUbah Mohyadin20 kun oldin
  • AMANDA 😄😄😄👂🏾❤🔥💪🏾

    Maxine WellsMaxine Wells20 kun oldin

    Maxine WellsMaxine Wells20 kun oldin
  • She wasn't even pregnant ... such ridiculous news here

    FabulousFabulous20 kun oldin
  • Such a lie...... there was terrible press behind closed doors in Australia.... lies... she sucked on ppl pretending to e enjoy company of ppl... fake.. truth came out

    FabulousFabulous20 kun oldin
  • What are they going to do when they finally see that she lied with most of what she said. An actress who played her role very well, fooled a lot of people.

    Deneece GriswoldDeneece Griswold20 kun oldin
  • People couldn't possibly be gullible enough to think she wasn't aware of these people's history. She is biracial and racially ambiguous, her goal was to get that black blood out just like her mammy started. She is like many other biracials. And now she wants to call foul, yeah ok. And people act like Harry got jungle fever or some shit because she is half black, dude she looks like a white girl 🤷🏿‍♀️

    RBG SistaRBG Sista20 kun oldin
  • Black History Fact: Africa Black Blood Ancestry Queen Charlotte of Bridgerton Royalty European family Black Queen Charlotte, in the 13th Century, was married to King George's III, wife Charlotte of Mecklenburg Strelitz of Great Britain she was born in 1744 and Portuguese Royal German Africa bloodline, King George's III and wife Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg Strelitz of Great Britain had 15 Children's that have Africa bloodline, and married in Royal Britain family also German, Portuguese Royal House, Queen Elizabeth also grandmother George III, Black Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg Strelitz of Great Britain she Queen from 1820, Royalty European family have to have DNA test too.

    Claudia McClennonClaudia McClennon20 kun oldin
  • Meghan is naive, sweet, kind girl who believed by treating everyone nice they’ll be nice to her too. Not that’s she’s stupid

    LadyFaith LLadyFaith L20 kun oldin
  • Oprah is pulling all the strings with Meghan. She deleted all the real comments and left the 'positive' and few neutral stuff on her 'own' channel. js 👀 be aware. These mf's are trying to brainwash everyone to think the way they want us to think

    chomp chompchomp chomp20 kun oldin
  • people should leave Meghan Markle alone. whatever she would say or think wouldn't please the media and people. their couple won't last if they stay under the spotlights

    tecknos africatecknos africa20 kun oldin
  • But what happens when you fall in love. He left his family for her so I’m assuming he really loves her and vice versa. Amanda is right. As a black, biracial, POC in a interracial relationship, you should always wonder if the family is racist. When I was in college I remember a girl saying she has a racist grandma and another girl responded “wow really” and she said “yea most older white people are racist because of the time they were born”. And tbh the 40s, 50s and 60s really wasn’t that long ago. Most people grandparents are born in 1939, 1940, etc. I know mine were. Not saying all older white people, but the idea isn’t far fetched that a good majority is. They were born in the prime of segregation and the normalization of racist behavior. Like bro there were lynching post cards of black people hanging from trees in the 30s, 40s while white family’s gather. So you always have to wonder.

    Agaru MastersAgaru Masters21 kun oldin
  • Even if Meghan had done her research, I still do not believe she would’ve went the other way. I watch “The Crown” and while I’m not saying it is this 100% historically accurate story, it’s DAMNING! Most of the bombs dropped in the seasons I have personally researched myself and truly believe The Royals are with the shit to save an image by any means necessary. I do not believe The Queen is racist... others around her are. But, from what I’ve gathered, she will back stab easily to protect her image and popularity. Watch the show and research for yourself. 🍵

    ElayneElayne21 kun oldin
  • Pierce is so salty

    Bubblegum BihBubblegum Bih21 kun oldin
  • Go head Amanda Seals speak it !

    Aries JaeAries Jae21 kun oldin
  • I wasn’t shocked at all. All of the revelations seemed to me like a confirmation that these events actually were happening.

    Lennette WellsLennette Wells21 kun oldin
  • Meghan lies . Dates only powerful white men. Then use black peoples to feel sorry for her Who did this again to black peoples? Yeah Michael Jackson when they started dragging him to court

    OA DelanoOA Delano21 kun oldin
  • Even if she did do her research, would that stop her from loving and marrying her husband? I don't know that she could have totally avoided it. This is the ultimate power family and the epitome of White European patriarchy there is not much you can do to "battle" this family. We also have nooooo idea what it is like to live that type of life.

    Amber N SmithAmber N Smith21 kun oldin
  • The Royalties are liars double standards / where is Andrew and

    Ines MecedaInes Meceda22 kun oldin
  • I'm sick and tired of people who doesn't take time to know others cultures and how they operate, this woman feels entitled like she's going to change an institution which was there 100 yrs, she knew what she was getting into, she still carry on, because she wants title, security and money. U need to shut up, this boy have money, u guys are the one who's giving those young generations the idea that they could leave like celebrities and want, Momma and Daddy to flip the bills, this man is 36 yrs old, have a family and still want Daddy's money, what about the time when man used to stand up and work and be the head of the household, I'm sure u remember when u were 15 yrs u wanted to go to work make money and be independent because u couldn't wait to know the adult life. Also, u said one thing, u don't know them, so do ur research before talking u might embarrassed urself once ME Again show everybody who she is, I hope u go on ur blog and start talking. U talk like u were there, u witness everything, like she's ur friend, that's the problem to make money u guys would say anything like the story was right in front of you, what happened to there's two sides to every story. Non existence.

