Coi Leray BEEFING with her father Benzino | Lil Uzi exposed by his EX. JT ignores the red flags

2-Mar, 2021
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  • You can provide about everything for your kids and still be a methed up father

    Melanie RaneeMelanie Ranee2 kun oldin
  • that interview with angela, she had no purpose telling Coi about her and Benzino’s issues. like what was the reason ??? gave me weird vibes

    moraswrldmoraswrld2 kun oldin
  • You narrated this as if you’re certain he’s been an actual Father figure to her. Just because that’s her Father doesnt mean he’s been a Dad and she is clearly calling him out on it. Money and phone calls is not what it take to raise a child so much more goes into the process of helping a human mold into their best form. She isn’t sacrificing her relationship with him for fame, the relationship clearly was never truly established. What she’s making know is that she isn’t like him for those who’s looking to pigeon hold her due to his bad business and negative personal affairs . . . You don’t just get unconditional respect off the humble if shared blood, that is not how that works

    DoNDiPzOsHDoNDiPzOsH2 kun oldin
  • Everyone talking about benzino but what about the mother. Had she been bringing her own income in instead of riding off his coat tail they would have had 💰 2 fall back on😡

    tella24tella245 kun oldin
  • So the white dude got man acted like a karen and messed up this man's bag smh

    tella24tella245 kun oldin
  • She is very pretty

    CT1609CT16095 kun oldin
  • Coi go work with Eminem

    Tauqueisha ChesterTauqueisha Chester6 kun oldin
  • Coi was upset and she aired out all of her emotions on her and her fathers relationship or lack there of. Regardless if she was disrespectful to him or not. She’s aware of the wrong doing and knows she’s going to be better then he was in the end. Do they need therapy? Yes. At this point he’s too grown and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. And she’s just going to do whatever she wants to do until she learns different. We all learning and growing. Let her live and create. He ain’t shit. #IsaidwhatIsaid

    Jackie HendersonJackie Henderson6 kun oldin
  • Benzino needs to be a father to Coi then he could be feel some type of way.

    MisspinkbeauMisspinkbeau6 kun oldin
  • Saudiah B so pretty. They all pretty girls. But this situation so high school. These women could have another guy who look way better than uzi.

    MisspinkbeauMisspinkbeau6 kun oldin
  • i feel for the dad

    BritBrit7 kun oldin
  • I'm always here for empressive but the comments for coi lerray is bullshit, she may have called him out his name but she apologized and she admitted her ignorance towards it so I find you need to chill....she spoke through pain my dude... and I feel it, and if her father can act out like an ass then so can she...but she refrained alot you can tell

    kern barrowkern barrow7 kun oldin
  • All these "aint shit" dads got daughters....the irony...

    Charity N.Charity N.8 kun oldin
  • Didn’t know she was Benzino daughter 👀☺️

    Ayeme kiykiyAyeme kiykiy8 kun oldin
  • Family should keep they business off of social media

    Rpg maniacRpg maniac9 kun oldin
  • So basically Eminem ended his career

    Rpg maniacRpg maniac9 kun oldin
  • Ok her mother is okay with her dropping out of school. She can get hs diploma by just taking test. Hopefully she don’t fall off because she to stay relevant to be on top. She making moves but Benzino is not wrong for being upset she dropped out of school. No parent wants their child to drop out of school. Where mom, she needs to clear up what real deal is, if she know he was a good dad and not dead beat dad. Some kids need emotional support not just money. He needs to put his feelings a side and try to heal the deep wound he created. I have my deep wounds but I would never do what she did publicly to her dad. Doing what she did may also turn people away from working with her. Not saying everyone is going turn away but she looking like a emotional case right now. I would not have addressed the issue with her dad. It’s going to take a min for her to heal and that is if she ever does. Good luck to both of them. On both sides it should have been kept private. He should not have blamed on mother, you don’t know what conversation they have in private. Sometimes mom does not have to say another, as kids get older they see the truth of who there for them and who is not. I hope she not just doing this on purpose because that would be messed up. The whole situation is crazy and hopefully over time they can mend their relationship.

