Iggy Azalea's ghetto drama w/ Playboi Carti | Gabrielle Union competing w/ Ryan Destiny over her BF?

28-Dek, 2020
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  • Me sittin over where wondering when TF Playboi Carti and Iggy Azalea happened

    Lorraine CousinLorraine Cousin2 soat oldin
  • Ryan reminds me a lot of Lauren hill. Just my opinion though

    Ju PollardJu Pollard3 kun oldin
  • I don’t know what female rapper or musician needs to hear this but you DO NOT have to date , fuck or Marry a Male rapper ..J.S until your hella secure and know each other outside the money and fun. It’s seems to hardly work out ..🤷🏾‍♀️

    mya polkmya polk7 kun oldin
  • I do believe you're misinterpreting the text in her book. I feel like she was just being open about her encounters with an uprising star-like Ryan. I do not think Gab has any issues with Ryan...this is a reach. You stated yourself the cast requires someone older and younger for the love intrest. I think they just fit the role ...big reach

    Kelsey StaplesKelsey Staples12 kun oldin
  • His name is PLAYBOI....cant have such a name and expect to be loyal to your spouse!

    Ssewanyana DanielSsewanyana Daniel14 kun oldin
  • Ummm I don't appreciate this assumption/judgment of my bitch Gabriel she definitely was giving her a complement how is she trashing her or dissing her if she called her the next "Gabriel union" y'all just don't understand my bitch u dry just trynna have something to talk about this is no beef she was giving her props by saying she doesn't need to be Ryans mentor because she's already dope, Gabriel "a hater" never that ‼️

  • I feel bad for Iggy.

    ms. tadulalams. tadulala15 kun oldin
    • I dont

      Sdney TacoSdney Taco12 kun oldin
  • why is iggy tryna change a man tho? he obviously confused leave him alone

    ThioroThioro16 kun oldin
  • No no no bad look Iggy bad look b

    L. M. M.L. M. M.16 kun oldin
  • Iggy can not catch a break when it comes to men ...

    The Yoli FamilyThe Yoli Family18 kun oldin
  • Iggy girl ur giving that man wayyyy too much power. It hurts, but u gotta let it go. Let it all go. Don’t make urself sick.

    Nani SmithNani Smith18 kun oldin
  • Ryan looks like Lauryn Hill to me. Gabrielle seems like she’s a mean girl at times. Just recalling the interview she did with Oprah a few years back. Clearly she has unresolved issues with herself that she needs to work on. We gotta do better as black women and men with uplifting each other, rather than trying to out shine or belittle each other! Until we fix this issue with “us as black human beings” then we will never get ahead as a black culture! Let’s not just be BLACK & BEAUTIFUL on the outside but also on the inside!

    Pie PlayzPie Playz18 kun oldin
  • Iggy why the f you are dragging that girl?? You should drag "your" man 😀

    Kamila RKamila R19 kun oldin
  • Don’t forget that Gabrielle Union is Saweetie’s aunt or cousin. Keith is Saweetie’s ex.

    profound silenthprofound silenth20 kun oldin
  • The sudden fork rapidly ski because pedestrian descriptively land in a coordinated back. oceanic, disagreeable oven

    dre tejedadre tejeda20 kun oldin
  • They don’t even favor! They are both just dark skinned women. That is weird that she chose her bf to play the role tho.

    Elonia LucasElonia Lucas20 kun oldin
  • First off, Gabrielle WISHES she looked like Ryan.. Ryan is absolutely stunning in every way. Gabrielle knew exactly what she was doing when she casted Keith for that roll .. she plays dirty for sure.

    Porsha LovePorsha Love21 kun oldin
  • Playboi carti look sus as hell.

    Marcus JMarcus J22 kun oldin
  • Yall reaching, how many times have yall called someone bitch? C'mon now....but Gabby that is not your "2.0" sorry yall do not look a like.

    A. WillA. Will22 kun oldin
  • YOUR A BABY MOMA!! That’s it. And your still calling him your man! Tragic

    Life with Tami ZeeLife with Tami Zee22 kun oldin
  • Playboi done played you. Lol I'm sorry for laughing but sometimes the names these rappers give themselves speak to their character women wise up

    Crystal GibsonCrystal Gibson22 kun oldin
  • Ryan looks like a famous person but it ain't Gabriella ...... but I caby put my fingers on it... a slight resemblance to young Nia Long but not quite. Oh well

    Crystal GibsonCrystal Gibson22 kun oldin
  • So. He wanted publicity so bad that he includes his son and neglecting him... Nice 🙄

    Sheniqua MasonSheniqua Mason22 kun oldin
  • It's more weird that his her cousins ex boyfriend 😕😂

    EE22 kun oldin
  • Girl this is juicy.!! A hot ghetto mess.

