Lizzo admits she doesn't like her body | Beyonce's IvyPark team face backlash over blackfish models

11-Dek, 2020
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  • What lizzo said about dealing w your inner issues bc it will not go away or get better w time is soooo true!

    Truth MattersTruth MattersSoat oldin
  • Good for Cassie Diddy was a toll in her life Social media will make or break your self esteem

    Divine 85 ErinDivine 85 Erin6 soat oldin
  • Everybody wants to have brown and dark skin but don't want to have the problems of being dark and brown skin like myself people talking down to you and everything even your own race who got the same skin color as you and this is why I'm not a shame of having brown skin

    Jalisa TrussJalisa Truss7 soat oldin
  • Lizzo is a beautiful woman

    Kayne's LavishSimsUniverseKayne's LavishSimsUniverse5 kun oldin
  • Being fat is a choice, you can just stop eating crap at any moment and start exercising, but you choose not to. Sometimes you are confident about your body, other times you don't. I think being an "advocate for fat people" is a ridiculous label because I dont think anybody loves to be fat, we just love food more than we love rock solid abs. However, if I could choose between having the body of Beyonce, or the body of Lizzo, guess who would I choose?? I think its great to accept yourself and love yourself regardless, but being morbidly obese is not ok, and if she decides to loose the weight I think people should support her. I am a very fat girl too, and when I saw Lizzo on the Savage Fenty show I felt sorry for her, I feel like brands are using her to make themselves look "inclusive" and "woke"...if Rihanna wants to support fat people...start eating then! Anyways, here for healthy Lizzo.

    Ines FerreiraInes Ferreira5 kun oldin
  • I thought she was still with puffy

    Teresa TaylorTeresa Taylor11 kun oldin
  • Idk who said curly hair isn’t beautiful bc around me every one thinks curly hair is beautiful and how they wish they had curls

    Saraya AucoinSaraya Aucoin12 kun oldin
  • I hate that Lizzo allowed the masses to define how she feels about herself and didn't get on a scale and come to terms with how problematic her WEIGHT (not her body) was on her own.

    Ms. BirminghamMs. Birmingham12 kun oldin
  • Ivy park wild af for that. Who tf made that decision. Why give them a platform. I thought we were done giving black fishers a space in our culture???

    Ali BabiAli Babi12 kun oldin
  • I appreciate Lizzo transparency 😫😫 I needed that

    Latasha ReneeLatasha Renee13 kun oldin
  • what money are you talking about! They just made a photoshoot for their own money and add Ivy Park in the description. So? How you could be offended that the like African appearance ?

    Darya GolownyaDarya Golownya13 kun oldin
  • you are still my baby black are white

    shannon watsonshannon watson14 kun oldin
  • I have a huge problem with this people don't understand the term Free Slaves. Most of us in the United States of America including myself are four to five generations back from slavery which makes you either the 4th or 5th generation of a Free Slaves. My great-grandmother is the first generation and product of the Free Slave

    Nique BNique B14 kun oldin
  • I thought people knew by now that fame and money will not solve internal issues, but....

    Loriell CLoriell C16 kun oldin
  • Your comments regarding black fishing are spot on. Those two women being cast as black women for a clothing line, has now taken a job opportunity from two black women. An industry that black women struggle so hard to be successful at, this type of behavior should not be condoned.

    Kimberly ShakespeareKimberly Shakespeare16 kun oldin
  • Really, Black-Fishing is a compliment your. Chill -Lax people. I Agree with the models.

    Sandra MorrisSandra Morris16 kun oldin
  • Beyoncé needs to be held accountable as well.

    LaiahLaiah18 kun oldin
  • Even Halsey is pregnant and nicloetv just gave birth. It's like pregnancy is in the air that this celebrities a breathing in

  • name., you never know what someone is going through no matter how they look on the outside. A little compassion and a little love 💕 that we can give to each other helps.