    Wanda The realistWanda The realist11 kun oldin
  • Ig; itsswavy.Stacy

    Lina LomaurLina Lomaur12 kun oldin
  • Where's the sauce source at cuz I'm taking that over XXL

    superwisewomen Stanleysuperwisewomen Stanley13 kun oldin
  • Coi Leray is Benzino daughter 😳😳

    Loving ZionLoving Zion15 kun oldin
  • Uzi ex is a beautiful women she need to stay away from him lol he mad weird . She to beautiful to be with his demonic weirdo self

    Sun GazeSun Gaze15 kun oldin
  • Uhhhhhh that’s her father ....he has an older daughter uhhhhhh I don’t know who she is but it was a song with durk I had like

    Sun GazeSun Gaze15 kun oldin
  • Idc calling him a ban was disrespectful Idc

    tatianna brookstatianna brooks18 kun oldin
  • Lordt this is sooo bad. Get professional help to repair and heal the relationship. Stop going on social media to air it out.

    Nat ANat A19 kun oldin
  • They let these niggas do them all kinds of ways... Uzi ain't shit... slow ass

    Shaye JivensShaye Jivens19 kun oldin
  • There is always a way to do things and going to social media or the enemy isn’t one of them.

    Dasha SwindleDasha Swindle20 kun oldin
  • If I know what I did I wouldn’t entertain anything she said. If I had the chance nobody would have known we were related. Period!!! I just would have taken that L

    Dasha SwindleDasha Swindle20 kun oldin
  • I don't care how bad me and my dad got it, I'm not putting him on blast like that. If he was a deadbeat, possibly, but if he was trying, that's a convo that should be kept private

    MichealaMicheala21 kun oldin
  • What’s wild is Coi Leary been said her father wasn’t supportive in PREVIOUS INTERVIEW from YEARS AGO! This is nothing new. She is not sacrificing anything. Stop blaming the victim. Fathers that do this kind manipulation and public embarrassment should not be praised NOR respected!! If your parent is one of your biggest enemies you DO NOT need to respect them nor do you need to associate with them. These earthly titles don’t mean a thing when you don’t live up to them. You don’t know what she has going through in her life with this man. I see right through his bullshit.

    Jazmine HawesJazmine Hawes22 kun oldin
  • Seems like the type of man who wanna make shhh about him. He should have been the parent in this situation and left whatever alone and spoke to her as a father. Family ain’t for social media

    Kaliyah DiamondKaliyah Diamond22 kun oldin
  • Eh if i was her i would have kept some of that to myself and left it cute .. Sometimes you gotah pray and let God put the motivation in your loved ones to change and just step away from them and let them see how positivity can change things for the good. But like she said shes unlearned a lot from her dad, i hope the best

    Mendoza RodriguezMendoza Rodriguez23 kun oldin
  • He needs to grow the fuck up

    Frances EvansFrances Evans24 kun oldin
  • She's just young and talking too much like a kid... and he's just ignorant for giving it life and credibility with the way he's responding to it. No need to air this out in public unless you're seeking attention... AYE, I didn't know her until this popped up so it's working... now I'm going to see how talented she is... so it's working!!

    Ez PEz P24 kun oldin
  • Benzino step up & be a father. You look pathetic

    JrStar FlippenJrStar Flippen25 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry Benzino but focusing on the names she called you is completely missing the point of everything Coi said... hurt people do hurt things and say hurt things sadly so maybe get to the bottom of what is going on

    Olivia JOlivia J25 kun oldin
  • This aint it never disrespect your parents. He said how he felt and never called you out your name. She has a lot of energy to talk to people that doesn't like him. She couldve said lets do therapy. She def. looking for clout. Zino isnt a saint however Coi this aint it.

    Iam FlayIam Flay25 kun oldin
  • His name is "Vision", not Lil Uzi.

    Gina ThompsonGina Thompson25 kun oldin
  • Benzino needs to put on his big boy panties & GET THE FUCK OVER IT. Her music is her form of expression. She’s going to talk about the things that she went through in her life to make her who she is today. He needs to get the fuck over it.

    Plush POVPlush POV25 kun oldin
  • It's clear she just wanna put a "from the streets, hard times childhood" act on and tried to throw her dad under the bus to add to that reputation. She had a silver spoon in her mouth all her life but wanna act gangster.

