Beyonce's dad slams people for comparing Chloe Bailey to Bey | Lil Nas X vs. Tekashi | TI & Tiny

4-Mar, 2021
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  • Bey voice evolved ..real fans know sounds like her now at a younger age

    Aries 0412Aries 0412Kun oldin
  • Bey is not has a voice she running right up...I'd compare them

    Aries 0412Aries 0412Kun oldin
  • 69 and Lil Naz should do a collaboration 😉

    Leon DyerLeon Dyer3 kun oldin
  • Chloe looks like a prettier as talented version of Beyoncé...he’s plain hating

    Leon DyerLeon Dyer3 kun oldin
  • People need to stop comparing Black females on the come up to Beyoncé. Same thing happened to Normani

    PlatinumGrey XPlatinumGrey X4 kun oldin
  • you spoke True facts and wonderful respect for the artists: Beyonce, and chloe and Halle .

    Michele WatkinsMichele Watkins4 kun oldin
  • Matthew Knowles was disrespectful AF. Chloe is his daughter's prodige, so of course people are gonna compare her to Beyonce since they work so closely together. But Chloe is very talented in her own right. And it's okay for their to be more than one talented black women in the spotlight. It won't devalue what Beyonce is doing!

    Lady ALady A4 kun oldin
  • Is this the same guy who said Beyonce was successful because she was light skinned.

    Grammar Police -Grammar Police -5 kun oldin
  • This interview was very disrespectful on Mathew Knowles part. Yes, Beyoncé is very very talented and I love her and all of her music/movies ect, trust me I am a huge fan. But, talent didn't start or end with Beyoncé. Beyoncé is a legend. There's also Legends before her and there's going to be Legends after her PERIOD. I'm not comparing Chloe to Beyoncé but VOCALLY Chloe is a beast. Performing/Entertaining Beyonce is a Beast. They are both very talented and no one is saying that Chloe is on/above Beyoncé's level because B has over 20 years under her belt. Chloe has the talent and potential to become a legend in her own time/era. Beyoncé would not have signed Chloe×Halle if she didn't see Legendary Potential in CHLOExHALLE.

    Shaun JonesShaun Jones12 kun oldin
  • This woman was dumb and slow, wtf, why would she let matthew tear down chloe like that

    Q. M. KQ. M. K14 kun oldin
  • hopefully Halle doesn’t feel left out as from my point of view, Chloe is getting more attention.

    Milleigh NcapayiMilleigh Ncapayi15 kun oldin
  • “Idk why tekashi said this because this honestly proves nothing.” Took the words right out of my mouth 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Laquera DavisLaquera Davis16 kun oldin
  • Lil nas X photoshopped boobs on himself you think he wouldn't Photoshop dms? I believe tekashi

    Femi R.Femi R.18 kun oldin
  • Mathew is straight up stupid ....

    Tsitsi MadusiseTsitsi Madusise18 kun oldin
  • He didn’t had to be da rude, that’s beyond disrespectful.

    Guernitha LoveGuernitha Love19 kun oldin
  • true legends groom people that are even better than them! Beyonce is not playing, shes wise. she knows at some point she wants to retire and needs to continue with the legacy and that means grooming great artists and signing them. its business and shes invested. the better they are are the more money everybody makes!

    Nyasha NyembaNyasha Nyemba19 kun oldin
  • As a grown man he shouldn’t of answered the question about this little girl like this.....

    Steven PopSteven Pop19 kun oldin
  • Well beyonce is old now this is what they do to every black woman in Hollywood gabriel union.... Mariah Carey. It's the way of Hollywood. Talent isnt shaking ur ass on a stage that's a stripper. Let stop this bs. And start to promote more positive black women. We are more then our body.

    Sherice JamesSherice James19 kun oldin
    • There a million beyonce's walking around this world lmao. U can make a star u can make talent now.

      Sherice JamesSherice James19 kun oldin
  • I swear people don't come for young white upcoming artists the way they do for Chloe and Halle

    Zanelle MutokoZanelle Mutoko20 kun oldin
  • 2.5 mins in how do u not just tell the man to go throw himself in the bin. "Yes or no" she literally said yes, confirmed and clarified it for you. Drama queen.

    sophie gracesophie grace21 kun oldin
  • Ms. Tina woke up one day, looked in the mirror, and said I'M DONE WITH THIS.