    Nafiza Ziyad-PattersonNafiza Ziyad-Patterson18 kun oldin
  • Who’s gonna tell her no one wears caucasian bundles?😩

    User 15User 1519 kun oldin
  • I swear ppl just want big girls to feel horrible about themselves

    taywizzaytaywizzay19 kun oldin
  • Why do people think Celebrities don't have insecurities ? The part that makes me so mad is how internet trolls keep pointing out those insecurities

    Kuhle NgambuKuhle Ngambu20 kun oldin
  • The Russian women intentionally made themselves appear biracial because they know that look is "in." They are playing dumb because they got called out.

    Gail A.Gail A.20 kun oldin
  • If you don't think Beyoncé should be held accountable, you're letting your love for her cloud your judgement. Ivy Park is her brand. The team's job is to represent her.

    Gail A.Gail A.20 kun oldin
  • Wow, the Russian women don't think they did anything wrong.

    Gail A.Gail A.20 kun oldin
  • 10:20 The hair . . . Are you kidding me!?

    Gail A.Gail A.20 kun oldin
  • Why does no one mention that this host says A LOT of problematic things?

    Gail A.Gail A.20 kun oldin
  • Lizzo is BEAUTIFUL.

    Gail A.Gail A.20 kun oldin
  • "Recently Lizzo came out and said that she does not like her body. Now I'm not surprised that she feels this way." Uh, what? 1. She did NOT say that. 2. Shame on you for saying you're not surprised.

    Gail A.Gail A.20 kun oldin
  • "Cassie is also pregnant as well." "Taina is also pregnant as well." You don't need to say "also" and "as well." Choose one, haha.

    Gail A.Gail A.20 kun oldin

    kerian latty-grahamkerian latty-graham21 kun oldin
  • Can you people see b is the one who done this. Its her clothing line. Am just saying

    Lajuana McKinneyLajuana McKinney21 kun oldin
  • Lizzo is geting on peoples nerves whining all the dang time**** we going through a pandemic **** people are dying from covid-19****all she want to do is cry about her damn weight****kids are starving in the world dang****get over yourself she just said she rich****then use some of that money & help people & help yourself get a nutritionist & lose weight

    meko lovemeko love21 kun oldin
  • Of course she doesnt. There's no way you can feel good being overweight, im overweight myself and think I'm beautiful but I'm not going to act like my weight is ok. I'm always trying to lose weight for my health.

    t briggst briggs21 kun oldin
  • Poor Lizzo. I pray that she gets better.

    Baia forevBaia forev22 kun oldin
  • Why has instagram turned our race into an aesthetic?

    Tam MatTam Mat22 kun oldin
  • I love Lizo! She's beautiful just as she is.

    Better ThingsBetter Things22 kun oldin
  • ITS NOT A LOOK. they like the "look" you say, but not the motherfucking problems that come with being black. ah fo man

    LyriLyri22 kun oldin
  • My comment was meant for another recent video of lizzo wanting to lose weight

    lion kinglion king22 kun oldin
  • Lizzo was 🧢 the whole time, that false self confidence was transparent, st8 see through. Just like the 8mile movie when Eminem said and displayed all his flaws so no one else could is what she’s been doing this whole time, she was never comfortable with her body

    lion kinglion king22 kun oldin
  • Lizzo Finally Woke Up 😂. Must be the Weed. I think something is going on with her Choreographer.

    Poppi_WeaselPoppi_Weasel22 kun oldin
  • What's the Tea on Ari & Bagg or do you just repeat stuff that's already revealed on Social Media??

    Poppi_WeaselPoppi_Weasel22 kun oldin
  • Ok....which one is it! First you love your body sooooooo damn much ya damn near naked at a Lakers game now you don't like your body🙉🤦#konfuzon Buuuuutttttt.....she is a beautiful woman of color. I wouldn't go operating and stuff but ain't nothing wrong with toning some things up to be healthier. whatever the case....just hope its what she wants and not what she feels others want of her✌

    Southby NorthSouthby North23 kun oldin
  • Just because someone wears certain things doesn’t mean they don’t like their body

