Lil Uzi disrespects Yung Miami and JT (City Girls) | Yung Miami's man Southside 808 goes off on Uzi!

2-Apr, 2021
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  • Jt Teeth.. sends me everytime😂😂😂😂😂

    Chun LíChun Lí4 soat oldin
  • Love your new intro!

    Julia RangelJulia Rangel5 soat oldin
  • He went off for no reason I'm glad caresha didn't really try to argue wit him and uzi seem a lil controlling when he said "I run this"

    Marlene ShawMarlene Shaw5 soat oldin
  • i think JT is afraid of uzi and that’s really worrying. JT seems like she was a good friend before Uzi i don’t think she’s intentionally being a bad friend she’s scared of what Uzi is gonna say on live

    evlyn hambryevlyn hambry5 soat oldin
    • or maybe he’s physically threatening her or more

      evlyn hambryevlyn hambry5 soat oldin
  • Jt dumb as fuck

    nathan levynathan levy6 soat oldin
  • Uzi a bitch

    nathan levynathan levy6 soat oldin
  • Can you do a next video about female collabs (sza ,doja gwen , saweetie ....

    Jean PourierJean Pourier8 soat oldin
  • He keeps saying her name, he love him some Caresha baby‼️ 🤍✨🤣😭😂

    Nancy FischerNancy Fischer10 soat oldin
  • His wants caresha

    jimmy varnadojimmy varnado10 soat oldin
  • I personally don’t care for the city girls at all but you never let someone you deal with talk bad about your friend

    CeCe VlogsCeCe Vlogs12 soat oldin
  • can you do a video on how cardi is constantly stalking nicki on twitter & arguing w/ barbz ???

    LEX . .LEX . .14 soat oldin
  • Keresha can hold it down on her own as a CITY GIRL and proved it while JT was away. I hope they don’t let Uzi destroy JT because we all know broke JT looks nothing like rich JT. Uzi will be on to the next. Period

    Leo PhoenixLeo Phoenix15 soat oldin
  • His energy giving me abusive , why he talking to her like that wtf ? He was not joking , I am not a city girl fan, but I respect Caresha for that , don't DM your friends man.

    B. ValB. Val16 soat oldin
  • Idk why females act like they HAVE to let a nigga have control . Fuck that , he’s way beside himself . Ill be dammmm, JT better wake the fuck up.

    Che’ Miche’Che’ Miche’16 soat oldin
  • Hey expressive channel can you please do the dmx Because he pass away today

    Kiemy PerryKiemy Perry16 soat oldin
  • Caresha boyfriend savage

    Gilbert SanyaGilbert Sanya17 soat oldin
  • Likes for the Kenyan fan luv this channel

    Gilbert SanyaGilbert Sanya17 soat oldin
  • I don’t give af about City Girls. Never did, but I’m loving the drama.

    mal joe_77mal joe_7717 soat oldin
  • Periodddt that’s how you suppose to come about your LADY💯💯

    Starlette TitialiiStarlette Titialii19 soat oldin
  • There is nothing cute about calling your girlfriend your "bitch" I never understood this it is very disrespectful

    Jasmine NoirJasmine Noir19 soat oldin
  • Plz tell me you got talk about the Cardi and barbs thing tht happened last night cuz I don't know what happened

    Jinx XxxJinx Xxx21 soat oldin
  • So hol up why he disrespecting her doe like nigga just snap for what 🤨 anger issues much

    Tiny TTiny T23 soat oldin
  • Uzi is weird asf for the money #sellout

    Kimberly TaylorKimberly Taylor23 soat oldin

  • Stop dating dudes that refer to you as a bitch smh , low standards everywhere. Just embarrassed that girl in front of the world, white supremacy, willie lynch shit at its finest going on around here

    Summit SatelliteSummit SatelliteKun oldin
  • Yesss south side🙏🏾🦾Im sorry idk a person cant talk to me lik that. I always say idc who u are, dont say no dumb shit around me. Aint no real nigga playing like that bout they BM and thats some real shit. Plus Ppl speak the truth n how they feel deep inside wen they are drunk lmfao thats fact. But jt n caresha gt this; uzi just tripped n south side just said tighten up n dont trip again cuz its not cute to him

    Foreign FeeForeign FeeKun oldin
  • they really something else

    Carolina AlvaradoCarolina AlvaradoKun oldin
  • You can tell that she was trying to respect her friend,

    T GT GKun oldin
  • I would’ve ended that live so fast.

    aanasmiraaanasmiraKun oldin
  • Yeah I don’t understand his energy! He was really disrespectful towards Young Miami! I didn’t appreciate it, respect these woman! Don’t allow this dude to come in between y’all friendship! Creisha Hold this entire group down for month! This dude carries purses!

