Megan Thee Stallion is a horrible friend? Megan's ex-BFF Kelsey disses her! | Lori Harvey dating MBJ

27-Noy, 2020
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  • Man that woman mom and grandma died in the same month. She’s obviously still grieving. Fuck friends she don’t need them right now no ways

  • I thought I liked Megan, why she gotta do all this ish really?😂😂 stop it!!

    Ela FilaEla Fila19 kun oldin
  • you loud and wrong😂 that’s not even why they fell out and megan didnt go behind her back.. they started talking to him at the same time lmaoaoaoa😂 ion how you didn’t know that🤦🏽‍♀️

    treass !!treass !!23 kun oldin
  • I am sooooo sick of hearing about Meg. She so overrated 🙄

    Nemia BabbNemia Babb23 kun oldin
  • They both are very pretty females just pray about it unto God bestfriends and leave the petty drama off of the internet🌷🦋 you'll both be fine peace I will leave it at that.

  • So now she threatening to reveal Megs secrets? They seem to both be bad friends

    Bonny SovereignBonny Sovereign26 kun oldin
  • 4:52 Thats some Aquarius shit

    Hepo SlisHepo Slis26 kun oldin
  • Yup I moved my best friend in and the bitch was fucking in a volvo in the driveway of my fiancee of 9 years. Then I moved out three days later due to my gut feeling and hearing them when I woke up from my sleep. And honestly u don't get famous for being nice

    Amanda HarveyAmanda HarveyOy oldin
  • friends last forever

    Vedrene EliasVedrene EliasOy oldin
  • its clear meg is the issue.. cant stay solid to those who ride with her till the end

    Melissa YonkoMelissa YonkoOy oldin
  • I truly don't see why they like him ..🤷🏾‍♀️ Tory wears a wave cap for spray on hair 😅🤣

    Corrin BCorrin BOy oldin
  • You know with what I’ve watched in movies about celebrities faking shit, I’m starting to think that Megan faked the whole shooting and the wound, not like it’s impossible. Just saying tho, dfkm but think bout it

    Scarlet ladyScarlet ladyOy oldin
  • I love your channel, the way you review things, you would make a really good journalist on tv or a talk show tbvh

    Scarlet ladyScarlet ladyOy oldin
  • The entertainment industry brings out the worst in different individuals and people change when fame come

    Temika EasleyTemika EasleyOy oldin
  • This situation is stupid yall ending a friendship over a man who’s shorter then my old 4th grade friend.

    Ferraxi - KunFerraxi - KunOy oldin
  • Why are the fighting over this hot headed leprechaun w/ no edges? 🙄

    Shay CorryShay CorryOy oldin
  • Not really a fan of Megan there’s just something about her

    Aleesha MucharwaAleesha MucharwaOy oldin
  • Why do people do this hate campaign bullshit? Every successful female artist is always being slammed with some kind crazy stupid controversies by the blogs n media. It’s dumb and half the headlines are not even relevant to their art. Maybe we should support these women not bash them and pin them against one another. It’s so middle school girl drama.

    jnie swartzjnie swartzOy oldin
  • meg a real aquarius ew

    Nicki VoxNicki VoxOy oldin
  • exactly why i dont have them😂no time for all to Jesus like they say

    Jeanette loveJeanette loveOy oldin
  • omg i thought that was meg talking at the start i was like no way

    Aniah RoseAniah RoseOy oldin
  • Megan Is a bad person!!!! Look what she did to Asian too

    EarthgirlkamilaEarthgirlkamilaOy oldin
  • Megan fake af 😂

    Vivicka WilliamsVivicka WilliamsOy oldin
  • Kelsey appears to be so hurt. 😥

    ShaRhonda GreenShaRhonda Green2 oy oldin
  • Gosh I’ve had so much going on I thought Laurie and Future were still together. I don’t think Michael B is all that.

