Kim Kardashian wants to divorce Kanye! | Megan defends Dababy, but not Asian Doll? | Supacent & Sage

6-Yan, 2021
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  • Sage is a typical man from the Bay Area, toxic.

    Gaby CGaby C5 kun oldin
  • Does anyone know the music in the video?

    SleeplessRBLXSleeplessRBLX8 kun oldin
  • Kanye told the truth but look who you married Kim Kardashian you should have asked Ray J and all the other men that she married she would have told you she moves on quickly 😂😂

    Martha JacksonMartha Jackson8 kun oldin
  • Cry Baby was on Meg's November album. The video would have been new.

    Midwest DivaMidwest Diva11 kun oldin
  • Kanye just wants out. I do not believe that man is crazy. Kim is about to go back to being a.....

    Host Mo BerryHost Mo Berry13 kun oldin
  • Kanye is worth 5 billion because of Kim!!!

    Klid KriptonKlid Kripton16 kun oldin
  • Not a big fan of Meg, don’t like her

    TbailmuzicTbailmuzic20 kun oldin
  • Sucking on his lips like some neck bones 😅😅🤣

    B8bydoll25B8bydoll2520 kun oldin
  • Yes Kanye needs to be with a BLACK WOMAN

    Ayo_marquisAyo_marquis22 kun oldin
  • making a video defending Kanye ! someone has to speak on his issues as a black man. Same Lamar story...

    TheBIGTalk Rose NicoleTheBIGTalk Rose Nicole22 kun oldin
  • Kim was/is stressed cuz Kanye spilling her beans!!! He's not crazy. Bipolar doesn't equal crazy. I do not believe she ever loved Kanye. She used him through and through. I don't feel sorry for her. What he's "putting her through " is her karma.

    Ixchel GilIxchel Gil23 kun oldin
  • LOL You said "Kim used Kanye." You don't know that. For one, Paris Hilton, Ray J. and Kris Jenner put Kim on, not Kanye. Kim worked for the rest. If anything, by numbers, marrying Kanye may have diminished her stardom. His fashion line/music career have been declining for years, and since they married, KUWTK has sunk in the ratings. Why is it necessary to speak conclusively on the motives of others? And at the same time, why belittle another woman like that? And mental illness is no laughing matter. Bipolar disorder is real, and requires treatment. So, belittling Kanye (by assuming and claiming his wife was only in it to use him) too is unfair, and that's not in good taste -- especially when it comes to someone who is unwell, and needs support and treatment. I never comment, but I would encourage you to more objective and kinder on your platform.

    W0rdsmiffW0rdsmiff24 kun oldin
    • Funny,Thanks

      Brianne MaasBrianne Maas20 kun oldin
  • I don't trust Sage at all at all

    Chaka LovieChaka Lovie26 kun oldin
  • Just because they know what each other is doing, doesn’t mean they are wary each other. I can almost guarantee it’s the fans on both ends that’s keeping the shit going.

    Vanessa KirkVanessa Kirk26 kun oldin
  • I don't think she used Kanye. I think she loved him and tried to be a good wife. She always stood up for him. But at some point enough is enough.

    Ashley BellAshley Bell27 kun oldin
  • Kim is a faithful woman. She's at a breaking point, praying for them

    Meditations and MotivationMeditations and Motivation28 kun oldin
  • Sage and supa cent are at the same level financially. And she ain't nobody like that...and he ain't either 🤣

    T MT M28 kun oldin
  • I dont even like Kim. But she deserves better than him. He is ill. She can't even leave the kids with him alone for too long. And he needs help. Especially before those kids get to the age were his behavior will give them trauma

    T MT M28 kun oldin
  • I can’t believe you believe Kanye is the downfall I thought you were more woke than “y’all Didn’t listen to MJ”

    Iona OakleyIona Oakley28 kun oldin
    • Than this*

      Iona OakleyIona Oakley28 kun oldin
  • Megan is humiliating herself

    lidllidl29 kun oldin
  • Megon is a man. Idc idc idc

    Sofia MorinSofia MorinOy oldin
    • Frr I believe that too, didn’t Tory lanez say that too?

      good vibesgood vibes20 kun oldin
  • I don’t feel for Kim because there is more to this and Kim is an opportunist!

    The Real Queen VThe Real Queen VOy oldin
  • I thought KUWTK was ending? Now it’s on Hulu?