    Neka JonesNeka JonesKun oldin
  • These people need to start keeping their problems to themselves. How you gonna be mad at us when you brought your problems to us. We wouldn't know nothing if you just kept it private. Ok, I'm done ranting now.

    Fahimi MamonvilFahimi MamonvilKun oldin
  • Why they always on line,stop calling people when around that make no sense boyfriend!!

    Danzella MoyeDanzella MoyeKun oldin
  • His bitch? That’s weird too

    Brittany GarciaBrittany GarciaKun oldin
  • He’s annoying. Yuck

    Brittany GarciaBrittany GarciaKun oldin
  • If JT doesn’t get out of this relationship with the quickness.....this won’t end well. I also need Miami’s man to stop calling her his B@&?h. It’s making me cringe.

    Ms. BirminghamMs. BirminghamKun oldin
  • Uzi do way to much

    Chrisis aTSChrisis aTSKun oldin
  • As long as a mf knows he can buy u, this is exactly how he gonna treat u. How uzi treat jt.

    Jasmine MarieaJasmine MarieaKun oldin
  • y'all in these comments saying anythingggg .lml

    Minnie MonroeMinnie MonroeKun oldin
  • Lol uzi is yoko ono. City girls ain’t gon last with him in the picture.

    vector DWvector DWKun oldin
  • Why have you not talked about the Dmx situation

    Poeticjalen 777Poeticjalen 777Kun oldin
    • Exactly!

      Aaliyah SAaliyah SKun oldin
  • Why would jt even set her friend up like that. On live and she gave him the phone. Embarrassing

    Gilda MartinezGilda MartinezKun oldin
  • He will be the fall of the city girls

    KimKimKun oldin
  • all it takes is someone removing that diamond on Uzi's forehead to take him out

    miriam nmiriam nKun oldin
  • Some of yall really draggin it though like it not that deep when they all tweeted that he was just playin and y'all still mad a uzi

    Hoodie HBKHoodie HBKKun oldin
  • He doesn’t seem like he like women to me 💁🏾‍♀️

    Naturally_keecoeNaturally_keecoe2 kun oldin
  • The disrespect ain't go continue on the riff like dat...she better not be surprised if her friend go SOLO 💯

    Carriala ScurryCarriala Scurry2 kun oldin
  • JT definitely tried to get him to stop but she knew how many people were watching and didn’t want to be arguing with him in front of all of those people. All around a bad situation because pretty much no matter what she did in that situation she would have been in the blogs. I feel for JT and Miami.

    MailunaMailuna2 kun oldin
  • You really said that about south side saying bitch when you call each other the same thing 🙄😂🤣 And fuck outta here with that playing cause south side said what he said the way he said it I was just clowning remember when he did this wit soulja boy over Yachty 😂 I like Uzi idk shit about City girls but I know uzi wasnt playing and neither was south side regardless what anybody say. They keep saying y'all got some much hate for uzi... No its the fact that nigga yelling in a angry tone of dissaproval that clearly shows her wasn't playing.

    #Swag DaSlik#Swag DaSlik2 kun oldin
  • @katolove24 😀

    KatoLove24KatoLove242 kun oldin
  • Jt did not stop this???? Jt might need to step away

  • I'm here for 808 knocking that diamond out his forehead 😂😂

    Jinelle XDJinelle XD2 kun oldin
  • Lil Uzi on his period or sum? Wtf is he acting up like that? He better not come between the City Girls they my everything 😤

    Jinelle XDJinelle XD2 kun oldin
  • Miami kept quiet and let her nigga handle another man instead of going at uzi.... But this is what's up with uzi..he is a gay man who likes he lives his gayness vicariously through the city girls..always with the girly antics..he is controlling because he takes his insecurities and gives the energy to his will make a woman sit her ass right there and do what she is told......shit is real

    Deezy TroopDeezy Troop2 kun oldin
  • I would never allow my man to disrespect my best friend or me. I would’ve cussed him tf out. And my man calling me his “b*tch”?! 🥴💀💀💀 over my dead body. Lol.

