Kirk Franklin's MESSY feud with his son! | Kirk's daughter Kennedy defends him and spills tea

14-Mar, 2021
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  • I know lots of people who feel that just cause they buy their kids things and spoil them, then they’re good parents or that their kids should be forever grateful. Kids need PARENTS. They need Guidance, console, help, love, they need to feel like you truly care about them and their life. If you’re not doing that for your kids you’re a sorry ass parent. Money and luxuries don’t mean anything if you’re not doing your part emotionally as a parent. Then parents are so surprised and act like they don’t know why their kids aren’t close to them and even worse some parents go and discredit their kids or make themselves look like the victim to others 🤦🏻

    OhAliceOhAlice17 soat oldin
  • lol the son is a grown man is somebody forcing these people to be in each others lives?

    N.HN.H19 soat oldin
  • So wrong on how ypu spoke to your grown adult son and both yall look gay shane on you

    Jaimee PittmanJaimee PittmanKun oldin
  • Y'all dont know what's it like to have a narccistic parent

    Awsome4649Awsome4649Kun oldin
  • Y'all don't know Kirk Franklin. That man could be a demon in disguise

    Awsome4649Awsome4649Kun oldin
  • His son needs to grow up and get him a life and stop wasting his time being bitter and trying to get back at his dad.

    Larry BanksLarry Banks3 kun oldin
  • Thats why he shouldn't be idolised because his songs they do stick. But hes just human just like you and me. Shall we put everyone's business up? Bet you most of yall wont

    Ancient FutureAncient Future4 kun oldin
  • Kirk franklin should not have apologised to the public. If he lost his temper because he felt disrespected that is fine. We all lose our temper.

    Liyabona KilaniLiyabona Kilani6 kun oldin
  • Nuh, that 33 yr old man disrespectful to his father, IDC IDC... Everything is not for social media

    lizyongwaelizyongwae8 kun oldin
  • What a whimpers saying he don't feel safe what a coward

    cleve Apollocleve Apollo10 kun oldin
  • That I dare you would have got his a$$ beat. AND I'm not apologizing for anything. I have two girl 26 &21 and a son 6 and all of the them have been cursed the f-out. Don't play with me.

    Mommy and ZoeMommy and Zoe10 kun oldin
  • The disrespect especially when its on a regular basis can make do and say things that are out of the norm

    subrena smithsubrena smith13 kun oldin
  • This is just to much And Kirk should have check him and we don't know the truth some kids you have to speak to hard

    Tara AustinTara Austin13 kun oldin
  • Kurt did nothing wrong. Dude is a grown ass man. Time 2 man up son. He's a sorry excuse for trying 2 expose his pops. Pathetic. It's clear he grew up w/o a male figure in the household

    truestdudetruestdude14 kun oldin
  • You need to have some children of your own, and knows what it means to be human. And no disrespect but for you to say how they are speaking , speak on all your wrongs?I don’t believe no one is perfect.

    precious lawtonprecious lawton14 kun oldin
  • Watch how God handles this

    Kristine HarrellKristine Harrell14 kun oldin
  • I mean what black child haven’t been cussed out. Get over it. I been cussed out as an adult by my parents when they feel disrespected. Welcome to a normal black family... a deserved cuss out is not verbal abuse

    Rosè AlexanderRosè Alexander14 kun oldin
  • Ppl need to stop playing a part n ur a preacher u walk a straight line or a coach therapists etc. Then come out here like this? Or like D Jaxyn? U can't play around behind close doors. It comes to light it's karma.

    Heather C.Heather C.15 kun oldin
  • We don't known what his son said to set him off. We can't fault that man for being a human.

    RaShawna FeltonRaShawna Felton15 kun oldin
  • Am I the only still old and aware ass whoopings don’t have an age limit?! Kirk as a parent made it clear the son was being disrespectful.

    nicolenicole15 kun oldin
  • you cannot change have your own life to live..