    Nicole FisherNicole FisherOy oldin
  • I Think Meg A Fake Friend

    Tykia StewartTykia StewartOy oldin
  • Not really Michael Jackson exposed Sony in 08 and he ended up dead in 09 and MJ was speaking straight facts! The Video is on UZworld

    zachary regiszachary regisOy oldin
  • Sage the Gemini is low down and dirty. That shit was so pathetic. I don’t understand how someone can be comfortable getting into a relationship w/ someone like that.

    NYCPrincessNYCPrincessOy oldin
  • Kim looks like her mom in the first clip. You can see it in her dark circle eyes, cheekbones, and neck, these features in the clip make her look older. But then in the next clip she looks young with the wavy black hair.

    ExtraSwirlExtraSwirlOy oldin
  • No, he most likely is correct in his accusations. #Getout. How sad- another person of color not believing a person of color's experience... Just watch, she'll be dating Meek after the divorce. BUT - he is does go crazy with his antics- which is just too problematic anyways.

    Alexandria SchulzAlexandria SchulzOy oldin
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    dre tejedadre tejedaOy oldin
  • Meh, let's hope the relationship is authentic because it's 2021 and for so on, I'm not dating nor getting in no full on relationship with no scrub (one-hit wonders either) with kids, 99.9% deep connections with the BM and then me being a buisness woman at that with nothing going on for him? Hell no to that and not again! Not again.

    Ms VMs VOy oldin
  • Every thinking kanye mad, but the they kill him off, your gonna listen.

    ahh Beeahh BeeOy oldin
  • Let's just say what no one else will.....Kanye was only with Kim because of her mixed race heritage cause Kanye ain't gone date or be with a black woman unless she was on a level like Ciara or above. Kim was using Kanye for the fame and money (we all knew this) and now that she feels like she can sustain herself...she's gonna leave Kanye then he's gonna spiral out of control while she takes half of everything he owns and now he's probably gonna run back to black women to be coddled and pacified and most of these black women who are his fans are gonna eat him up and be up in his anal even when he was never checking for black women. I'm so tired of celebrities y'all, damn

    J. SavageJ. SavageOy oldin
  • Why when I teen with bullying issues shoots up a school people say he must be mentally disturbed he just needs help. But when someone who has openly acknowledged they are mentally ill is still a villain? Why aren't his family getting him help or put him under a conservatorship? Does anyone know if he has any family left that would help him???? I think his life story is so sad and bitter sweet. 😣

    ShawnKaySalShawnKaySalOy oldin
  • Megan is crushin

    Talitha Cumi Smith-MalcolmTalitha Cumi Smith-MalcolmOy oldin
  • I’m not a fan of either of these two people. He seems to be in a lot of manic states which is a great toll on any spouse and it does seem she is too superficial for a healthy marriage. However, I hate when people speak on others’ marriages like they know why those two married or what they feel for each other. This comments section is just cruel and shitty.

    Destiny ADestiny AOy oldin
  • Asian doll deserved it because she set king Von up

    Royal FistsRoyal FistsOy oldin
  • Wish them the best but this a hot mess.

    vibes vibingvibes vibingOy oldin
  • If Kanye says that Kris is like that, I believe him. Who is anyone on the outside to say that isn’t accurate? No one knows what that woman is really like... Why is everything that Kanye says looked at like an “outburst” from an unstable person? He’s more together than most people in entertainment. It’s always the ones that make the most sense that are labeled “crazy.” Smh

    AmberAmberOy oldin
  • Bringing it back Chris Humphries karma

    Elijah And Nyla TVElijah And Nyla TVOy oldin
  • I’m surprised she put up with Kanye’s BS but after he outed that they were considering aborting North(and she has tiktok, youtube etc at this age and will prolly see it someday) that was probably the last straw for Kim. They’ve tried to get him mental health help but he refuses and he is just extremely sick and just a selfish husband at this point. Kim’s done her part and she can’t be his baby sitter forever

    Lena DWLena DWOy oldin
    • I think fame and power aside kim adored and loved Kanye and Kanye to her but he’s just so selfish and disrespectful and kind of in his own world at this point he doesn’t realize how bad he’s hurting Kim. Kim was a ride or die. If my husband was acting how Kanye was I wouldn’t put up with that shit but she did.

      Lena DWLena DWOy oldin

    BGM TarotBGM TarotOy oldin
  • Like some neck bones lmaooooooo 😩😩😩

    Thebeautiful BeeThebeautiful BeeOy oldin
  • DaBaby ain’t let nobody stop his 💰...Let us not forget he has 👶🏽’s to feed, Come on now..💯

    Roseanne MiltonRoseanne MiltonOy oldin
  • I notice you’re not a Kardashian fan....I’m sure she really loved and still loves him but everyone has a breaking point.

