Chloe Bailey cries after being shamed for showing her body | THE RISE OF CHLOE x HALLE

1-Fev, 2021
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  • Chloe needs to continue being Chloe. She’s young, and still growing and prospering in the public eye. Let’s remember that. She has absolutely no obligation to explain herself. Keep spreading those positive vibes, Chloe, and keep it pushin’ through the negative ones!!!

    Angela McGaffAngela McGaff23 kun oldin
    • May they not become like the Olsen sisiters

      Edna BrownEdna Brown2 kun oldin
    • @Kendrick Jamone I swear ! When will women realize that most of the time , they're sexualizing themselves more than they're empowering themselves. This world will always keep women into this sexuality box . And if they can't force them to be sexualized , they'll deceive them into doing it . Simple .

      Nadia TanjalogNadia Tanjalog5 kun oldin
    • @C4Zero Their brainwashed! I don’t think their fit to raise daughters at all

      BeeBee9 kun oldin
    • @carolyn Williams 🙏 They just don’t get it

      BeeBee9 kun oldin
    • @Tomeicko Hawkins EXACTLY!!!

      BeeBee9 kun oldin
  • I love her energy People are so quick to judge as if they know her personally.

    esma monemesma monem14 soat oldin
  • This video was definitely necessary! Basically to prove that hypocrisy is real. And people will judge you for the same thing that their favorite idols do. I’m proud of Chloe for speaking up and being very transparent about this situation. 💕🌱🧿

    IndiibbyIndiibby14 soat oldin
  • To be real honest, I think some people are upset because black women are already OVERLY SEXUALIZED in media already. Every young black female that comes along always gets over sexualized at some point. They're all starting to look alike. And people are getting bored with the same representation of black women. Non-black women get to try out different concepts and public images, and genres but all mainstream black women seem to only offer the same thing over and over; their asses and bodies.

    EllieEllie14 soat oldin
  • I feel like society always wants us to be what they picture us to be and I don't think this is right, why the fuck can't we just all be at peace and stop body shaming others and slut shaming women like where is the feminism. Y'all are jealous because she loves her body and I think that's the best trait to have of yourself finally reach that point where your confident and full of self love is beautiful. Once u can do that ur powerful ❤

    shania wilsonshania wilson14 soat oldin
  • People just love hating...Chloe keep being you. They wish they had your confidence and look.

    Stephaney EmestyStephaney EmestyKun oldin
  • Garbage... the whole channel Ella Mai and H.E.R all day💯

    D. W.D. W.Kun oldin
  • Keep doing your thing Chloe and don't let no one take what you are doing away from you stop crying dry up those tears you shouldn't be crying you should be happy some people in this world are devils I say this because think about it your idol Beyonce can go on stage half naked shaking her butt and everybody in the audience and at home praise that nobody is judging her but it's not right people how some of y'all are talking and speaking negative of her video post of her being herself just think about it mostly all female singers perform on TV and in music videos basically nude and nobody is talking about them so to the people that's down grading Chloe just stop it and let her do her thing like every other female famous or not is doing keep your head up Chloe and don't let people judging you get to you just take it in one ear and let it go out the other ear and just keep on going also keep posting what you want to post over the internet why because everybody else do no need to tone it down live your life and enjoy it because we all only have one life to live don't ever change a thing about how you feel and what you are doing my advice for all of Chloe's followers that don't like what she is doing stop watching her either way she will still succeed love you Chloe seeing you cry broke my heart so I had to tell you this to uplift you and your spirit never cry or feel bad for being yourself being yourself ain't bad because look at how far you and your sister have come

    Punkin PiePunkin PieKun oldin
  • Chloe owes no one NO explanation. She was expressing herself. In this day and age everyone is doing it, why bash her!? If any of you don't like something just don't watch it. Simple!!!

    Renee MonestimeRenee MonestimeKun oldin
  • I want to say that these girls are entertainers and it's well in their right to be whatever they want in front of the camera. These are grown women and at the end of the day only they are accountable for their own actions. Why are we slut shaming? Black women? All women? Haven't we been through enough? This is to the Bailey's: YOU DONT OWE ANYONE ANY EXPLANATION, TEARS, OR APOLOGIES!!!!! THIS IS YOUR LIFE! CONTINUE TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE THE WAY YOU WANT TO! FAMILY FIRST NO MATTER WHAT AND IF YOU SPLIT THEN IT'S WHEN Y'ALL WANT TO SPLIT. I'm not yelling. I just wanted the Bailey's to see that this fan loves their blackness and will support them in the good, the bad, and the ugly!

