Ari Fletcher shades G Herbo's girlfriend Taina again! | Megan Thee Stallion vs. former stylist EJ

11-Noy, 2020
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  • Tae be having Ari hair 👩🏽‍🎤hooked

    charlita25charlita2519 kun oldin
  • Ari is a bad chick #fine

    charlita25charlita2519 kun oldin
  • I wz g 2,say it's like he got fired but she forgot 2to tell him, not cool , thts not respect 🤔😒❣️🤦

    Gato 008Gato 00820 kun oldin
  • But I'm EJ =/

    EJ - 09SF 950564 T L Kennedy SSEJ - 09SF 950564 T L Kennedy SS22 kun oldin
  • I am sorry but lately ever relationship that Meg has been a part of has her looking like the shady one. The situation with her best friend, EJ, Asian Doll, and etc.

    Nica BNica B24 kun oldin
  • Did anyone’s else’s subtitles spell Taina’s name as Hyena? Lmfaoo wut

    MehndiLoveMehndiLove29 kun oldin
  • That's not know Half they have the same blood by the same man.

    Ericuss HenryEricuss HenryOy oldin
  • I don't like either of these women they both come from toxic families and then taina decides to get pregnant with all that drama and sis wanna be so bougie where's the ring

    SamSamOy oldin
  • @empressive can u look into something for me did Nicki Minaj make it so people couldn’t comment or did she restrict me this the second time this stank bitch blocked from her page for speaking my mind on other people she deal with so I seen dr Dre post about him being in hospital ok I was a little mean but I don’t like how dr dre did his wife making her beg for money from divorce so I said on his post god don’t like ugly he deftly making u pay for what u didn’t wanna give ya wife and next thing I know Nicki Minaj restricted me I need to u make this a issue cuz I’m a number 1 fan of Nicki but why she so pressed and she say mean things about ppl she don’t like like chile plz get a backbone

    Victoria BalenciagaVictoria BalenciagaOy oldin
  • Starting to think meg might be fake asf in real life

    EA JadeEA JadeOy oldin
  • JT seems like she is trying to ride Megan's coattail

    Elaine BrownElaine BrownOy oldin
  • I really though Meg, Ej, and Kelsi were a good trio

    Grenade ThiefGrenade ThiefOy oldin

    T PT POy oldin
  • Thomas and friends at it again 👀

    Big TingsBig TingsOy oldin
    • Lsa ❤️❤️❤️

      WokerthanwokeWokerthanwoke29 kun oldin
  • I wouldn't mind my kids being around their dads new girl once she is nice, which she seems to be but I also would feel some type of way if the girl was once the side piece he cheated on me with.

    Kim PrendergastKim PrendergastOy oldin
  • I can’t stAnd ari owl plain face ass she is bitter and jealous I’m so happy herbo and tiana are together and tiana is pregnant now and they are engaged ari is just mad get over it bitch

    Cheryl JohnsonCheryl JohnsonOy oldin
  • Forget herpes! How they make a vaccine for covid this quick but HIV is still running rampant across the world.

    under S7under S72 oy oldin
  • All bullshit made for tv drama..just to put these fake characters in our faces so we keep them relevant.....stop falling for these dectactions. Say focus on the fact that we will soon have to make decisions on weather we go take the vaccines are they going to force it or put that knee on our neck and made it to where we have to in order to keep our jobs...attend schools...etc....we still wearing mask and cant breathe..see how we are being mock and they use these fake celebrities to do it...

    Tea Jade TimeTea Jade Time2 oy oldin
  • All of Meg’s relationships are questionable. It can’t be everyone against you. You have to look at yourself boo

    Desiree BakerDesiree Baker2 oy oldin
  • I'm late but....messy megan, smh

    MoonMoon2 oy oldin
  • Meg is a fake friend lmaoo

    Taylor KTaylor K2 oy oldin
  • Ari is on guy #3 and herbo is still in the same relationship🤦🏽‍♀️ come on now

    YunggtxYunggtx2 oy oldin
  • Damn she do look like that puppet who rides the bikes in the Saw Movies.

    Beautifully HUMBLED4EVERBeautifully HUMBLED4EVER2 oy oldin
  • No... It's real messed up to have someone on your team that travels with you everywhere as your stylist and then get dropped without being told... It's VERY unprofessional and shady as hell. Now, had he ghost her like that she would've dragged his name all in the media and had him looking like he's bad for business. Let's stop being one sided here!! It's not cool.