    MySkinnydipMySkinnydip2 oy oldin
  • There is so much more to life then this

    MySkinnydipMySkinnydip2 oy oldin
  • Maybe she shot herself

    Yolanda whiteYolanda white2 oy oldin
  • Lori the new Amber 🥀

    one love Jamaicaone love Jamaica2 oy oldin
  • Meghan showing her true colors

    Lifeislike AboxofshaeLifeislike Aboxofshae2 oy oldin
  • Megan might need to chill because these women can break her for real

    ColoredMeSexy by ELLE.ColoredMeSexy by ELLE.2 oy oldin
  • Why would she if Megan messing with her guy. Megan need to sit here ass down she’s bout to go down like Nikki . Your shine is over Megan

    ColoredMeSexy by ELLE.ColoredMeSexy by ELLE.2 oy oldin
  • This is why I have no friends.

    Cyborge NorbertCyborge Norbert2 oy oldin
  • Meg sound funny acting

    Shy DineroShy Dinero2 oy oldin
  • You talk about megan in a bad way not knowing what happened behind the scenes you don’t know stop bring the girl down I’m ready unsubscribe I’m not here to here nobody talk bad about that girl

    Wynter NooreWynter Noore2 oy oldin
  • PAUSE. I call bullshit bc Tori or Torey or Mr. Lanz or what the fuck ever--was chilling with Megan at we crib in ig live MONTHS before the party.

  • I thought he was w Snoh

    debra mandigodebra mandigo2 oy oldin
  • I said Tupac sample before she finished.

    Yaa PeasahYaa Peasah2 oy oldin
  • All I got to say that if I was a best friend and my best friend got hurt I would be the first person to speak up! Instead of sitting quietly and letting my own name be thrown in the trash. Smh grown women who don’t know how to be friends.

    The Anime QueenThe Anime Queen2 oy oldin
  • This sound like a Tyler Perry movie

    J. Mr. JJ. Mr. J2 oy oldin
  • Jesus CHRIST is Coming Soon please Repent John 3:16-17-18-19-20-21 before it will be too Late for you so please talked to Him right now He's listening to you ok please I beg you all thanks once again and may God Bless you all

    kwasi asare odoi animkwasi asare odoi anim2 oy oldin
  • Am I missing something ? Tory lanez is not cute, y’all.

    Monique DoyleMonique Doyle2 oy oldin
  • smh

    Namandje AnyaNamandje Anya2 oy oldin
  • Torey’s height must be all in his .... because the way he has them two going at it 🤦🏽‍♀️ it’s too much going on

    Charrise JohnsonCharrise Johnson2 oy oldin
  • I kinda liked Megan, but I did side eye her! Something wasn’t exactly vibing with me about Megan. Tori damn sure isn’t a prize! Leave Kelsey alone

    Erica HolstonErica Holston2 oy oldin
  • Tawkin’ bout hittin’ the Powerball ☄️ M.B.J.

    L SL S2 oy oldin
  • You saying you feel bad but everyone has a CHOICE.... She CHOSE to be a bad friend. She CHOSE to put down a track about her "friend". She CHOSE to threaten to release private videos of her "friend"....She's manipulative... She can put on a front of she wants to but the truth always comes to light... Alot of celebrities ACT one way just to take FANS money but that definitely is not how they are in REAL life....

    Raven RoseRaven Rose2 oy oldin
  • Lori Harvey jumps around 😂

    I BI B2 oy oldin
  • Why are they going so crazy over Tory Lanez? I would understand if it was MBJ. But Torey Lanez? 😓

    I BI B2 oy oldin
  • No Loyalty Has Ever Existed When An Artist Sells Their Soul For Clout. Somebody Give Meg A Life Vest 🎽 Cuz She's Drowning Big Time.

    Hypnotic Curves BoutiqueHypnotic Curves Boutique2 oy oldin
  • So Tory broke up a friendship all bc he could stay loyal to Kelsey. Then on top of that shot Megan. He don’t deserve his platform smh

    allyiah simonallyiah simon2 oy oldin
  • Megan, that's foul asf. I hate a chic who assumes stuff but then has to air out issues with their FRIEND for the world to see. That shows their true character. Her lyrics in her "diss track" say everything she's been feeling.