    Vannessa SpenceVannessa SpenceKun oldin
  • What do people want? For her to stay a kid forever? She's in her twenties now - let her live her life.

    Natural MeNatural MeKun oldin
  • I don't like how their album is called the Ungodly hour

    Simply ShayeSimply ShayeKun oldin
  • Lord when there wasn’t clothes that covered our whole body we only wore leaves to cover the nipples and patch of hair below. So how come people judging now when people wear less clothing. If you have sinful or lustful thoughts that’s between you and God. Don’t put anyone else down just because society or religion has brainwashed you.

    Trending QueendomTrending QueendomKun oldin
  • Humans are so judgemental. as soon as they see you shining they Talk horrible things about u and that's a FACT

    Amira ClarkeAmira Clarke2 kun oldin
  • Them fake ass tears she's is a ACTRESS!! enough said,!!!

    Edna BrownEdna Brown2 kun oldin
  • Of course they're gonna separate the 👹 industry wont have it any other way!!! & Folks still encouraging our generations to evolve in the s👹tanic relm!! Shame on the one that are promoting it! Such as yourself the #narrator

    Edna BrownEdna Brown2 kun oldin
  • This is so sad when it comes to the point where someone feels that they have to explain themselves for simply being human. People don't think about how old they are. They are young ladies who have may seem grown but they are still growing into themselves. Chloe's sexuality is coming out more yet some don't know how to take it. She is becoming herself, she is growing into a full fledged women and to shame someone who is still growing is very distasteful. People have no problem with Cardi B or Meghan Thee Stallion because folks expect them to be sexual because of the music they make but why shame Chloe? Chloe is human too. Quit judging other's.

    Racquel B.Racquel B.2 kun oldin
  • Yes I love her shining but she doesn’t need anyone’s validation or praise. ...Attention is one hell of a drug and we don’t know the long term negative affects of this social media shit.. It ain’t natural and I just feel like it’s keeping us far from the truth.

    Ayuana’s GardenAyuana’s Garden2 kun oldin
  • “DUSTY colonizers” lmaooo 🤣

    Ayuana’s GardenAyuana’s Garden2 kun oldin
  • People is always gonna have something to say, you don’t live for others you live for yourself as long as you know God loves you, you’ll be alright! If you’re doing good they talk about you, if you doing bad they gonna talk about you so let them talk! Nobody on this earth is perfect God didn’t make us to be perfect! Love yourself and live your truth! You can’t please no one but yourself! Live, Laugh, Love! Life is to short! 🙏🙏😘😘😘😘😘

    Marie HarveyMarie Harvey2 kun oldin

      Marie HarveyMarie Harvey2 kun oldin

    Brittany MahoneBrittany Mahone2 kun oldin
  • People need to leave her alone like she’s beautiful and her body is natural like people stay hating.

    Salma OmarSalma Omar2 kun oldin
  • She is becoming a powerful, sexually expressive black woman. This type of expression is in our DNA. I am sure y'all can tell she is implementing her idol Beyonce's dancing style. Its just who she is so leave her alone.

    Yazzy N KiddosYazzy N Kiddos2 kun oldin
  • She’s grown, she grew up... Only explanation needed. Ef a hating jealous social media troll. They’re who should be ashamed for their bullying.

    Courtney HallCourtney Hall2 kun oldin
  • God Bless. Be U

    Gaynel McclintonGaynel Mcclinton2 kun oldin
  • This must be a joke... No needs to be mean...but she's over sensual/sexual... Can't be doing all that and expect people not to see it and say things. Blackwomen are oversexualized but when we join in with it and promote it its even worst.

    chanikac1chanikac13 kun oldin
  • They just hating. You looks good.

    da realistda realist3 kun oldin
  • Her body is real and they are jealous

    Truthful RatingTruthful Rating3 kun oldin
  • These attacks started as they did the wrong move by having individual Instagram accounts.