    MsB CheetMsB Cheet21 kun oldin
  • Honestly Chloe is more talented than beyonce when bey was her age

    Kimberly NoblesKimberly Nobles21 kun oldin
  • Hold onnnn ti n his wife using girls bodies against their will?? This is the same dude who took his daughter to the doctor to confirm shes still a virgin? Interesting

    Audrey AgbodjanAudrey Agbodjan21 kun oldin
  • The argument is simple. Chloe has blossomed at her young age just like Beyonce did back then. So simply put, they can be compared because Chloe has many more years to build herself as a performer, a producer and an entire brand. She can be bigger if she plays her cards right just like Beyonce did and is now teaching her too

    Channeled By JABUChanneled By JABU22 kun oldin
  • He’s an old hag.

    Gabrielle CurryGabrielle Curry22 kun oldin
  • At the end of the day..a new generation rising , never say never ...beyonce is not a God...she is human , she is not getting any younger , time will come wen a new Beyonce will rise ...and that's Chloe

    kamogelo ledwabakamogelo ledwaba22 kun oldin
  • Seriously, let’s normalize not comparing people...can we do that? The girls are doing their own thing with Beyoncé being their mentor. And there will never be anyone like Beyoncé, besides Beyoncé. That’s it!

    JermJerm23 kun oldin
    • @Elizabeth _ really? They look just alike, ty for clearing that up tho

      JermJerm22 kun oldin
    • ChloeXHalle are not twins. Chloe is older.

      Elizabeth _Elizabeth _22 kun oldin
  • 69 is another idiot. Maybe he was upset that Lil Nas wasn't interested hahaha.

    Sheila FulksSheila Fulks23 kun oldin
  • Mathew is doing waaay to much. This is her mentee, and he took it personal as if it was a jab at him. This could have been a chance to help his reputation, It just made him sound silly.

    Sheila FulksSheila Fulks23 kun oldin
  • I always said you do the crime you should do the time.

    Allen PriceAllen Price23 kun oldin
  • Matthew Knowles was outta pocket. People aren't comparing Chloe Bailey to current Beyoncé - they are comparing her to a young Beyoncé. And even then, I can see why people compare them. Both have electric stage presence, beautiful voices, and are beautiful black women. However, current Beyoncé is a seasoned entertainer with 20+ years of experience in the business. Chloe Bailey is relatively a rookie. Even, young Beyoncé used to have multiple ghostwriters and didn't produce or compose any of her work. Chloe doesn't do any of those things. She composes, writes, and produces. Chloe doesn't even steal like Bey did at her age. But, this narrative is tiring. Every black woman who can sing and dance is compared to Beyoncé. Y'all did it to Rihanna, y'all did it to Normani, you're doing it to Chloe and another person will come - and you will do it to her. Also, Matthew Knowles was just plain disrespectful. Chloe is a new artist, coming into her own and learning what works for her - *AND* her sister Halle who people tend to ignore. Beyoncé IS NOT the end all, be all of talent. I'm part of the Bey Hive but people act like she's the only talented person on the planet. She is immensely talented, however, she isn't the only talented performer and singer. Anyways, this pompous, disrespectful, and insulting behavior is why Tina and Bey don't mess with him anymore 🤭.

    Madison StarrMadison Starr24 kun oldin
  • Mr. Knowles will FOREVER ride for Beyoncé never forget 😎

    Tona TonaTona Tona24 kun oldin
  • He is very and OBVIOUSLY immature and ignorant. Don't talk to him no more.

    GodsmyloveGodsmylove24 kun oldin
  • I didn’t know Beyoncé played the piano/guitar etc. all I ever see Beyoncé doing is rolling on the river on the floor. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I said what I said 😽

  • Matthew just needs to go away

    JrStar FlippenJrStar Flippen25 kun oldin
  • Chloe can't touch Beyonce's feet; let alone "more talented" than Beyonce

    Truth HurtsTruth Hurts25 kun oldin
  • Is why when they first came out i did not like people even saying she sound like her i wish they continued on they own cuz he tryna shoot her down cuz they going up

    Sassy DSassy D25 kun oldin
  • Beyoncé’s father is so rude omg he just called us idiots??🥱🥱 Chloe is so young for this💔 we comparing them in-terms of them bodies energy confidence and we hyping Chloe to do more.. even when a gal is beautiful we call them Beyoncé does B’s father knows about that?? Daddy you chill

    Zamo MZamo M25 kun oldin
  • Mathew is only saying that because Beyoncé is his daughter..... period

  • This nigga 6ix9ine know good and damn well he deleted the fucking dms lmfaooooo got me dead asf 🤣🤣

    Ammerie HolmesAmmerie Holmes25 kun oldin
  • That’s a big compliment across the board.