    Cher0keeCher0kee2 oy oldin
  • Money is make the ugly come out in people

    shatara colebrookeshatara colebrooke2 oy oldin
  • I feel like the commentator has already made up her mind that Megan is wrong. It’s she say, he say!!!! If you are reporting on something it’s should be neutral .

    abwonaabwona2 oy oldin
  • Now I take back what I said agreeing with megan thee stallion months ago about woman empowerment, see when megan talk that crap but not living that sister hood, she only said that when it's convenient for her and to benefit her because of her issues from her ex boyfriend's in the past did her wrong but she really show her true colors I can't support her again.

    Patricia HamiltonPatricia Hamilton2 oy oldin
  • This is why I’ve been saying #TeamToryLanes

    Nancy SpencerNancy Spencer2 oy oldin
  • If this is true, Meg fucked up BIG TIME!

    Favour AsiegbuFavour Asiegbu2 oy oldin
  • I dont like Megan the stallion

    Kia CurryKia Curry2 oy oldin
  • So this is what’s left of the black community, a bunch of entertainers and drama queens, no scientist, no inventors,

    American TruckerAmerican Trucker2 oy oldin
  • I'm team Kelsey.

    Pink Honey 41Pink Honey 412 oy oldin
  • Meg shoulda stfu... and stayed focused on her craft. Shout Out to beautiful black women who look like they Daddy. 💕

    OG Baddie TVOG Baddie TV2 oy oldin
  • Lori is another Kardashians....sorry but she is

    Nurse ZeeNurse Zee2 oy oldin
  • Regarding MTS that she is fake. She trying to ride that rocket as fast and far as it can go. She is not going to be a real friend to anybody until she feels like she made it. It’s true to some degree that Tory is playing some game theory here. Is he in the background creating some reasonable doubt about who really fired those shots. I question the host of this channel for walking the fine line here for creating more speculation. Is this a moral or ethical issue? At times the Empressive Channel tends to tip scale of naïveté. Is it becoming clear more and more that MTS is totally obsessed with success and that apparently her obsession is starting to become criminal? Advice to Empressive to not become an accessory to MTS’ rising enterprise. Give us your complete opinion. I have stated before that Hollywood is not real and it’s a competition. With a million plus followers your channel has to realize when you are being drawn into situations and being fed information for the sake of broadcasting it. MTS is a baddie. She is working hard to maintain her namesake. The only thing that would slow her down would be house arrest and the way she’s going this may happen. In the year of a pandemic she managed at one time to trend greater than COVID-19.

    #BatComTheHottest!#BatComTheHottest!2 oy oldin
  • You’re being bias in your information again

    SunnySideUp BrownSunnySideUp Brown2 oy oldin
  • How do you figure that it’s all Megan’s fault? Like we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes and honestly I feel like your picking sides over here and just believing everything that Kelsey has to say. What about kelseys roll in everything? She was being a fake ass bitch and couldn’t even stand up for Megan and she did that to protect Tory. There is a lot of shit that we don’t know thag goes on behind the scenes like I said so please next time make sure to get all the legit facts before you make another video choosing sides. 💯💯💯

    Kathleen VidanaKathleen Vidana2 oy oldin
  • I think the Michael b Jordan thing is just something they are doing. I had felt something was off about him for years then that video came out about him flirting with a man. I think he is bi or gay and trying to throw ppl off his scent. And Lori is down for the ride long as its lavish

    Journey DreamJourney Dream2 oy oldin
  • I’m tryna figure out what the point of bringing her mother up? Like what does that have to do with this. Granted we don’t know what could have happened. But that should have just been left out. You were already being one sided but like come on. Def not called for to bring her up.

    Tatiana CuffieTatiana Cuffie2 oy oldin
  • Why would Megan expect her friend to defend her after finding out her friend which is Megan is messing wit her dude 😆 make it make sense.

    Lolita GodleyLolita Godley2 oy oldin
  • It is juvenile, when friends destroy their friendship over a loser. Then again, a real friendship would have prevented all that, so maybe they're both better off

    V ArtV Art2 oy oldin
  • It is a vicious world out there....I always keep my friends close....Your best friend can be your best enemy. To start off with...maybe she wasn't a friend.....your friend does not sleep with your man....just wrong.