    Ashley BillardAshley Billard2 kun oldin
  • What I don't get is that, she stated that he gave her enough money to buy several houses, but yet she's living in an apartment sporting designer clothing, bags, jewelry, cars, and shoes . Do you own any property or made any investments, make it make sense.

    Angel clintAngel clint2 kun oldin
  • I can’t first of he’s not all that and secondly if that was my friend he damn sure wouldn’t be speaking to her like that . Respect goes both ways

    Kendesh JohnsonKendesh Johnson2 kun oldin
  • Everything about this is just toxic 💆🏾‍♀️

    Raise your sons right and I won’t call the copsRaise your sons right and I won’t call the cops2 kun oldin
  • Didn't the call end with uzi saying"bye twin" in a funny manner to her friend??? Over hyped...

    Fun Art CreationsFun Art Creations2 kun oldin
  • She don't like the way he talking to her

    Brittany ChambersBrittany Chambers2 kun oldin
  • Before I care about this I would rather clean a cows balls then listen to anymore of their nonsense

    Cherlyn GibbsCherlyn Gibbs2 kun oldin
  • Do not give a crap about any of these people young people so stupid

    Cherlyn GibbsCherlyn Gibbs2 kun oldin
    • But I

      Cherlyn GibbsCherlyn Gibbs2 kun oldin
    • ,I guess you have to be under the age of 25 or 30 to care about these people

      Cherlyn GibbsCherlyn Gibbs2 kun oldin
    • 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬👹🤐

      Cherlyn GibbsCherlyn Gibbs2 kun oldin
  • Jt need to grab and leave

    Rene' BrownRene' Brown2 kun oldin
  • JT is a Sagittarius that is all.

    Brittany DanielsBrittany Daniels2 kun oldin
  • i knew it !!! i was wondering something & looked up his birthday & he’s a leo! leo men are very controlling & some things they say are not to be said

    JaythabraatJaythabraat2 kun oldin
    • and yes leo’s are very loud so i believe jt 😭

      JaythabraatJaythabraat2 kun oldin
  • Lil uzi doing to much for nothing , still love his music but that was too much

    Monica WILSONMonica WILSON2 kun oldin
  • I’m a bit confused on how the elevator incident isn’t a good look for swaeetie if he roughed her up? Granted we didn’t see what happened before but what we saw was abusive to but it mildly

    karla freeasabirdkarla freeasabird2 kun oldin
  • Not the Glee hair removal cream ad-

    Icey EditzzIcey Editzz2 kun oldin
  • Why would he use respectful language when he views her as property? He said "My Bitch" several times. He don't respect her; he's just saving face for his benefit.

    Sage MoonchildSage Moonchild2 kun oldin
  • I feel like Uzi was in Miami's inbox trying to flirt and she wasn't feeling it so she left him on read. Now he got an attitude cause miami didn't want to be a side piece. If I was JT I'd be asking him why he was in my homegirl's inbox anyway. 🤔

    Ashley RuckerAshley Rucker2 kun oldin
  • Girl bye lil uzi is a Woman. Don’t let him fool you 😂 .

    Amina DIORAmina DIOR2 kun oldin
  • Ew dude these guys calling their females bitches wtf. Do we honestly expect uzi to treat jt right when they allow their men to do this shit? Jt gonna fuck around and lose a friendship over a guy.

    Marie 마리Marie 마리2 kun oldin
  • That seems fake of jt to join her supposedly bestie live so that her man can get on her ass infront of all them people but hey.

    Indialife OnvuIndialife Onvu2 kun oldin
  • Around 9:06 it seems like he really trying to lower her self esteem by making it seem like she look like a 5 in front of those people because she know men watching the live too :| …. he too controlling. Like danm let her be herself. She seemed confident when she was showing her friend her outfit until he told her that's enough since her nipple was in the camera or something.

    _Cierra_Cierra2 kun oldin
  • He treat her like that because he got the money what that being said he have that power over her ... I my self feel like he will hit her

    BLaniesha BaeMUVABLaniesha BaeMUVA2 kun oldin
  • Ewww. I really liked Uzi until I saw this. Such a yuck personality. Love Miami even more. JT slowly losing me. This is a mess.