    Marie C RavixMarie C Ravix15 kun oldin
  • He’s 33 he needs to get it together I don’t know what happened that day but we all have someone in our family that is troubled

    Octavia KearneyOctavia Kearney15 kun oldin
  • Kerrion is 33 years old tho, Grown ass man

    obi geraldobi gerald15 kun oldin

    Demetrius E. StroudDemetrius E. Stroud15 kun oldin
  • Where is Iyanla when you need her?

    Pynk VelvetPynk Velvet16 kun oldin
  • I don’t believe Kirks apology, he’s been talking to that boy like that. I believe kerrion does have deeply rooted issues. Sounds to me like Kirk handicapped him though. the strain of feeling helpless to effect change in your life is devastating. I hope they both find healing.

    Pynk VelvetPynk Velvet16 kun oldin
  • So she just put their private business out there also. What makes her better than Kerrion? Smh

    Ms. Suzy LucyMs. Suzy Lucy16 kun oldin
  • Man I swear to God if I was Kirk Franklin I would drop his grown butt on his end and stay far away from him screw that I wouldn't trust his immature end no more

    Bobo RansomBobo Ransom16 kun oldin
  • Yes it all makes sense now because just looking at his mannerism on that picture says a thousand words I pray that the Lord remove those demons and give him peace God Bless the Franklin family

    Yvette LigonYvette Ligon16 kun oldin
  • In the last part of your vido on kirks son he has the signs of a crack head he cant stop moving his mouth and faces and head that is what crack heads do i got some family that have done it so i know first had he on something he was mad at his dad for not helping him with money and he got out his mouth to his dad abd his dad had enough of it crack heads lie steel and pass the buck on others. So we can feel bad about his dad not giving him money for his drug problem just look at him

    Crystal SingletonCrystal Singleton16 kun oldin
  • So ppl don’t believe the son because of his father reputation ... the point is he wants his story to be heard he is hurting as a young man we don’t know if the allegations are indeed true or not but I do believe it’s harder for men to be believed from abuse than a woman especially a African American male. I do believe something happened. If so I pray he gets the justice he deserves no one should be violating anyone family or not.

    Reese ChargedupReese Chargedup16 kun oldin
  • I'd be all over him I'm your father don't u cross no boundaries! Yea even at 33 rudeeee

    Jovan BentJovan Bent16 kun oldin
  • My 35 year old 28 year old tried to have my dad and i killed. So of course we cut them off. Blood means nothing when your dealing with evil.

    Watering Heart's BWatering Heart's B16 kun oldin
  • I wouldn't be surprised if the son is gay/bi and that is the real reason of this toxic relationship. Maybe Kirt sexual abuse him? I 🙏🏽 I'm wrong tho😞

    InDenise MindInDenise Mind16 kun oldin
  • Bro , let dude sink down and swim. My son 35 and my son don't take to me. I gave his LIFETIME. Social conversation and young people in there 20's posting what , if you live in the back in the DAY . O my god sign OLDSCHOOL players

    Tyrone DeenerTyrone Deener16 kun oldin
  • Boy you 30 something yrs old. If you're any kind of way it is YOUR fault. You are grown so grow up

    Thelma AponteThelma Aponte16 kun oldin
  • if you hear the beginning of the audio he says that since you cant understand like that let me talk to you like this... so i think that Kirk was trying to have a peaceful and regular conversation with him and the son wasn't listening.

    Clarke's PersonalClarke's Personal16 kun oldin
  • I think it is just sad, put that on social media, i will have not only them on my prayer but all the family that go through this, cause the devil loves drama.

    Arcel LvArcel Lv16 kun oldin
  • I want to know why mr. Franklin is apologizing he put his child in his place that's what he supposed to do his son is disrespectful sneaky and conniving and ain't to be trusted..🤔🤷

    Shastan WilliamsShastan Williams17 kun oldin
  • .....We all should fall to our knees for continually hanging up on our Heavenly Father!

    Eddie WalkerEddie Walker17 kun oldin
  • This son is disrespectful and disloyal.He didn't say what he does. He needs to grow up.At 33, he needs to manage his own life.

