Derrick Jaxn humiliates his wife & attempts to save his image | Claudia Jordan vs. Gary Owen wife

24-Mar, 2021
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  • I could honestly weep for this woman myself 😔. She has no clue what’s really going on here and so she is so far from even beginning to be healed. What we are witnessing Derrick Jaxn do to this woman in real time is disgusting! This is emotional and psychological abuse. Make no mistakes.

    Butterflai1Butterflai116 kun oldin
    • That's trump's AFRO AMERICAN

      Franscine PersonFranscine Person11 kun oldin
    • She delusional. Some women don’t know their worth. The marriage is destroyed since the husband stepped out. There’s nothing left. He gave it all away

      Girl with CurlsGirl with Curls11 kun oldin
    • @Butterflai1 agreed. I only saw the video at first and felt bad due to her delusional idea. Nothing wrong with forgiving and working things out. The issue I have is dragging God/religion into why you stay. She already has low confidence in herself so why drag the lord into what a man is doing? The lord does not want a man to drag you through years of heartache. It was evident she is not healed by grace. She is managing by grace. She is tucking the issue by grace. She needs her amour of god to protect herself from this manipulation and low self esteem. That’s how you grow with poise as a women of god in my opinion. Don’t compete or shame yourself for a man who puts you on camera in your house outfit. Have some worth. Ik her mother is mad, unless she is delusional too.

      Shanteel BelieveShanteel Believe11 kun oldin
    • I've been learning about narcissism lately, & um.. This guys is Textbook 😳😬 We need a #Culture renaissance based upon; psychology, morals, ethics, values, integrity, character, empathy, & introspection...frfr 💔😣 I love you fam💞

      Truth Seeks meTruth Seeks me12 kun oldin
    • I feel bad for his wife because she keeps sayin this is how she feels, then the internet comes out saying “Nah this is how you feel”. It’s gotta be the most irritating and frustrating thing to deal with.

      C WC W12 kun oldin
  • I'm done with Derrick period!!!!

    Jorie SmithJorie Smith17 soat oldin
  • She’s saying her friends are married and in a relationship like that’s gonna prevent a person from cheating tf🙄

    Emzi ChicEmzi ChicKun oldin
  • I’m not gonna lie I love your videos but I miss the old intro 😩

    Shawntel HarrisShawntel HarrisKun oldin
  • 2:02 umm👁👁

    random Personrandom Person2 kun oldin
  • I dont wanna get preachy and im not religious in anyway but doesn't the bible even say that the person is allowed to leave if their partner commits infidelity? I know that people could change but if the bible even says that.. erm...

    haamy lhaamy l2 kun oldin
  • Three of them .....

    Shel BellShel Bell2 kun oldin
  • Her reactions is just abnormal

    Dorothy DamonsDorothy Damons2 kun oldin
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    Jennifer BellJennifer Bell3 kun oldin
  • DJ is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He's SFS-satan's foot soldier. I feel sorry for his wife and the women he preyed on. Get thee hence satan........nothing but trouble.....need I say anymore?

    Ldn 28Ldn 283 kun oldin
  • Dude fr a predator.

    Keewind Eugene MenraKeewind Eugene Menra3 kun oldin
  • The devil tired of human blaming him for their shit. Human wep what they sow

    Michelle GardnerMichelle Gardner3 kun oldin
  • She made the choice to go online.

    FeliciaFelicia3 kun oldin
  • She is beautiful, most people who talk adversely about others looks are usually visually unappealing themselves.

    Riyon GarciaRiyon Garcia3 kun oldin
  • He clearly has physically glowed up and she hasn’t caught up and the only reason he married her after so long is because it looked good for his persona and career! But he’s a complete narcissist and I hope she wakes up and see’s him for the monster he is and leaves him!

    Anabel GarciaAnabel Garcia4 kun oldin
  • A lot of women don't have a father figure to teach them so they looked up to him .

    Kristen KirkendollKristen Kirkendoll4 kun oldin
  • I didn't believe the story until I seen you covered it and have audiotape of them talking. People body shamed her and that's not right . I'm praying for them . Its beyond embarrassing. We are trying to come out of Covid 19 and the aftermath of people losing family ect. NO ONE WANTS TO BE USED ! So to see him for who he is left me speechless.