    Diana PennicottDiana Pennicott23 kun oldin
  • Re: the blackfishing, I get the impression that people outside of the US, that don't understand our history of racism, don't get how harmful appropriation is. Like, of course some Russian chicks are going to get defensive and refuse to empathize with the harm their actions are causing for Black women in the US. ESPECIALLY when they're profiting from it. I imagine they've been incredibly successful exploiting that niche in their own market. They can't relate to having their features completely demonized and marked as "lesser" for centuries. It's also a huge market in South Korea, with fashion and music being heavily influenced by overgeneralizations of Black culture in the US. Same for Iggy Azalea - even though she comes from AUS with it's own issues of extreme racism and intolerance against Aboriginal peoples - she literally refuses to comprehend how appropriating Black culture, even adopting the caricaturized speeck of a southern Black woman, is making a mockery of Black women. But then, at the same time, we have Ariana Grande, The Kardashians, and a host of Blackfishin' influencers in the US doing the same thing, so I guess that explanation only goes so far regarding the shamelessness and defensiveness over their "fashion choices" Part of me feels like, great, Black hair and Black body shapes are finally being accepted - but the fear is, they're only being accepted on white people. And when they're being treated like "trends" it means they can fall out of fashion, and thus the natural features of an entire race are able to be rendered "outdated" and thus, undesirable again.

    NoricocoNoricoco24 kun oldin
  • I think Lizzo is just being real. She's not saying "I hate my body" in general - she's admitting that the constant criticism and fatphobic comments still get to her, despite all of her work toward self-acceptance and body positivity. It's an important message, because it allows room for grace for other women working toward self-acceptance - that even someone that has been placed at the forefront of body positivity (and whether she wanted to be there or not is another discussion..) still has moments of struggle. That it isn't an all-or-nothing sort of thing; it's a constant struggle. Her message is an important one, especially for people who are working toward being in a place of self-acceptance - knowing there will be moments where it doesn't seem possible, and she's showing how she deals with those moments.

    NoricocoNoricoco24 kun oldin
  • i feel so bad for lizzo

    Fbi agent #23 #23Fbi agent #23 #2326 kun oldin
  • I am so DONE with LIZZO!! Pick your struggle- either you a confident woman or you ashamed of your body with low self esteem! You need to see a therapist to help you work through it

    DD28 kun oldin
  • Russian women blackfish alot I'm not surprised

    lidllidlOy oldin
  • Damn Lizzo lookin like Tierra Marie during her heavy days 😜😜😜

    C AliC AliOy oldin
  • you are strange people I have to say, I am Albanian, I am just white as snow, but when the sun is shining and I'm outside I get just as dark as these ladies. besides, I have curls, my mother has an affro, my cousin has blue eyes, blonde hair and an affro. are there only black and white people in America? I looked at the comments, you women don't come across as strong but very insecure and jealous, it's like a sect you all say the same thing and don't even think about what's wrong with you.

    JiyuJiyuOy oldin
  • people always got something to say about plus sized women and they the reason they have so much insecurities 🙄 any body size is beautiful. pls sit down and stop body shaming plus sized women. its mean. but yall OBVIOUSLY dont care .

    Paris AgnewParis AgnewOy oldin
  • Imitation extermination annihilation.

    Natasha DelightNatasha DelightOy oldin
  • Someone tell these Russian women to get the fuck outta here with the bullshit!

    kelly williamskelly williamsOy oldin
  • Its biracial fishing not black fishing...

    Dressed in ModestyDressed in ModestyOy oldin
  • Lizzo can pull an adele and loose the weight

    Dressed in ModestyDressed in ModestyOy oldin
  • Everytime these women leave these rappers for real men their lives get a million times better!

    Dressed in ModestyDressed in ModestyOy oldin
  • I knew that they all pretend fat is ok

    angel walkerangel walkerOy oldin
  • So why is it WE can do whatever we want as far as OUR hair but white women can’t? The answer here is usually the excuse that we as blacks have all hair types and colors over the spectrum.... I mean look at me- I’m creole with a lot of European features.... But that is a weak excuse because white people have naturally curly hair, too. Look at many Jews! They even get relaxers. Basically people need to chill. Sure, these Russians may be riding a wave, but we do too. Be fair and consistent in your judgement. Also, if they are Russian, why are you holding them to an American standard as if they grew up in our culture knowing and understanding America’s racial issues??? I keep coming to this channel but I keep finding reasons to not come back. It’s the bias for me.