    Jaida MariéJaida MariéOy oldin
  • we all know she married him for the money, the status and the fame don't feel sorry for him

    Ataa MariaAtaa MariaOy oldin
  • I wish ppl would quit saying that this Man is cwazy bro ain't nothing wrong with this Man he's coming out of the "sunkin place" as long as he was programmed 👀 everything is fine but soon as he started telling his truth he cwazy 🤨pray for him and those children how about that🙏🏽Love you Kanye ❤️

    Kristie DeanKristie DeanOy oldin
  • Stop calling this man manic... Stop doing that at all... This man is well of and stop demonizing him like that... It be your own people. Kim is no angel, she's not talking does not mean she's not guilty the same goes with Beyonce

    Amelie JOAmelie JOOy oldin
  • The Kardashians are only doing one more season which I believe has already been filmed. So, idk if they will film the divorce??

    Cindyl CarpenterCindyl CarpenterOy oldin
  • I think they thrive on chaos and they happen to be on tv

    D'shawn CherryD'shawn CherryOy oldin
  • There's no love in Hollywood. It's all about who will benefit my brand.... 💔

    ENOQENOQOy oldin
  • I always thought STG was gay. But Supa from NOLA, she'll handle him properly if she find out he's using her, etc. We don't play down here. Artists can collab with whomever they want to. Ain't nobody in high school with all this beefing. Plus, if MTS & T.Lanez tell the truth about the whole shooting incident, then it wouldn't be all this beef. And yeah, why she didn't defend ASIAN Doll? MTS seems to be one of those females who say, "I don't like being friends with females because they too messy." But be friends with every man out there.

    Chassity OubreChassity OubreOy oldin
  • Kim genuinely loved Kanye... this video is making it seem that Kim was only in it because she wanted to "elevate her brand". That's just sad... Kanye dragged her and her family to hell and back and we all understood because he was having a mental episode but as soon as she decides to leave him yall turn it into "she was in it for money". I dont think someone who was in it for money would have 4 healthy babies with someone...

    Zama NgubaneZama NgubaneOy oldin
  • I think they're both awful tbh. I can see why she'd want out. At the same time Kim, you're not perfect hunny. You do nothing for anyone but yourself. All she cares about is her own image which isn't much of anything these days.

    Montana BananaMontana BananaOy oldin
  • As a kardashian follower I just have to say she can’t use it as a story line since this is her last series and Kanye is never really on the show that may be the main private thing she may not come out with.. also they do have a prenup but it’s old and probably would be void considering their money now but hopefully they won’t be too problematic which they probably won’t since they have the kids

    Tiffany BanksTiffany BanksOy oldin
  • I am not a Kanye west fan but no husband going to be more than kanye was for kim/ no real or crazy man there like he was... Kardashians they arent easy... always seeking for attention. The mariage last more than we thought soo ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

    MJMJOy oldin
  • So you show all the men Kim allegedly slept with but protect who Kanye allegedly slept with? Why can’t you show the person?🤔

    Tanasha KnightTanasha KnightOy oldin
  • No wonder people sit around judging one another that’s all there is to do even the celebrities don’t stand a chance!!!!

    Nina SimoneNina SimoneOy oldin
  • I want Asian doll to win so bad .i like her !

    DOCTORJK WestDOCTORJK WestOy oldin
  • Dont like sage from how he did jordyn sparks ..she is such a sweet heart ..she cared for you and gave you money and you wanna stap her really nikka !! He really a gemini lol and that girl who leak the video you gonna get yuh karma.

    DOCTORJK WestDOCTORJK WestOy oldin
  • Kim always had kanye's back even beef with people who had beef with him so for him to dog her like that lol i would want a divorce too. Karjenners are karma to money cant but happiness All those relationships they ruined to get their way its not surprising that none of them has a Man or healthy relationship.

    DOCTORJK WestDOCTORJK WestOy oldin
  • Kim is evil like the rest of the kardashians..and kim's "brand" is stealing from us so...🤨

    AmorrBabyAmorrBabyOy oldin
  • anywho, these are real people. we just here to SHIT talk literally. i say we leave all these damn people alone. it ain’t none of our business.