    Kristen KirkendollKristen Kirkendoll4 kun oldin
  • No man should ever put the woman they love in this Position no man should cheat on a woman if he love you he would never do things to hurt you

    Kayla RoseKayla Rose4 kun oldin
  • Go get them them hot Grits sis cuss baby girl - no

    Kayla RoseKayla Rose4 kun oldin
  • Whatever makes her sleep at night, good luck with that man sis 🙄

    Ubah MohyadinUbah Mohyadin4 kun oldin
  • She is being a faithful servant to God. While I don’t think a woman or man should stay victims and slaves to toxic relationships, she has made her mind up and has conviction. She will continue to pray and God will help her out of her sorrows. As for the man who may or may not change... scripture says that revenge belongs to the Lord. The evil doers will receive the wrath from God’s flames. This queen is strong and will make the right decisions in her own time. You will taste victory, sister.

    MISsCHeWEdGUmMISsCHeWEdGUm4 kun oldin
  • This fool even had the audacity to plug his new book "Healing together" or something like that on facebook with that very same video pleading for is coins with his wife. The man is finished. It's best he accepts that. Who the hell is going to listen to him now that he is no better than the people he preaches against?

    Aajay LeeAajay Lee4 kun oldin
  • Ooooh I’m srry so it’s been a while since I viewed this channel 😞👉👈. But I’m happy to see my BB got that mill...

    Slicky M'gillSlicky M'gill5 kun oldin
  • This man really sounds like a sociopath and he probably has his wife manipulated as well, especially since she is religious. Many religious women don't leave their husbands despite their infidelities.

    ThatsMyNamjaThatsMyNamja6 kun oldin
  • I disagree she doesn't sound spiritual she sounds religious

    Miss TurnerMiss Turner6 kun oldin
  • Lmfao all this stupid Jesus and bible talk is too damn stupid who even believes this gullible shit? A little stupid toddler? “So you can disarm the eNeMy” LMFAO WHAT BITCH. Just say he cheated and you’re stupid and don’t value yourself and can’t move on and you’re gonna stay and continue to get cheated on. Damn quit all this bs mumbo jumbo.

    Jessica JonesJessica Jones6 kun oldin
  • Lmfao all this stupid Jesus and bible talk is too damn stupid who even believes this gullible shit? A little stupid toddler? “So you can disarm the eNeMy” LMFAO WHAT BITCH. Just say he cheated and you’re stupid and don’t value yourself and can’t move on and you’re gonna stay and continue to get cheated on. Damn quit all this bs mumbo jumbo.

    Jessica JonesJessica Jones6 kun oldin
  • He failed to protect her, yes

    Tracy ParksTracy Parks6 kun oldin
  • Well he doing ms wendy now the crazy woman that put him on her platform all for a check hope the pay is well worth his wifee sanity I would never follow.

    Dorothy HatchDorothy Hatch6 kun oldin
  • If I have to here more about the blood of the lamb one more time !!!!!

    Koko’nut ChannelKoko’nut Channel6 kun oldin
  • How embarrassing 😳...smh...

    sydney williamssydney williams6 kun oldin
  • "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" When anger is finally unleashed

    KristalKristal7 kun oldin
  • At this point, I wonder if she even knew about his videos!

    Ashley KellyAshley Kelly7 kun oldin
  • I never like this dude from jump...BUT.. I do believe that grown people do grow apart and yes no one should have to stay but thats their life...she might have a couple side dudes... maybe they freaky ...marriage is just weird and i don't recommend it

    Neice OneNeice One7 kun oldin
  • Sweetie, your husband is from the pits of hell. You sound foolish sorry not sorry

    Kay RKay R7 kun oldin
  • I've seen too many strong women use that same old excuse that "they have so many years together and they rather forgive their cheating spouse than to start over with some random who might end up doing the same or worse"..... Personally, I don't agree with that reasoning.

    D. RoseD. Rose7 kun oldin
  • Derrick Jaxn is an entire clown.

    Mimi PierceMimi Pierce7 kun oldin
  • This is a example of extreme narcissism of Derrick. His wife unfortunately is very delusional. His years of extreme lascivious adulterous behavior while badgering men relentlessly with no mercy of the same adulterous behavior is sickening. Truly I must say, what manner of man is this. Still he has demonstrated no accountability by referencing his actions as a third party. I clearly will state that either he is demon possessed or oppressed by the demon, one of the two. However his actions and life style is very hypocritical. Shame, shame, shame. God bless to everyone, Christopher Byrd.