    Katila FerreiraKatila Ferreira3 kun oldin
  • U owe NO ONE AN EXPLANATION, (my LOVE)! Be true 2 U...this is exactly what's I have on my personalized license plate (btrue2u)...U shouldn't feel apologetic, U suppose 2 dance when NO ONE IS LOOKING OR not.

    Tiff NettTiff Nett3 kun oldin
  • Dusty colonizers killed me 🤣🤣😭

    Isai MercadoIsai Mercado3 kun oldin
  • She not a gospel singer she young and fine ofcourse she gon pop that thang yall tripping 😂

    enyamouth69enyamouth693 kun oldin
  • Chloe live for Chloe cause these devils out here are jealous and remember girl you got this just keep on praising God and remembering your roots stay grounded in Jesus he’ll see you through so smile 😊 you don’t have nothing to be ashamed of so love ❤️ your sister and have fun

    Judi GJudi G4 kun oldin
  • Beyonce really perverted those 2 girls and sold them to the illuminati. I've noticed they are starting to act more perverted. Their music their image and music videos became perverted.

    Black LoboBlack Lobo4 kun oldin
  • Wow some of these comments, whitney Houston was one of the best vocalists of all times. And she never ever dressed and show off her body like that. Come on people, stop telling our young talented black women it's ok to behave like this. She has an amazing voice that's her talent. She doesn't have to be selling sex appeal. I'm sorry that's my take on it. Come for me

    shireen rennieshireen rennie4 kun oldin
  • You are absolutely right. Great advice

    taliah azeeztaliah azeez4 kun oldin
  • This isn’t just with famous people, though with famous folks, the influx is far greater. I’m sick of misogyny (from both women and men), trying to police Women’s bodies, shame us, label us, and ultimately, dehumanize us. This young lady is precious. She’s so talented and so lovely. I saw a few of her dance vids and I enjoyed them! It’s always beautiful to see a young lady coming into her own and showing herself some love. And if you can dance, I say DANCE! Most of us who do these sorts of things aren’t seeking sexual and tacky male attention and validation. We are just sharing a part of ourselves. It is so fucked up, so ugly, and so misogynistic to do this to girls and women. It’s old. I’m done with it. I’m nearly twice this girl’s age, and my entire life since I began to develop in middle school, I have faced this same bullshit. I’ll be looking out for these gifted sisters and support them any way I can. 💖

    iamcasihartiamcasihart4 kun oldin
  • This off top but Chloe is still pretty even when she cries.Some people make some ugly cry faces.I don't how I look when I cry because I have never looked in the mirror and cried.

    Blessed BeautyBlessed Beauty4 kun oldin
  • When a black girl shows what she's blessed with naturally she's gets dragged but the Kardashian's and the Jenners gets praised for the fake stuff these people really don't want to respect us huh 🥺👩🏽🤔 damn

    Lovely BabyfaceLovely Babyface4 kun oldin
  • Thanks for being you we love it Thats also parts of your talent

    Robert PhippsRobert Phipps4 kun oldin
  • She should be crying 😢. Keep your clothes on child!!! Black women are already sexualized that shouldn’t be the image that she should want of herself.. Halle has more class and she’s prettier. I can understand on stage but to be on Instagram EVERY DAY NAKED isn’t cute or a good look... Period!!

    Mariam BeyMariam Bey4 kun oldin
  • Sheesh! Social media is cutthroat! Why would you call someone you've never even met a slut? Chloe and Halle are amazing! They must just keep doing their thing and forget the haters.

    Thandiwe NhlabathiThandiwe Nhlabathi4 kun oldin
  • You shouldn't have to explain to and your sister are beautiful and talented and most of all you are beautiful on the inside keep your head up and continue to be you be happy...

    Kakorato SonKakorato Son4 kun oldin
  • I still think that eventhough she is becoming more comfortable with her body, that she doesn’t have to elude a sexual persona. Her self growth and development as a young black star should be coming from a mental growth, not sexual. How can she say this is who she is? Then her values, moral compass and self worth is misplaced and misguided. Young girls have to protect their image because the world is not a fair and bad things can happen to young women that is shown in a light of being sexy. First of all she’s like 22. Her mind shouldn’t be thinking “sexy”. There are a lot of young women her age and older that are not in that headspace of wanting to feel desirous or sexy because they are now happy with their bodies and they are thriving more than ever in life.