    Jordan TaylorJordan TaylorOy oldin
  • aint thats jeffreystar

    Mikael IrizarryMikael IrizarryOy oldin
  • Megan don’t deserve a friend like Asiandoll. Money/Fame over real friends huh 🥱😩🤷🏽‍♀️. Successful Megan. Asiandoll don’t get blackballed. Make hits hun🤟🏽🤟🏽 don’t give a fuck about nunnadet!!

    Y'shuna ToussaintY'shuna ToussaintOy oldin
  • The average person uses social media for fun but for music artist, social media post Obligations are built into contracts... he might have all kinds of beef with another artist but if they’ve already recorded the song and that includes a Contractual social media post he hast to do it and fill his contractual obligation-- Everything is not shade and everything is nice as easily avoided as people think

    SayconTalksSayconTalksOy oldin
  • I knew they were going to get a divorce, she wanted a black man to worship her, not a lunatic

    Lady ButterflyLady ButterflyOy oldin
  • I Love Megan The Stallion So Much

  • I think him should stay with Kanye. I don't think you should put a person down when they're going through something. I think she should hang in there and at least wait until his mind is more settled it's apparent something's going on with him

    Julia WalkerJulia WalkerOy oldin
  • Who is sage

    Zii Rofuxx TarotZii Rofuxx TarotOy oldin
  • She's not innocent either

    Zii Rofuxx TarotZii Rofuxx TarotOy oldin
  • Tmuumabb t sethas T-shirts y set a it MMO

    TaisGiftedHandsTaisGiftedHandsOy oldin
  • Yeah dababy should've known he was going to get backlash from people for working but the bigger issue to me is if meg can come out and defend dababy when it's just seemingly a business issue, then where the hell was she in the middle of that asian doll and city girls beef?

    vulcan2050fulvulcan2050fulOy oldin
    • she had asian doll, whose supposed to be her best friend arguing jt and yung miami over a situation that she basically created but instead of just going online and deading the situation, she allowed the situation to get out of control until she had to say something. meg is looking real fake right now.

      vulcan2050fulvulcan2050fulOy oldin
  • we all saw kim and kanye divorcing. It was basically doomed from the beginning.

    vulcan2050fulvulcan2050fulOy oldin
    • damn! so that's what sage's ass been up to. like empressive said he hasn't had a hit in forever. rednose was his last big hit that I know of.

      vulcan2050fulvulcan2050fulOy oldin
  • Hey I like Megan but when she did not come out to day anything to JT about Asian or just say something not directly to JT. Also, the lady with the clothing that her (Megan) team chose an outfit for her not her as she stated I didn't pick. However, that is YOUR TEAM i think she could have said what she said in a better way.

    Rosalind GentryRosalind GentryOy oldin
  • I believe Kayne West what he had said about Kim and their marriage. Kayne never lies!!! People just look at Kayne like he is bipolar and he is messed up..NOO!! People will always believe Kim

    Tumama TiumaluTumama TiumaluOy oldin
    • "Kanye never lies"? He literally disrespected Harriet Tubman & said slavery was a choice...... amongst many other crazy nutty things. I can't with you Kanye stans 😆

      Gum DropGum DropOy oldin
  • I think some people might be reaching with the whole meagan thing.... I mean did she drop Asian doll from that song or did the label do that? How much control could a new artist possibly have? Also, maybe she didn’t want to get in between an argument with two female rappers that she gets along with separately, idk I just think we’re jumping the 🔫 a bit. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    K’Soliel WrightK’Soliel WrightOy oldin
  • This is some ishhhh

    Congo BeeCongo BeeOy oldin

    Regina BeattyRegina BeattyOy oldin
  • I no you are a Godly woman you seem to be positive with the Kardashian I no this is your joB .but you are not God and you are not very honest how do you no what real no what happens really no but win it come to your girl not you say unthinkable one day God going to show people how you are look at your self you are not perfect just remember you rep what you show

    Regina BeattyRegina BeattyOy oldin
  • #protectkanye

    Lifeislike AboxofshaeLifeislike AboxofshaeOy oldin
  • Girl, he is NOT the victim here. He has accused this woman of sleeping with every single guy he's brought around! How long would you tolerate that shit? Bout 3 minutes I'm thinking. That girl loves her man but she needs to protect herself and her kids now and if he loves them he'll get the help he has needed for years.

    Ash WilliamsAsh WilliamsOy oldin
  • Why do people automatically write off an action as being manic? Mania makes people feel invincible. What they probably wouldn't do while in a stable state, they do when manic. But, mania is always triggered. Instead of only Kim being stressed, which she should be, also listen and read what he is trying to say. Also, Kanye was trying to move Kim and the kids to Wyoming and Kim doesn't want to leave her life behind completely. Pay attention to what he's saying.