  • She needs to go on a self love journey. She will then realize she deserves better.. because she will attract far better than what she has currently

    Nomakhwezi MakhanyaNomakhwezi Makhanya7 kun oldin
  • One more thing. You did a great job on this video. You were not slanderous nor rude. This video was more respectful to this man than he has been to the entire community of black women. He lied to us he only told us the truth about him and the men like him. Men hate him because he told us the truth. We really didn’t listen to the truth because hebis attractive and women was discombobulated. We know better now let’s not let another narcissist fool us.

    Queen BluntressQueen Bluntress7 kun oldin
  • Do your research on narcissism and black males. When I tell y’all the truth y’all get mad. But know this a study done said black females do not have biological narcissism if they do have it they have learned it from black males who have narcissism biologically. Don’t believe me go do your research.

    Queen BluntressQueen Bluntress7 kun oldin
  • The devil was workingg. And god snacked his ass up rq.

    TNN Off-GridTNN Off-Grid8 kun oldin
  • No one has even read his books! Wildly he’s the same guy he was in college, she chose him again after years of not having been together. This seems like the way they move. She’s not a victim she knows the man she chose and she keeps choosing him. The only people who seem to be fooled by this are people who only look at social media to form an opinion about a branded person he created.

    Goddess VibesGoddess Vibes8 kun oldin

    Catherine ThompsonCatherine Thompson8 kun oldin
  • This wife is being used, by this manipulative man. And that’s the real tragedy. But hey manipulators, manipulate. She’s not the first woman to come forward to support a worthless and she won’t be the last.

    Genie LastGenie Last8 kun oldin
  • She just NEED him thats all.. For whatever purpose plus she may not believe in 1 parent family and is willing to deal with whatever... Comes and i know people can be like that cuz im personally one of them.

    Ashley ThomasAshley Thomas8 kun oldin
  • Ladies this is what all the MGTOW channels have been saying about Derrick . Don't fall for the BS . I put Steve Harvey on the list to not for cheating but for telling women what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear. Understand the truth is harsh but it's fair cuz it allows you to make a choice based on reality not a false hood.

    Andrew WilliamsAndrew Williams8 kun oldin
  • This story 😒

    Sharissa DavisionSharissa Davision8 kun oldin
  • 9:45 I don't like how people blame the victims of a sin by criticizing them for their justifiable anger instead of getting angry with the person that was selfish and hurtful and caused the problem in the first place. Why is it that the perpetrators always come out better than the ones they hurt? God bless this woman, she deserves better than her husband has given her.....I know she wants to believe he has changed but I fear that it is just another manipulation on his part.

    trinigrl09trinigrl098 kun oldin
  • Why say bringing other people into the marriage is "unacceptable" and then accept it? Obviously it's not unacceptable to you because you stayed. These infidelity stories bother me particularly when men are the cheaters because I feel that women have forgiven men for their infidelity so many times throughout history that now these men almost feel entitled to the forgiveness instead of viewing it as a sign of grace, a gift that they do not deserve in light of the way that they behaved. I used to believe that forgiveness would cause people to see the err of their ways and change for the better but now I worry that all forgiveness does is make people more narcissistic/arrogant and solidify the selfish/negative this case : infidelity. Why do women accept this??? Don't we have any self-worth any sense of value or identity that is not rooted in the person to whom we are married? This is anger inducing.....sad.....exhausting......all of it.....

    trinigrl09trinigrl098 kun oldin
  • Nobody should have exposed him. Even if did something wrong the woman should not have to get put down cause he doing something wrong. Just tell her in private not the whole world. Just because Claudia doesn't know if it happened or not does not mean it is not true.

    McKyah LaSha MoyerMcKyah LaSha Moyer8 kun oldin
  • She didn't have to stick her neck out for him but she did and I sincerely wish she hadn't. Monogamous men seem like more of a myth every single day....😔

    trinigrl09trinigrl098 kun oldin
  • I’ve always found this guy annoying as $hit

    evan wimbishevan wimbish9 kun oldin
  • I just watched this video, I am all for marriage. I am also married and I would never tell anyone to get a divorce. By that being said, once the trust is broken, it is very hard to get it back. I will pray for that young lady and her marriage.