    T. BebopT. BebopOy oldin
    • 👏👏👏

      JiyuJiyuOy oldin
  • Anyone doing that much to prove they like or love their body, DOES NOT like her body. They are trying to convince themselves just as much as they are trying to convince us.

    T. BebopT. BebopOy oldin
  • She don’t like her body, but she literally force-feed us her ass all the time. I knew there was something to all of that - false confidence, which will have you doing way too much. Grab some free weights and work on it. Stay blessed, Lizzie and work on you.

    GPAGEGPAGEOy oldin
  • I don’t really get the blackfish thing... I though this was going to be about black girls pretending to be white and that cat fishing would be when white girls curl their hair and change their skin... I think it’s kind of racist to use the word blackfish and separate whites from black when a catfish is a person who does that. Not here for the phrase! I understand why people would have an issue with the fact that white models may be getting paid instead of black models but also I can’t really get it at the same time.... like every female artist wears wigs. We didn’t call Nikki a whitefish when she done it? That would be absurd. Let people change their hair. Let the world change. I’m sorry but it’s the same people who say they want to be treated equally who are treating these models as if they are too white to wear curly wigs and use tan.... i have white friends with crazy curls, I have black friends with crazy curls, the only difference is the white girl thinks she’s unique and beautiful and the black girl thinks she needs to get lace fronts weaves and change her hair every month.... I love when people who say that they want equality fight for it. Call her a catfish

    Carolyn KronnCarolyn KronnOy oldin
  • 12:23 facts 💯

    Whitney JosephWhitney JosephOy oldin
  • What was the song brown skin girls ah yeah ok.

    Christy AnnChristy AnnOy oldin
  • I love Lizzo, she’s so unproblematic, never talks down on anyone, always so positive! She doesn’t deserve any of the hate she receives.

    KERIN JKERIN JOy oldin
  • Love to Lizzo! XO

    Katy MacCoyKaty MacCoyOy oldin
  • wear our culture??? so now clothes are even for white or blacks. GOT IT LMFAO y’all way tooooo fucking sensitive. girls just tryna get a bag. fuckin relax before you get premature wrinkles

    h ih iOy oldin
  • I broke up with a guy when the VMA came up and Lizzo performed bc he was disgusted by her body. People can really be awful on this planet.

    点心300点心300Oy oldin
  • FIND GOD! We need to stop looking for temporary solutions for our problem when God is the ONE AND ONLY solution!!🙏🏾🙏🏾 I pray for Lizzo🙏🏾🙏🏾

    MandaMandaOy oldin
  • it a shame tat your beyonce let that, never like this women she is not a faminist she is a busnesswoment that it

    ahlem roseahlem roseOy oldin
  • No on and I mean no one wears white people hair 😂😂😂 why do they always lie about it

    Zahra WaisZahra WaisOy oldin
  • They look just like beyonce though, she looks like a white woman.

    Darron McnultyDarron McnultyOy oldin
  • Here pig pig 🐷

    No idea What's my name isNo idea What's my name isOy oldin

    Moe B¡Moe B¡Oy oldin
  • No fucking puedo, they are posing as black women, if the internet’s didn’t tell me they were Russian I would have assumed they were black women with light skin, until I zoomed in on the photo and realized they weren’t women of color, just another white woman capitalizing off black culture . It’s sickens me to see how hey are so dismissive and also trying to tell black women how they are supposed to feel like....come on now 🙄

    Melissa MestasMelissa MestasOy oldin
    • they don't look black, they look mixed, and why not, the two have booked a job where they should look mixed and that's it. You Americans get on the nerves of the rest of the world with your weird point of view, we don't share your story.