    Channie BChannie B25 kun oldin
  • Off topic but where is NORMANI at?

    Blackie MattersBlackie Matters26 kun oldin
  • 🥱They done said the same thing about Ariana and Mariah let's movd on

    Mr PikachuMr Pikachu26 kun oldin
  • Listen to his response and now picture how he treated other members of Destiny's Child behind the scenes

    IntrovertsanIntrovertsan26 kun oldin
  • Diana Ross was inspired by Lena Horne Beyoncé was inspired by Diana Ross Chloe Bailey is inspired by Beyoncé!! There is always a legend that came before you!!! The originals were Lena Horne and Billie Holiday! Matthew Knowles needs to stop being so nasty everyone mission in this paragraph is a legend or a legend in the making!! I know he’s very proud of his daughter Beyoncé but There was no need to be nasty and disrespectful to Chloe Bailey. I know he would not be happy if legends that came before his daughter Beyoncé said oh you can’t compare her to me that would be very mean

    Nina BeeNina Bee26 kun oldin
  • Tekashi was mad he couldn’t get his lil booty played with 💀

    Mr. ModèMr. Modè26 kun oldin
  • Why is Beyoncé’s father bringing a woman of color down? There’s no competition with two amazing females who work together to make it in the industry. A legend working with rookies should be applauded 👏

    Susana I. GonzalezSusana I. Gonzalez27 kun oldin
  • Beyonce's father don't have a clean mind...THERE IS LOTS OF TALENTS AT THERE IN THE WORLD..Thanks God

    mujersita1mujersita127 kun oldin
  • He was very rude.

    Daishia The OverreactorDaishia The Overreactor27 kun oldin
  • Tip And Tiny Need To Go To Prison Not Jail

    Kenyatta Assad DaaéKenyatta Assad Daaé27 kun oldin
  • He Is Too Much. Sit Down Daddy! Sad And Disrespectful. He Clearly Is Fool To Dismiss Her And If Them Young Queen's Are Good Enough For Beyonce They Need To Be Good Enough For Him

    Kenyatta Assad DaaéKenyatta Assad Daaé27 kun oldin
  • Ppl and just maybe, tekashi acts out in such a derogatory fashion toward others usually because they have pent up hidden feelings and desires that they've not been strong enough or brave enough to acknowledge and or explore personally and or publicly. It festers and begins to erupt in the most inauspicious manner(s).

    Cause EffectCause Effect27 kun oldin
  • Why are they being compared?

    Cause EffectCause Effect27 kun oldin
  • League of her own.... bcuz she and her team made sure you all knew to put her there.

    Cause EffectCause Effect27 kun oldin
  • He's biased. As talented as she is, Beyonce isn't the end all be all. Ppl please.

    Cause EffectCause Effect27 kun oldin
  • Yeah, leave lil Nas X alone. Wtf

    kolaidakolaida27 kun oldin
  • Beyoncé’s dad has always been a jackass. Not surprising.

    mcostagirl123mcostagirl12327 kun oldin
  • Lil Nas x Is the only rapper tht cleared 69 without dropping any track or wasting 5 mins of breath on him. CONGRATS

    Cameron SmithCameron Smith27 kun oldin
  • This man is just a fool

    Atieno OdhiamboAtieno Odhiambo28 kun oldin
  • If this is how he talks about chloe...just Think how he spoke to letoya and latavia! Talk about self entitled.

    nakie Bearnakie Bear28 kun oldin
  • they are wonderful.. but I wanna know where Normani is ......... are we picking and choosing again???

    Nikki GloomNikki Gloom28 kun oldin
  • Chloe is actually more talented than Beyonce was at that age. Beyonce grew over the years to the stage she is at now. I can only image Chloe will evolve if they don't hate on her too bad and tear her down. For as 69 that explains the rainbow hair

    Myleka TuckerMyleka Tucker28 kun oldin
  • Mathew is going too far.

    The Golden People T.G.P.The Golden People T.G.P.28 kun oldin
  • That man is way to arrogant put him in a home

    Transformación Con LolaTransformación Con Lola28 kun oldin
  • Tekashi's beard is gross. Why it look like that???