    Jennifer TuleyJennifer Tuley4 kun oldin
    • Exactly. SHES 22. She’s not a little girl. She’s a grown ass woman. She’s not a “young girl” she’s a woman. One that makes 6 figures+, one that has a house, and pays taxes. She’s not a child or a young girl. She’s an adult. She can drink, she can smoke weed, she can vape. She’s an adult. Y’all need to realize that.

      Cook :DCook :DKun oldin
  • Chloe is an African American who powerful af and extremely confident and so deserving of receiving her flowers. Instead of bashing her beauty and art that makes her stand out because she understands sexiness. It’s retching that these fake supporters are making her cry. Let’s stand together and send her more love and respect because she doesn’t deserve being bullied, especially since she is human and at times fragile. She is extremely entertaining and these ppl that are making her cry are haters. And Chloe needs to stop reading into the negative energy. Send her gifts if you have her address and help her protect her energy more especially since she becoming more famous. It’s obvious she really strong but sometimes the strongest ppl have their weakness. NEWS ALERT... Chloe has more subscribers and followers than these ppl putting putting her down. Stay strong girl. I’m forever a fan even if I was the only one.

    prince richardsonprince richardson4 kun oldin
  • Passing judgement by visual inspection is unfair. No hate at all. Im at the point in my life that I see our current culture as over sexualized. Female power and strength can be accomplished without pushing sex appeal. Modesty is beauty also.

    LrcmLrcm4 kun oldin
  • I think people are forgetting Halle is younger than Chloe as well

    LifeWithBreLifeWithBre5 kun oldin
  • Well they are signed under beyonce...what y’all expected ?🤷🏻‍♀️

    Viv RViv R5 kun oldin
  • Chloe's twin looks like one of my school mate.. Like literally she looks like the junior her🤣

    Anna cute savageAnna cute savage5 kun oldin
    • @Jenn my bad, thanks... Just taught so because they were twins in grownish 😂

      Anna cute savageAnna cute savage3 kun oldin
    • They are not twins. They are just sisters.

      JennJenn3 kun oldin
  • Love the new intro ♥️♥️♥️

    Teresa dos SantosTeresa dos Santos5 kun oldin
  • Do it live performances were so amazing!!!

    Al SalAl Sal5 kun oldin
  • Chloe has all the right in the world to be as free as she wants to be and show off her sex appeal in her dancing. Y'all stop hatin' Lol.

    Healthy ChoiceHealthy Choice5 kun oldin
  • Its sad how people judge you for being you. I do give a flying Ass, I do WHT the fuck I want. Its my life not yours. So people comments shouldn't bother you,more haters mean more power. Keep doing good young QUEENS YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL CREATIVE AND LOVE YOUR SKIN. JEALOUS PEOPLE WORRY ABOUT YOUR SELF.

    ellissweetass ellissweetassellissweetass ellissweetass5 kun oldin
  • I’m proud of Chloe!!! She was ALWAYS the “sexual” sister 😆 People are gonna be PEOPLE 😂😂

    Moan Aleesha Meadow NatureMoan Aleesha Meadow Nature5 kun oldin
    • wtf

      souplover94souplover942 kun oldin
  • All the negative mofos out there wish they were in her place. Jealousy is a B#@h. These lovely ladies are INDIVIDUALS with INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITIES. Love you ladies and keep doing "YOU".

    yarnsrjyarnsrj5 kun oldin
  • When I was a teenager I had a friend who would always wear shirts to show her boobs and then she would get mad when guys looked at them .if you’re going to be mad about what someone says about you then why show your body off ?if you show your body off why care what people think 🤔 ijs

    Lioness GoddessLioness Goddess5 kun oldin
  • Sad that most of the comments came from WOMEN and women “of color” too!! I think Chloe is like me...we’re just free and love dancing and love our own bodies. How tf does her dancing make her a slut ??? She’s alone and just making videos and dancing around FOR HERSELF Bc it makes her feel good and she just wanted to share her joy with her fans/followers/supporters. That how I viewed it. Y’all sound bitter and jealous if you ask me. Trying to bring another woman down for being comfortable 🤷🏾‍♀️ GET A LIFE. There was nothing wrong with her videos and if you think it was slutty then it is because you are brainwashed and you are the one sexualizing everything!!! Leave her alone!