    Erica BrownErica Brown2 oy oldin
  • There’s something about Megan I just don’t trust..

    lazaire garnierlazaire garnier2 oy oldin
  • I love how y’all are in the comments pretending 😂 if your father’s child cheated on you with someone then started dating the other woman, y’all would be bitter. If he then started parading around town with the woman and your child, taking pics and acting like a little happy family, y’all would be bitter too. Stop acting like Ari doesn’t have room to be uncomfortable with the situation. I know at least half of y’all would *never* warm up to it and that’s just fact.

    tharealtrillatharealtrilla2 oy oldin
  • Ain't Taina the daughter of Fabolous & Emily???

    suga slimmsuga slimm2 oy oldin
  • If he has herpes why was you steady fucking him lmaoo... she’s a dumb bitch.

    Chun LíChun Lí2 oy oldin
  • Taina as in Emily B's daughter?

    Noir LilyNoir Lily2 oy oldin
  • Ej says he never talk to other ppl about his clients meanwhile he go to social media where millions can see and hear him talk about Megan which was his client🤔 yeah he not the brightest tool in the shed is he😂😂😂😂😂 he basically contradicting himself with that one

    Chocolate_Scorpio Babii_83Chocolate_Scorpio Babii_832 oy oldin
  • Where hebo messed up is still fw Ari while still in a relationship there still must of been some feelings there he obviously knew she still have feelings for him and if she don’t wanna the girlfriend to post her son respect that she also said it nicely she didn’t say she couldn’t be around her son

    aaliyah fergusonaaliyah ferguson3 oy oldin
  • If my man cheats on me and then have the woman he cheated on me with holding my son that's a problem! I would not like that!

    Lucreita WilsonLucreita Wilson3 oy oldin
  • Personally I think this is the end of megans downfall. Too much negative press this whole year

    god563616god5636163 oy oldin
  • Jason is messy af. Megan was right to clear out her old camp. Sometimes you out grow past friends and boundaries with said friends. She is all the glowed up her new album is lit and she is so humble and sweet she is already a star but soon enough she'll be the whole galaxy, like Nickis level. I can't wait to see it she is so deserving of every bit 💓 💗 💖 ❤ 🤑🐴🐎🐴🐎🐴🐎

    K MMK MM3 oy oldin
  • Megan is not the only one allowed to do interviews and speak freely on social media

    Laila BowdoinLaila Bowdoin3 oy oldin
  • Meg does NOT have to tell the HELP she’s using another stylist! These stylist & MUA are getting to entitled! Do your service & book MORE clients

    Nasir PattonNasir Patton3 oy oldin
  • Notice how megan doesnt breakup with her people THE RIGHT WAY!!!

    SyShells CreationsSyShells Creations3 oy oldin
  • Ari is so ugly

    Gypsy LoveGypsy Love3 oy oldin
  • Impressive, no disrespect but u sleep too

    shakima wiseshakima wise3 oy oldin
  • Ari was being petty. I truly believe that if she was over G she wouldn't react that way.

    Yayaa HtxYayaa Htx3 oy oldin
  • At this point Megan has let drama overshadow her talent and skills and we are over it and her.....

    Aja SmithAja Smith3 oy oldin
  • I sympathize for Ari, It’s not easy to be cool with someone your man cheated on you with. He also somewhat abandoned her soon after she had her son and moved on before the baby was even 6 months old. That would drive any woman insane, and for peace sake she has to be somewhat cool with her, that’s a lot 😭

    Cy KosmosCy Kosmos3 oy oldin
  • Those old pics was ari before lip filler

    Meice AlwaysMeice Always3 oy oldin
  • Ari is clearly a cancer

    Hermosa ReauxHermosa Reaux3 oy oldin
  • I like how EJ didn't bash Megan and JT

    Shan DawsonShan Dawson3 oy oldin
  • Aquarius think everybody is a friend. Fuck Megan. We just like her music.