    Phyllis GEPhyllis GE28 kun oldin
  • When Bey was younger she was not as talented then as she grew to be now...stop the madness

    Spalina GraySpalina Gray28 kun oldin
  • It's disrespectful comparing Beyonce to klowie periodt,it's like comparing a year old baby to a 50year old 🙄it's impossible

    Beauty IstifanusBeauty Istifanus28 kun oldin
  • Beyonce is the BIGGEST artist EVER dead or alive periodt

    Beauty IstifanusBeauty Istifanus28 kun oldin
    • Lmao😭😭

      Tia MillsTia Mills26 kun oldin
  • He didn’t have to say it like that- but then again that’s his daughter soooo 😐🏃🏾‍♀️

    Vashti GraceVashti Grace28 kun oldin
  • Matthew is so annoying 😭. Chloe is that girl and Bey hand picked her and Halle because she KNOWS their worth and talent. They’ll reach even more heights in their own way and I’m looking forward to even more from the girls. Matthew can go back to the little hole he was under.

    Tori N.Tori N.28 kun oldin
  • There all vulgar

    Ann RAnn R29 kun oldin

    John MinnisJohn Minnis29 kun oldin
  • Yikes can’t imagine what the other girls in destiny’s child went through when this is how he is

    MayxPatsMayxPats29 kun oldin
  • Matthew Knowles did you not say there are more talented and better singers than Beyoncé in the past? YES! YOU DID! Do we need to pull up the video with you saying so? Beyoncé talents coupled with voodoo is not real talents. Pure talent doesn't require gimmicks, demon possession and alter egos to realize real talent, fame and fortune. I never heard Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Patti Labelle nor Gladys Knight expressed a need to sign record deals with crossroad demons to have longstanding careers in the music industry. I understand you can no longer speak the truth in humility as it would be tacky for Queen B to exalt herself above Je'sus Christ, another god from the cult of ba'al in Babel. The Aza'zel nd Shediym compete for the highest position in hell 🤦🏾‍♀️.

    Monica LondonMonica London29 kun oldin
  • I never heard of this man before but he’s disrespectful

    Ajira MAjira M29 kun oldin
  • There will be another Beyonce? Lol may I remind you that Beyonce is not original her whole music career is of her copying other artists and performers. So stop acting like Beyonce is an unoriginal cause she's not By the way Beyonce can't write she's not a songwriter or producer. Chloe knows how to play instruments and write and produce music, Beyonce doesn't.

    Asian DragonAsian Dragon29 kun oldin
  • Beyonka's dad believes her bleached daughter is the only one that's talented. That's why I don't like the Knowless

    Asian DragonAsian Dragon29 kun oldin
  • Beyonce is a bad influence to those 2 girls.

    Asian DragonAsian Dragon29 kun oldin
  • I would have thought that with Matthew Knowles’s age and experience he would know how to say things in a more respectful way, or to simply keep his mouth closed when he has noting nice to say. Matthew Knowles has ALWAYS come across as having a very inflated ego, and as someone with a grandiose delusion with regards to himself and others around him. This is of course just my opinion. With that being said, I can totally see why both Halle and Chloe are constantly compared to a younger Beyoncé. I’m not saying that either one are currently on her level. They both have a lot of work to do and big shoes to fill to be of equal standing to Queen Bey. However, the fact remains (in my opinion, of course) that they are in possession of both the talent and work ethic needed to one day be considered an equal to Beyoncé if they continue what they are doing now. They also have the added bonus of having Beyoncé’s attention and dedication to help mold them along the way. I feel like in some regards Beyoncé feels this way as well. It’s my guess that Beyoncé probably saw a little but of herself in these girls (especially with them always singing covers to her songs when they were just starting out online), and that’s why she was so drawn to them in the first place. These young ladies are undeniably talented, and I don’t think Beyoncé will take too kindly to people saying negative things to her “industry daughters”. Father Matthew may want to be mindful of his words from this point on. I know one thing (and yes I’m being a little petty for saying this, but), Ms. Tina would NEVER talk down about Halle or Chloe, (or any other young person trying their best at doing something they felt they were born to do) period. She has too much class and grace for that. The mother in her would never allow her to purposely try to bring someone else down.

    Aniia LoweAniia Lowe29 kun oldin
  • Matthew’s comments were both tasteless & ignorant, why try and minimize someone else’s talent? he needs to get some business. & personally I feel Chloe’s vocal ability & range is stronger than Beyoncé’s. Beyoncé’s vocals have certainly improved over the years but they haven’t always been as strong, nonetheless her talent can’t be denied & neither can the Bailey sisters.