    KIAAYOKIAAYO5 kun oldin
  • I love both girls! They are EVERYTHING and I'm here for them! Go Girls!!!

    Kelly MooreKelly Moore5 kun oldin
  • I’m concerned on all the symbolic witchy stuff they subtly show. Aside from that, I hear what she’s saying, her confidence in herself being sensual in her dancing is growing and she feels comfortable showing it.

    babybrown98babybrown986 kun oldin
  • Halle with Disney so she keeping it down. I do not understand all the ass shaking is needed. Now she back tracking. She should really concentrate on music.

    Angela RobertsAngela Roberts6 kun oldin
  • These females in Entertainment business are always used. She being too extra.

    Angela RobertsAngela Roberts6 kun oldin
  • Well African women are in trouble. They dance like that for centuries

    Priscilla ADDISON- CrosbyPriscilla ADDISON- Crosby6 kun oldin
  • Damn get to the point

    cathy goodecathy goode6 kun oldin
  • People always got some shit to say

    Hello HoneyHello Honey6 kun oldin
  • I agree with those tweets

    kimmieko 110kimmieko 1106 kun oldin
  • She owes no one any explanation I know she has a fan base and those who support her butt she is well within her own right!! Don't apologize for being you

    Godiva GoddessGodiva Goddess6 kun oldin
  • Let them hate while she be great❤️🖤

    Tamara GrayTamara Gray6 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Women do you what you care about What others think jealously is the great policy 🤣🤣🤣 Shit bitches will hate when they don’t have what it take.🤣🤣🤣🤣 Shit I am a living proof 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Shit you beautiful and this is a part of life shit I would do it for spike. Live your dreams you both are beautiful blessed and love and very entertaining god bless you both. I love how she found her sex self. The world is full of corona virus peoples just enjoy living life until god call you home.🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Wonda WilsonWonda Wilson6 kun oldin
  • When Brittany Spears started being sexual and completely naked. Didn't hear a word about here. But when brown women express anything, it's a issue. We already go throw a lot as brown women. All those haters are mad cause they can't do it. Insecure and unhappy!

    clarissa harmonclarissa harmon6 kun oldin
  • Chile 💔💔

    blueface lowkeyblueface lowkey6 kun oldin
  • Her videos = STREETS !!!

    Desirae JohnsonDesirae Johnson6 kun oldin
  • let's piss other people further. . . when a guy dances on a sensual manner, showing off all the goods he's got. . . he's a "STUD". yeah keep slaying chloe 💯♥️♥️♥️

    Aqua RiosAqua Rios6 kun oldin
  • Wow colonizer must be a new racist remarks that black ppl say. Bs ppl want to stop racism yet able to come out & say something so dumb. I thought this was a good info about these 2 young talented woman who happen to be black . Smh what all the attention on color damn.

    Roby ORoby O6 kun oldin
  • I hate people. I love Chlo Chlo.

    Jayda ProudloveJayda Proudlove6 kun oldin
  • I Love you, because you're so real, and you Love, adore appreciate yourself... 🥰😘 Love you baby girl... Continue being you...

    Elinor ChishimbaElinor Chishimba6 kun oldin
  • Thank you for being so mature...

    Elinor ChishimbaElinor Chishimba6 kun oldin
  • dont make deals with the 😈 ....just saying

    cinnamonstar808cinnamonstar8087 kun oldin
  • This breaks my heart, why can't the young lady have fun and dance in her room??? Social media just tears ppl apart sometimes, I can't stand it.😡😡😡

    Marissa LaChelleMarissa LaChelle7 kun oldin
  • Keep doing you Chloe

    Vince DurrellVince Durrell7 kun oldin
  • She needs to stop crying. You grown, you rich and you are talented. Why the fuck do you care what a bunch of poor people think of you?