    I SLAY ALL DAY TRAVEL The Solo TravelerI SLAY ALL DAY TRAVEL The Solo Traveler3 oy oldin
  • I would take it personal too. If you need work then you need work

    I SLAY ALL DAY TRAVEL The Solo TravelerI SLAY ALL DAY TRAVEL The Solo Traveler3 oy oldin
  • In reference to the Meg segment you said JT was wrong for stepping in so you mean to tell me you’ve NEVER stepped in for your friend??? JT was having her friend’s back nothing wrong about it

    Brown BunnyBrown Bunny3 oy oldin
  • 4:27 Doesn't this implies that your silly ass have herpes too fool?!!!

    AaiCee ClareAaiCee Clare3 oy oldin
  • Who are these ppl

    Kelly MageeKelly Magee3 oy oldin
  • This shit if so petty lol interesting but petty Meg needs to keep business on a "business" plane and "real" friends on a different lane, as for acquaintances they just acquaintances

    sexycielasexyciela3 oy oldin
  • Yall must don't have morals. I understand why Ari is hurt because he was cheating on her with the one he's with now. I do agree that she needs to move on but I understand why she's hurt.

    XxxtrddyXxxtrddy3 oy oldin
  • Well the new girlfriend is pretty if that’s her on the thumbnail and damn somebody got a big head lol let me stop

    Miss Free Style JukeboxMiss Free Style Jukebox3 oy oldin
  • I think it's funny when females try to say that their ex has some type of aids because then that means you have it too sweetie 😂

    Maria ValsecaMaria Valseca3 oy oldin
  • If I was a celebrity my clique would probably be Lori Harvey, Taina and Ryan Destiny or Zendaya and Yara Shahidi, i Iike how they carry themselves, the Meg, Cardi and city girls circle is too much for me. What about y’all?

    Miss MeMiss Me3 oy oldin
  • Ari know a gangster when she see one and she don't disrespect Bagg like she did then other boyfriends of hers and she jealous of herb girlfriend #Simple

    Crystal ChildsCrystal Childs3 oy oldin
  • Megan do realize Jason is best friends with Cardi B who she been hanging out with tough! Soooooo um yeaaaaaaa

    Blackaneese BarbieBlackaneese Barbie3 oy oldin
  • What sad is she did the same thing to Megan now with Money Bagg! I don't see how Megan and Ari is still following each other till this day! Whew Chile.....Money Bagg looks better with Megan to me the, love was genuine. All I can say for both couples "How you get them is how you lose them"! IMJS......👁👄👁

    Blackaneese BarbieBlackaneese Barbie3 oy oldin
  • I feel for Ari, I’ve been there. I hope she let it go one day. She need to let it go, she needs to address the unresolved pain that shit causing her after having a man baby and he cheats on you. But yes she definitely being bitter and need to keep that private because it’s embarrassing.

    Too Pretty To TrollToo Pretty To Troll3 oy oldin
  • Taina so beautiful and classy. ❤️These hairstylist be doing too much. I’m rooting for Megan !💕

    Anime BarbieAnime Barbie3 oy oldin
  • These females are exactly why healthy alpha males as fathers are important...Ari still loves Herbo and thats why she goes from dude to dude trying to feel that same love. She's also trying to prove to him that she's living her best life. Once someone gains a level of maturity they aren't interested in school yard behavior. Ari has much more growing to do. This is why it's important to remain single for awhile after a breakup like that so you can properly and completely heal. Not to mention, you have to learn yourself all over again after being connected with another person for so long.

    Simu LatorSimu Lator3 oy oldin
  • EJ looks like a beautiful horse.

    Ebss MichelleEbss Michelle3 oy oldin
  • Megan downfall is she is to friendly that’s something about her I notice from the beginning

    The Lavish RealtorThe Lavish Realtor3 oy oldin
  • That’s why u cnt just have kids with anyway... cuz u dnt no wat the mom tell the kids bout u, have a baby with him n ur bm to but y’all kids barley going be close ☠️🤷🏽‍♀️ broking families y’all do it gd

    Brown BarbieBrown Barbie3 oy oldin
  • Ion know but I wish I could afford his services he slays all day I love him

    Kasia EdmondKasia Edmond3 oy oldin
  • I like the purple hair that megan got on😍😍

    Shellyann WrightShellyann Wright3 oy oldin
  • If EJ was being professional, he wouldn’t have said anything. I find it hard to believe that he doesn’t talk about his clients when he’s going to Instagram but hey 🤷🏿‍♀️

    Caliee GeeCaliee Gee3 oy oldin
  • Imagine being a fan of Meghan and she disappoint like that What a crave for clout

    Lethabo SeseletsiLethabo Seseletsi3 oy oldin
  • You left out a huge part that Meg owe him 10k and he never got paid allegedly but that's how everything started then she moved on but we know who's talking on her side they make it known and they're still there for now

    Elizabeth GunterElizabeth Gunter3 oy oldin
  • Most Babies act funny towards most new ppl. It’s not like ol girl said SHE didn’t like the child... she needs to mute everything related to herbo n be happy.

