Fashion designer calls out Megan Thee Stallion and Fashion Nova for theft & being disrespectful

25-Noy, 2020
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  • We need to support small Buissnes, esspecialy black (female) Buissnes, esspecialy in this crazy time. I would love to hear some names, if you know some or you want to promote your own, reply to my comment ☝🏽

    Alexa MoonlightAlexa Moonlight2 kun oldin
  • Smh that’s how you apologize with a side of shade ..of course y’all don’t know eachother but y’all teams do. Know who your working with ? It’s your responsibility to know whats going on when your name is attached

    mya polkmya polk6 kun oldin
  • Don't have shish to do wit meg...leave da 👑 da fu** alone

    40H40H12 kun oldin
  • All these black designers need to band together and sue Fashion Nova.

    Lauren CaballeroLauren Caballero13 kun oldin
  • the media would do it son lol

    Andreo SmithAndreo Smith13 kun oldin
  • Megan needs to realize she is her brand and pissing people off will make you not hot. You can't do people anyway and think karma is not going to come back around and the fans are always looking for a reason to drop your ass because they put you high up which means they leave no room for you to make a mistake. she really should have spoke up and respected that woman feels. Instead she made it worse by saying what she said knowing not only did they steal it but called that woman back because they knew they were wrong. She did the same thing with juicy j and the young lady who wrote her hook and was proud of herself. The young lady who said she wrote the hook on the song got drag for telling her truth because Megan one again did not know what was going on. She attacked her and came at her when she should have been mad at her team and juicy j for not telling her what was going on. He didn't inform her that it was from a girl he paid but she didn't trip on him yet she disrespected that young lady and than tried to justify it by coming up with an excuse about not knowing she write it and she felt like she was trying to discredit her by saying she didn't write her own music but not one apologize to the young lady who was telling the truth. So when it come down to it she basically said her team let her sign deals just to get paid without reading because she never knows what is going on and that no one around her has an original thought in this whole damn group and that's why they stole it or that's what I took from it

    All About MeAll About Me14 kun oldin
  • She throw her team under the bus and if it's her team doing it she needs to find a new one because they are making bad decision for her but me I don't care how much money is attached to it. If my name is attached to it it has to be all my ideas I'm making big ass decision on my own project because you need me. Nobody is going to be blaming me without me having an input and if I thought a artist designs are dope I'm give credit were it's due. I would have work with them to make my own piece and gave them credit. I'm definitely not about to help another artist get ripped off then talk shit when I'm in the wrong. Megan should no better because she is a artist and would be pissed also if someone tried to do it to her

    All About MeAll About Me14 kun oldin
  • It shouldn't matter if she knew or not she sign her name to it so she's to blame to. It's like how you out here making deals but don't know what you are sign. That is not how you do business. The crazy thing is she is learning about this in school but she's not applying it to her rap business. She's definitely not as smart as she thinks she is

    All About MeAll About Me14 kun oldin
  • Now I guess Megan Thee Stallion finally got some jeans that fit her butt but stole it while doing it. People work hard to come up with there own ideas and to get it ripped off by Fashion Nova is just messed up every last one of them should sue and put them out of business because they have a patent on their designs and because it's their designs and they can prove it Fashion Nova can't keep stealing people stuff. They need to be stop its not these designers fault you can't come up with a original ideas for the life of you Fashion Nova really need to stop stealing it's a whole fing law no one follows.

    All About MeAll About Me14 kun oldin
  • SMH Megan is making me dislike her. The way she handles controversy is troubling. She’s so dismissive to other people but when people dismissed HER about the Tory lanez situation she was so “unprotected” I guess sis.

    penny proudpenny proud15 kun oldin
  • @3:03 she's NOT LYIN & SHE WAS DONE WRONG 🤦THTS A SHAME not cool, not alright 🕊️ 🕊️

    Gato 008Gato 00817 kun oldin
  • Thats why , I don't buy from at all . Never did.

    serita Wardserita Ward17 kun oldin
  • Why she didn't copyright her design?????

    QueenRoyal ExquisiteQueenRoyal Exquisite17 kun oldin
  • Megan is a clown, it's only protecting black women when it involves her! Man sit your ass down! Give this woman her props, and stop disrespecting her! Fashion Nova needs to be put on blast for their theft! Smh!