    D DD D17 kun oldin

    Jacoby CobbJacoby Cobb17 kun oldin
  • He’s human and kids can drive u crazy trust me and in rage u don’t control what ur mouth say it’s after u calm down I realize what u say he’s human we have temper leave the man alone

    Chocolate DuncanChocolate Duncan17 kun oldin
  • It should be on social media because, he's a danger to his son. He didn't post it for attention. You're wrong for that.

    eccentricasteeccentricaste17 kun oldin
  • The son should get the police involved. Religious sociopaths are scary.

    eccentricasteeccentricaste17 kun oldin
  • So sad that these grown men calnt take responsibility for their actions they all always have to blame the situations on the mother and the father and don't want to grow up I personally experience the same kind of behavior in my family all I can say is prayers up for every that is involve and for those who are hurthing I am hurting for you and with you because it hurts Real Real bad someone sometimes you have to be in the same shoes and you will know how it feels peace and love always love from the 💓 but love from afar that the only we can have peace in our lives that's all I have to say it bring tears to my eyes and my 💓

    Dawn YoungDawn Young17 kun oldin
  • Kerrion put out the recording against his father, but complained that his father only apologized to his fans and not to him. lol

    Ro NoRo No17 kun oldin
  • The tape is only showing one side and the son is looking for attention

    Marian GREENWOODMarian GREENWOOD17 kun oldin
  • I could say alot.... I've seen the son picture, I've HEARD THE TAPE.... MY NAME IS NOT BENNY"AND I AM NOT GETTING IN IT!! I'M JUST GOING TO 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 FOR THEM!!

    Barbara WilsonBarbara Wilson17 kun oldin
  • Kerrion wants a record deal....No DOUBT...Take your meds boo...Grow up.

    R KingR King17 kun oldin
  • At the end of the day family is family and you still love family. Father's may get angry and Son's may get angry. Family business is just that.

    Cassandra Cobbs-WilliamsCassandra Cobbs-Williams17 kun oldin
  • HUMMM he is 32!!! He is of age, it is on the son to get it together. Apology accepted Kirk, but Yes as a mom, and Christian ive LOST it! and Asked FORGIVENESS!

    Lanora GuntherLanora Gunther17 kun oldin
  • @Empressive

    HER & HYMNSHER & HYMNS17 kun oldin
  • Don't name your kid Carry on/ Kerryon if you don't want baggage. Names hold meaning 🤔.I'm trolling

    Solo DoloSolo Dolo17 kun oldin
  • Kareon is a grown man. If he's being abused.he should get out on his own

    Cordell EllisCordell Ellis17 kun oldin
  • It's not like the son is 12 his son is grown man he call his dad and And no one is perfect so kurt lost his temple who dont all these in it is grown people

    Letha JonesLetha Jones17 kun oldin
  • Get a life.

    Oluwaseyi AkinruntanOluwaseyi Akinruntan17 kun oldin
  • Take responsibility for your life. It's weak and irresponsible not to take responsibility for your life. Stop blaming your dad for your life. Go and do the art and make something of your life. You're 30+ men. You become an adult at 18 years old. Go your own way. Billions of men and women don't have famous and wealthy fathers and mothers and yet, they make something of their lives. Shameful. No child releases phone calls with their parents. That's so unloyal.

    Oluwaseyi AkinruntanOluwaseyi Akinruntan17 kun oldin
  • Sounds like such a child. He should grow up and take responsibility for his life.

    Oluwaseyi AkinruntanOluwaseyi Akinruntan17 kun oldin
  • We all have a bad day. If your father missed treated you. leave your father alone. I think this is about money and the son think he is entitled to Kirk money

    Torrie BrownTorrie Brown17 kun oldin
  • Is it just me, or was Kirk Franklins son telling him shut the “ F” up. There’s a whole conversation we didn’t hear. His son is not a child he’s a grown man. So let that be the focus, this is two grown men talking. His son is not a fool. He posted the worst part of the conversation to make his father look bad. And to me that’s the problem. He’s posting a tape of his father , and there’s no coming back from that!!!