    Pélé SyncPélé Sync26 kun oldin
    • exactly

      selinaselina25 kun oldin
  • Idk... these kids ain't humble in these industry skreetz these days.

    Peace SeekerPeace Seeker26 kun oldin
  • good video

    nett dnett d26 kun oldin
  • Wait a f ing minute, cuz how did I not know Benzino was coi leray father😭

    Phillip HPhillip H26 kun oldin
  • She said they been fw each other since she came home 😊

    Shantel TriceShantel Trice26 kun oldin
  • How these woman find bezeno attractive is beyond me

    Divine 85 ErinDivine 85 Erin26 kun oldin
  • JT need to know better, also Brittney. Uzi doesn’t seem like someone y‘all should fight over. Like c‘mon y‘all been looking stupid 🤡

    AlumniArmyAlumniArmy26 kun oldin
  • Wait is this really another existence going downhill just because Eminem was petty? 😂

    AlumniArmyAlumniArmy26 kun oldin
  • I don’t like how she talking about her dad like that for views that’s something that you just don’t say for social media not cool

    Liz LizLiz Liz26 kun oldin
  • shes beautiful good luck

    Shamia JacobsShamia Jacobs26 kun oldin
  • Why would anyone want Uzi?🤢

    TKTK27 kun oldin
  • Men may never learn, being a man is NOT only protecting and providing. Daughters and Sons need Present, loving, supportive fathers as well. That’s why men can’t fathom to hear they weren’t good fathers when they did what they’ve always been told to do and it didn’t work.

    E JohnsonE Johnson27 kun oldin
  • so we gon ignore this man benzino kinda built tho😂😂

    AlmightydaydayAlmightydayday28 kun oldin
  • He thinks support is money, when Coi wants support like "Hey daughter, I know I fell off, and you want to get the family back where we were at, you've been grinding so hard to do so. Here are some tips for your career" but instead he is worsening the relationship by going back and forth with her.

    Tammy ArielTammy Ariel28 kun oldin
  • coi is too pretty😭

    DREAMY MiMi ASMRDREAMY MiMi ASMR28 kun oldin
  • It's not her job to fight his beef. He burned bridges, not her. Music is her outlet so if she saying how she feels then do something to change it not put her down, damn.

    Amy HAmy H28 kun oldin
  • Men/ Fathers have a different opinion as to what it means to " be there".

    Tricia RaShawnTricia RaShawn28 kun oldin
  • Ima b honest the old intro was 10x better😭 it was catchy and classic i miss it and i expect it when i watch u🥺😢 i miss it

    Tasha DFWYTasha DFWY29 kun oldin
  • The back to back clip of benzino flexing while smiling with his teeth I can’t take you serious 😂😂🤣

    FappleFapple29 kun oldin
  • It's the gum chewing for me 😖, dude spit it out

    Pamela SPamela S29 kun oldin
  • Who refers to their father as “my nigga” ? That’s masculine disrespectful and just wrong!!!

    Jeffrey FunJeffrey FunOy oldin
  • All these black female rappers look THE SAME now

    Jeffrey FunJeffrey FunOy oldin
  • The way I see it is like this: Benzino says that he was there for her, yeah he fell on hard times but it’s hard out here, yet he provided for her. She did things like smoke weed and music that he did not support, which is understandable ! He doesn’t have to support smoking weed nor does he have to support the type of music she does; the only thing he was entitled to do was feed her and provide a roof over her head. Support dropping out of high school and weed is not something he has to do. He’s her parent not her friend. I think she allows other people’s perspectives of him to overshadow who he is at heart. It’s people out hear that actually didn’t have a father present and was abused by their father. She should look at it differently and have some more respect for him because at the end of the day, it’s not like he wasn’t there for her, he just didn’t support some of her poor decisions and hobby’s.