    Monique NeitaMonique Neita17 kun oldin
  • Megan and every other Celeb needs to remember, The people you kick when ur high is the same ppl ur gonna see on ur way down

    Diana Emanuel ADMDiana Emanuel ADM18 kun oldin
  • also megan how u not approving every single thing with your name on it? and vetting? that’s wild to me

    ThioroThioro18 kun oldin
  • Megan really want people to stop loving her huh? I thought she had a fun personality turns out she just has a big head hah

    Ela FilaEla Fila19 kun oldin
  • May may, sit down, don't come for me boo, my comment wasn't for (you)

    Pearline BennettPearline Bennett20 kun oldin
  • Its just clothes damn Cant stand humans😷

    Alonnie RobertAlonnie Robert23 kun oldin
  • In my opinion fashion nova are straight thieves take them for court

  • I used to like Megan, not that my like can make or break her, however in my opinion everyone but her is the bad guy, her team is always to blame. No accountability..... She seems to be oblivious to these situations. Or what my mama would say she like to play stupid.

    DeShaye ReeseDeShaye Reese23 kun oldin
  • They should conversate about this in court not on social media.

    Skai ReyezSkai Reyez26 kun oldin
  • Wow!!!

    DanieleDaniele27 kun oldin
  • Megan may seem cold to most but she’s being 100% real no sugar coating that’s the minset n Houston ., if you think she was nasty it prob bc she’s sick of ppl ., @ her for every little thing ., Megan couldn’t have known this was auzia dress bc she clearly says she doesn’t know her ., also meaning she didn’t know the dress was hers. Only her teams knows her out of many other lines they purchased for Megan. In my opinion auzia has every right to be mad but I also know Megan’s words were cold but rightful to her defense . She seems tired of ppls bs ., bc that dress has been made before by many ppl she’s unprofessional...😭😩

    ღFUCKOFF ღღFUCKOFF ღ28 kun oldin
  • I think if auzia did come @ Megan professional it would be a different story ., Megan don’t know her or even realized fashion nova and her team took advantage of her., also it seems like auzie probably has personal issues with Megan bc of the way she was lashing out towards megan ., even though Megan clearly clarified she didn’t know or realize what her team was doing ., they could have taken auzies dress to Megan n stated they hired a designer n then Megan approved , I’m sure she didn’t see or realize it was auziaz design ., Megan don’t have time to browse n steal ppls design I’m 100% sure her team did this out of laziness n should be fired bc their messed up with this , Megan being put on the spot ., other than that auzia has every right to feel angry but should have been profesional instead of fighting lik female rappers ., like the incident not to long ago with Megan as well., bc Megan don’t play games she won’t tolerate unprofessionalism from some 1 that isn’t going to change their mind n at least not hear Megan side of the story., Megan clearly say she don’t know her n that’s also stating she dosnt know her cloths line or that the dress was hers .,. Auzia came @ her aggressively for money n clout also ., no black women supporting bs ., she’s also a hypocrite ., I’m sure her attacking tantrums towards Megan only will get her less celebrity clientele ....🤷🏽‍♀️👩🏽‍🦯

    ღFUCKOFF ღღFUCKOFF ღ28 kun oldin
  • Damn y’all females rich as fuck why tf y’all stealing shit for

    Boss TvBoss TvOy oldin
  • Fashion nova is stealing from smaller designers all the time people shouldn't buy from it

    lidllidlOy oldin
  • Seems to me like it's Megs team who is to blame not Meg..she admitted it herself that her team is the one who reached out so why blast Meg like that and blame confused..sorry🤷

    D1&onlee MekaD1&onlee MekaOy oldin
  • Omg I’m so over this sh*t people need to leave Megan alone y’all don’t even understand what she’s going through behind closed doors 🚪 like she lost her mom her mom was all she had and then she got shot YALL GIVE HER BREAK‼️ if she didn’t know she didn’t know we all know management in the company do shady stuff I felt like if she would’ve had a one on one conversation with Meg it would’ve been cleared up and may possibly been fixed 💯 but nah she gotta go to the internet with it this girl only do this for clout 🤣🗣💯

    AJ TreeyAJ TreeyOy oldin
  • I dont see anything wrong with her response everybody so quick to run to social media to distastefully talk at people instead of sitting d oi own and talk to the person. The artist response video was no better fix your attitude before you step to me and that's just that. You cant come at somebody sideways and expect them to respond straight with you!!