    Erica ZielinskiErica Zielinski23 kun oldin
  • Let be clear! Iggy dragged Brandy because she feel Brandy lied & that’s coming for her character. I woulda did the same

    Party with the FlykingiParty with the Flykingi23 kun oldin
  • Just googled Iggy Izalea's net worth. 6 MILLION US DOLLARS and me with my broque ass living with a man for three years, still ain't giving him no babies cause we ain't serious like that. These women need to use their money to hire life a coach and/or therapist to make better choices with their lives.

    Nadia ChinNadia Chin23 kun oldin
  • First off Iggy no man that cheats on u while pregnant should ever be allowed to get bk in ur good graces or affections this is too messy .... u also have a type tip find his opposite.... too many red flags 🚩 planned baby with a drug addict far from a role model and u want to be mad at the side piece ???! Be mad at ur self realize that u were a yam field and move on u have a son to live for .... once anything is on social media it’s out please keep that in mind

    franscesca lewarsfranscesca lewars23 kun oldin
  • Lol so accuse gabby of Ill intent, acknowledge that you’re reaching, then say it’s not right to assume the actors weren’t chosen for their talent... girl what? It must’ve been a slow week for tea because you are making NO sense lol

    Imanni SaltersImanni Salters23 kun oldin
  • Ryan and Gabrielle 😍 so beautiful

    Davina WilliamsDavina Williams25 kun oldin
  • No one cares about Iggy & Playboi Carti's tea!!! Lol 🤷🏾‍♀️ the rest of the video was interesting!!!

    meegan79meegan7925 kun oldin
  • Gabby looks like this girl a little from love & hip hop Juju

    Natasha MoonNatasha Moon25 kun oldin
  • Iggy is so unprofessional and shout out she looks so bad for this. Like that's all fucked up what happened but why she putting her business on blast it's so embarrassing

    Sarah RohrboughSarah Rohrbough25 kun oldin
  • Wtf Gabrielle attitude/personality sucks

    STM LifestyleSTM Lifestyle26 kun oldin
  • Ryan is drop dead gorgeous 😍😍

    Shant FaithShant Faith26 kun oldin
  • Go after the dude not the girl. Girl you just a baby moma. Deal or get over it. And if you know. You dumb for taking him back

    Natasha DelightNatasha Delight26 kun oldin
  • 🤨🤔

    Natasha DelightNatasha Delight26 kun oldin
  • That girl looks nothing like her. I think Ryan looks more like Lauryn Hill

    Natasha DelightNatasha Delight26 kun oldin
  • Just like Cardi and offset, 😂

    Zaira Pacheco MorinZaira Pacheco Morin26 kun oldin

    RevOneFourteen RevOneFifteenRevOneFourteen RevOneFifteen26 kun oldin
  • Messy asf

    Daniel TuckerDaniel Tucker27 kun oldin
  • You reaching!!!😂😂😂

    DanieleDaniele27 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one who don’t think they look alike? I find Ryan more beautiful personally, Gabrielle is pretty but more like cute/idk but Ryan has a unique look And I’m a white girl and I bet a lot of the ppl saying they look alike are white... maybe I don’t have that “they all look alike” gene? I cannot understand how people think these two look alike. If you compare young Gabrielle then I can see it maybe. But not now... Ryan is so gorgeous tho!!

    Sophie HarrisSophie Harris27 kun oldin
  • Iggy PRESSED or naw? Just leave it alone, move on, Beyoncé did it best kill-’em ALL with success!!!

    Tahlua GTahlua G28 kun oldin
  • I feel like you reached with Gabriellas story cause she wrote that book saying how the industry had made her insecure. You took what she said without context and you know it!

    KingLimah MohKingLimah Moh29 kun oldin
  • ''Playboi Carti'' where do they come up with these names!!!!!!!

    Rose rosanaRose rosana29 kun oldin
  • Empressive you are so messy and reaching...

    tth715tth715Oy oldin

    Sweet SavageSweet SavageOy oldin
  • Ryan do not look like gab🤨😂

    Shirlecia WalkerShirlecia WalkerOy oldin
  • Stop getting involved with trashy rappers😑. Iggy knew that Jordan (or whatever his name is) was trash and you still have him your womb, now you are bonded with him for the rest of your life. Stop rushing to be baby mamas and get a ring first😒

    Kuhle NgambuKuhle NgambuOy oldin
  • This whole iggy situation is freaking hilarious....lol...Iggy sweetie....this your problem, us black women can't help you maybe some of them colourist men that gassed you up can stomp playboy or playa whatever his name is on your behalf..lol

    lisa branchlisa branchOy oldin
  • Iggy talking all this shit ! She still gonna take him back lol 😆 😂 🤣

    Corrin BCorrin BOy oldin
  • This is why its important to plan the marriage before the baby

    Corrin BCorrin BOy oldin
  • I mean his name is playboi Carti 😏😏😏🤷🏾‍♀️

    diamondblayzediamondblayzeOy oldin
  • His name is playboy Carti lol

    Yolanda VeaseyYolanda VeaseyOy oldin
  • Ok Iggy your dealing with a little boy!! It’s him not the side piece! He’s lying to you & you know it!