    Shamira MillerShamira MillerOy oldin
  • Uzi is so ugly to me. All the rlly pretty girls go crazy over the less attractive men. And benzino has a odd head shape to me🧐

    Alissa CraftAlissa CraftOy oldin
  • Just proves to show despite all he said about Eminems parenting his kid ended up opposite Hailey Hailey Got The Love That Coi Never Got

    Quincy LemaigreQuincy LemaigreOy oldin
  • they are cute together blehh

    rckstaarckstaaOy oldin
  • Not picking sides but I feel benzo to a degree.. I would be devastated if my kids thoght all I do for them isn't worth anything.

    Happily Rennie ArtHappily Rennie ArtOy oldin
  • These young girls be so smart and so dumb at the same the self-esteem to get the bag but not to leave the BAN....

    Happily Rennie ArtHappily Rennie ArtOy oldin

    Ayo Fr3sh!Ayo Fr3sh!Oy oldin
  • Wait she dropped out of high school ?! I pray they fix this for the first time I actually feel bad for benzino

    Dee SmithDee SmithOy oldin
  • Bro, ma ni**a, Bitch ass Ni**a is how she addresses her dad?????

    Mark-Anthony Naytorri IIMark-Anthony Naytorri IIOy oldin
  • JT we supposed to City Girls. Fuck love *hides engagement ring "

    TalkindurinthemovieTalkindurinthemovieOy oldin
  • JT and uzi the new power couple for 2021, never let a toxic relationship hold you back and drag you for years, always move on and find someone who actually loves/respects you

    BbyFacedPunk S.S.KBbyFacedPunk S.S.KOy oldin
    • Power couple ??🤣🤣🤣🛑🛑

      mariyaa111mariyaa11120 kun oldin
  • You can tell she’s passionate

    Lina WinaLina WinaOy oldin
  • MAN benzino needs too get off that high horse, kinda like all "young" parents who didnt do a great job, refusing too take accountability for being a bad parent at the time. there's nothing wrong with not knowing better at the time but pretending like you were the best and acting offended instead of just being like u know what i can see how i was wrong. you want a gold medal for financially supporting ur kids?! fuck outta here. im tired of parents thinking they deserve a medal for having kids. we didnt ask to be born, you need to take care of us if you decide to have unprotected sex AND decide to have the kid. just because u have some money doesn't mean your a good father!@!!! coming from a woman who has daddy issues and have no bio kids shit makes me nooot want to have any kids cuz im all kinds of fucked up and would never do that to my babies btw im not a fan of ur opinion about this relationship , idk if you got a good relationship with ur dad but iit sounds like u do so i dont think ur opinion is appropriate also also benzino the bar is set so fucking low for "fathers" take the criticisms and be better

    Howl WhatHowl WhatOy oldin
  • 1st of all why benzino and his daughter doing all this publicly. Smdh . Plus shorty need to stop the disrespect. Just cause u got a lil song on billboards dont mean u act like that...🤦🏾‍♀️

    EllyriEllyriOy oldin
  • I have dead dad and its fucking horrible.

    ExposingGaminExposingGaminOy oldin
  • Coi was very disrespectful. She won't make it in the industry. God don't like ugly.

    QueenAQueenAOy oldin
  • WOW, father and daughter could be more caring and careful of what they need to TALK ABT TO EACH OTHER. The daughters hurts that Daddy wasn't fully there, and the Industry VULTURE CULTURE are capitalizing OFF of it‼️

    RoRo GRoRo GOy oldin
  • It's crazy how you didn't talk about the receipts benzino has on his daughter 😕 subjective journalism at its finest lmao. Whatever it takes to paint men in a negative light I guess

    Alibaba SalujaAlibaba SalujaOy oldin
  • She dissed him then he said he was hurt and she gets mad. He didn't say anything negative about her. Like what does she need from him. He said he would of been knocked her out because she's disrespectful af. It seems like a lot of you in here allowed your kids to run you.