    Nikki CaseyNikki CaseyOy oldin
  • But don't all companies jus copycat rainbow and got the look,barefeet,they b having all that all the same

    Rasheeda BradfordRasheeda BradfordOy oldin
  • Meg is NOT for the black community she only rode that wave because she got shot 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Corrin BCorrin BOy oldin
  • RockNation A.K.A Satan's Den. She loving it now but wait til, pay day 🥴

    Sabrina MurpheySabrina MurpheyOy oldin
  • Not cool...Megan should do better...mad disrespectful

    RealtalkwithRee CeeRealtalkwithRee CeeOy oldin
  • Except the EXACT thing happened with Fenty.

    T. BebopT. BebopOy oldin
  • Lyrics are stolen as well.

    Joanna AntoineJoanna AntoineOy oldin
  • 4:17 I don't think she understands what "completely identical" means. I can spot 5 differences right now.

    FLdancer00FLdancer00Oy oldin
  • If her dress was so unique, she should have trademarked it. I've seen that design all during the 2000's, so she made her dress inspired off of someone else. There are differences to in the 2 dresses, it's not an exact copy.

    FLdancer00FLdancer00Oy oldin
  • Ian mad🤷🏽‍♀️ I mean she wasn’t the first to make that design. And a lot of those black designers are expensive asf. If I can get a dress that looks similar but isn’t nearly as high, I’m gonna get it. 😬 and the designer could have most definitely came a different way instead of immediately bashing Meg. Because now she missed out on a lot of blessings🤷🏽‍♀️

    Josephine StaffordJosephine StaffordOy oldin
  • Watching this again after the jt asian doll mess... megan is a snake for real

    Sam WeberSam WeberOy oldin
  • I wonder how much the other designers clothing cost bc I feel that Fashion Nova should ask or at least thank the original designers but most of the time these companies make it affordable for other people.

    Meg AmorMeg AmorOy oldin
  • I’m so sick of someone calling someone a no one ☝️ that is some BULLSHIT in the end we’re all human and we’re all gonna be judged so GTFOH within BULLSHIT, I’ve lost a lot of respect ✊ for Megan over this

    Kim AlexanderKim AlexanderOy oldin
  • Y'all taking it the wrong way ....Megan is not being rude she stating facts.....chill

    Melissa JayeMelissa JayeOy oldin
  • Im appalled! I like the cheap clothing from Fasionova... They fit my curves well. Didnt know they were knocking designers....ugh

    Notreally aCitygirlNotreally aCitygirlOy oldin
  • Guess who never worked with Fashion Nova? Nicki Minaj. Shes a legend

    Messy Minx I will start vloggingMessy Minx I will start vloggingOy oldin
  • If she was so concerned she shouldve took it upon herself to reach the TRUE designer

    Deep WaterDeep Water2 oy oldin
  • Yup they lie like an occupation to make cash

    Deep WaterDeep Water2 oy oldin
  • How dad blain. They need to be sued. These other designers need to be compensated

    Deep WaterDeep Water2 oy oldin
  • I don’t understand why fashion designers are mad when another fashion designer create a similar piece like what 10 people can’t have the same style or recreate their own version of something created.

    Kerecce LewisKerecce Lewis2 oy oldin
  • This chick wack asf frfr her attitude is trash Meg that is

    PinkMobStudioPinkMobStudio2 oy oldin
  • I stand with auzia but she has tu know that fashion nova rips off even the biggest designers they rip off Kim and Kanye all the time and Kim has openly spoke about being pissed about it.... she’s a designer so she may hand pick every dress and so on... but Meg a rapper she prolly just looked at that stuff real quick she was like “yea that’s fine” and she prolly seen the dress and was like “oooo yea I had something like that before so definitely add that” so she prolly didn’t see it as stealing which makes her clueless but not maliciously disrespectful

    Chelly FontaeChelly Fontae2 oy oldin
  • I'm so disappointed with Megan and how she handled that smh

    Morgan TylarMorgan Tylar2 oy oldin
  • That was the same thing her ex bestfriend said when Megan made that distrack about her she said Megan speaks on protecting our black women but she disses them

    Tommy gibsonTommy gibson2 oy oldin
  • Whew chile megan stay in some SHIIIIIT

    Beautiful GoddessBeautiful Goddess2 oy oldin
  • I’m sorry y’all cannot tell me that ain’t no big azz man.