    LBoogs 215LBoogs 21517 kun oldin
  • Am not bashing kirk Franklin, am in that same situation....some picney fi go know dem self and have manners ....wea dem feel like you fi still take there responsibility,kmt

    Sophia FreemanSophia Freeman17 kun oldin
  • I be feeling so bad for celebs they got to apologize and over explain to folks they don’t even know 😂

    Lipez NskskLipez Nsksk17 kun oldin
  • My mama cuss me out just like Kirk cussed his son out lmaoo

    Lipez NskskLipez Nsksk17 kun oldin
  • Wasted space! Family business only.

    LaDonya MurrayLaDonya Murray18 kun oldin
  • Ahhhh... He's a druggie. Now it makes sense 🤔😂. I figured as much, addicts see the world with a skewed view.

    Archie Williams IIIArchie Williams III18 kun oldin
  • The son may be wrong , but l don't see him playing church. Kirk Franklin aught to have since enough to ignore him if it that bad. Who makes you carry on a conversation with a fool

    Johnny ComerJohnny Comer18 kun oldin
  • Kirk ain't no christian. Ya'll are a joke. Anytime you you these heavy cuss words such as g d. and. m f. Bro when you can role hard with words the way he did you better know he is gettim practice in .

    Johnny ComerJohnny Comer18 kun oldin
  • Sometimes people sing gospel music because they have that talent.....doesn't mean Jack after they start getting that Money.....just like the street criminals....

    allison lallison l18 kun oldin
  • Lol Kirk Franklin going in yo 🤣😂🤣🤬🤬🤬

    Dem676 SpeaksDem676 Speaks18 kun oldin
  • I seen a video on UZworld where Kirk Franklin son said he was molested or something of that nature. I listened to Kirk and Karrion’s mom interviews. They said he has been in therapy and counseling for a long time... I am just kind of curious to why? I look at all the Disney stars that were kids and went crazy ass adults... The question always came back to why? We are all human and What is done in the dark shall come to the 💡.

    Nica BNica B18 kun oldin
  • It’s not right to scream at your child like that. But yes one can be provoked. At the same time children don’t pester their parents for NO reason at age 33. I think there is a reason that his child treats him this way. He is angry at his father. He probably felt unloved as a child or like the black sheep etc.🤷🏿‍♀️

    A BA B18 kun oldin
  • Some tea being spilled and something’s being covered up, All things that have been hidden will come to light! Counseling for many yrs 🤔 anger & other issues no one is perfect as a parent or child but something is definitely not adding up& will soon come forth.

    Sanaa CSanaa C18 kun oldin
  • Ok now it makes sense. If kirk allegedly M##### him no wonder this young man has issues god bless this young man

    Tammy SopranoTammy Soprano18 kun oldin
  • Kirk the only thing you can do is put your son at the foot of Jesus and leave it there. I have a granddaughter, that say all type of things to me and about me the difference she lives with me she is my son daughter. Look how he is keeping it going. For some reason your son is real mad with you.

    Linda PowellLinda Powell18 kun oldin
  • His son is GOOD LOOKING

    T GT G18 kun oldin
  • First of all why is that other person in the background laughing this not a laughing matter!! He instigated the situation. I wouldn’t want a so called helping friend to be on the line laughing. Wow 😯

    S.M. F.S.M. F.18 kun oldin
  • bro that's normal in my family sometimes we fight and literally the next day we are good and laugh together man these are waaay to sensitive about little things my dad cuss at me boohooo who gives a fuck

    Rayan ChRayan Ch18 kun oldin
  • As a person who's grown up around emotional neglect and abuse. I understand that at a certain age that I must accept who people are and stop expecting them to be what I want them to be. At 33 if you know you're being abused, walk away bruv. Otherwise you too are manipulative and abusive.

    Donna Khethiwe NkosiDonna Khethiwe Nkosi18 kun oldin
  • He's trying to bring down his father boy go get a life, you're a grown man

    Melrose GeorgeMelrose George18 kun oldin
  • Adult children can be the most difficult sometime to deal with, depending on what they may have experience in life. As parents we can verbally go off on our adult children depending on the circumstances. They can be very difficult because adult children Think they know everything and when you Think you know it all it’s it that much more difficult to deal with.

    jennifer jacksonjennifer jackson18 kun oldin
  • You have nothing to apologize for!!