    SheJustLeftSheJustLeft2 kun oldin
  • Mad respect for YM boyfriend for coming to her defense. He wasn’t about to let his baby get disrespected 🤞🏼

    CaseyCasey2 kun oldin
  • Aaaahhh! All them niggas claiming they rich but offset out here robbing 😂😂😂

    Bilan HoustonBilan Houston2 kun oldin
  • uzi is gay bro

    Troy JamesTroy James2 kun oldin
  • Why do they disrespect they’re fans?

    Ostavia HyltonOstavia Hylton2 kun oldin
  • Caresha bby go sol while still can this bitch chasing a man not da bag🤷🏾‍♀️💙

    Kira kiraKira kira3 kun oldin
  • Stay away from the little men y’all ! You start giving these gnomes the time of day and they start acting out smh this is unacceptable behavior

    AmyliaAmylia3 kun oldin
  • What does city girls expect, this ninja worships satan further comment on that issue 🥱

    coolberry35coolberry353 kun oldin
  • this ugly! big mouth.... get lost

    African BeautyAfrican Beauty3 kun oldin
  • Uzi is a terrible person. He is very vain and needs to be humbled. You can hear from the way he talked to these two women he is a narcissistic. JT saying he playing knowing damn well what that was is disrespectful. I bet if Yung Miami were to tell her how she really feels JT the type to gas light the shit out of her. Young Miami needs to go solo and get away from those toxic people.

    High QHigh Q3 kun oldin
  • I cringed every time Southside said "My B****"

    Modjadji MakutuModjadji Makutu3 kun oldin
  • They said what they said that’s what you run with. 🤷🏾‍♂️ I lo key agree wit JT

    Julian CousinsJulian Cousins3 kun oldin
  • damn i thought uzi was a cute lil bad bitch and adorable??? turns out he's a douche are we shocked.

    baby couturebaby couture3 kun oldin
  • I thought they were strong and brave.....

    Carolina JiménezCarolina Jiménez3 kun oldin
  • Yes, he is wrong! And I dont get how they can stand him!

    Carolina JiménezCarolina Jiménez3 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry but uzi sound like he the 3rd member of the city girls lmao

    Ramari WishopRamari Wishop3 kun oldin
  • The way she was not responding to him was true Aquarius shit! Its a problem and she don't mess with him for real!

    Cheyenne CooperCheyenne Cooper3 kun oldin
    • Aquarius ♒️ all day 🤍✨💜💕💞

      Nancy FischerNancy Fischer10 soat oldin
    • As a Aquarius ur 💯 correct 🥰💕

      Veronike OnesmoVeronike Onesmo2 kun oldin
  • Is he 15? 🙄

    Vonetta SpencerVonetta Spencer3 kun oldin
  • I'm just going off the the thumbnail but if my son EVA came home wit his face all tatted up...shyt...

    L. M. M.L. M. M.3 kun oldin
  • Uzi has that Napoleon size complexed!

    Prince G YangiPrince G Yangi3 kun oldin
  • Why does anyone care about what this Devil Worshipper has to say he sounds like a bully and his an alleged cheat. It was exposed afew week back that he wants his ex girlfriend back whose his ride or die but shes not checking 4 him. I think Uzi can come between them as he has a big hold on JT. This scenario reminds me of Summer and London On Tha Track too many men with major issues taking their problems out on the women they are suppose to care for. As 4 Southside his another dumbass as he disrespected his women on Social Media so he can stfu.

    Chrissy 212eChrissy 212e3 kun oldin
  • I dunno about these people but judging from this video, I wouldn't be surprised if Uzi physically abuses JT. What kinda attitude is that? How's that lady with him anyways? Smh Most women and settling for less in men are like 5&6!!!!!

    Favour AsiegbuFavour Asiegbu3 kun oldin
  • Everyone in this situation ain't shit except for Miami

    Gio AaronsGio Aarons3 kun oldin
  • 'Don't say nothing to my b****' 😒 these women better stop letting their 'men' call them out their names. Do better.

    Erin MooreErin Moore3 kun oldin
  • If I was Miami I wouldn't even fw JT no more cause obviously she likes the shit uzi doing. Controlling men and domestic violent situations are way too publicized these days thanks to social media and other platforms for her to go along with stupid bs like this then again Miami gotta be smart too though so..

    Aari LackeyAari Lackey3 kun oldin
  • New subscriber

    Kamari HillKamari Hill3 kun oldin