    Gloria BrownGloria Brown2 oy oldin
  • Kelsey should type her responses because she speaks horribly. 😩

    Ash MLAsh ML2 oy oldin
  • That "Jokes On Me" song off Tory's album takes on a whole new meaning to me with this story, especially with that music video damn.. just interesting speculation. This story just keeps getting crazier wtf

    Solomon RollerSolomon Roller2 oy oldin
  • I think Megan does have her own part of blame in the story that she needs to personally hold herself accountable with I believe she did two time w/ Tory. but the way Kelsey is acting is very unhealthy. She’s posted up with Megan’s old label throwing shots trying to get her attention, if y’all really listened to Kelsey song bussin back (it was trash) she said “if I had the gun it would have been a murder” for her to make that comment is so malicious and callous because Megan really had to go to the hospital and Megan was really hurt. So for her to make a sly remark in jest about that situation where she was bleeding and limping let’s me know Kelsey true character despite the victim mode she appears to be in. Megan has said a lot of harsh stuff about Kelsey but she never made a jab about murder.

    MakailaMakaila2 oy oldin
    • Kelsey wanna act all hard in the song talmbout “if I had the gun it would’ve been a murder” but then wanna hop on live crying “Megan call me!!” .... it’s giving mental illness

      MakailaMakaila2 oy oldin
  • Lori is living her best life and I am here for it too.

    Dresden CollinsDresden Collins2 oy oldin
  • The utter "hurt" in her voice. Damn!!!

    Lakshmi KimmuLakshmi Kimmu2 oy oldin
  • 8:45 Hey yo... #Empressive be getting paid to slander and libel people's name. She's speaking like she knows the in and outs of this truth... LIKE SHE WAS THERE!!!! I ain't hear an allegedly in this piece of rant here, YET!!! Damn girl... you better tighten up your gossip!!!!

    AaiCee ClareAaiCee Clare2 oy oldin
    • Ayyoooo I swear. You hear her tone basically switch up tho. Like she saying Megan this Megan that. Like is Kelsey your homegirl? 😂😂😂 I’m so glad somebody else pointed that out.

      Tatiana CuffieTatiana Cuffie2 oy oldin
  • You wrong for bring her momma in that that’s weird

    The_realrichboy GangThe_realrichboy Gang2 oy oldin
  • idc unpopular opinion, if you my real life homie and you don't defend me against some dude that shot me just cause he giving you the D, imma go hard on yo ahh! Ol boy about to get his too, just as soon as I am done witchu!

    Sapphire JohnsonSapphire Johnson2 oy oldin
  • It goes both ways. Megan ain’t the only one who let Tory get in between their friendship, Kelsey did as well. This video seems very one sided it’s crazy, especially since no one knows what really happened.

    Nicole MarieNicole Marie2 oy oldin
    • Thank youuuuu. Like she not holding the other party accountable. It’s only because Kelsey crying out on this live. But at the same time she still made a diss to Meg and said something if she had the gun she would murder her. Like why she ain’t notate that?

      Tatiana CuffieTatiana Cuffie2 oy oldin
  • I thought Tory was talking to Kelsey first and then Meg started wanting him. Well atleast I got that from his jokes on me video. It's sad when friends/family fall out... Been there...

    GorgeouslyReal T.V.GorgeouslyReal T.V.2 oy oldin
  • This is sad to me cuz so often when a woman has her heart broken by a man its hard for her to face either the fact that he wronged her &she still cares or she don't care that much about him but gets embarassed he wronged her. So she blames another female, that another females actions fueled the situation that lead to him hurting her if its true or not. Since Kelsey was also dating him 1st &was there she is the easy scap goat so end of those BFFs, &always sad when man ruins a BFF relationship between woman, the man is usually NOT WORTH IT, THEY SHOULD STAND AGAINST HIM AS FRIENDS.