    Francoise CoicouFrancoise Coicou22 kun oldin
  • Wow...Piers had a crush on Meghan 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄💀

    It's Laysia ThoIt's Laysia Tho22 kun oldin
  • She is lucky they did not kill her Princess Diana.

    BernieBernie22 kun oldin
  • The M become so very popular. The 67 percent brown commonwealth loved her. A will most likely will get a little browner. They would have let her go crazy, leave by herself with A or possibly anyone of the crazy M haters could have hurt her or A. Anyone could have hurt her or the baby.

    dawn allidawn alli22 kun oldin
  • “Not on my watch” 😅

    Dorothy TuashDorothy Tuash22 kun oldin
  • I meet my husband and married him love every one in his family thinking they love me the same as black we believed in kindness. But my mother in-law disliked me because I was a Christian and black girl. I understand Megan love makes you think just love

    Mildris PlestedMildris Plested22 kun oldin
  • God bless Megan and harry

    Mildris PlestedMildris Plested22 kun oldin
  • Bravo les filles sa fait plaisir de voir des gens rester fidèle en étant amies 👯‍♀️

    Cathy CathyCathy Cathy22 kun oldin

    Lurine LayersLurine Layers22 kun oldin
  • God bless Prince Harry and his wife Megan and children

    Lurine LayersLurine Layers22 kun oldin

    Lurine LayersLurine Layers22 kun oldin
  • Personally, I think the interview is insignificant, it raises more questions. It's confusing. Definitely she shouldn't have mentioned the skin color issue, without saying what was said before and after. After all that's still Harry and Archie family. I wish them both the best

    Treasure IslandTreasure Island22 kun oldin
  • Girl, you just gave me goose bumps about the cautionary tale of romanticizing situations.

    Sharon CSharon C22 kun oldin
  • Actually how would you know what to believe when you google? You're going to get the bad and good, how do you know which of the goog!e info is true? All the bad stuff? Actually she made the right decision. To marry Harry ,but there was no one who told the stuff they did! That's the point! There is no filter I. Google to tell you what is truth? Do you believe only the bad thngs? And the problem is Meghan always 'leader's as white. Her own father and white fami!y turned I. Her, bought by the tabloids, you think she could have anticipated that? Amanda seeales is blaming the victim. And they did welcome her into the family at first. Like an a his e husband, he's great until he hits you, and that could be on your wedding night or after your first year etc. You don't know. Don't tell women they should be able to tell! They can't. You just want to believe that you are smart enough to always judge correctly. Not true. Women are raped and abused everyday and they can't Lwyas anticipate thAt happening! Reality check! Stop blaming the victim!

    pam roaypam roay22 kun oldin
  • 😒😒😒😒

    Debra JohnsonDebra Johnson22 kun oldin
  • Amanda Seales is right! I think Megan did know about the Royal family. However, I don't think she realised that she would still be judged and discriminated regardless of being biracial - she's not black but the *old style* supporters like Piers Morgan and other older UK people will always see her like a black person they do this here in UK. They have "Shut the f up and do your job" saying Support in the royal family. Imagine if Megan was full black.... Megan is not the first American woman to come in to the royal family and leave with a prince...too. I feel for Harry too. There was a big price to be paid... And you can tell he is sad as that is still his family after all - but sees the injustices very clearly. He is choosing HIS family now. I don't blame him. They are almost like regular people now and for him it's a massive shock. I just hope they will be ok, and can hussle to make their own life happier, better emotionally and financially for their son and themselves. It won't be easy.

    JenneJenne22 kun oldin
  • I absolutely loved this articulate, very informative, awesome narrative of this story! Refreshing to hear such intelligence and knowledge and easy to listen too and enjoy...great soundbites and references... Initial, I said the same thing as Amanda and thought what did she expect going into a relationship with Prince Harry? Marriage? I am very happy that the once known playboy Prince actually stood by his wife and protected his Queen and not allow his family to rip her to shreds and then abandon her and his child....His actions and courage should be applauded as a Man loving, protecting, & providing for his own family... Gen.2:24 "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother, and cleave unto his wife,and the two shall become one flesh".

    Christol DanielsChristol Daniels22 kun oldin
  • You are the best and most genuine and intelligent podcaster who of all that I saw doing the Harry and Meghan story following the INTERVIEW

    Sandra HarrisSandra Harris22 kun oldin
  • All these celebrities are fake. As soon as she started dating Harry they all became her friends. Meghan was nothing before. She was best known for Suits. Those celebrities aren't are true friends.

    Mark LawMark Law23 kun oldin
  • The fact is Meghan and Harry's children will be way prettier than Kate and William

    Mark LawMark Law23 kun oldin
  • She is manipulative and unfortunately as black people we are too easily swayed by our skin tone.... you do not get a TITLE is you are a great-grand-child no because you are black... Why are we not interest in the Royal families in AFRICA? We do not know how to manage difference of opinion. She is always the victim in everything, she never does anything wrong... Analyse how and what she says

    S HarrisonS Harrison23 kun oldin
  • Everyone has title issues. 👑

    Angelo ZantuaAngelo Zantua23 kun oldin
  • Oh wow iv just realized you never did your research makes me rethink everything you've ever talked about,archie doesn't get a royal title until prince Charles becomes in Africa and i know this

    siwana camarasiwana camara23 kun oldin
  • What these 2 woman should be deeply concerned about is the RACISM THEY THEMSELVES HAVE EXPERIENCED and ALL THE BLACK COMMUNITIES ACROSS AMERICA! 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♂️

    Pop AePop Ae23 kun oldin
  • Not the pictures with black people 😣

    ShawnKaySalShawnKaySal23 kun oldin