    Noel SullivanNoel Sullivan29 kun oldin
  • His response was so distasteful.

    jacksonstar92jacksonstar9229 kun oldin
  • Wow. There was no need for him to go in that hard even if he did think that. How fucking disrespectful to a young woman who has been inspired by his daughter. something strange was triggered in him there. rude af. Chloe is so talented. She writes music, produces it, sings like an icon!

    Kate ArmitageKate Armitage29 kun oldin
  • Nah I don't believe Kashi hopped in dudes dm lol Photoshop is real😅

    Keira C.Keira C.29 kun oldin
  • She wanted and needed that Xscape reunion more than what we thought or knew -- I guess. There's no running from this.. 2021 shining the light on everything 2020 missed.

    Anthony KeithAnthony Keith29 kun oldin
  • I mean I don’t see nothing wrong in what he said but maybe he should’ve just kept that one to himself or in his Journal she talented just I just don’t see it at all

    Travel AroundTravel Around29 kun oldin
  • It must suck for Hailey to be a secondary sister though

    ayanna worthenayanna worthen29 kun oldin
  • Well Beyoncé did take her Under her wing..and I think Chloe and Halle are just as talented and clearly Beyoncé sees it. Beyoncé’s dad needs to chill lol..There is only one Beyoncé but there is just as many talented females as her. There is absolutely no reason to be disrespectful or hate..

    Erikka JuvonenErikka Juvonen29 kun oldin
  • What is wrong with Matt Knowles? Lately he has been very comfortable telling reporters exactly what is on his mind even if its not nice. He is a big jerk! He knows how to talk to the press and what to say and not say.

    VeroVero29 kun oldin
  • Matthew was right! She is beautiful and talented, but she is her Own artist!

    bryan hallbryan hall29 kun oldin
  • People can say what they want he’s the idiot he is a father and calling a young pretty talented woman that looks up to his daughter basically an idiot I can’t wait until God deals with this wicked earth and people that is not nice to say as old as he is and I don’t care whose father he may be he needs to learn how to respect other people children he should have been proud that someone compares someone to his daughter that’s a complement

    Bossy IlaBossy Ila29 kun oldin
    • Everyone knows that Beyoncé is the number one but when people come up and trying to do something with themselves and have someone as an idol which no one should be an aisle to no one but God but to look up and respect someone and admire what they do that’s a compliment he sounds like an idiot

      Bossy IlaBossy Ila29 kun oldin

    Stephanie LormilStephanie Lormil29 kun oldin
  • Chloe has Beyonce as inspiration. Next to Beyonce being her mentor its kinda obvious she would create some similarities in performing and singing. Chloe is mad talented so I wouldnt think Beyonce would mind. Matthew is weird.

    mari omarimari omari29 kun oldin
  • I was like “why you ain’t gon go into detail!!” And then was like, “oh...”

    Chioma OkenwaChioma Okenwa29 kun oldin
  • Damn I thought y’all were dragging it, but dangggg, not only was he disrespectful towards Chloe, but it was the disrespect towards the interviewer for me🤦🏿‍♀️

    Chioma OkenwaChioma Okenwa29 kun oldin
  • Still can’t figure out what’s so great about Beyawnce

    Miss GNXMiss GNX29 kun oldin
  • He is a very toxic man. God bless him.

    Y SY S29 kun oldin
  • Of course you cannot compare either of them to Beyoncé geez. Stupid.

    Jeffrey FunJeffrey FunOy oldin
  • I'm not saying TI isn't guilty I just need to see some evidence before I make a decision. At this point,all these people coming out against him and tiny are just making allegations. It's like I've seen this movie before. Everyone basically thinks they're guilty before any kind of case has started.

    vulcan2050fulvulcan2050fulOy oldin
  • and some people wondered why froot loops 69 ass wore rainbows?🌈🌈🌈 He just the mexican version bussy thug.

    vulcan2050fulvulcan2050fulOy oldin
  • I think the reason matthew got upset was more about him than beyonce. We all know that mathew is a big part of the reason for beyonce's success and he doesn't want people to forget that. So the fact that someone else is being compared to beyonce to him is like saying that anyone can do what he did. It's narcissistic in a way.

    vulcan2050fulvulcan2050fulOy oldin