    Melinda PowellMelinda Powell9 kun oldin
  • You're behind. Talk about the cult they're involved in

    Tashiana B. ClaireTashiana B. Claire9 kun oldin
    • you're behind ... this was posted a week ago

      Al Fix DatAl Fix Dat9 kun oldin
  • Well honey your husband is the enemy, the devil who is destroying your marriage. Open your eyes, you're married to him.

    stephverinjlstephverinjl9 kun oldin
  • Sorry but I feel like those who call themselves "very spiritual" make themselves the biggest fools. 😒

    Marsha AnnMarsha Ann9 kun oldin
  • The Man is a narcissist and a manipulator and people fell for it. They brought his book and brought into what he was saying and that’s what it is. 💯💯

    Kcesar365Kcesar3659 kun oldin
  • The Man is a narcissist and a manipulator and people fell for it. They brought his book and brought into what he was saying and that’s what it is. 💯💯

    Kcesar365Kcesar3659 kun oldin
  • I hope she takes herself, the kids, and all of his money away. She looks so tired of this shit.

    BCPRBCPR9 kun oldin
  • I Damn sure dont believee her at alllllll!!

    theresa Odawatheresa Odawa9 kun oldin
  • I guess ive been married for 14 yrs so am waiting for the other shoe to drop huh

    theresa Odawatheresa Odawa9 kun oldin
  • Here we go again w these cheating scandals these grown older men being stupid!! Omg this crap makes me sick

    theresa Odawatheresa Odawa9 kun oldin
  • AND GURLL..?WHY do u look the fuck tore up??? U are BEAUTIFUL fix urself up plse if a man like u do and hes running around like hes been doin, maybe u as a wife havent done ur part?? Yes u r right not to be flamboyant or a show off but plse a wife okay!???

    theresa Odawatheresa Odawa9 kun oldin
  • And this is where religion really f* up people. She probably doesn't want to divorce him, because according to the scriptures that is not allowed and she probably thinks because he has found God, he will not make the same mistake again. SMDH!! If i would have 5 dollars for every pastor or religious leader in this world that cheats, i would be a miljonair. She left him and then came back. Pfff, she should have kept running.

    N. AfricanArtistaN. AfricanArtista9 kun oldin
  • She gone kill him aint no woman that calm

    No CheatingNo Cheating9 kun oldin
  • Narcissistic behavior from beginning to end... he is such a disgusting person. 🙄I hate it when garbage people try to drag God into it like GOD KNOWS MY HEART... He really does, and it's a mess boo

    KennyKenny9 kun oldin
  • How can you trust a man that's cheats, once a cheater always a cheater. Things will be okay after awhile. Things will end in a divorce. I just prayed to God that he will changed.

    Desiree TownsendDesiree Townsend10 kun oldin
  • I see sign of abuse

    Dija KamaraDija Kamara10 kun oldin
  • Speaking church words to worldly folks.

    erica richarderica richard10 kun oldin
  • She been knew about the women, she's just used to it and also probably in on if. Also the enemy she speaks about is her husband.

    tippy toetippy toe10 kun oldin
  • For the life of me, I cannot fathom why she agreed to come on camera with her husband....He made the mess he should clean it up......

    TN STN S10 kun oldin
  • She looks as if she's heard all of it before. The difference this time is that it went public on social media. No analysis needed as although young, it's highly likely they are probably already sleeping in separate bedrooms.

    Tess THOMASTess THOMAS10 kun oldin
  • If Derrick don't stop he's going to end up dead when all of this is over. 🤷🏿‍♀️ Lay in the bed you made sir

    Casey HillCasey Hill10 kun oldin
  • WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE PEOPLES MARRIAGE? GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! Even if he cheated it is their marriage so get your own life straight

    George BongnyuyGeorge Bongnyuy10 kun oldin
  • So what, is it their marriage! Let him be

    George BongnyuyGeorge Bongnyuy10 kun oldin
  • 1:24 someone help me 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀. The men that always condemning other serial cheaters watch them with 60 👁👁👁 The man been telling y'all he cheating fuh years 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Shammia DavidShammia David10 kun oldin
  • I knew this man was a fraud in the beginning

    LaurenLauren10 kun oldin
  • No one judge Beyonce and Jayz this hard 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Laquitta YoungLaquitta Young10 kun oldin
  • She’s brainwashed af 🧠

    The GeniusThe Genius10 kun oldin
  • It’s always the people pointing fingers with the most bullsh*t to hide.