    Yolanda VeaseyYolanda VeaseyOy oldin
  • How you get your man is how you lose him🤷🏽‍♀️

    Yolanda VeaseyYolanda VeaseyOy oldin
  • Her accent🤮

    L.M.I.C UKL.M.I.C UKOy oldin
  • Iggy wanted the ghetto aesthetic take all the bits mate... including the ratchet bd.. playboi Carti out of all those dudes in the industry.. more fool her

    L.M.I.C UKL.M.I.C UKOy oldin
  • Honestly speaking, iggy settled for less.

    Quinn KiwalabyeQuinn KiwalabyeOy oldin
  • LMAOOOOOOO iggy said "u look like a trash bag w_re that u are" LMAOOOo

    Uzi_Da_ShortyUzi_Da_ShortyOy oldin
  • This woman still being a mean girl 20 years later 😒 maybe she needs the mentor instead and they don't look anything a like.

    MT's Corner with Myesha-TiaraMT's Corner with Myesha-TiaraOy oldin
  • Iggy girl this shit happens alllllll the time...get over it!! Women gonna one day learn that if he's not married his ass is single and gonna act as such!!! Now I'm not saying married men don't cheat cause we all know they do...Im married..been so for 20years and yes I've dealt with cheating and I too have cheated. But dam ladies realize that if you ain't signed no papers..you do not own him..he is free to date and sleep with whomever he wants..why??? Cause this is how their asses think!!! Drag me all you want..but the truth is the truth!! Stop shacking up and letting a man claim you for years on end without putting a ring on it!!!! You wanna claim him as yours and only yours..Get them papers signed!!!

    D1&onlee MekaD1&onlee MekaOy oldin
  • Iggy:😠😤😡🤬🤬😡😠😤 Me:😴😴😴😴😴💤💤💤💤💤 I know I sound insensitive, but nobody cares for all that. She need to leave him alone

    Areayl JourneyAreayl JourneyOy oldin
  • Omggg Iggy I am living 😂😂😂

    Julean CompletoJulean CompletoOy oldin
  • Funny fact...I've never heard Iggy talk literally 😭

    Rhett NataliaRhett NataliaOy oldin
  • I feel like you are reaching too much on the Gabriel Keith role...we can never know ....but hey you got me thinking too!

    Rhett NataliaRhett NataliaOy oldin
  • Ryan clearly looks like Lauryn hill

    Renew YourselfRenew YourselfOy oldin
  • You are reaching with the gabrielle union thing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    jade mainajade mainaOy oldin
  • He dusty she needs let him go Iggy can find someone to feel his place.

    Rosetta WilliamsRosetta WilliamsOy oldin
  • How can you, as a woman, stay with a man who treats his son and son's mother so badly? Does she think he will change for her somehow? 🙄

    Marie OngeMarie OngeOy oldin
  • Children are NOT accessories. You decide you want them ,you mean it...that's a life

    Samantha SpadesonSamantha SpadesonOy oldin
  • Iggy needs to understand that she is in a relationship with carti not brandi or any other chick. The only one who owes you loyalty is your man. Thats it. Hoes are everywhere your MAN is the one who needs to say NO. 🤷‍♀️ just my opinion.

    Josephine MendezJosephine MendezOy oldin
  • I think Iggy just wants her son to have a normal family. My friend has the same situation going on with the father of her child and she keeps going back cause she wants her son to have the family that she didn’t. So I think that’s what it mainly might be. Also with my friend her baby dad is a manipulative jerk who says how much he truly loves her so maybe carti is like that also

    Heather DillinskyHeather DillinskyOy oldin
  • im sorry but why do couples keep planning to have kids without getting married first? I mean marrying each other isnt going to guarantee yall will be forever together but the whole we planned a kid but still dating thing is embarrassing.

    The MangoThe MangoOy oldin
  • You are reaching. Leave it alone.