    Judah MacJudah Mac3 oy oldin
  • Tory Lanez is using the Kardashian's lawyer (Shawn Holley) in this case, I wonder if Kylie or Kriss is helping him in some way.

    RadarplayRadarplay3 oy oldin
    • Wow. Smh.

      Mz dbnellMz dbnell3 oy oldin
  • Why is Ari so ugly and miserable ! Shiiit . T is beautiful!!!

    chicago23chicago233 oy oldin
  • Why Would She Be Paranoid About Any Information Being Leaked If She Has Done Nothing Wrong 🤔

    Ericka PowellEricka Powell3 oy oldin
  • Some people can’t handle being a star and Meghan is one of them! Like Nicki said, there are no friends in this business. Meg wants validation from everyone. to be honest if she didn’t twerk and be half naked all the time, they wouldn’t even validate her, she has to be naked and twerk to sell

    Luv SharpLuv Sharp3 oy oldin
  • Didn't Meg have a stylist before EJ that used to be in all her IG videos? I can't think of his name, but they used to scream "Freennn" to each other over and over. She gets too close to people who are working for her or providing her a service. Then when she's ready to try someone new or they get booked with another celebrity it's seen as disloyal or messy. No, just professionals moving on to other opportunities if everybody would just keep the business off social media and stop answering questions about past clients.

    T EdmondsT Edmonds3 oy oldin
  • I think your bias is showing, I love Meg but there’s no you are falling out with all these people for no reason. It’s time for some accountability. She constantly falls all with people with even telling them first just saying

    Khadiya SKhadiya S3 oy oldin
  • These young up and coming hairstylist to the stars are so unprofessional and social media is allowing them to do so.

    mary jane’s babymary jane’s baby3 oy oldin
  • It’s NOT MAY GAN ITS MEG AN ., sincerely a Megan

    Megan LeeMegan Lee3 oy oldin
  • I hate when bloggers talking about shit dey dont really kno about,she aint bitter and she's right its her son...Get your story right before u get on here dissing Ari.How bout @ her reach out to she what it really is sis...Damn how bad do you need a storyline call Ari u have it wrong, wrong,wrong...Beautiful lady but always misunderstood praying for this situation and Ari u stay strong in your truth dont let blogger sell lies to promote this channel. Ugh jealousy

    Jilard NasJilard Nas3 oy oldin
  • I get wanting to be friendly to the staff but sis people can't keep they personal life separate from work life.

    maddi vossmaddi voss3 oy oldin
  • Sounds like HE walked up to her, maybe to just say hi, but Megan wasn't receptive to it and her friend felt the vibe and went over to have her back. Gay or not, he's still a man and they were not on good terms and JT was doing what a good friend should.🤷🏽‍♀️

    Grace KenyataGrace Kenyata3 oy oldin
  • I know EJ around town and he is truly the nicest guy on earth. I can’t even imagine him getting in a fight

    Specs & BlazersSpecs & Blazers3 oy oldin
  • I can’t stand EJ PERIOT‼️ He’s a fucking opportunistic in a pathetic way‼️ 1st of all he came out of no where, he’s like ZEL. They are groupies who pose as everything other but REAL‼️ Who is EJ??? WHERE DID HE COME FROM? Oh wait he was Chris Browns so called stylist, 👀 YEAH OK THEY WAS FUHKN‼️ EJ LATCHES ON TO ANYONE WHO POPPIN FOR THE MOMENT. Stupid NEW ARTIST NOT PAYIN ATTENTION TO HOW THEY MOVE FROM OERSON THEM THEY VIOLATE THEM THEN THEY GO TO THE NEXT NEWBIE ON THE SCENE THEM STEAL YO MONEY , AND YO MONEY I HATE THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE SO FUHKIN BLIND TO THE BULLSHIT, WHEN WE CAN SEE THAT SHIT A CLEAR AS DAY!