    Oof It wasn’t meOof It wasn’t me7 kun oldin
  • This is a very beautiful video. Very positive. Good job, queen

    Tofunmi OlayinkaTofunmi Olayinka7 kun oldin
  • You shall have no other gods before Yahuah! Your power should ONLY come from Yahuah and not this worldly crap. If you did indeed get closer to Him then you would know HE WANTS YOU MODEST AND COVERED UP. You shouldn't even have idols and that's why those sexual spirits have attached themselves to you, because you have invited them in. Pleeeeeeeease repent sweetie and seek Yahuah while He still can be found... Judgement is at the door... Shalom

    Yahuah's BelovedYahuah's Beloved7 kun oldin
  • I feel sorry for Chloe that people wont leave her alone and she wants attention but the only attention she needs is her family attention period

    Miracle OkhuaroboMiracle Okhuarobo7 kun oldin
  • Chloe you & your sister are so talented unfortunately wicked ppl in this world hate on angles

    Qwanisha GomezQwanisha Gomez7 kun oldin
  • Chloe your absolutely beautiful keep doing you forget the haters

    Qwanisha GomezQwanisha Gomez7 kun oldin
  • Baby don't let these Haters interrupt your success. Keep being you. Inspire others!

    Angela MccurryAngela Mccurry7 kun oldin
  • shes such a sweetheart

    DolceVitaDolceVita7 kun oldin
  • i swear people need to find something better else to do, than to body shame someone. The clownery is real.

    anthony jenkinsanthony jenkins7 kun oldin
  • Girl forget these people and do you‼️ You making money and you on your own‼️ They either love it, hate it or keep scrolling‼️They talk about Jesus

    Rosalyn TurnerRosalyn Turner7 kun oldin
  • I love Halle more

    Tido IsaacTido Isaac7 kun oldin
  • Chloe- an ADULT- can be herself and be sexual if she wants to be. People think she's still 12 years old. Also her being sexy doesn't mean people cannot be modest. Just literally let people BE THEMSELVES. People are just bullies and have so much misogyny.

    Vanice IcarusVanice Icarus7 kun oldin
  • I think what she said was beautiful and that a lot of women/girls go through this...she spoke her truth. I also agree that she should be selective about what she shares because there are crazy people out here on the internet. Both girls are beautiful and always have been from a young age, I wish them much success. I'm older and I really enjoyed grownish, especially the first season. It is funny how we can see ourselves as fat but we are not...body image is a very real thing. People... just give love, she is young and she is still growing into herself as a woman. People feel to brave to be hateful to people online and just in general but mostly it is often from jealousy. Be who you are and let be.

    kdevonrainekdevonraine7 kun oldin
  • Chloe is gorgeous, talented and still is so young! We all have a journey in this life and learn so much on the way. I hope she doesn't let negativity bring her down because her natural beauty shines!

    Lisa Marie LarocheLisa Marie Laroche7 kun oldin
  • Keep being you

    Diamond Red DukesDiamond Red Dukes7 kun oldin
  • It is so sad when older people get online and try to make a young, beautiful and talented black female feel some kind of way. Lift her up and not bring her down...Black Girl Magic Right...we are off track. You do you Chloe you are Gorgeous!!!

    Pamela KellyPamela Kelly7 kun oldin
  • grown.ish

    Damani DuhhDamani Duhh7 kun oldin
  • I don't see male superstars being hoe shamed or slut shamed for dancing expressively. I don't understand why black women do this to each other. There is a lot of pressure of being a specific kind of woman. I don't like the comparison between Chloe and Halle. Misery and bitteness loves company and I don't want to engage in that conversation. Like I always say if you can't be kind with your words, keep quiet have a day you deserve. @Empressive.

    Tumweonly CommentaryTumweonly Commentary7 kun oldin
  • If people want to shame her let them do so for what truly matters, and that is selling her soul and being a public voluntary agent used to manipulate the youth of today and steer them where ever her controllers command her to, and those of you who would even debate this you are the reason the devil uses woman of all colors and men to oppress generation after generation of God's children, to be the faces of album ungodly hour and have the support and adoration of you all is such a slap in God's face, and don't tell me God is why they are there, their god put them there, as her god is a false god idol, and she named that demon, her idol and god is the demon sasha fierce the demon who fills beyonce body.

    Strangely AwakenedStrangely Awakened7 kun oldin
  • You better OWN who you are gurl!!

    Shaunna SmithShaunna Smith7 kun oldin
  • Keep doing and being your true self. You are beautiful and if anyone doesn't accept you so freaking what!!!

    LeRose EaddyLeRose Eaddy7 kun oldin