    Takor NjangTakor NjangOy oldin
  • I love you, and 98% of the time your right. but I do think your reaching a bit. Gabrielle has been quite honest with her feelings that come with being who she is I don’t think she needs to prove anything else. And honestly the fact that Keith powers was chosen as her love interest mean nothing apart from the fact his perfect to play the part. If you could pick who would play your love interest who would you pick?

    Nat D- FrostNat D- FrostOy oldin
  • I love you, and 98% of the time your right. but I do think your reaching a bit. Gabrielle has been quite honest with her feelings that come with being who she is I don’t think she needs to prove anything else. And honestly the fact that Keith powers was chosen as her love interest mean nothing apart from the fact his perfect to play the part. If you could pick who would play your love interest who would you pick?

    Nat D- FrostNat D- FrostOy oldin
  • So Iggy new dude was trash. Sis making herself look crazy talm bout all the smashing she knew he did. Sis the jokes not on the side chick its now on you! He is a dog! Try to coparent actually realize you tried to and he is not interested one bit and stop giving him the cookie box!!! He done played you enough!!

    Robyn OgburnRobyn OgburnOy oldin
  • I didnt know Iggy had all that fire in her. Lol Just love to hear her talk!!!

    Robyn OgburnRobyn OgburnOy oldin
  • Girl you ain't reaching, Your preaching lol... Speak Your truth , Your looking way deep 👌, nothing but true

    Coco rCoco rOy oldin
  • That’s a reach with the Gabby story!

    Wafflehead SyrupWafflehead SyrupOy oldin
  • Hottest couple u say I am not hearing about them

    Jenaily AlexanderJenaily AlexanderOy oldin
  • yes iggy. I hate this for her and I really hope she moves on and just get’s something better. but she did go off. you can definitely tell she is still trying not to hurt him, and yeah like the other girl might’ve been in the wrong bye she’s not the baby daddy. if he’s a piece of shit. Just say that. If he’s abusive and manipulative just say that, but he’s really the one in the wrong at the end of the day. I understand that completely airing out her baby daddy would not help her, so she might just need to clean her hands of him and collect the monthly check

    Josiah AlexzanderJosiah AlexzanderOy oldin
  • Iggy is a beautiful woman she needs to find someone who truly loves her also I wouldn't make him sign a birth certificate if he doesn't want to be part of his son's life I would do a ciera on him find me a russell wilson and move on. I would simply not entertain him anymore because if a man won't sign his own son's birth certificate he doesn't care about claiming nither one of you so for that situation I would just quickly move on.

    Golden LoveGolden LoveOy oldin
  • Iggy so damn funny I love her😭”girl I will give you 50$ to get new drawls from VC” LMAOOO

    Lena DWLena DWOy oldin
  • I think brandi stupid asf lmao girls will do anything to get with a mediocre rapper

    Lena DWLena DWOy oldin
  • Yeah you're reaching

    George CulverGeorge CulverOy oldin
  • Mann this whole Iggy n play boy dude drama, so disgusting, ain't they afraid of diseases? 🤢. When will rappers learn?

    Emilian ChuxEmilian ChuxOy oldin
  • Gabby has always struggled with insecurity. She has confessed to being a mean girl. Old habits die hard especially when you’re good at it.

    Kyla MoniqueKyla MoniqueOy oldin
  • It’s in the name iggy, play Boi and you wanted a father for your son outta that lmao 😂

    Sarah ShawSarah ShawOy oldin
  • Iggy looks stupid for her immature clap backs!!!!

    Christina SanonChristina SanonOy oldin
  • Ryan is a beautiful talented woman and she has her own beautiful features it’s sad that she looks up to a woman who is selfish mean and caught up in her own competitive ways to she couldn’t be the person that Ryan looked up to I’m so done with older women who are successful and displaying this type of behavior. Iggy needs to accept the fact that playboi carti doesn’t want her nor her son and move on go back to LA and love her best life leave Brandy alone.

    TRAKENA McCrayTRAKENA McCrayOy oldin
  • That’s just weird, but it’s a great opportunity for Keith.

    Lula JLula JOy oldin
  • Ryan destiny is so beautiful

    Dressed in ModestyDressed in ModestyOy oldin
  • When will women learn that many male rappers are whores that don’t have the maturity to actually be in a relationship. They always show you who they are, you just refuse to see it. Trash is always trash, you just need to learn when to throw it out.

    Mike LeeMike LeeOy oldin
  • I think your reaching lol but that could have been what she thought of Ryan before she worked on herself

    D SpencerD SpencerOy oldin
  • All over a dude with ashy locs... single life is less embarrassing 🤦🏾‍♀️

    C ASC ASOy oldin
  • Playboi yust a cloudchaser.period

    Emins MirovicEmins MirovicOy oldin

    caroline florescaroline floresOy oldin