      JiyuJiyuOy oldin
  • How many women “like” their bodies? We are critical by nature

    ByeByeButtiByeByeButtiOy oldin
  • Let the IvyPark incident be reminder 10031 that people are rich first and black second. Beyonce/ her team wont care about this incident as long as she can still be rich. So stop hyping her for doing the bare minimum to make money like brown skin girls song and using black imagery during a super bowl, because that ONLY color she cares about is not on her body but the GREEN in her hands

    Rikkilover17Rikkilover17Oy oldin
  • Its the bahaviour not the body ppl take issue with SO STOP PLAYING ... keep the shit a100

    iffy TViffy TVOy oldin
  • Lizzo is beautiful inside and out a diet with fruits veggies water lots of pineapple juice walking and exercise 😊 get yah right I'm 38 look 18 when I was 18 I looked 38 due to birth control I got up to 180 by 25 I started my plan And I've been 120 ever since when people ask how I did It say I have Benjamin button 🤣

    Monique LoveMonique LoveOy oldin
  • People get pregnant everyday who cares

    Katelynn MariaKatelynn MariaOy oldin
  • Quarantine babies tf? Shit sounds retarded

    Katelynn MariaKatelynn MariaOy oldin
  • That’s crazy.. Beyonce and her team are dead wrong.

    chelsea currychelsea curryOy oldin
  • Lizzo is beutiful just the way she is

    Jayleen barahonaJayleen barahonaOy oldin
  • I thought Lizzio love her body 😮 I didn't know she hates herself that way

    Angelica StartAngelica StartOy oldin
  • So hmmmm.....🤔 let me get this straight. A white female can not put on a wig & tan her skin, without y’all coming for her ass, but black woman wear wigs that are Asian bone straight or curls that are that of a mixed girl or Hispanic, even a white girl, can wear colored contacts, and use makeup to make your nose not appear wide, or try to lighten up your skin color with filters. Gtfoh here with that tunnel vision shit. How about you stop the whining and the crying. Clearly Beyoncé is over here hiring a lot of black woman, as she should. However, she hired these two to model as well, now y’all screaming they took a job from a black girl. You sound insecure, like a hater, and you need help. Tell your friends, family and everyone else to stop trying to bleach, use filters, spending all their money on those wigs, weaved and colored contacts. Sit down some where and make it make sense.

    C BellC BellOy oldin
    • 👏👏

      JiyuJiyuOy oldin
  • Did anyone else chuckle at the “designer puppies” part?

    K KK KOy oldin
  • *there are southern girls with gypsy roots" Ma'am.... You are fully white. Not a single drop of gypsy in you. We have brown skin and Indian features, you don't 🤨. What is this bs with white people saying they have an ethnic background without looking ethnic AT ALL.

    compulsive_jaywalkercompulsive_jaywalkerOy oldin
  • the one with the pop smoke braids has been caught in full on black face so missed me with that shit!

    marissadionemarissadioneOy oldin
  • I swear he better treat Victoria right or we gone have problems

    Jordan MonroeJordan MonroeOy oldin
  • EVERYBODY PULLS THIS SHIT. black wanna be white, white wanna be black. straight hair ppl wanna curl, curly hair ppl wanna straighten. white people tan, dark people bleach. YALL WANT WHAT YALL CANT HAVE.

    Golden RazorGolden RazorOy oldin
  • I hope Lizzo is okay as well and people need to shut up if they have nothing good to say about her. I hate when people use social media as a safe space for bullying.

    juannifer32juannifer32Oy oldin
  • lizzo is stunning btw

    Kristara PradaKristara PradaOy oldin
  • I feel bad

  • Those two russian models are trying to look Ethiopian 👀

    Roasted FamRoasted FamOy oldin
  • Am I the only person wandering why this video has thumbs down??

    Mae MaeMae MaeOy oldin
  • They have white models for diversity. Its a business move. Now if the majority were white I'd have a major problem. Yes darkening their skin and changing their hair is questionable. I take it as a compliment though. Black women are beautiful queens. We come in all shapes, shades. They wanna be like us!.

    Tracy LaBadTracy LaBadOy oldin
  • Well damn 😔

    NaylaNaylaOy oldin
  • These models are fucking weird

    Sal HernandezSal HernandezOy oldin
  • Black people are beautiful. But there are some black people out there who acts white as-well. Not throwing any shades but kinda works both ways ✌🏻 * Okay ladies now let’s get information *

    Tiare EliaTiare EliaOy oldin
  • OMFG What did Lizzo do to anyone except be positive and uplifting?!!

    Kravin GaimsKravin Gaims2 oy oldin