    Bella_Bella85Bella_Bella852 oy oldin
  • I Kno love I trust you you made me a believer💖🛑

    Patrick MosleyPatrick Mosley2 oy oldin
  • Why Megan have to steal from her she got her own money she could buy her company if she wanted to

    Veah EVeah E2 oy oldin
  • Dis Meg is a whole goofy

    freda leefreda lee2 oy oldin
  • Her name is pronounced Asia...

    Anokhi The OneAnokhi The One2 oy oldin
  • Megan your fall from grace is coming! You are letting the industry get to you. Remember you came from the stripper pole and you were once a NOBODY!! You’re definitely not a role model to any black girls!

    Shell RobinsonShell Robinson2 oy oldin
  • megan out here rapping about not shopping in insta boutiques then releases a line with THE insta boutique.... no ma'am... been feeling weird to me since then.

    Vitor LinharesVitor Linhares2 oy oldin
  • Can the designers copy write their clothing?

    George A. WilsonGeorge A. Wilson2 oy oldin
  • i don’t think megan was wrong for her response 🤷🏾‍♀️ she’s not in charge of fashion nova and probably didn’t know personally who she was or even spoke to her like she said. it is what it is.

    J.J.2 oy oldin
  • Omg girl shut up and get a lawyer

    Bonita MicheaBonita Michea2 oy oldin
  • Fashion nova used to be such a good, high end quality brand but now their quality is so bad they’re literally knock offs

    CharlotteCharlotte2 oy oldin
  • fashion design doesn't have a copyright .... every designers copy and influence other designers

    Truth HurtsTruth Hurts2 oy oldin
  • Playing with everyone apparently. She didnt even say Thank you to anyone of us for anything. Exactly.

    Sparkles StarchildSparkles Starchild2 oy oldin
  • She stole my lyrics and whole image as well. I wrote those lyrics. That's why Body is a shitty song. Lol so did asian doll and a bunch of other too artists besides cardi B bc that's my girl. Stole my work as claimed it as theirs because they claim that I cannot write that stuff bc I'm not gangster or good enough. That I'm not about that life. But I've been an artist my entire life and thankfully learned how to tag my work without actually putting my name... why is Chicago still being represented in women that aren't even from Chicago? Ask Durk n Baby n G Herbo and I would say Von but unfortunately he got a hit put on him because I was his girl and Asian doll was jealous. And I knew all them in cook county so. Yeah. I would like the artist to do what artist do and cancel those thieves

    Sparkles StarchildSparkles Starchild2 oy oldin
  • Fashion nova is so wrong! That’s why I no longer shop from them

    Kenneth and JoyceKenneth and Joyce2 oy oldin
  • As a black designer- fashion is utilitarian! You can’t steal a design! You can steal a logo! A copy write! But you can’t steal a design

    KYMANEEKYMANEE2 oy oldin
  • I’m really starting to believe that Tory Lanez is not lying

    Gina VegaGina Vega2 oy oldin
  • Megs head done got big since she done got popular, that money changes things and they always come with that "come at me different" like bytch yall know what yall did, yall stealing MFs shyt tryna claim it as yo own... But just as you came up, you can fall just as hard... Karma is a mean bytch when it comes for folks... Money makes mfs do shyt they wouldn't otherwise do if they didn't have it smh. Meg fake AF, just like a lot of em, but when mfs do shyt to her she going live tryna get some sympathy, sniffing and shyt... Tory shoulda shot that bytch in both feet.

    Lesa NycoleLesa Nycole2 oy oldin
  • I’m not a fan of MTS, but that dress is not an original.

    CCCC2 oy oldin
  • Who care sue they asses....

    Camille FloydCamille Floyd2 oy oldin
  • Megan full of shit n she ant all that

    Mia yo miaMia yo mia2 oy oldin
  • 9:46 is a lie. Megan never said her team didn’t speak with her. She said she never spoke to you. She never talked to you. Her team handles everything. She said she would have checked her stylist.