    Ricardo Alexander KillensRicardo Alexander KillensOy oldin
  • Kim gonna turn them kids into what she was before she met Kanye.... sad, don’t let her have full custody of those babies. Kylie was the youngest & look how she turned out, we don’t need anymore like that

    Rose MarieRose MarieOy oldin
  • I can't Stan for a fake bitch Meg Im sorry her friend got drag through the mud when she got shot...while she sat there n did nothing

    Daniel O'NealDaniel O'NealOy oldin
  • So you'll defended Dababy but u wont defend Asian sorry I can't relate to Meg n how she move..and the lack loyalty she show here and there... somebody tell QUEEN NICKI TAKE THAT TORCH BACK PLEASE.

    Daniel O'NealDaniel O'NealOy oldin
  • Committed means “ hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, ~>>in sickness and in health

    Ballsy BunnyBallsy BunnyOy oldin
  • the reason why kim wants to divorce kanye here is a stretchhhhhhhhhh

    Raven IraborRaven IraborOy oldin
  • Kanye seems to be the person who thinks medication or therapy doesn't work but then ruins his own damn life because he won't get help. Sorry, not sorry, but I can't feel bad for someone who needs help but won't change or get help.

    PurpleZombiePurpleZombieOy oldin
  • Nahhh as much as Meg be screaming support Black women she’s being very hypocritical.

    SimplyShakeilaSimplyShakeilaOy oldin
  • Smh I like Supa but she really should've just taken some time off and healed from her situation from Lou. Like jumping from guy to guy ain't healthy at all but hey 💅

    besx 908 goddess88besx 908 goddess88Oy oldin
  • Gemini, master manipulator. Ladies pay attention to the bright RED FLAGS. He used Jordan & talked down about her. Take heed Sis, you’re no different, no better.

    kariberriekariberrieOy oldin
  • Tory Lanez spotted them BIG Nuttz Megan got n shot in the air to keep the Stallion in the distance lol but frfr Tory mind as well sit down n back like Chris Brown did n let it pass boo lol plus Megan got like 10 different stories of one moment that night smdh

    Micah WiseTFUpMicah WiseTFUpOy oldin
  • I am wondering if his (Kanye) music will get better, how it used to be before he was with kim you know, once they are divorced because lets be honest once he got with her, the music wasn't the same

    CT1609CT1609Oy oldin
  • Y'all this is Kim K we are talking about. Yes she will use this for publicity! Lol I mean do birds fly? I feel bad for Kayne. Kim and her family uses MANY people to stay relevant. She had several kids by him. She and them are set for life. Something to remember folks. Those who suffer from mental illness do speak the truth sometimes, they might sound manic but there's truth in it. Crazy but not stupid. Besides some of the sh*t he was saying aint the first time we heard it nor was he the only person to say so.

    Briana CBriana COy oldin
  • I don't wanna seem petty but Meg is giving me self-centered vibes. Friendly to too many. She is down for the guys but neglects her girls. That type. But idk. I like her and her music but she got too many issues with friends and she dropping them like flies. Also another pattern I see is lack of self-reflection and NEVER admitting any wrong doing. I have seen that sh*t before and....yeah never again.

    Briana CBriana COy oldin
  • 0:00 to 5:30 : Kim and Kanye 5:30 to 8:26 : Sage The Gemini Relationship Drama 8:26 to 13:40: Megan Thee Stallion hot mess

    RvngedRvngedOy oldin
  • Sage is a question mark! There’s Tea I know that’ll blow up his spot involving a close family member of mine which whew! Anyway Supa should be very careful and cautious outta respect for my family I’ll keep it to myself but chile these dudes ain’t they seem at ALL!!!!!! Lol ima just sit back watch lmao Whew!

    itsjustmemarrsheaitsjustmemarrsheaOy oldin
  • My first thought was wowwww, Megan ran to a mans defense but not to a woman’s! But then when you said perhaps it’s bc of her colab with DaBaby I’m over here like, 🤔 so Megan chooses money over friendship? Smh

    Shalarri P.Shalarri P.Oy oldin
  • I wish I looked like Kim! or Ariana Grande both are so beautiful and successful and I'm in awe of them both!

  • Did Sage say in that phone call he wanted to stab Jordan?!?! 😳

    Perseverance RoadPerseverance RoadOy oldin