    Mon _______\Mon _______\3 oy oldin
  • Yea Gherbo luv taina ..Ari got to let that go cuz that man moved on

    Lola AcostaLola Acosta3 oy oldin
  • i feel like megan did him a little dirty but lol i don't know the whole story or even their friendship dynamic or even if they were friends so whatever. also i feel like Megan isn't acting like her normal self, maybe its from the shooting incident, hope shes ok:((

    sennysenny3 oy oldin
    • WAITT ej is friends wit jason lee? ew i hate that dude lol

      sennysenny3 oy oldin
  • If he has herpes everybody got it lord

    meli melimeli meli3 oy oldin
  • No offense But Jt should have minded her business megan bigger than that man she don’t need no help from yo lil self lol 😂 but I love the loyalty!!!!! Ok then JT .

    Kosheet Coupon LifeKosheet Coupon Life3 oy oldin
  • Hey sometimes you gotta just let garbage take it self out in ur life.. lol.. Then you Thank God after!! Lol 😆 js..

    Jess LopezJess Lopez3 oy oldin
  • Now in regard to Meghan, I notice a pattern of toxic traits. She may a have a minor drinking problem, and keeps people out the loop when she works with them, and struggles with direct communication skills. EJ isn’t the first to work with Meghan and say that Meghan flipped the switch without formally setting things straight. I’m a fan of Meghan and follow her on all of her socials, but I can also keep it real and call a spade a spade. She isn’t innocent, just like us she has things to work on. Starting with balancing a business relationships and a friendship relationships. Which can be done, it takes practice.

    L JL J3 oy oldin
  • Ari still has feeling for G Herbo. When my parents divorced and my father started dating again my mother didn’t care that we went over the my father’s girlfriend house. We even went on mini trips together. She told me one day that if we liked her, and our dad trusts her she’s cool. That also how I knew my mother was over my father. It’s really that plain and simple.

    L JL J3 oy oldin
  • Megan is cleaning house that’s all

    Ívéyauna tha artistÍvéyauna tha artist3 oy oldin
  • Idk about y'all but I could never picture myself letting my bby around the women that is father cheated and left me for. I dgaf how good of a girl she seems. Hell I would never even leave my son with his father if he's going to be around alot of other ppl thats not his family and even then I feel like my son needs to be old enough to be able to tell me if something is happening to him. Bitter or not she feels what she feels. Thats Ari's child and of course its going to hurt her. G herbo should create some type of boundaries to make co parenting easier for the both of them. Or most likely end of not being around his child because it'll probably going to come to that point where he chooses his relationship over the fighting with Ari.

    Daryl LovettDaryl Lovett3 oy oldin
  • This EJ dude is FINE okay

    lol ok betlol ok bet3 oy oldin
  • I don't blame Ari though

    ophelia sihlanguophelia sihlangu3 oy oldin
  • Idk why everyone coming for ej. None of us were personally there and didn’t seem like he tried to slander her. I love Megan but she really might have a problem because she seems to be the common factor and always seems to be in something . I could be wrong and Not trying to knock her down we just don’t know the whole truth .

    Slim ThuggSlim Thugg3 oy oldin
  • Damn ... Dude is Uncle Clifford real life.

    Shena CShena C3 oy oldin
  • Why yall BW think gay BM (or any BM) is on our team is crazy. They are not our friends because they want to be us!

    MissAlphaOmegaGOD - 2U!MissAlphaOmegaGOD - 2U!3 oy oldin
  • A gay man is never going to be more loyal to you than his gay friend who he thinks has as much to offer him. OF COURSE EJ was leaking information. The VERY first thing he did when he felt slighted was come on out of the closet with his back stabbing behavior. Her mistake was making him a celebrity friend by posing with him and putting him in her videos on social media, rather than letting your help be the help. There's an old saying that says "familiarity breeds contempt," which means, the closer you get to your employees, the more the the respect for you as an employer diminishes and jealousy and unrealistic expectations creep into its place.

    Queen DionneQueen Dionne3 oy oldin
  • I understand why she cut him off. Simple

    YasieTVYasieTV3 oy oldin
  • Ari not being toxic or petty she know her son 🙄 and she don’t want her bby having a stepmom cuz she do everything for him and if he don’t like Taina then he don’t like her 👌🏽 y’all gotta quit acting like she just crazy

    Cen WoodsCen Woods3 oy oldin