    Alibaba SalujaAlibaba SalujaOy oldin
  • Honor ones mother and father or thy days will be shorten. I don’t agree with what she’s doing.

    shank masonshank masonOy oldin
  • Too much drama

    Timothy MillersTimothy MillersOy oldin
  • Benzino remind me of my dad prideful arrogant and severely insecure and outright abusive my dad burn bridges also with the people in our lives as well because he's an unstable human being and very emotional, my heart goes out to this young lady cause I see myself in her I know what that's like when all you wanna be is daddy's little girl ! all you want is to have a stable relationship but to be honest the way this situation is looking she needs to just cut him loose and go live the best life that she set out on having for herself that's what I did. I love my dad no doubt about that but I had to come to a point and make a decision and ask this person good for my well-being? will our relationship ever progress and get better, can there be a healing process once I realized that was not possible I went ghost, listen just cause you love and respect your parent and they are your parent doesn't mean you have to bow down to them or that because you are this person child you become a doormat no just because a person can make a whole child does not mean you own them this child is not your property. children deserve to be honored and respected as well as parents! Parents seem to forget that! that's how you foster healthy, stabled relationships but I wish this young lady the best. cause that is tough it's hard to walk away when it's your parent I know this comment hella long but it really upsets me that this young lady has to go through that. it happens way too often!

    Ange Does Cover SongsAnge Does Cover SongsOy oldin
  • Nobody out here is really protecting the youth of this world. It's just a continuous cycle of children being abused in single parent homes in one form or another and growing up to be bat shit crazy or abusers themselves. Like her I'm trying to get my movie made and really tell the story of what's going on in the inner city communities. If that day ever come it's going to rock this world to it's vile and dysfunctional core ........GRIM

  • JT & Uzi on live as we speak😂

    Dina FritzDina FritzOy oldin
  • Tbh I think that she only posted the text cuz she was hurt and pissed off this man is telling her all this shit but still fw jt n she got tired of the lies so she exposed him n he only posted jt to make her jealous to try n get her to reply to him

    Maria PegueroMaria PegueroOy oldin
  • I aint even know benzino was her daddy thats crazy

    G O L D E E NG O L D E E NOy oldin
  • What a wonderful young lady !!! I hope she does well in the industry.

    Robyn SwanRobyn SwanOy oldin
  • Plot twist...what if benzino and his daughter are in on this together. And they decided together that in order for her to succeed in the industry she needs to distance herself from him....AND they will try to iron everything out on guhh 😂 it’s crazy my mind goes there but I don’t put it past anybody in the industry.

    CynCynOy oldin
  • Can we talk about Eminem feeling like they have him 4/5 cause he’s white🙂 why does every white person in hip hop swear any discredit they get is because they’re white (bhad bhabie said the same thing). I know the video isn’t about that but that rubs the wrong way. Especially since Eminem tries so hard now a days to get on Black people good side.

    RebeccaRebeccaOy oldin
  • JT must be 2feet if uzi taller than her

    Jade BradleyJade BradleyOy oldin
  • Benzino she never said you were a dead beat! And what does he mean he still took care of her when he and her mom was no longer together, and when she got married he still took care of his kids....ummmm isn’t that what he is supposed to do!?!?! Like whet?! And didn’t his ex say he was toxic emotional and abusive??? He just needs help

    Sakoiya KelleySakoiya KelleyOy oldin
  • can they keep their family drama off social media

    Starri nightStarri nightOy oldin
  • No matter what is going on in your personal life, if my daughter EVER called me a “Bih as nig”, we got problems, we got serious problems. That is a level of disrespect that will get you permanently cut off, period.

    spcwilson79spcwilson79Oy oldin
  • JT is actually so gorgeous, how dare she be so beautiful 😅🥰

    Joi WilliamsJoi WilliamsOy oldin
  • It’s the GUM smacking’ that’s annoying me!!!

    kim dyekim dyeOy oldin
  • She lying just by her demeanor you can tell.

    Christopher BlackwellChristopher BlackwellOy oldin
  • The way Brittany's style is, she blends with Uzi Alot better than JT

    Nicole RaheemNicole RaheemOy oldin
    • JT actually gives uzi a run for his love

      BbyFacedPunk S.S.KBbyFacedPunk S.S.KOy oldin
  • Coi doesn’t want the bridges her father burned to affect her, but she went online and proved she is just as erratic as her dad, and burned that bridge.

    Sweet TeeshSweet TeeshOy oldin
  • Ja rule irrelevant xD soooo he and benz lost to Em and 50

    Heart 1975Heart 1975Oy oldin
  • Hold the hell up branzino is coi dad???

    Heart 1975Heart 1975Oy oldin