    Celes RosCeles Ros18 kun oldin
  • Man Kirk Franklin had enough lol he just lost his temper, but he is human some children need to be cussed out.

    Baby GBaby G18 kun oldin
  • This fool just showed himself whilst trying to tarnish his father's name.

    Kiki KikiKiki Kiki18 kun oldin
  • I wouldn't be surprised if Kirk pays his bills. Most adults would just distance themselves from their parents, if they had an issue. He is probably holding on because he needs his bills paid.

    Noxolo ShangaseNoxolo Shangase18 kun oldin
  • That's a sad day in our society and as a black man . I have more respect the women our society then I having for the men.

    paul carswellpaul carswell19 kun oldin
  • Ppl Please!!!!! My daughter is 34 and if she ever talked to me like that,I’d put my foot straight up her ass she’d be shitting shoe leather for a week!!!!You don’t EVER disrespect your parents, I don’t care what you think they’ve done to you!!!!

    Era FennerEra Fenner19 kun oldin
  • I’m sorry but this is so sad and unfortunate. This drama should never have made its way out the public. The public will never forget even long after you’ve reconciled and got past your personal issues.

    Living With LikaLiving With Lika19 kun oldin
  • Kirk's not sincere enough to me. I understand trust me because I have had to remove myself from toxic relationships with a couple of my children. Your apology should have been directed to your son first. True, his son's behavior adds to the toxicity. Praying for them.

    Marguerita HunterMarguerita Hunter19 kun oldin

    Beth GaleBeth Gale19 kun oldin
  • You can’t say you didn’t do what you actually were heard doing, then say you only did what was done to you. 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄 pick a story line bro.

    Bernadette LeonardBernadette Leonard19 kun oldin
  • As a parent, I will not apologize! His son prolly needed talked to like that. We don’t just speak disrespectful to our children just because 🙄 there’s always a reason. Oh, n like any child, they only give a half ass story. I wish this would’ve stayed off the internet!

    Bernadette LeonardBernadette Leonard19 kun oldin
  • Brother Kirk, Jesus forgives. No condemnation. We love you. May God bless the entire situation. In Jesus name. Amen.

    Doris HaynesDoris Haynes19 kun oldin
  • How you apologize to the world,but not your son

    Ashley NelsonAshley Nelson19 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry, is Kerrion 12 or 33? I don't get it. If this "man" child is feeling "unsafe" then DON'T GO AROUND YOUR FATHER! This man is 33, he clearly seems like he is aggravating both of his parents with his conniving ways. Per his mother's interview, Kerrion has been "taping" her also...What kind of man is this? And his mother still thinks of him as a "child". There is clearly a psychopathology within this family dynamic! And if Kerrion really believes that his father tried to kill him, or had some type of incestuous relationship with him, then at this point of his age (the age of articulation of a grown man no longer a child who cannot effectively communicate the trauma) then he needs to seek help, cut ties and start the healing process already! this seems so messy and ridiculous...SMH.

    Moi. CKMoi. CK19 kun oldin
  • So you didn't curse him huh! And you provoked him.

    verma nealverma neal19 kun oldin
  • His daughter is long winded, yet she said nothing of any significance. She just wanna be heard.

    UrsTrulyKJUrsTrulyKJ19 kun oldin
  • That happened between Kirk Franklin and his son and I don't blame him I said 33 year old man he needs to grow up have to pray for Kirk Franklin and his son I don't blame him for cussing his son out but what his daughter said that could be the reason sometimes you can push up and so far

    Wilma JonesWilma Jones19 kun oldin
  • Who was on the phone laughing and egging Kirk on? I didnt find that funny AT ALL. Its sad.

    UrsTrulyKJUrsTrulyKJ19 kun oldin
  • The son is old enough to be standing alone. If he cannot sing and make money by doing any job, it is advisable of him to respect his dad whether he wishes to help or not, the son had to remember that he is a man.

    Joseph MathebulaJoseph Mathebula19 kun oldin