    JoshuaJoshua2 oy oldin
  • She said "ALL THEM TINY ASS CLOTHES ONLY FITS FAKE BOOTYS" then goes and makes a line with fashion nova Lmfl 😂😂😂

  • Meghan is mean and a social climber

    My UpdatesMy Updates2 oy oldin
  • That’s why I never ever ever shopped fashion Hoeva. It’s just a bunch of knock off/cheaply made pieces put on women that have unrealistic bodies. More so they mainly use these biracial women tad models to promote and downplay black women. I’m good smh

    Chrissy BellChrissy Bell2 oy oldin
  • I’m trying to figure out why ppl buying fashion nova clothes anyways. They all look like trash. Fashion nova is for girls who wanna be cute but they ain’t

    Side Hustle VikkiSide Hustle Vikki2 oy oldin
  • They're lying They buy from the exact same vendors in Los Angeles. All of the Instagram fashion looks almost the same and everybody mentioned is in LA. With the exception of the designer girl she actually is a designer not just a store owner.

    Glamorouslife MovieGlamorouslife Movie2 oy oldin

    Terri BenjaminTerri Benjamin2 oy oldin
  • Meg as a business women should at the end of the day... Not blame her team or stylist.Why? She should be crossing all her t's etc. Always go over and finalize what your team is doing bc at the end of the day its your name your brand that ends up getting messed up ...Meg should overlook everything that's being done with her team/brand. Don't get cocky Meg u haven't been in the business that long.

    Madam ElleMadam Elle2 oy oldin
  • They do this to everybody not just Megan people love coming for her foh

    Wynter NooreWynter Noore2 oy oldin
  • Lately Megan is coming off as a mean girl.... I get that yuck feeling now when I hear her name

    dre tejedadre tejeda2 oy oldin
  • im jus over it with the stallion female. imma jus keep this lost soul in my prayers.

    CryscarterCryscarter2 oy oldin
  • This channel report about Megan alooootttt

    sashana chamberssashana chambers2 oy oldin
  • Nah Megan wanna preach "protect black women at all costs", then she needs to do the same! How are you going to come at that girl like that, don't put your name on shit if you ain't really apart of the process, but I guess anything to get a bag huh? smh. That's what I respect about Rihanna, when her name is attached, she is behind the scenes and all.

    M CM C2 oy oldin
  • She used ask Riri for tips on how to properly apologise, whatever she said in the interview was shady af, damn!

    Mariam AliMariam Ali2 oy oldin
  • Y’all be giving Meagan too many passes love her to death but she need to own up “maybe she didn’t have creative control” why don’t she has creative control over some with her name on it??? This has happened to many times for her to leave some like this in other peoples hands

    Precious BrownPrecious Brown2 oy oldin
  • Megan acting really dumb in this interview smh🤦🏾‍♀️

    Letina DayLetina Day2 oy oldin
  • And your opinion is so biased.. Let that of been cardi.. You would've went in on her.. You are a hypocrite frfr bro

    Destiny RichardsonDestiny Richardson2 oy oldin
  • I been CANCELED FashionNova! Smh

  • Fashioh Nova stealing from everyone. SMH

    Yaa PeasahYaa Peasah2 oy oldin
  • Megan is so disrespectful damn

    Mmabatho MakhuraMmabatho Makhura2 oy oldin
  • Jesus CHRIST is Coming Soon please Repent John 3:16-17-18-19-20-21 before it will be too Late for you so please talked to Him right now He's listening 👂 to you ok please I beg you all thanks once again and may God Bless you all

    kwasi asare odoi animkwasi asare odoi anim2 oy oldin
  • why do these artist still work with Fashionova knowing all this? All designers should file a lawsuit together at the same time like the common below me said. Everything the designer said is 100% right

    hiphopballet25hiphopballet252 oy oldin
  • Just be honest and say you took the design, give credit where credit is due.

    Chyna WhiteChyna White2 oy oldin
  • Sis why you didn't sue you look condescending by trying be wrong with Megan and her team. So like this lady want clout because really nobody don't know until I see empressive... Ps your voice is a drag .

    Justice MaiJustice Mai2 oy oldin
  • That's y I never wore anything from fashion nova never will

    Latoya HarrisonLatoya Harrison2 oy oldin