    The GeniusThe Genius10 kun oldin
  • I do enjoy Empressive Channel but the religious slant in the mists of glorifying all this "sinful" & "worldly" entertainment is distracting and low key annoying. I dunno. Can we leave that out or save it for another channel pls? Iono. Must just be me.

    WeirdKid.7WeirdKid.710 kun oldin
  • Cathy was a friend and publicist. She did die from an aneurysm. She was NOT having a affair with Jay Z. All made up Smh.

    Watering Heart's BWatering Heart's B10 kun oldin
  • he's the reason why we hate men, hes the prime example of why we can never trsut anyone especially men. men like these make me sick, fucking disgusting. poor girl, she should get divorce and get all fucking money

    Jalwa MushinJalwa Mushin10 kun oldin
  • I knew is was a clown from day 1...Never liked this dude...

    MandyMandy10 kun oldin
  • Derrick must look better in person cause...........nevermind.

    Alexis McIntoshAlexis McIntosh10 kun oldin
  • This woman, she’s a sad broken woman! 💔💔💔

    Betty MBetty M10 kun oldin
  • I don’t go to church and I am not here to judge who goes. Everyone lives their lives as they think it’s best. But there’s something to be said about this behavior that religious women portray due to misunderstanding what the Bible or god says or expects from them. She looks crazy, talking about some enemy that came to steal and destroy her marriage, nonsense... tarnishing her image to protect a man, rule number one for religious or not religious women: LOVE THYSELVES FIRST!!!

    DRA PINKDRA PINK10 kun oldin
  • Apparently he likes dem hips...

    jaymillymillsjaymillymills10 kun oldin
  • I don't understand some men...His wife is utterly gorgeous! She clearly has a wonderful mind too...I'm inspired to have a soul as beautiful as hers and he does her dirty like this!? This guy has made me lose, WHY THO!? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!? Wow 😔

    Kimmy RoadnightKimmy Roadnight10 kun oldin
  • They’re probably swingers.

    lisa barneslisa barnes10 kun oldin
  • Every one on here is so quick to attack this women. I do not see one positive comment. Yes, her husband is wrong for doing what he did, and he’s even more wrong for bringing her on a platform to address this situation. He should have handled this on his own. However, if she wants to work on their marriage, there is nothing wrong with that. It takes two though. The husband is going to have to work twice as hard. The moral of the situation is that every one deserves forgiveness. And yes the wife is correct, the devil doesn’t like marriage, so he will try anything to tear it apart. The husband was just not strong enough to resist the temptation. Once we were yet sinners, Christ died for us, therefore everyone deserves forgiveness.

    Ashley BoltAshley Bolt10 kun oldin
  • I feel really bad for her 😢

    SHSH10 kun oldin
  • How do you know that God has forgiven him love? You have a direct line? 🤣😩🤣 You deserve each other - pathetic!!!

    Alison SymondsAlison Symonds10 kun oldin
  • Derrick and his wife need counseling, if both of them can work things out if they wants.claudia is a bitch loves mess.

    Delta DukeDelta Duke11 kun oldin
  • This girl is meek and humble and he's taking full advantage of her.... Sad and he probably makes her dress down

    Let's Talk WithReddLet's Talk WithRedd11 kun oldin
  • He let her fall on the damn sward for him omg that is a weak male

    copper colored cutie XOXOcopper colored cutie XOXO11 kun oldin
  • soooo he basically got paid to vent about his bullshit 😂 ok

    copper colored cutie XOXOcopper colored cutie XOXO11 kun oldin
  • So when you friends with someone u suppose to keep up with their pu... ?? 😆

    Kimy PoohKimy Pooh11 kun oldin
  • At least lil nas x is upfront. Lol People like him crack me up. His wife too. Lol

    J'Shyn JamesJ'Shyn James11 kun oldin