    Christel McKeonChristel McKeon2 oy oldin
  • No Megan came out with a song called shot fired on her new album good news so Megan ex BFF came back at her with a diss track about her Megan

    Leah GullifordLeah Gulliford2 oy oldin
  • This why I have 3 sisters

    naturalpn7naturalpn72 oy oldin
    • @White Whip you grow TF up

      LadyJ 22LadyJ 22Oy oldin
    • Grow tf up

      White WhipWhite Whip2 oy oldin
  • Lori is a beautiful girl. She should value herself more instead of being community p***y.

    M NelsonM Nelson2 oy oldin
  • Megan is a hot mess y'all never trust a bitch that is friends with everybody cause she is the poison amongst y'all

    Begeah PatriciaBegeah Patricia2 oy oldin
  • Empressive one of your best videos to date!!!!!!! Lori Harvey keep playing them the way they think they play us. Meg how u going to let a CORNBALL LIKE TORY GET BTWN U AND YOUR BEST FRIEND...THAT'S STRAIGHT UP WACK!!!!! KELSEY Do U !!!!!? Bithces don't understand LOYALTY'!!!!!!!

    Madam ElleMadam Elle2 oy oldin
  • Meghan shot her own self

    NN2 oy oldin
  • What the hell does Lori Harvey do ? Why are all these guys simping for her ?

    JLewJLew2 oy oldin
  • Micheal b jordan a play boy too. . .

    TiffTiff2 oy oldin
  • I just hate seeing friendships end like this especially over a smurf. I feel like megan and Kelsey shouldn't have dropped a diss and let that shit end your friendship. I'd never let shit like this end my friendship. And even if our friendship did end I would never air out our secrets cause you like my sister and I'll always keep our shit to myself. So kelsey going on live dishing stuff is just as wrong as meg dissing her. This basically proves kelsey and megan were never a true friend IDGAF how ugly our friendship ends AGAIN I WILL NEVER SPILL OUR TEA PERIODT. Basically they both in the wrong. And they both just need to move on and remember megan doesn't have any real support around her. Her mom, dad, grandma are gone and now she got all these "friends" around her influencing her to do this and that. They both just need to move on and find better real friends honestly. But I still feel bad for both because like I said I hate seeing friendships ends over A DAMN SMURF when they both need to be mad at the boy smh.

    Christina HolmesChristina Holmes2 oy oldin
  • I honestly feel there was a tussle over torys gun and Megan was shot. How else is that there’s all these many stories about what happened. Kelsey is hurt as she should be and didn’t speak on it & Megan wants to blame Tory bc she was hurt. Just my opinion.

    Cee ThangCee Thang2 oy oldin
  • Meg best friend passed away (her mom)so she don’t owe nobody nothing ... She a savage !

    Tiffany GloverTiffany Glover2 oy oldin
  • why the fuck is all this shit happening over some wack ass man

    Chynna CoaseyChynna Coasey2 oy oldin
  • Megan is trans

    Asante j say my name!Asante j say my name!2 oy oldin

    Teresa RobinsonTeresa Robinson2 oy oldin
  • Lori playing fast & loose lord.

    meli melimeli meli2 oy oldin
  • Meg shot herself and she don’t want kels saying nun and that’s why the horse ain’t being messy to Tory

    Dan CopDan Cop2 oy oldin
  • Come on expressive channel!!! What happened to having an objective standpoint 🤷🏽‍♀️ Put yourself in Megan’s shoes.... and I really don’t trust Kelsey... money can buy anyone, for the right price....

    Ms. BrownMs. Brown2 oy oldin
    • Yessss she didn’t even put her emphasis on ALLEGED. like was she there?

      Tatiana CuffieTatiana Cuffie2 oy oldin
  • Number one no-no is sleeping with your friend's man! Also you're only on top of the Rap Game for a hot minute. Meg can find herself "shelved". I read she said her label didn't want to release new music a few months ago.

    Caviar nolastnameCaviar nolastname2 oy oldin
  • Meg was doing so good what the fuck man....

    Combat MedicCombat Medic2 oy oldin